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Thanksgivukkah w/Dennis & Company

on November 28, 2013

DENNIS THE MENACE 1I am sure that at any moment there will be a near drunken post by Ilse at the Snooze site on Thanksgiving and its wing nutter meaning and why Obama is selling it out blah blah blah…

So let me take a moment to wish us all a merry and fun Thanksgiving.


1fa2de470acd257599fa2bb11bec5dc2Dennis, great video! Sorry, but I had to add this too, it’s a Thanksgiving tradition, Douche sings….To all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving or I should say Thanksgivukkah! You guys all rock!

Margaret wade

Psssst WTF was that ^^?!

Hi Dennis, a “drunken post by Ilse” you say? Nope, look below…in from Stinkville… do you think this is another suicide by TicTacs scam-fest?  When I read it, I kept hearing, that old familiar tune:

Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks ♫ ♪ Goodbye to you, My trusted friend We’ve known each other since we were nine or ten…♫ ♪ Together we’ve climbed hills and trees Learned of love and A-B-C’s Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees….We had joy We had fun We had seasons in the sun; But the hills that we climbed Were just seasons out of time…♬ ♪ 

Talk about déjà vu, read on and judge for yourselves!

What I Am Thankful for

November 28, 2013  By

Larry Sinclair - white thanksgivingOn this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for all who have played a part in my life, whether as friend or foe each of you have had an impact on who I have become. I am thankful for being blessed with a life that even with the many mistakes and dumb choices made in it, I would not change a thing if I could because those mistakes and choices have played a big part in who I have become. I am thankful for a family who despite its differences at times, it’s still a family. I am thankful that I have lived such a crazy and wondrous life and that I am still living it. From the repealing down a cliff into freezing water in the dark in Big Bend National Park in a Vision Quest to running six miles to end it; from harnessing a team of mules everyday for six months on a wagon train to my time spent in prison for making some stupid choices and decisions, I am thankful for every bit of it.

I am thankful for some of the nuttiest friends and foes anyone could ever have around them. From The Greek Girls (and boys) to the owners of Stubbs B&B, from Mya & Pat,  Zane Thuzar & Zahni Thuzar who in a way are like my own kids if I were to have any; from Sandi Arenge LoBue who if you ever knew our history you would understand why I look at Sandi as if she were my own family; Carol Boyd who even though I irritate the heck out of her she still loves me. Ace ShortMoney and Will who will forever be solid in my heart; to Jean-Claude Morin and the hearts of those at Volusia International Bible Fellowship;Donate2_paypal_Sinlair news Miss sugabaker Carole Sue who can always make me laugh; to the sincere and honest Foster Friess who I will always admire and respect. Then of course there is Mary Harper who I am certain I pushed to the point of wanting to kill me several times in my teen years who today looks back with A SMILE on those VQ days. There are so many, many more that I could spend all day listing so please don’t feel you are any less important to me because you are not, I am truly thankful for each and everyone of you. I am Thankful for every success, ever failure, every mistake and dumb choice. I am Thankful for having this crazy life indeed.


Larry-150x150” My star is almost ready to shine bright. Hope you get what I am saying. Just a little longer. itsy bitsy longer.”

– Larry Sinclair  04/16/2008



104 responses to “Thanksgivukkah w/Dennis & Company

  1. Beautiful decor, Meesheemey. My belly is so full right now I feel like a combination between Rob Ford and St. Nick. Ho Ho Ho! Enjoy your evening(s)!

    BTW, I LOVE the green. What’s with me and the green decor? It’s almost the same color as my face. That’s what.

  2. kstreet607 says:

    Wow. Meesh decorated “The Reg” for Christmas!! WTG lady! Niiiiicce…

  3. kstreet607 says:

    I forgot about that White Christmas torture song Idiot Head made…yikes!

    I just had a thought…couldn’t it be said that Larry Sinclair was/is an original teabagger? (Uh there’s a double entendre in there somewhere…ROFL!)

  4. kstreet607 says:

    Sorry Meesh…but I can’t edit. I suppose Obama is kicking Sinclair’s butt in gif:

  5. Dennis says:

    “…harnessing a team of mules everyday for six months on a wagon train….”

    Did I miss something like maybe when he starred on the old TV show Wagon Train? He is starting to sound like Jerry Lewis around 2am on the telethon, so watch out. Those tic tacs are a comin’.

  6. Dennis says:

    And let’s not forget what the wagon master said to Jabba at the end of his ride:

  7. Meesh says:

    Not sure how long I’ll be able to put up with this theme. If you guys find it too squished to comment – let me know, we can go back to a winter theme. OK? I won’t be offended….we’re commenting a lot more, these days and that should be more important….than *pretty*

    • kstreet607 says:

      Feeling squished. 😉

      • Meesh says:

        Okey doke, give me a few, I’ll return the theme to what it was before…I’ll just wait when I have *more* time to re-install widgets…if needed. You never know, until *after* pressing that activate button 🙂

        In the meantime – have you guys read this?===>

        • Meesh says:

          In response to the previous link===>
          Smart and compassionate lady, I would love to meet her….this took guts yet she posted “her point of view” on Twitter – despite receiving some nasty harassment over it.

          • Wow, Meesheemey. You sure know how to press MY buttons
            (yes, it’s all about me :)). Seriously though, I commend you for your sensitivity and YOUR guts too. (You could face backlash, yourself, you know.) Of course you got my attention with the “eat my dick” reference. But I had no idea the article was a political statement until I opened it. Then, when I started reading the article I assumed it was written by a White MALE. As I moved through the article it appeared to
            me, from the outrage expressed over the disrespect to a woman, that it was written by a White FEMALE. Then, as I saw the depth of the insight I knew it was not written by a White person at all.

            But I remembered that it was Meesheemey, much to my delight, who knew I would like the article and posted it. So let’s hear it for Meesheemy and all the other White folk out there who recognize the struggle and pitch in and help when they can.

            Let me hear you say Heeeeeeeey!!!

            • Meesh says:


              Backlash? Me? Nope I call it as I see it, I’m admitting that I too was wrong at first.

              I guess you would have had to read the previous comment in depth, in order to fully understand what this complete fiasco was all about. Here it is on Huffington Post===>

              Elan is some folk hero – by some people on Twitter. Buzzfeed/Huffington Post etc. all praised him and so did many other folks on Twitter….he acquired thousands of new followers after tweeting (live) his experiences on that plane on Thanksgiving Day.

              I too was swayed to think – it was a funny situation – when I first read about it on Twitter…late Thursday evening. That’s until….

              Along comes “Liz Dwyer” her twitter handle is—> @losangelista—>

              A woman defending another woman…

              She simply expressed her view in order to balance things out. Well some people went as far as to tell her to “kill herself” for tweeting her post that demonstrated disgust with this whole situation….she was simply stating that there’s “two sides” to a story.

              Liz Dwyer ‏@losangelista 2h
              Wow, one of #TeamElan just left a comment on this telling me “do the world a favor and go kill yourself please.”

            • Meesheemey,

              I have a hunch the guy knew he was wrong, his conscience was bothering him, and he took to Twitter for support from the folks who heard only his version of the story – sort of a take off on the George Zimmerman technique.

              Tip to guys – never say anything to a woman that you wouldn’t say if she had an armed bodyguard by her side (preferably one who looked a little tipsy.)

            • Meesh says:

              Perhaps you’re right, I think at the beginning he was appalled with the passenger on board the same flight that he was on. He decided, as many do… he took out his laptop or whatever and tweeted what was happening. Some of his followers started retweeting his tweets and then Many people chimed in (anticipating or waiting for his next “move” tweet) I think he was fueled to keep fanning the embers (as everything was calming down) until it became a total outburst. You have to understand this all took place “LIVE” on Twitter.

            • I get it. If the guy had started having second thoughts about his behavior he had to suppress them lest he disappoint his audience.

            • Meesh says:


              Yep, right on..Do you go on Twitter? Just select #TeamElan and you’ll see all the comment updates. That’s how I got to read what “Liz Dwyer” had to say about the situation. Now here’s another woman named “Melissa” @refashionista
              speaking up – read some interesting information===>

              It’s a real controversial deal on Twitter.

            • Do I go on Twitter? Are you kidding? I wouldn’t know a tweet from a twerk. But I just read what refashionista wrote via your post. I could tell the guy is an asshole, just by looking at him. I wouldn’t want him to apologize, though. It would let him off the hook too easily for some unforgivable conduct. I’m glad Diane slapped him. Instead of just slapping him, though, It would have been nice if she (or maybe a good Samaritan man) had knocked out his punk ass and posted THAT on Twitter.

            • “I’m tired of this drama.”

              I could tell.

              “Sooo LTL sounds like no lady was ever told to “eat any private parts””

              Maybe you all say that in Canada. Down here it would usually cause trouble.

          • You know what I think? I think Elan was on something at the time. Who else would see a woman in a face mask and not give her the benefit of some compassion because of her obvious health problems?

            Where are those “knockout game” guys when you need them?

            • Meesh says:


              It’s fair to assume that Elan did react too quickly without thinking things through…as for me, I too find myself at times annoyed when someone becomes a constant irritant on a situation where No one can do anything about it.They were passengers on a plane, Diane, the woman (that they found out after the fact) was terminally ill, and not a fake…

              I’m certain she was not the only person on the plane, who had to be somewhere. However Diane made it miserable for EVERYBODY on that flight. What could the flight attendants do, speed up the plane? Nope. It was bad manners on her part as well, never forget that.

              As for her face mask, I know of many people who carry around an oxygen tank and you see them lighting a cigarette. Yes, that annoys me…I believe both women were not necessarily pointing the finger to Elan, but to the fans that he accumulated afterward.

              You do not see Elan @theyearofelan commenting about the situation as much on Twitter any longer… as he is getting attacked as well, by a different camp – some are attacking his family, his wife etc. So I would go easy on him too. My two cents.

            • Meesheemey,

              “Two cents”? No need to undervalue your viewpoint. (I tend to overvalue mine.)

              But I think you are being far too easy on the guy. Under no circumstances does a man tell a woman “eat my dick” (unless he knows her very well, they are lovers and it is said in the midst of some very passionate sex – and even then he’d better be ready for some possible backlash.) But even under the most frustrating circumstances he could always say something like “jump in a lake” or, at worst, “shut the hell up.” But “eat my dick” is a verbal sexual assault. That sort of thing can be very hurtful and cause a woman to feel some real resentment don’t you think? Be honest. I might say it to a man as a prelude to some fisticuffs, but I really don’t like to cause women to feel resentment. In my mind that kind of thing would leave a mark on my record. My two cents.

            • Meesh says:

              Duly noted, LTL.

            • Meesh says:

              Now they’re saying that there was NO Diane boarded on that plane…none of it ever happened except for the self-promoting tweeting of an incident that was thought up by a bored passenger (who is a TV writer). Whatever the scoop is – I’m tired of this drama. 🙄 Sooo LTL sounds like no lady was ever told to “eat any private parts” Whatevah!

            • “Sooo LTL sounds like no lady was ever told to “eat any private parts””

              Maybe you all say that in Canada. Down here it would usually cause trouble.

              Or is it that it’s less offensive to suggest eating Canadian “private parts” – you know, with the cooler temperatures up there and all? 🙂

            • Meesh says:

              Huh?! What does Canada have to do with this? I think you’re being overly sensitive about that part, of the “whole story”…Tip-toeing away from all of this. OK? Now, I’m REALLY getting tired of this.

            • Just playin’ with ya 🙂 and filling space on a Sunday afternoon while I’m watching football. I’ll leave it to you guys. Carry on.

  8. Dennis says:

    I also find it interesting who he thanks in his weird so-long-old-friends bs style: The Greek Girls and Boys (I’m not even touching this one – I’m just not going there); Miss sugabaker Carole Sue (sounds like a stripper to me); a commercial plug for a jet ski rental joint (Ace ShortMoney); a suck up to the church folks in order to make himself look good; a long, long suck up to sugar daddy Friess (more money please); but no, and I mean absolutely no thank yous to Ilse. Unless she is one of the Greek Girls? But I am not going there…really.

    • Meesh says:

      Hahaha I looked at that too….Stripper names, But FatAss has always been charmed with people that he can get something from, or else they *Respect* him.
      Don’t you find it odd, there’s only a few words about his family…….Nah! That’s FatAss, there’s always an angle.


  9. Dennis says:

    “From the repealing down a cliff into freezing water in the dark in Big Bend National Park in a Vision Quest to running six miles to end it….”

    Hey wait a minute. I thought this nitwit was on disability because of a long list of crippling issues with numerous doctor reports concerning his extreme poor health blah blah blah? So how is he jumping off cliffs, running six miles and then hopping on a wagon train? In fact, he was dying from a brain tumor back in 2008.

    • Meesh says:


      ” Vision Quest” was that Reformed school (group home) that he went to (in Arizona, I think) anyway he ripped off his teacher….he was probably escaping, got caught and went to jail. Awww memories! He has a weird way to write about it though, WTF!?

      Now, this is why I thought it was a TicTac suicide note… he talks about childhood memories (almost skips his family) and then talks about his new buddies.Just as long as he doesn’t start posting “Seasons In The Sun” over and over again…
      I’m good. 🙄

  10. Dennis says:

    You’re right, Meesh. I completely forgot about his action packed youthful days. Gee, I even remember seeing the documentary footage he had about the wagon train:

  11. Dennis says:

    “…even with the many mistakes and dumb choices….”

    Ahhh, he admits he made some dumb choices. Kind of like Ted Bundy admitting that he was a less than perfect date.

  12. But we do have to hand it to him. He knows an evil opportunity when he sees one – whether it’s how to capitalize on homophobia, racism and xenophobia to enable him to eke out a living with a website catering to all three, to how to intimidate the local Arab convenience store owner into allowing him to shoplift with impunity, to how to intimidate the local drug dealer into giving him a discount, the guy has a nose for business. And I mean “business” in the shittiest sense of the word.

  13. Meesh says:

    “From the repealing down a cliff into freezing water in the dark in Big Bend National Park in a Vision Quest to running six miles to end it; from harnessing a team of mules everyday for six months on a wagon train to my time spent in prison for making some stupid choices and decisions, I am thankful for every bit of it.”

    Help! Does anybody know what “repealing” down a cliff, mean? To me, that whole sentence doesn’t make any sense, *WE KNOW* Vision Quest is his alma mater (reform school in Tucson AZ where he often talked about manning a wagon train) but in this connotation it sure doesn’t sound like it… I can understand where Dennis, didn’t recall it either…
    HUh? Isn’t “Big Bend National Park”in Texas…he moved to Texas in his forties. In my opinion, the “Absolut” was talking. Yep, here we come, soon another Tic-Tac video…

    Seriously, is it just me…help me understand what he’s saying. By the way, Volusia International Bible Fellowship, must be thrilled that he linked their Facebook page to that pathetic post.

    • Dennis says:

      Help you understand what he is saying? It’s all self-serving gibberish. He is drifting down a half-bogus memory lane, carefully pulling out a few selected “events” and then jacking them up into an extremely phoney presentation either as a step toward “fund” raising or a slide toward “suicide” (which he also uses as a form of “fund” raising). But it is all nonsense. Pretty much typical grifter behavior. First he is all warm and friendly, then when the money doesn’t pour in, he will turn mean and nasty. Then the tic tacs are on the table and the countdown begins.

      • Meesh says:

        We have him pegged to a “T” Kind of spooky eh? LardTard-logik, I agree it’s the grifter in him.
        He’s setting up the scene, oh noes, stupid music videos soon to come next.

        Just like when we forecasted his fake-suicide, one month before it actually happened. I recall getting all kinds of threatening comments from the tards at The Regulator…(of course they landed in SPAM, you guys couldn’t see them)Too many to post.

        They suggested that because we were talking about it, we were plotting something sinister. Stupid idiots, they couldn’t see it coming. 🙄

    • He’s saying he’s the most interesting man alive.

  14. Meesh says:

    I just noticed this, he posted (sort of) it’s hidden, a livestream video, entitled, read it and the comment …. “we? Unless he had a gerbil in his pocket, I didn’t see anybody else but him & his wide-ass..

    Thanksgiving at Sandi’s Live

    We have been invited to spend Thanksgiving with Sandi & her mother and friends. We thought it would be fun to live stream Thanksgiving at Sandi’s unedited and Live.


    Wonder if these people knew they were *bugged* by the FatPest….in his So Long post, here she is:

    “Sandi Arenge LoBue who if you ever knew our history you would understand why I look at Sandi as if she were my own family”

    Their history? It’s the first that we hear about her…Give her time.

  15. Dennis says:

    “My Dinner With Jabba.” Not since “Persona” has there been such a devasting presentation on the sheer emptiness of modern life. For example the first 48 minutes simply presents a table set for dinner and the cunning use of off-screen voices droning on about the most mind-numbing of trivial things (with an award winning performance by Lardo as a whiny voice, loud mouthed know it all). Finally, after this stunningly long piece of anti-cinema, the cast enters. A collection of wasted looking old people full of hopelessness and bitter, quiet and misdirected despair. They ramble through a ritualistic meal, talking “at” each other, not “with” each other, full of scattered comments that successfully presents the utter waste of post-modernist, capitalist society in complete shambles (of especial note is the long demands made by the old man at the table when he wants someone to try his “eggs” – the symbolism is heart breaking). Finally, the movie simply ends. No point, no meaning, no resolution or change. A quiet sense of dread is all that remains. The viewer is left with the supreme statement that life is cruel and without meaning.

    Five stars out of four. Send this sucker to Cannes.

    • Meesh says:

      Notice that he always surrounds himself with the Senior Group? They didn’t realize they were being filmed until the *end* of the so called dinner.

    • “A quiet sense of dread is all that remains.”

      I wouldn’t have the patience to watch the thing, but you’ve described it very well. Someone should find those people and warn them.

    • Meesh says:

      “(of especial note is the long demands made by the old man at the table when he wants someone to try his “eggs” – the symbolism is heart breaking).”

      Hahahaha I have to go back and watch that part….such a super boring film…But I figured out how to speed it up & zip right through it. You’re the best Dennis!

      • Meesh says:

        How pathetic eh? At the right of the Snooze site – he advertises – his dinner with Sandi…who does that? A party that he (no, he said “we”)…a party that, he and the gerbil in his pocket attended.

        Sinclair News Events

        Thanksgiving at Sandi’s

        Nov 28, 2013 2:30PM thru 6:30 PM EDT

        Hehe – 4 old people, the social event of the century… Not sure, if the one old lady knew where she was….or what she doing there….where did he get the picture, that certainly wasn’t the same party than on the video.Where’s that crazy ceiling fan?

        • Dennis says:

          Yes, her confusion is intense. Vivid and raw like a profound scream at the abyss of life. The power of this film simply grows. This is his best production since that major short film “A Long Night With a Lonely Nut in a West Virginia Motel Room.” He has grown as a filmmaker as he takes bold new means of exploring his subject matter.

          • Meesh says:

            “Yes, her confusion is intense.”

            It must have been those deviled eggs, they’re killers.

            Now what was with the two cans of Coke Zero that FatAss was drinking with his meal? The kitchen was a few feet away…Couldn’t he drink one can and go for another one? He must have been nursing some mean hangover.

            • Dennis says:

              A sly statement on consumer greed. Part of the subtle but savage presentation in the movie of the complete bankruptcy of values in the filmmaker’s society. A where society where a person mindlessly surrounds himself with material objects. The whole film is like a combination of “A Woman Under the Influence” and “See You at Mao”. Simply amazing. I see a Sundance in this movie’s future.

            • Dennis says:

              The filmmaker has finally delivered on the great promise shown in his first 2008 production of “Ugly Looking Grifter Making It Up as He Goes Along.”

        • Dennis says:

          Oh BTW, being that he is a lwayer and all, I assume that Jabba knows that it is basically illegal to secretly film people in the privacy of their home and then post it online for public viewing without their permission. I’m guessing that he got them to sign the permission forms, right?

  16. kstreet607 says:

    Am I the first to report this crazy-ass “preacher”‘s latest lies about Obama? What is his obsession with the POTUS?

    Birther preacher claims Obama had mother of his ‘love child’ killed outside White House

    • Dennis says:

      Wait. First Manning keeps pounding at his claim that Obama is really a closet gay and now insists that he had the mother of his love child bumped off? No, no, no. You can’t have it both ways. Make up your crazy mind.

    • Does any know anything about Manning other than that he obtained his Doctor of Divinity degree online? Is he married? (Not that it would prove anything.) I’m beginning to think Manning has his own fantasies of Obama. After all he’s definitely obsessed with Obama’s sex life. And he seems to be offended that Obama is quite the “Mack Daddy”, but won’t look his way. And he’s quite the natty dresser – a real dandy as it were..

  17. kstreet607 says:

    Meesh I need my “edit” privileges re-instated. 😦

    • Meesh says:

      You have them sweetie, if you look where the “date and time” of the comment…

      Posted on November 29, 2013 at 5:40 pm—> *e*

      Right at the end of the time, you’ll see a little “e” you press that and it will bring you to the editing dashboard. Let me know if you can’t see it. If not, we’ll switch themes. Can’t you go the main dashboard either? Please let me know.シ

  18. kstreet607 says:

    LOL! I never noticed that… Thanks Meesh!

    • Meesh says:

      Don’t feel bad, at first I thought to myself Grrr WTF? Like I said originally, this theme is really *scrunched* or condensed but the features are there, you just have to hunt them down.I’m not known to be patient…with WP themes there are not many details….I guess you’re suppose to read minds. But posting a MAIN POST is super easy tho. I remember at The Regulator, that theme was REALLY hard.

  19. Regarding the two cans of Coke Zero in front of him, it’s the low-life creed – get yours while the gettin’ is good. After all, just as there’s been many a slip twixt cup and lip – there could be a great deal of bitchin’ twixt table and kitchen. 🙂

  20. Dennis says:

    The crazed Rev. Manning must be starting a new trend. Now Orly is insisting that Obama’s daughters don’t have birth certificates (because Orly magically knows these things) and therefore must be adopted. Yes, the crazies have found the door to yet another lower level of nutters hell.

  21. Dennis says:

    New attack from Wing Nutter Land. The flying monkeys are out. Orly has determined (through magic) that the Obama daughters are of Michelle. But not Barack. She is now hot on the trail of…to be honest I haven’t a clue where this nut is going but it will be weird and super nasty. The whole thing is insane but so is Orly. Meanwhile, Jabba is still digesting his Thanksgiving meal. He has done a quick post about a super-box discount store. He loves the cheap prices. Who cares. He was once a waste of life. Now he is a waste of space. Hey, Jabba! Where’s the book? Hey, Jabba! Where’s the proof? Hey, Jabba! Why are you even still here? The game is over, fat boy. You live on skid row because you are a completely failed jackass full of bogus claims and bogus accomplishments. BTW, at the Thanksgiving dinner, did you get those folks to sign over their POA? About time to Friess (your sugar daddy) to pull the plug.

    • Meesh says:


      I noticed that video where FatAss portrays himself as “Joe Reprorter” doesn’t he ever listen to his videos? He sounds like Mike Myers “Coffee Talk with Linda Richman” Sheesh it’s uncanny!

  22. “About time for Friess (your sugar daddy) to pull the plug.”

    Ain’t gonna happen. Legion’s mere presence on the internet with his sly expose’s of how people use their food stamps and his whiny, nasty, buffoonish attacks on Obama keep Friess on the hook. Never mind any results. The displays of disrespect, in and of themselves, help to satisfy Friess’s “put Obama in his place” jones. Friess gets a kinky fix from Sinclair. Kinda like visiting a back alley prostitute who really knows what he likes.

  23. Meesh says:

    YooHoo I’m back down here – the one thing that I do not like about this format (where the comments are grouped upon subject rather than time) there’s so much scrolling up and down…also means that newer posts are required more often.

    This is why at The Regulator and Mitch and Nan this format was not favored… it works well for blogs with few comments. However Dennis has the knack to always re-direct us back down on track..Thanks, yeh I notice things. 😉

    We’re getting up there again….hopefully newer comments will be easier to find down here….a new post will soon be published. Just have nothing of importance to say, is all…. :O

    • Dennis says:

      Meesh, thanks for your insight. But man oh man, Fat Boy makes it hard to keep new comments coming. I mean, these days even Ilse is largely snoozing over there. Heck, Jabba can’t even work himself up to any more outrage over his neighbors. He is on some mighty powerful meds. No wonder I keep sneaking a peek at Oily Katz and her new found fascination with the Obama girls. Yes, she is still pounding at them. Why, she can’t find information on them at and you know what that means. OK, actually it doesn’t mean a damn thing (and BTW, I have never been able to find anything over there about my family) but Oily has a way of working around that issue. There is a conspiracy afoot.

      • Meesh says:


        Yeh the Snooze site’s 2nd “man” in command is posting recipes…did you notice Ilse’s post? HeHe FatAss is sniffing down a new thrift shop and Ilse is sharing on what to do with leftover turkey.

        “You can never can tell when you might want a nice turkey dinner come Spring.”

        Oh Boys a really happenin place I tell ya!

        • Dennis says:

          Yep, they are really making that place a cutting edge site. Between Cooking With Ilse and Lardo’s Bargain Basement Shopping Tips, the excitement builds. Coming next, a stunning piece on the best street corners to panhandle and advice on darning socks.

  24. Dennis says:

    Checking on the new book, it appears to still be in the process of “reformatting.” Several years ago, we had a bet about how long it would be before it ever saw the light of day. I’m trying to remember who place a bet on Never. They are definitely in the lead.

    • Meesh says:


      The sad part, if you click on his name (from our main post) it’s linked (no, I did not add the link, *idiot*did, he uses that link whenever he posts his so-called articles) Among a lot of crap, there’s this… 🙄

      Larry is currently working on his second book titled When One Man Stands, to be released in August 2012.

      Maybe it’s a typo and should be the next millennium – 3012 (that was my prediction) because the POS never seems to disappear…he resurfaces. Perhaps, by then he’ll have something to write…….Nah!

  25. Dennis says:

    It’s amazing. There are still folks out on Amazon trying to unload Fatso’s previous cut-n-paste book for anywhere from $150 to $300 bucks. They don’t seem to be getting anywhere but they keep trying. Found some reviews over at that pretty much sums up the book:

    Jul 20, 2009 Foolkiller rated it 1 of 5 stars
    Shelves: compost_bin

    Whining and cheesy

    Those who have read the author’s blog are already quite familiar with the contents of this book. It should be clear to any reader capable of critical thinking that Sinclair presents absolutely no credible evidence for his various melodramatic claims–and usually no evidence at all.

    Although Sinclair devotes a portion of the book to his early years as a criminal, he declines to take responsibility for the charges of felonious theft, fraud, or deceit that have repeatedly put him on the wrong side of the law right up through the present day. Indeed, according to Sinclair, almost every failing or failure of his is someone else’s fault.

    Now that Sinclair’s book has finally been self-published, after six months’ delay punctuated by excuses and broken promises, I consider it just another one of his cons. Let the buyer beware.(less)
    flag 5 likes · like · see review

    Shandra added it
    This was the worst book that I have ever read in my life!!!

    Nonnie rated it 1 of 5 stars
    A extremely poorly written book. This book reads like trashy pornographic novel of the 60’s. There is absolutely no proof that this story is true. Save your time and money or wait till it’s in th $.99 bargain bin.

    Ahh. The fans…..

  26. Just heard a report that a Harvard survey found that 54% of the “millennials” ” would “re-call” the President if given the opportunity. I find it so astounding that I don’t believe it. Re-call him and replace him with who? It’s pretty alarming, though, that the Republican propagandists have been so successful. Sure, Obama disappoints me too sometimes. But regret voting for him? You gotta be kidding. The Harvard survey, if valid, doesn’t bode well for the country. Young folks are our country’s future.

    I hope and expect, though, that Hillary will run and win next time because of overwhelming support by women. Knowing the Republicans, they will start an undercurrent of nasty sexist resistance to her presidency which, unlike the undercurrent of racist resistance to Obama, will be recognized and felt by enough Americans to build the kind of resentment toward the Republican party to render it a party of the past once and for all.

    BTW, Chris Matthews interviews Obama on “Hardball” on MSNBC today at 7 p.m.

    • Dennis says:

      The toll taken upon political discourse by the wing nutters has been enormous. Oh sure. They’re crazy. They’re stupid. Their crap makes no sense. But that is not the point. They have been able to repeatedly yell, scream, and holler this stuff long and hard and eventually, it slips in.

      • kstreet607 says:

        LTL and Dennis, undoubtedly the Koch Brothers’ endless flow of cash into the anti-Obama movement is working. As is the other “think tanks” and right-wing philanthropists. The right-wing hate-talk machines on the radio and TV are determined to implement fear in the vulnerable.

        What does surprise me is that millennials are buying into the fear-tactics.

  27. Dennis says:

    Please gag me with a spoon and send me to the moon. The Snooze site has posted an obit on Mandela written by Ilse. Not surprisingly, it is short, obviously “derived” from several news articles, and simply maintains a polite if impersonal tone. Since the man represents everything that Ilse rants and raves against, I’m sure that she had to force herself to be respectful. It is interesting to note that the man and his legacy has forced even the extreme nutters to try and make the effort to be nice (well, except for a few like Dick Cheney). But man, I personally feel that they could be more respectful if they would just shut up and listen for a while.

  28. Dennis says:

    Now Oily Katz is showing the wing nutters how it is done. She is busy accusing Mandela of being a commie because of things that happened in…Angola??!! Does it make sense? Heck no! Is it even geographically reasonable? Well, no. Is she CRAZY?? Oh yeah. Now that is how a real nutter does it.

  29. BTW, where did Meesheemey go? Hey girl – I (we) miss you. I hope you haven’t “copped an attitude” over the “eat my dick” fiasco.

  30. Dennis says:

    Long time, no see. Why? Oh for crying out loud, nothing is going on over at Jabba’s no news site. They have all dropped dead or something. Even Ilse is keeping a low profile (after giving us her post-Thanksgiving tips). Oh my Gawd. They are all passed out or something.

  31. Meesh says:

    There’s a new post —–> HERE Pffft LongTimeLurker (on my nerves. Nahhh!) Let’s move everything there, K?

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