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Thanksgivukkah w/Dennis & Company

DENNIS THE MENACE 1I am sure that at any moment there will be a near drunken post by Ilse at the Snooze site on Thanksgiving and its wing nutter meaning and why Obama is selling it out blah blah blah…

So let me take a moment to wish us all a merry and fun Thanksgiving.


1fa2de470acd257599fa2bb11bec5dc2Dennis, great video! Sorry, but I had to add this too, it’s a Thanksgiving tradition, Douche sings….To all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving or I should say Thanksgivukkah! You guys all rock!

Margaret wade

Psssst WTF was that ^^?!

Hi Dennis, a “drunken post by Ilse” you say? Nope, look below…in from Stinkville… do you think this is another suicide by TicTacs scam-fest?  When I read it, I kept hearing, that old familiar tune:

Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks ♫ ♪ Goodbye to you, My trusted friend We’ve known each other since we were nine or ten…♫ ♪ Together we’ve climbed hills and trees Learned of love and A-B-C’s Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees….We had joy We had fun We had seasons in the sun; But the hills that we climbed Were just seasons out of time…♬ ♪ 

Talk about déjà vu, read on and judge for yourselves!

What I Am Thankful for

November 28, 2013  By

Larry Sinclair - white thanksgivingOn this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for all who have played a part in my life, whether as friend or foe each of you have had an impact on who I have become. I am thankful for being blessed with a life that even with the many mistakes and dumb choices made in it, I would not change a thing if I could because those mistakes and choices have played a big part in who I have become. I am thankful for a family who despite its differences at times, it’s still a family. I am thankful that I have lived such a crazy and wondrous life and that I am still living it. From the repealing down a cliff into freezing water in the dark in Big Bend National Park in a Vision Quest to running six miles to end it; from harnessing a team of mules everyday for six months on a wagon train to my time spent in prison for making some stupid choices and decisions, I am thankful for every bit of it.

I am thankful for some of the nuttiest friends and foes anyone could ever have around them. From The Greek Girls (and boys) to the owners of Stubbs B&B, from Mya & Pat,  Zane Thuzar & Zahni Thuzar who in a way are like my own kids if I were to have any; from Sandi Arenge LoBue who if you ever knew our history you would understand why I look at Sandi as if she were my own family; Carol Boyd who even though I irritate the heck out of her she still loves me. Ace ShortMoney and Will who will forever be solid in my heart; to Jean-Claude Morin and the hearts of those at Volusia International Bible Fellowship;Donate2_paypal_Sinlair news Miss sugabaker Carole Sue who can always make me laugh; to the sincere and honest Foster Friess who I will always admire and respect. Then of course there is Mary Harper who I am certain I pushed to the point of wanting to kill me several times in my teen years who today looks back with A SMILE on those VQ days. There are so many, many more that I could spend all day listing so please don’t feel you are any less important to me because you are not, I am truly thankful for each and everyone of you. I am Thankful for every success, ever failure, every mistake and dumb choice. I am Thankful for having this crazy life indeed.


Larry-150x150” My star is almost ready to shine bright. Hope you get what I am saying. Just a little longer. itsy bitsy longer.”

– Larry Sinclair  04/16/2008