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Changing the subject…FatAss is back!

on November 10, 2013

breaking the wish boneHey Dennis, make a wish, we posted at the same time and recognized that the slime-bucket came out of his hole. Yep, he’s ba-a-a-c-k Enough about …..our Canadian POS…. Yippeee your turn in the USA….

(LTL you were looking for a good laugh…Well here it is…. )

You  guys are stuck with this *idiot* posting as  CON-TRIBUTOR….Yeh “we-we-we”received 1000′s of emails from around the world HeHeHe…. prove it .. Like everything that *idiot* has ever posted,  there’s no proof, only his word  Sickliar desperately wants to get back in the news – those  2 minutes of fame provided him with some bucks….WOW here’s his latest attempt to get attention er $$$$$ Whatevahhh  without further ado here it is…. 🙄

Surprised To Find a Street Hustler at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?
November 10, 2013  By Contributor

Larry SinclairLarry Sinclair is not dead and he told you Obama was a hustler

In the past week Sinclair News and this writer have received 1000′s of emails from around the world asking us if we had heard of a woman name Mia Marie Pope? The answer to that question is “no” we haven’t. The emails go on to ask us “where is Larry Sinclair in 2013,” and/or “is Larry Sinclair dead?” Those questions are answered as follows:

Larry Sinclair is still very much engaged in exposing any and all politicians who choose to use their offices for their own personal benefit. Larry Sinclair has for almost six (6) years now tried to warn the American people as well as the people around the world since January 17, 2008 that Barack Obama is not the second coming of Christ but is in fact nothing more than a well groomed street hustler. Regardless of what the media and AKP Message & Media branding heads David Axelrod and David Plouffe have told you, Barack Obama has always been a smooth talking street hustler. Only now many, including some who just a year ago would jumped off a bridge if Obama had asked them to are now starting to see the man for what he truly is.

Bovine-excrement-meter-animationIn some of the emails we have received over the past week we have had people tell us, “Expose the president please;” and “please stop sitting in the shadows.” No one person has done more to inform the American public on exactly who and what Barack Obama is than this writer. In Feb 2009 during a Larry Sinclair interview with Pat Dollard our friend Andrew Breitbart had said that we could not use Obama’s past to stop him. Andrew had a change of heart from that Feb 2009 statement and spent his remaining 3 years of life looking into Obama’s past in order to know who and what he truly is. It was a phone conversation with a lovely woman in California that Larry has finally come to understand there are many, many people in this country and around the world who not only believe him, they believe in him. That is a wonderful feeling considering how many times in the past six years that he has often wondered whether his coming out in 2008 and putting himself (and unintentionally his family and friends) through some of the nastiest attacks and repeated government investigations any American has ever been put through was worth it. Larry has been asked on more than one occasion if he had it to do over again would he and to that he says YES. He might have done some things differently like not engage in the constant internet back & forth with people, but yes he would do it all over again. This lady explained to him that her, like many who run businesses have to be careful in who they talk to and what they reveal because they have to be able to make payroll. She said that the name Larry Sinclair is known by every elected official in Washington, DC yet none of them have the guts to speak it openly unless it is to ridicule and dismiss it. That’s fine with us, because we have continued to fight for the truth and we have continued to stand by the facts and despite many efforts to grind us into the ground with their heels those efforts have failed.

To see the number of Google, Bing & Yahoo searches conducted in the past week on the search term “where is Larry Sinclair in 2013″ is nothing short of astounding to us. Astounding because Larry Sinclair has never gone away, Larry Sinclair has been right on the very front line of fire. It was Larry Sinclair who exposed Gloria Allred for using the his 2008 description of encounters with Barack Obama in 1999 to allege  Herman Cain had harassed Sharon Bialek.

complete_n_utter_bullshitDid Attorney Gloria Allred & Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek Use Sinclair’s Obama Allegations For Their Story Line?

It was Larry Sinclair who had exposed the White House staffer who was also involved in the Colombia Secret Service prostitute scandal that got us attacked by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney WH Press Sec. Carney Takes Shot At Sinclair News; White House Staff Involved In Colombia Prostitute Scandal: Now Everyone Wants To Report It.

Almost six years after first speaking out on the real Barack Obama and people continue to just take the word of those who to this day write off Larry Sinclair by saying “oh he failed not one but two lie detector test” and to back that claim up they continue to link to Ben Smith’s Politico hit piece from June 18, 2008 or Dave Weigel’s Daily Kos inspired articles. Yet if you took the time to watch the actual polygraph video (which Larry Sinclair himself made available to the world to see) Sinclair Polygraph Video you would see for yourself those claims are not true. The video itself can be viewed in its entirety Sinclair Polygraph Video Raises Questions About Gelb’s Findings. So despite the continued government harassment from the IRS to the Social Security Administration to rogue Federal employees; despite the continued false reporting and claims by media and internet sites, Larry Sinclair still stands by his story almost six years (Jan 17, 2014 will make 6 years) and that story has never changed or varied.

Now as to Mia Marie Pope. First let us start by saying we have not had the time to listen to her entire statements concerning Barack Obama. It was in a phone conversation with a friend Thursday night that we had stated: “We have been made aware of Pope’s statements but for us the first question we have to ask and that we think everyone needs to ask is, “why now?” Why did it take six years after the fact for Ms. Pope to come forward and tell her story of Barack Obama? Now we know there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be angry at us for asking and even publishing these questions. So be it. But if you don’t ask these questions you will in the end get burned for not asking them. We have a problem with anyone telling a story and reporting that Larry Sinclair was “killed in a hit & run accident in 2011.” Not only is that not true it is just one of at least three known reports published on the internet that Larry Sinclair was murdered (2008) in his Duluth MN apartment; or killed in accidents. Reports of My Death Are FALSE (Unless you consider dead asleep dead).

With Obama’s recent NBC apology to the American people we can’t help but point out yet again what we told Jeff Rense on the Rense Radio program in 2008 and throughout the past almost 6 years. “Barack Obama is a ‘street hustler’ just like a hustler who must adapt to the circumstance around him in order to get what he wants,” Obama displayed the hustler mentality by going on NBC and saying “I am sorry.”

In 2008 we tried to inform the American people that what was being portrayed as a new kind of politician was nothing more than a well manicured street hustler who had been molded in the nations capital of political hustling: Chicago.

So to respond to the 1000′s of emails we have received in the past week let us say, we are still here, we are continuing to fight for the truth and honesty for the American people whether it be by exposing Barack Obama or any other Politician who lies and engages in the abuse of power. As for Mia Marie Pope, we have no reason to doubt the accuracy of her descriptions of Barack Obama and in fact according to some of our past research Pope’s descriptions fit in with the Frank Marshall Davis time with Barack. We do however ask “Why Now?” That is a question we believe is fair to ask. What has happened that would make you come forward six years after the first election and almost one year after the last election?

Sinclair News and Larry Sinclair are committed to the truth so the American people can make decisions based on facts. Sinclair News will continue in that mission and we believe if Hillary Clinton does run in 2016 we will become the target of even more attacks and intimidation as we will expose a great deal about Hillary and her camp that took place in 2008. In addition to Sinclair News continuing to cover the news and politics, Larry’s first book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? is being followed up with When One Man Stands (which we hope to have out by Christmas after more than a years delay due to corrupted print files) which will expose the Obama Administration, high level White House staffers; Internal Revenue Service; Social Security Administration officials and US Secret Service-FBI-Department of Homeland Security among others of years of harassment, intimidation and actual criminal acts in retaliation for having spoken out against Obama and having published the first book.

Now Dennis’ turn….

Dennis imagesGood catch, Meesh.  I was about to post a link to this “breaking” story (see╚═► which would undoubtedly be jumped on at any moment by Fat Boy as

1. Vindication and …….

2. Hey, who is this dame trying to ace out my bs story.

Obviously Jabba has waddled onto the field.  He is going both ways at once.  He ain’t dead (interesting to note how many fellow nut jobs just assumed that he was).  Now, he has to get in there and steal this yarn back away from some dame before she takes off and leaves him (and his “fund” drive) in the dust.  Just when we thought he was down for the
final count….

From the little bit I have been able to gather, Mia Marie Pope is someone who claims to have known Obama back in high school (claim not proven) and then unloads a remarkably impersonal account that seems to be cherry picked from every wing nutter notion of the past six years.  Since some of her “claims” and demonstratively false (e.g. the foreign student claim – BTW, contrary to what wing nutters think, claiming to be a foreign students would not have helped Obama in getting financial aid, it would have done the exact opposite), I think we can easily assume that she is A. a nut and B. up to something (book coming soon?).  Fat Boy may want to try and use this as back up to a renewed vamping of his stupid tale, but she seems to be insisting that Obama was the male hustler chasing after older and rich white men (borrowed from Wayne Madsen’s dream factory) which would seem to be a problem for Lardo.  He wasn’t older, he wasn’t rich, and he was the two-bit hustler.  But as Ronnie Reagan once said “Facts are a stupid thing,” so why let it get in the way of fleecing the rubes.

“Reports of My Death Are FALSE  (Unless you consider dead asleep dead).”  Hey, he doesn’t mention his “suicide” attempt.  Oh wait.  I forgot.  That never happened (except for the times when he said it did – I’m confused).  And Jan. 17, 2014 will mark year six of his story from which he never wavered (OK Kstreet, you are the professor of all the many variations, changes, additions, and out right contradictions of his ever evolving tale).  Either way, we must “help him celebrate” his “anniversary” date.

Thankee Jesus!!!!  Fat Ass is back.

.Larry sinclair has een sleeping

57 responses to “Changing the subject…FatAss is back!

  1. Meesh says:

    I love a fresh post – thanks a bunch Dennis!

  2. Dennis says:

    Fogbow is on the case One interesting comment:
    “She makes no mention of anyone she knows or knew back then who could back up her claims. She claims things we know are not true: He didn’t use the name Soetoro in high school, there was probably no one on the islands who smoked freebase cocaine in 1977, his mother lived in Indonesia the entire time he was in high school, etc. Lots of his Hawaiian friends have been interviewed over the years, and none of them mentioned any such thing as the bullshit she’s feeding Manning.

    But she also “knows” that everyone who attended Columbia at the same time Obama did was interviewed and not one single person remembers him :^o

    She knew the name of all three people who Obama personally murdered from Trinity Church. She’s fully steeped in birther lore and she has very clear memories of Obama from 1977.

    But she waited until October 2013 to open up. Just in time to prevent him from being elected president of this great land of ours.

    I’d almost suspect she’s punking the birthers, but I listened to the whole thing and I doubt it.”

  3. Dennis says:

    Also the other nut Orly is on the case. She is trying to call Ms. Pope but the number she gave out is disconnected. Kind of makes me suspect that somebody is punking these idiots. But what do I know. The nutters are already claiming that it is the NSA….ooohhhhh, I am so scared.

  4. Dennis says:

    Also a comment that sounds like some folks from around here:
    “Sterngard Friegen wrote:
    Bob Ross wrote:
    Another thing her and santilli claimed was that because we haven’t heard from Larry Sinclair Obama must have had him killed.

    With M&Ms or Skittles?

    Sternie, it’s Tic Tacs! Get your sugared candies straighth!”

    Note to Bob Ross: Tic Tacs, damnit! Tic Tacs! And you wash them down with vodka.

  5. Meesh says:

    SMILE, Dennis and *wave* FatAss is looking in 😉

  6. kstreet607 says:

    Wow, what a “revolting development”!! Hahahaha!

    This is so hilarious on so many levels. The man is going into the second year of his second term and these idiots are still trying to “scandalize” the POTUS after all these years.

    So this is the story that woke the just about defunct (broke) con-man from his drunken stupor. LOL

    Go back to sleep you POS. Better yet, continue begging for money, we love seeing you grovel!

    My…have times changed since u were raking in the BIG $$$ huh asswipe?

    I am enjoying every single minute of that creep’s anguish and misery. KARM IS A MOFO!

    • Meesh says:

      Looks up and down here for a “LIKE” button….Hi KStreet! I guess we should name FatAss’ anniversary…”EPIC FAIL day!” It’s coming up, on Jan. 17th, 2014 as Dennis says we must “help him celebrate” his “anniversary” date. Can you believe such a loser can fail so miserably (all of the time -at whatever he does …and still manages to come back? ) Yep, poop always seems to float up in a toilet bowl…it’s so hard to flush down… I nominate you to spearhead the plans 😀

  7. Dennis says:

    Did you know that on Jan. 17, 1861, the flush toilet was patented by Thomas Crapper. I think this pretty much sets the tone for Lardo’s upcoming anniversary.

    • Meesh says:

      HeHe Dennis..his YouTube video was launched on that very same day? Now, things are starting to make sense…The world should flush their “Crappers” at midnight on January 17th – maybe that POS can finally spiral down…He can take that new book of fiction (which he says should be available by Christmas, Yeh right…) down with him.

  8. kstreet607 says:

    I think we should make this a collaborative effort. Dennis’ info is appropos to add to that POS’s take down. LOL

  9. Dennis says:

    Last I checked, the following had turned up regarding Mia Marie Pope: 1. She basically has next to no digital footprint. 2. Her phone number is disconnected. 3. It appears that other people who are known to have gone to high school with Obama are not familiar with her. She was never “vetted” by Manning before the interview, so her ID is pretty much non-existent. Maybe she is and maybe she isn’t. Who knows? Her story is actually pretty thin and she is extremely dodgy about how much – if at all – she ever knew Obama. Her “stories” about drugs and gay sex are all in the “everybody knew” zone of urban folktales – and oddly enough, nobody else seemed to have known. The rest of her tale was obviously taken from various wing nutter sites since the tales all involve things that she couldn’t have possibly known (based even upon her own claims).

    So the nutters don’t really know for sure who she is, she has become mysteriously unavailable, and her story is more full of holes than the typical Bigfoot sighting. Sounds like a winner to me. We got to get this gal together with Orly…..

  10. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, Ilse has written for the Snooze Site a Veterans Day piece. She praises them for their service and then attacks Obama as a deranged murderer who killed Amb. Stevens and forced the military to take gays and then took away their benefits with a government shut down and denies them access to national parks and lies and deceives them about government benefits etc etc etc. Note to Fat Boy: Ilse is an embarrassment. I suspect that her deranged, hostile, latent racist and totally out of control anger issues is why she got booted out of the school system (and this was in Tennessee for crying out loud). She writes poorly worded drivel, carries on like a drunk pig, and has NO insights of any rational order. You need to dump her. She is getting to be almost as stupid as you are…oh, I think I just answered my own question. Never mind.

  11. Meesh says:

    Now this Canadian is worth mentioning and today is his birthday! He’s 68 years old today…I guess he also could be considered somewhat American because he lives there…dual citizenship.

    Great article by RollingStone—->

  12. Meesh says:

    No matter where you are…. today is you day to change the world with one simple act of kindness; it’s World Kindness Day╚═►
    Gotta love Jon Stewart — last night fast forward to the 3:00 mark he gets on to Ford’s latest….haven’t checked the news, it seems there’s something new within the hour 🙄 Gee I wish I could go to another Province…embarrassing.

    • Thank you Meesheemey. I know you actually mean it.

      So I say “back atcha”.

      • Meesh says:

        Thanks LTL – today is World Diabetes Day….in June I lost a dear friend (I think I briefly mentioned it to you guys here -at the time it was just too painful for me to talk extensively about it) Anyway, his body had been ravaged after being diagnosed with diabetes. Prior to that, he was a text-book *VERY healthy* senior citizen (he was my best friend’s Dad, I helped him out, as she lives far away) The diabetes literally attacked his vital organs severely, within about 4-5 years…

        Diabetes is a growing killer around the globe and it’s climbing.

        I brought him to the hospital (or called an ambulance) when I found him lying in a diabetic shock. He died three weeks later, because of further findings of extensive heart/liver/kidney damage. The heart and liver especially. (He didn’t drink alcohol)

        There was leaking of the heart valves (which weakened him) ammonia set into his brain (the liver could not get rid of it) So there was no way, that he could get the valve replacement as he was just too weak. He often used to tell me: “I no longer have control over mybody the Diabetes has taken over..It’s in charge, not me”

        I guess, if it were years ago it wouldn’t have been possible to live as long as he did if it weren’t for these Canadian scientists. Another big deal here in Canada (for me, anyway- I’m an avid supporter of the Canadian Diabetes Association)—–>

        Something that we “canucks* are not so proud is this ongoing saga that keeps unfolding daily “OUR Ford-gate” Sheesh what a mess it is, such drama. There’s a petition circulating in Toronto that the Mayor is not welcome to the Annual Santa Claus parade over the weekend. Ford will not budge and insists to remain seated as Mayor of Toronto.

        The latest ====>

        OY —- yep, he says *eat Pussy* (video below)

        Here’s word for word of the *Pussy Riot*—>

        • I just heard that all visits to Toronto City Hall by school children have been canceled citing “an unsafe environment.”. Isn’t that a little much? Interesting timing. I don’t think the concern is so much for the children as it is for the female school teachers who are worried that they might be embarrassed if Rob Ford jumps out from somewhere and eats their pussies (with all the enthusiasm of a guy with an obviously enormous appetite) right in front of all the other visitors.

          Maybe the teachers could go by themselves after dark.

          • Meesh says:

            Yep, Rob Ford is quite the pervert character, they banned him to march in the Santa Claus Parade today…he’ll probably crash it somehow.. About Rob Ford, you know what? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… Check out his sister. The Ford family is affluent in Toronto (they are very rich) Goes to prove that money can buy you lots but it can’t buy you class & charm…

            This is what I call White Trash Canuck Wingnuts…makes me think of FatAss’ family with money. Go to about the 2:00 mark and then further on, a reporter from the Star talks to Anderson Cooper about his sister. Yikes!

            • He’s not going to die. But he’s definitely going to crash – and soon. So as long as in the meantime the Toronto Police know not to follow his orders to confiscate and deliver to him free booze I say put Toronto on auto pilot and sit back and watch (and continue to videotape of course.)

            • BTW, are only White Trash Canadians called “Canucks”? If so, what do you call upper class Canadians? (This isn’t a lead in to a punch line.)

            • Meesh says:

              We’re all known as “Canucks”… Nothing to do with trashy or white trash. It’s just a nickname, we call ourselves. (Kind of like “Yanks” or Yankees like you guys. ) Canuck is informal but is not felt to be derogatory. OK some Americans have said: “Sorry to tell you this, but Canuck means ‘Canadian fuck’.” Heh! in the NHL there’s the “Vancouver Canucks” so nope it’s not white trash.

              Here’s a background story:


            • I meant to ask you this yesterday, but do you know how the Canadian Fords made their fortune? Do you know whether they’re related to the American Fords (as in Ford Motor Company)?

            • Meesh says:

              Deco Labels – no, not Henry Ford’s fortune… “Nouveau Riche”

              They are from Etobicoke a rather rich suburb of Toronto. His dad was the founder of Deco Labels and Tags, which makes pressure-sensitive labels for plastic-wrapped grocery products at an estimated whopping $100 million in annual sales.

              They flaunt their money…As an indication of the family’s wealth, the success of the family business allowed the family to build a six-bedroom home in Etobicoke…that’s where his mother conducted that interview.

              Anyway, it’s a really big estate with a swimming pool and gardens that they boast can host nearly a thousand visitors at a time.

            • Thanks for the info. I get it now. Rob Ford has the personality and physical bearing of someone who grew up spoiled and entitled – who bullied “ordinary” folk all his life. He never learned to follow any rules other than his own. People like that shout and throw their money and power around and get used to “ordinary” folk scampering out of their way. So this whole experience of being chastised publicly and forced to do anything at all is beyond his comprehension. That’s why in his press conferences he seems not only defiant, but also genuinely surprised and confused by it all.

              Keep us posted.

            • Meesh says:

              You’re welcome, yep, he’s a racist,among lots of other “qualities” They left out homophobe anyway.. Check it out—->

            • But see, I wouldn’t consider calling a Pakistani cabdriver a “Paki” any more racist than calling a British cabdriver a “Brit” or “Limey”; or imitating a Pakistani accent any more racist than imitating a British accent. I guess its because Pakistan and Britain are places, not races.

              Also, I didn’t see anything in the article about homophobia. Do you have some yet to be released info?

            • Meesh says:

              Brit is one thing, yeh it’s a place, however “Limey” is never a term of endearment, its always used in a very sneering, condescending way. I know it’s not racist.

              The “N” word could be derived from a place too.It’s documented, that when the African slave-trade was in full-swing ,a good percentage of black slaves were captured and sold in Nigeria. Nigerian ethnic groups were transported to the Americas and the Caribbean as part of the African diaspora of slavery. If the ship’s captain could read, he would probably not be able to pronounce “Nigeria” or “Nigerian” properly nor would he care.

              Since a four syllable word is difficult to pronounce anyway for the education level of seamen in the slave-trade of that era, it’s believed that the term was shortened from nigerian to nigger which was easier for them to say. I think that was suggested in the saga “Roots”. We do not use it, no matter the history behind it.We need to practice tolerance in society and accept all people as *one* regardless of race, ethnicity etc.

              Anyway, here in Canada using the word “Paki” is like the “N” word…we don’t use it, especially in Toronto. Almost half of Toronto’s population of 2,791,140…. (1,289,995 was born outside of Canada<). In fact, the population of Pakistanian descent in TO is about 155,000. It’s got some history, it was used to say “Go home you Pakis” by some of the white racists.

              So, as mayor, he definitely should not differentiate within ethnicity whether it’s “chink” “limey” “Brit” “Frog” “Paki” get it? . It hurts many people, I would not use those terms.In any event those terms are not used within endearment and is insulting to me. Only an uneducated person would ever think of a human being in derogatory terms….by being intolerant of other people that are not originally from their country.

              Anyway, you can no longer see a video that put it out there, btw he “also” insulted the Asians, Blacks…within the same context, he should be colour/race-blind as a Mayor, he isn’t.

              A Homophobe -A Racist:
              In Ontario Canada, we read many articles pertaining to what he has said… and in the “Crack-smoking”video months ago, when Gawker broke out with it – at the time Rob Ford POO-POOED it… lots sealed under that original video. You can read about some of it – hear-say….but OH BOY!

              I read it, I could not believe a Mayor (of the largest city in Canada – 4th most populous city in North America) could be involved in “doing” and “saying what he did”:

              You can read some of it here—-> There’s other references, that have come out since.Slowly but surely it’s unraveling…The RCMP have the entire video sealed at the moment.

              You have to understand LTL, that Stephen Harper, our Prime Minister of Canada is Conservative…so that makes the Conservative Party in power here in Canada (Federal)….Rob Ford is Conservative, with a lot of money, honey.

              Ontario (Provincial Government) though is Liberal…(they’re sitting watching) It will be released in its entirety for the world to see…Right now, damage control by the Conservative Party is to try to get Rob Ford out of the picture, because day by day, Rob Ford is making it worse.

              Problem is, he won’t step down. Our Provincial Government, could force the hand, but won’t…leaving it to Canada’s Prime Minister. Get it? It’s like your US Federal and State issues.

              Much Politics involved.

              Last night’s SNL…

  13. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, on the wing nutter front, the elusive Mia Marie Pope is still hard to track down. Sort of. OK, she lives in Spokane with her husband Donald. Appears some years ago to have had some kind of failed coffee business back in Hawaii. Was charged back in 2008 for domestic assault. Charges appear to have been dropped (thank you, Donald). Extremely low digital footprint; reads as if she does do much of anything.

    Based on her weird ass story. she has spent time going through a lot of the wing nutter sites. Her story is totally based upon nothing but 2nd and 3rd hand hearsay accounts from unnamed sources who may or may not have even existed. Contrary to how some nutters are trying to pump the tale (and she is pretty slippery in the telling), she has no claims to any actual first hand knowledge. Since she has at least 2 (most likely 3) major claims that can be debunked and disproven immediately, her story has to be viewed as complete horse manure. Most of her material (as in all of her material) was taken almost word-for-word from the usual nutter sites. Especially Orly Taitz and (oh gawd forgive me for saying this) Jabba.

    She is either a complete nut seeking attention or she is punkin’ the nutters. I strongly suspect the first. There is no end to these loons……

  14. Dennis says:

    Oh, and she is also the Executive Assistant for the Senior Vice President of Operations at the YMCA in Spokane (found her on their Facebook page – photo is her though she looks more sassy when yakking with Manning). The long winded spell she has written about herself sounds a bit like Ilse. Pretty scary.

  15. kstreet607 says:

    Has anyone seen this? It was originally posted on the internet some time in September, but I’m just seeing it for the first time. This 13 year old will undoubtedly blow you away, like she did me and the panel of judges at the time:

  16. Dennis says:

    While Fat Boy still stumbles around trying to figure out what to scream about regarding Mia Pope, the birther sites have gone into full operational mode while she has made the rounds (including Jabba’s ex-pal Jeff Dense). Pope has gone from vague presence to neighbor of Obama to class-mate of Obama to close family friend…heck, by Monday she will be the ex Mrs. Obama. Meanwhile, her story has been “evolving.” First, she claimed he was smoking crack. Oops. Didn’t exist yet. Now he was freebasing (which may not have arrived yet in Hawaii in 1977). Then she claimed that the obviously faked photo of Obama in drag was real. Now she says it “could be” real or maybe kind of, perhaps, sort of…..And while she is at it, she is adding details. In the Real World, I truly suspect she wouldn’t be able to recognize Obama if he bit her on the butt. But in the Birthers’ world…..Oh wee!!!!!!!! Jabba the Butt, be forewarned. I see a book coming.

  17. Dennis says:

    Found this quote over at Fogbow: “Lord have mercy, but Orly’s website is the fucking rabbit hole of prima facie batshit fucknuttery. Bless its heart.” So true of both Orly and Fat Boy.

  18. BTW, if any of you haven’t seen “Twelve Years A Slave” yet, save your money. I saw it Thursday night and it was disgusting. You will only like it if you enjoy watching two hours of sadism and humiliation inflicted on Black people. I almost walked out after the first ten minutes, but I felt like I would have been cheated out of my ticket money. The movie went like this – in 1845 a Black “freeman” was tricked in New York to come down to Washington D.C for a supposedly lucrative fiddling job where he was chained and sold South where he was beaten and humiliated for twelve years and then he got away. The end.

    Maybe a true story but not a good story at all. At least in Django Unchained the ex-slave kicked a lot of ass in the end and did so in an over the top, poetic, visually satisfying manner. And then he strutted around on his high stepping horse before he and Kerry Washington road off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Not a true story but a good story.

    So remember this next time you hear all the hype about “Twelve Years A Slave”. I felt like I was watching sadistic porno for twelve years.

  19. Dennis says:

    The Snooze Site continues to slumber with its bi-weekly rantings from Ilse. Today, she pretends that the Lewis Carroll poem The Walrus and the Carpenter is really all about Obama. As usual, Ilse the Queen of Hearts rants and raves and makes up things before dropping to the ground frothing at the mouth and yelling “Off with their heads.” She use to be half-funny. Now she is just totally lame.

  20. Meesh says:

    There’s a new post —–> HERE Review this thread here, if you wish and then Let’s move everything new there, K?
    PS if anyone wishes to add/embellish the new post go ahead – I’ll update & thanks!

  21. kalmaguer says:

    Regarding Mia Marie Pope. Those who have been suspicious of her story unfortunately have good cause. She is my older sister, she was born and raised in California. She was born in 1963. We NEVER lived in Hawaii. She lived in California until the late 80’s and then she moved to Hawaii. She has NEVER met Barack Obama…EVER. Her story is completely false. Her maiden name is Reuther. She lived in San Francisco before she moved to Hawaii. With research, it won’t be difficult to prove she lied about everything.

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