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Re-cap of “SNOOZE” NewZzzzzz by Dennis

on August 6, 2013

DENNIS THE MENACE 1The Snooze King is half awake and back to Benghazi because…well because.  Two posts ranting away with all of the usual bs as Lardo continues to peddle his warped sense of half-truths, non-truths, and completely made up “facts.”  So maybe it’s time to quickly point out a few “minor” problems with Jabba’s hot reports.

1.  Ambassador Stevens was not raped and tortured, you idiot.  That claim came from someone rewriting a AFP news report (for their own cheap shot reasons) and no reporter, eyewitness, or anyone else (including medical records) supports that account.  You appear to be absolutely enthralled with the whole idea for strange (even sicko) reasons of your own.  Like maybe it brings back fond memories of your fun times in Cell Block D or something.  God, you’re a very, very sick puppy.

2.  It is no secret (not now) that Stevens was the point man in the process of the US “secret” effort to provide some of the rebels with weapons during the overthrow in Libya.  He was also the man with the most immediate familiarity with the various groups operating in the country.  So it is no surprise that he would be the person sent in to try and determine who were “friendlies” and who was not.  You are acting like it is a mystery.  But on this point, there is no mystery.

3.  Yes, the CIA had over several dozen people on the ground at the time.  No surprise.  The place in Benghazi was a CIA compound.  This operation (and another one that was going on at the same time) was all CIA operations.  BTW, it is not uncommon for the State Department and the CIA to work in tandem.

4.  The only way you can claim that Obama “personally” sent Stevens to Libya is in the sense that as President, any official representative of the US is sent by the President.  Actually, Stevens was an employee of the State Department which means that he would have been working for Hillary at the time.  Either way, who cares.  This whole line of argument is utterly pointless, you dingbat.

5.  As you and your fellow wing nuts have chosen to forget, on the day Benghazi happened there were major and extremely serious protests going on through out the Mideast because of the anti-Muslim film on YouTube. Many of the protests (such as the one in Cairo) were focused on storming US embassies.   In fact, most attention that day was focused on the US embassy in Cairo (which nearly got overrun).  Your presentation on this issue is completely false and totally misleading.  In other words, you lie like a mangy dog.

Professor DennisSo put down that bottle of vodka, quit wanking off to that disgusting “rape” fantasy you’ve got in your head, and try to actually learn a few things about the news stories you claim to be reporting on.  BTW, quit watching Fox News.  It’s bad for your brain.  You know, that thing between your ears that you falsely claimed had a fatal tumor that you tried to milk donations for over the past decade and a half…Oh wait, I forgot.  You had a “miracle” cure.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

45 responses to “Re-cap of “SNOOZE” NewZzzzzz by Dennis

  1. Meesh says:

    Thanks Dennis, you’re the best!

  2. kstreet607 says:

    Dennis, you are so appreciated for going over to the “snooze” site. This report is really very good! We still need to expose FatAss for his psychotic ramblings and set the record straight. For that, YOU are our guy. Thank you, Dennis.

  3. Dennis says:

    Meesh and Kstreet,
    Thanks for the comments. Yep, it is hell over there. Each time I visit I have to take a long hot bath and break out the brain bleach.

  4. Meesh says:

    Just in – FatAss is having problems with his landlord…. That poor man, doesn’t know what he’s dealing with! The Whine,whine,whine, Bitch,bitch,Bitch Queen strikes again :O

    Are Landlords Required To Disclose Hazardous Conditions To Tenants?

    August 6, 2013
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    And what is a landlord liable for when they don’t?

    Having had my share of dealings with multiple landlords over my almost 52 years of life ( <—- 🙄 FatAss’ birthdays are called “Womb Eviction Day”)

    I have never been able to ascertain an answer to this simple question: Is the landlord required to disclose to potential tenants all known safety and health hazards before renting out the unit?

    See, in April 2013 I went looking for a smaller place to live to reduce living costs, I even did something I never have done before, I checked Craigslist. The reason I have never used Craigslist before is because I have found that most postings and offers are scams or complete misrepresentations. I found a listing on Craigslist that also was published in the Hometown News for an apartment at 616 Main Street in Daytona Beach. I contacted the number listed and made an appointment to meet the landlord and view the apartment. The apartment was a small studio on the second floor of a building on Main Street which has empty store fronts on the ground level.

    The apartment was small but I had accepted the reality that I would have to downsize in order to lower my living expenses. The front room faced out onto Main Street looking north at the Ocean Center and to the east looking at the Bank & Blues Club. The large window frame has been filled with 3 metal window units. The west window doesn’t even fit into the frame itself and you have to be careful opening it to prevent it from falling onto Main Street below.

    On May 1, 2013 I signed a one year lease, paid first months rent, a key deposit and a deposit equal to a months rent on top of $185.00 deposit for Florida Power & Light to turn on the electric. With the weather on May 1, 2013 being rainy and stormy I did not sleep in the Apartment for the first time until Friday May 3, 2013. From the very first day the power in the apartment continued to shut off and then come back on never once tripping the breaker and did so repeatedly throughout the night and day. Despite complaining to the landlord he felt it was the Rainey weather saying that all the tenants were experiencing problems. A week goes by with the power still turning on and off, again I complained. Despite an electrician telling me it sounded to him like there was a bad breaker, loose connection or loose ground the landlord continued to say it was FP&L’s issue in the meter (it should be noted that only the outlets in the front room and one connected to the same power source where the fridge was plugged into kept going on and off). Two weeks goes by before an electrician is brought in. After doing something in the meter box itself the landlord assured me the problem was fixed, yet that night the power kept going on and off. The next day after inspecting the breaker box (which is located in the hall way open to anyone who wants to access it) the electrician discovered the breaker was bad on top of having a loose connection. At last I thought the problem had been resolved. All the while the landlord and the electrician was still trying to blame the problem on the amount of computer and electronic equipment I have in the apartment (which would have been okay if the breaker was being tripped from an overload, which it was not).

    Is the landlord required to disclose these hazards to potential tenants when advertising the apartments for rent?

    Just as the electrical problem was finally addressed I was contacted by the landlord and asked if I had had any visitor the night before. It was only after asking what visitor was he referring to that I was informed the building is infested with Termites and that they would swarm at night and were attracted to light. That night I experienced what the landlord was talking about while trying to get some work done on the computer. All of a sudden these long winged insects started flying onto my laptop screen and desk lamp. For the next month and a half I couldn’t enjoy my own home or lay down and watch TV or work on my computer without being attacked by swarming termites that would literally cover me and anything in the light. Despite multiple requests for the landlord to do something I was told “they will be gone in a few days or so.”

    Is a landlord required to disclose to potential tenants that the apartment has an infestation of termites before signing a lease with the perspective tenant?

    On July 22, 2013 a mid day storm rolled through Daytona Beach and the wind was blowing up against the apartment building. I noticed something falling from the blinds onto my printer which was up against the window frame. When I turned to see what it was I saw water rolling down the blinds and dripping out of the inside of the window frame where the window is screwed into the framing.
    (What a DRIP! No, not the leak – the bitching/whining on the video below)

    In addition the inside window frame and trim of the frame was pouring water through the wood where it is connected to the interior framing on the apartment. I called the landlord who yelled “You just have to deal with it I can’t get over there right now.” The landlord then at 12:45 AM Tuesday July 23, 2013 had called on my cell phone wanting to inquire about the water leak in the window but I was passed out.

    Wednesday July 24, 2013 we had yet another afternoon storm which was also blown into the building where again I had to move me bed, printer and desk to keep from having them soaked with water pouring in from the framing of the building itself. There is a wall which is an exterior wall facing Main St next to my windows where the concrete has been turned to sand from what is clearly a long term water leaking in from the framing. Again I call the landlord who again says “I can’t do anything about it right now.” You can hear me talking to the landlord on the phone after I left him a message that this is simply unacceptable.

    Saturday August 3, 2013 was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. Again the water is gushing in through the window frame and the buildings framing.

    Again the landlord yells when I call him and again he says “I thought you had that fixed, I can’t get over there right now…” and on and on. I quickly inform the landlord that I pay my rent early every month and I am not paying rent to have to move my equipment and belongings every time it rains. I informed the landlord he will do what has to be done to rectify this issue or else I would take action and do what I have to do. The landlord then wanted to argue and ask “What are you gonna do.” to which I told him “Have a good day and if it is not taken care of then on Monday I would take action.” then hung up. My landlord called back telling me never to hang-up on him again which I responded, “you are aware of the problem, nothing has been done to correct the problem and if you do not correct the problem then I will take necessary action to protect myself and my property.” The landlord came by the apartment later that Saturday night around 9PM to talk and see what the problem was. Towels were still soaked with water from the storm and water coming into the apartment through the window frame earlier that afternoon.

    Is the landlord required to disclose to perspective/potential tenants that the building structure is of disrepair that rain enters the framing of the structure and then leaks inside the apartment?

    The landlord has repeatedly claimed that he has never had the problem with anyone else living in this apartment or any other apartments. After doing some inquiring myself I have found other tenants who say their apartments are also being flooded with water through the framing facing Main St. In addition these other tenants have stated they cannot cook and watch TV because the electrical outlets in their apartment(s) are carrying the fridge, microwave, hot plate and their TV’s and they trip the breakers when trying to watch TV and cook something in the microwave.

    On Monday August 5, 2013 I sent an email to the landlord asking if any other tenants had complained of their power going off and on. Each apartment is on its on electric meter but the landlord always says “no one else is complaining.” Late last night I sent the landlord yet another email and text message informing him he needed to have the electrician come back to the apartment because my power was turning on and off again even when nothing but my AC and TV were on, or with just the AC & fans while I was sleeping. The landlord came over at 9AM this morning and despite trying to insist the power was being tripped by my electronic equipment (forget that none of it was even on or the fact that the breaker has never once tripped) he had the electrician come over.

    When the electrician also tried to tell me that the power was being tripped because of all the equipment I have I asked him “how is that so considering the breaker has never tripped once, and the power goes off and on whether I have my equipment on or have nothing but the AC & fans on when I am sleeping. The electrician then turned off the power altogether and began opening every outlet and switch box to check each one. He had only opened one before he started to tell me that the outlet was spliced with two different wires and no ground wire at all. As he and his employee opened all the outlets up he called his boss and told him that the wiring of all the outlets had 12g and 14g wire spliced and not a single ground wire was in any outlet or switch. I could hear his boss tell him that by law they would have to bring the wiring up to code because they were now aware that it is not up to code. The electrician told me he would start the work today but would not be able to finish it til next week because he was going out of town tomorrow. The electrician then went outside for a moment and before coming back in called his employee to tell him to start putting the outlets back in because the landlord told them NOT to do any work at this time, he said he asked the landlord if he had another apartment to move me into until the repairs could be made but I knew the answer to that already, and the landlord told him what I already knew, NO.

    After the electrician left I called the landlord and asked him what seemed to be the problem with making the necessary repairs to the illegal electrical wiring which not only poses a risk to me but to the other tenants in the building. The landlord tried to tell me that he thought the electrician was in fact making the repairs and I told him the electrician stated point blank that “I was told to stop and put the outlet boxes back together.” I also relayed the electricians taking video of the wiring and photographs of the individual outlet and switch boxes. The landlord advised me “Let me call him and see what is going on.” That was more than 4 hours ago and I have not heard back from the landlord.

    Is the landlord required to make the repairs which are not up to code and which pose a fire and safety risk to tenants without any delay?

    They have no heat source of any kind ( that’s not a problem for me since I like it cold), the air conditioning is a 5000BTU window unit which has to be ran all day and night to keep the high ceilinged apartment reasonably comfortable. The bathroom has no ventilation except for a roof vent which fills the bathroom with the hot muggy air of the humid summer days of Daytona Beach. The hot water in the tub has to be run for a few seconds to clean out the orange rust from the pipes before you get into the shower. I have not even turned on the gas to use the stove because it does not look safe. The lease list NESCO Associates LLC as the owners or landlord

    Florida Limited Liability Company


    Filing Information

    Document Number L12000127326

    FEI/EIN Number 461184408

    Date Filed 10/04/2012

    State FL

    Status ACTIVE

    Effective Date 09/28/2012

    Principal Address



    WINTER PARK, FL 32789

    Mailing Address



    WINTER PARK, FL 32789

    Registered Agent Name & Address



    WINTER PARK, FL 32789

    Manager/Member Detail

    Name & Address
    Title MGRM


    WINTER PARK, FL 32789

    Title MGRM


    WINTER PARK, FL 32789

    Annual Reports

    Report Year Filed Date
    2013 04/13/2013

    Despite the license on the wall listing PAR Incorporated as the property owner/manager PAR sold the building to NESCO Associates LLC in October 2012 according to the landlord. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation for the State of Florida however lists that they conducted an inspection on July 31, 2013 which the listed as requiring a follow-up inspection but no specific details of that inspection are available on the DBPR website.

    Name: PAR INCORPORATED (Primary Name)
    Main Address: 3959 SOUTH NOVA ROAD SUITE 34 PORT ORANGE Florida 32127
    County: VOLUSIA

    License Mailing: 3959 SOUTH NOVA ROAD SUITE 34 PORT ORANGE FL 32127
    County: VOLUSIA

    License Location: 614 MAIN ST DAYTONA BCH FL 321184220
    County: VOLUSIA

    Despite paying my rent early every month it seems that only entitles me to get yelled at when I call to ask for repairs to be made instead of evicted for daring expect the right to “quiet enjoyment” of my apartment, expect the unit to be free of any fire/safety hazards. After speaking with other tenants it seems any time someone calls to report a problem everyone is being given the same response at the start “I haven’t had any complaints by the previous tenants in that unit.” In all fairness to the property manager/landlord I believe it is very likely many of his tenants do not report problems but not because they don’t occur, but because they don’t want to be targeted by retaliation for complaining.

    So are Landlords, Property Owners and/or Property Managers required by law to disclose known issues such as illegal(?) electrical wiring, water leaks in the buildings framing that has water exiting into apartments, or termite infestations?

    These are valid questions to ask, and even more so now that the property manager just paid me a visit not five minutes ago where he again tried to blame the power issue on my computer equipment. I was just told that “the electrician was talking about $3000 worth of work and I cannot authorize that kind of money. I called and left messages for the owners, Brad who is out of town called me back briefly between meetings and said maybe we should just give you your deposit back and have you move.”

    The Landlord says “we aren’t sure we could ever get the wiring in here done that would accommodate all this…” referring to my equipment pictured below despite none of it being turned on except when I need to use it for short periods of time. It should be note I have never asked the Landlord to accommodate anything other than proper electrical wiring and safeguards to stop the power going on and off regardless of what is or is not turned on.

    Considering that I have paid my rent early every month and complied with my lease to the letter I told the landlord I would require more than just the return of my deposit to relocate. Moving costs money and just paid a crap load to move into this place. Attempts to get the Daytona Beach City Code Enforcement office to return calls or answer the phone at all have been unsuccessful thus far. With the relationship between high ranking City officials and Main Street business/property owners its questionable whether Daytona Beach officials will even enforce the codes or the laws.

    So what are the laws concerning Landlords disclosures. What are the laws concerning the early termination of a lease by the property owner to get out of making the necessary repairs? What is just the right damn thing to do period?

    • Dennis says:

      Oh dear. Doesn’t Jabba realize that being jerked around by the landlord is one of our God given rights as freedom loving Americans. Just ask Ilse. BTW, does Ilse know that Fat Boy is looking for city rules and regulations designed to restrict a property owners rights to screw over tenants. Sounds like he is yelling for his “entitlements.” She has some major work to do with this boy. And what is it with all of the electronic equipment? He doesn’t really need all that stuff for the kind of rinky-dinky site he is running. A guy could be cranking out bogus deeds and stuff with that set-up…..

      • Meesh says:

        The equipment that he has set up in his *leaky/bug infested* apartment – looks like the perfect setting of the pervert that he is… I’m still looking for his telescopes (I see the bright red dildo and the fan) there’s so much junk in that flipping place…but you know what? FatAss still has those ghastly burgundy curtains..Sheesh!

        I see that he now has this in BOLD—->

        “the electrician was talking about $3000 worth of work and I cannot authorize that kind of money. I called and left messages for the owners, Brad who is out of town called me back briefly between meetings and said maybe we should just give you your deposit back and have you move.”

        The $$$$$ MONEY-DRIVE$$$$ begins.

  5. Sweet Sarah says:

    Whoa the days so long ago, oh how I miss hearing about Lartard’s little section 8 Apt. in Duluth. Can’t forget that nanner NUT bread.. Hmmm. YUCK! SNAP! nanner, nanner Larry…

  6. Dennis says:

    Hey Fat Boy, if this apartment thing doesn’t work out for you just remember, you friends are looking forward to your return to yoour old home.

    • Meesh says:

      That one within comparison to the rinky dinky trailer that he had from when he bolted out moved out of Duluth MN looks like a mansion…. Ah yes, the early days of FLA with the bathtub shrine of the Blessed Virgin with the cherubs in the front yard…Those were the days! The trailer that he tried to sell off on Craiglist….Hmmm didn’t *Truth Machine* say that he never used CraigList in ^^^^ that article…Gasp!I cannot believe it St.Larry lied?!

      “The reason I have never used Craigslist before is because I have found that most postings and offers are scams or complete misrepresentations.”

  7. noname says:

    Oh, Karma…dear sweet Karma, how fitting.

    Does it cross Jabba’s mind how he stiffed the car-rental company involved in the famed TITS tour? No, probably not.

    I wonder if his sticky fingers played any part of his eviction from the premises of the geezer he was supposed to be caring for? Rhetorical question.

  8. noname says:

    Hey, looky. Ilse has a soulmate.

    The Grizzly mama and Herman Caine are glad to be off the head of the “most likely to say a dumb thing” list.

  9. noname says:

    Uh uh, I spoke to soon. Louis Gohmert is not about to surrender his crown without a fight.


  10. Dennis says:

    Non-Breaking News: Jabba the Chickenman did another update late yesterday to his campaign to put the screws on his horrible rotten no good stinkin’ landlords. Mike, THE HUSBAND OF THE PROPERTY OWNER, paid him a visit yesterday. Seems it was all sort of a kind of maybe misunderstanding followed by Fat Boy backtracking on virtually everything he has previously said. These landlords, including her husband MIKE (whose name is repeated through the update) are really trying their best and obviously there is no way they could have known that they were leasing him what he was describing as A BUG INFESTED AND TOTALLY FLOODED DEATH TRAP (well, that is how he was telling the tale until MIKE showed up). Now he jsut hopes that MIKE didn’t get the wrong idea about his previous comments. Hell, he loves MIKE. MIKE is his friend…..

  11. Meesh says:

    It gets worse..methinks FatBoy lost that spare dildo that *it* keeps in his brown wallet 😯

    REWARD for Return of Lost Wallet & All Contents

    August 9, 2013
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    This afternoon between 3:10 PM ET and 3:45PM ET between Burger King 225 N Atlantic Ave south to the Post Office at 19 N Atlantic; from the Post Office exit on N Coates St south to Main Street and west on Main Street to 616 Main Street I lost a brown wallet containing $9.00 in cash; two Visa Cards, one MasterCard; one American Express Card; my South Carolina Birth Certificate; Social Security card; Florida Drivers License; Office Depot Rewards Card; Medicaid Card and other personal items. I last had the wallet in my hand when I paid for my food at Burger King with my Master Card.

    The wallet is of no value to anyone other than me except for the $9.00 in cash which can be kept as far as I am concerned, I simply want my identification and wallet back. The Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are of no use to anyone as all of them have been cancelled and reported lost or stolen. A Police report has been filed with the Daytona Beach Police department as well.

    If the individual who has the wallet see’s this post please call me at 386-492-6634 to arrange to return the wallet and its contents to me with no questions asked. I am even prepared to pay a reward to have the wallet and its contents returned to me.

    • kstreet607 says:

      What makes this idiot think that posting this info on his SNOOZE site will get results? That’s a huge joke in and of itself…not to mention the loser himself.

      • Meesh says:

        On FatAss’ MISSING WALLET post…. I love this comment (only 2 of them, actually)

        Florida West Coast ·
        “Larry’s Wallet:

        What Is Concealed, Is NOW Revealed.

        God Knows, God Shows.>God BLess.”

        a few minutes later this appears…

        Paranoid FAT-LSASSdministrator replies:
        “Only thing revealed would be some Wal-Mart receipts, a couple of business cards of some friends and as posted, his DL, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Medicaid Card etc… “

        • Dennis says:

          I have heard that the etc. includes several used condoms, a strangely “worn” photo of Ali Akbar, a couple of stained cocktail napkins, and a rambling half-written love poem to his new BFF named Mike…

  12. noname says:

    The Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are of no use to anyone as all of them have been cancelled and reported lost or stolen.

    And, who did they belong to??

    Now, we have a good idea why he had to find new digs. Old habits–like lifting other people’s plastic–die hard.

    • Dennis says:

      This guy has no visible means of employment, is always begging for money, and presumably has a credit score in the single digit zone yet he is packing four major credit cards? And BTW, what kind of idiot walks around with their birth certificate in their wallet? Maybe it fell out of his pocket while MIKE was dangling him by his ankles out of a window during their 2 hour chit-chat?

      • Meesh says:

        You know there’s something about that birth certificate…he always refers to it by a state… and not just plain “my birth certificate”

        “my South Carolina Birth Certificate”

        How many birth certificates can one person have? I know he’s a Devil spawn…but I recall M&N stating there was something fishy about his birth certificate. I’ll see if I can find what they had to say.

    • Meesh says:

      Yep there was a definite issue with the “Capitol One” card – guess he’s no longer carrying that one around.

  13. kstreet607 says:

    So the landlord was a woman. We KNOW how Sinclair hates women. He uses his pseudo-macho demeanor on them along with bullying tactics…but “enter his landlord’s husband” then he changes his tune. Typical punk ass move for numb-nuts Sinclair.

  14. Dennis says:

    Yes Kstreet, you are correct. If it is a woman, he will try to slap them around, degrade them, yell, defame etc etc. But when MIKE shows up, its time to

  15. tjtaygee says:

    It seems liar-larr is once and finally done. he has totally, totally given up on the latest “book”.

    The “” site is still there, but hasn’t been updated in so long the actual last update date isn’t worth remembering or mentioning.

    tthe news group site has links to “book offers”, yet the new book has no actual delivery date.

    liar-larr is, seemingly, perpetuating some kind of scam – he’ll still take money for a book that doesn’t exist?

    Que’l suprise.

    • Dennis says:

      Gee Tjtaygee, you just won’t let go of that book thing…oh no, you didn’t order one did you??!! Bad news, my friend, it’s going to be a little late in coming…late like in never. Hope you didn’t use your credit card (though if you did, it was probably one of the cards now gone with the wallet).

  16. Dennis says:

    Interesting read at on Internet Tough Guys One paragraph is especially striking: “They claim to be ex-Naxy SEALs, they claim to be experts at all forms of martial arts, they claim to be rich and to have had a large number of sexual partners. They claim to be expert hackers, sometimes, who just “backtraced” you and know where you live, and they are always going to fly to wherever you are and beat the shit out of you. They call the people they are raging at “little boy” or “fag” or something else intended to emasculate. And on the Internet, everyone laughs at them, because they are ridiculous.”

    Except for the Navy SEALS part, does this sound like some Lard Butt that we all know????

  17. Dennis says:

    Latest on the Wing Nutters online ratings: Orly Taitz is all excited because lists her site as 17,445. However, this figure is not exactly explained by and I am still waiting on the report. Over at Alexis, her stupid site is ranked at 37,098 with a bounce rate of 82.3%. In other words, people stumble into her site and quickly move on to some place else. Either way, her ranking isn’t all that hot, though better than they were the last time we checked. Her recent hysterical fits have half worked as an attention getter (for example, she is on there today demanding that the NRA should order Congress to investigate Obama social security number????).

    Meanwhile, the Fat Boy Snooze site has no ranking on either site and no other information is available. He basically dropped off the face of the earth with no forwarding address. Basically, we are his only readers and the little jerk should pay us for even bothering to look.

  18. noname says:

    Hey, look crawled out from under a rock a

    Monkey Boy August 20, 2013 at 9:55 pm (Quote) #
    Larry Sinclair: For more than five years now people like you continue to spew your claims without ever once being able to support them. For more than five years despite the massive efforts to destroy me personally and anyone related to or believed related to me, I still stand today.

    A contraire, people like me, and others, have made the claim that you are a most foul liar, conman, thief, bad-check passer and grifter, which we have documented and supported. This is not the forum for discussing it since the operator has dedicated this site for another purpose, so if you insist that your sorry leeching hindparts be exposed, meet me at or which are dedicated to exposing your lies about the President.

    As for still standing, the President was re-elected and you have sunk back into a septic tank as you funders have left you to your own devices. A far cry from the heady days of 2008 when scoundrels were urging you shout your lies in the hopes of “bringing Obama to his knees.” A rather ironic claim considering your predilection of dropping after a 20 minute acquaintance.

  19. Dennis says:

    I have been busy today moving my son back to college. It is late. I am very tired. I looked at the link. Noticed that Fat Boy is mad because they have compared him to a mere low life birther. Read the article. Read the comments. Am I missing something? I can’t find any mention anywhere of the Fat Turd. I know that Jabba is a Drama Queen. But what in the hell is he even jabbering about? Nobody was talking about him and his two-bit scam.

  20. James says:

    Meesh, KStreet! It’s been awhile, but I thought of you guys earlier this week and wanted to say hi!

    I hope everyone is well.

  21. Dennis says:

    Jabba is giving away free books. Yes, for a limited time readers of the Snooze site can go over to Amazon and get a free copy of the ebook The Infinite Power of You.

    SN Readers: Get Nanice Ellis’ “The Infinite Power of You” Free

    August 21, 2013
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Every now and then Sinclair News receives offers from Author’s and websites that we link to and mention. One of these Author’s is Nanice Ellis of For five days only Sinclair News readers can get the Amazon Kindle version of Nanice Ellis’ The Infinite Power of You” free. If you don’t own a Kindle you can still read Kindle books on your PC by downloading the free Kindle for PC app.

    This offer is being shared with Sinclair News readers because we believe some of our readers will enjoy this book as well as the inspirational message Nanica Ellis is known for.

    What Fat Boy doesn’t mention is that anybody can go over there a do it, the offer has absolutely nothing to do with his crappy web site and he is shamelessly trying to tag himself onto a stranger’s promotional offer for no other reason than because he is an utterly deceitful lying bag of horse poopy who will do anything to advertise his stupid name and boring pathetic jackass excuse of a “news” site. Later, he will offer more freebies as soon as he buys some Cracker Jack boxes.

  22. Dennis says:

    While Fat Boy checks around the apartment for more “free” stuff to hand out to his imaginary readers, Ilse is working double time as the Snooze site chief loon. Today she endorses every anti-Obama conspiracy theory known (plus hints at a few she seems to be still making up as she goes along) and then advocates removing Obama from office under the Smith Act She never uses the word impeachment. Seems that she wants a full-blown SWAT raid, BTW, among the many subversives Obama has been seen with, Ilse includes both George H. W. and Jeb Bush. The vast conspiracy grows…..

  23. Meesh says:

    There’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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