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Re-cap of “SNOOZE” NewZzzzzz by Dennis

DENNIS THE MENACE 1The Snooze King is half awake and back to Benghazi because…well because.  Two posts ranting away with all of the usual bs as Lardo continues to peddle his warped sense of half-truths, non-truths, and completely made up “facts.”  So maybe it’s time to quickly point out a few “minor” problems with Jabba’s hot reports.

1.  Ambassador Stevens was not raped and tortured, you idiot.  That claim came from someone rewriting a AFP news report (for their own cheap shot reasons) and no reporter, eyewitness, or anyone else (including medical records) supports that account.  You appear to be absolutely enthralled with the whole idea for strange (even sicko) reasons of your own.  Like maybe it brings back fond memories of your fun times in Cell Block D or something.  God, you’re a very, very sick puppy.

2.  It is no secret (not now) that Stevens was the point man in the process of the US “secret” effort to provide some of the rebels with weapons during the overthrow in Libya.  He was also the man with the most immediate familiarity with the various groups operating in the country.  So it is no surprise that he would be the person sent in to try and determine who were “friendlies” and who was not.  You are acting like it is a mystery.  But on this point, there is no mystery.

3.  Yes, the CIA had over several dozen people on the ground at the time.  No surprise.  The place in Benghazi was a CIA compound.  This operation (and another one that was going on at the same time) was all CIA operations.  BTW, it is not uncommon for the State Department and the CIA to work in tandem.

4.  The only way you can claim that Obama “personally” sent Stevens to Libya is in the sense that as President, any official representative of the US is sent by the President.  Actually, Stevens was an employee of the State Department which means that he would have been working for Hillary at the time.  Either way, who cares.  This whole line of argument is utterly pointless, you dingbat.

5.  As you and your fellow wing nuts have chosen to forget, on the day Benghazi happened there were major and extremely serious protests going on through out the Mideast because of the anti-Muslim film on YouTube. Many of the protests (such as the one in Cairo) were focused on storming US embassies.   In fact, most attention that day was focused on the US embassy in Cairo (which nearly got overrun).  Your presentation on this issue is completely false and totally misleading.  In other words, you lie like a mangy dog.

Professor DennisSo put down that bottle of vodka, quit wanking off to that disgusting “rape” fantasy you’ve got in your head, and try to actually learn a few things about the news stories you claim to be reporting on.  BTW, quit watching Fox News.  It’s bad for your brain.  You know, that thing between your ears that you falsely claimed had a fatal tumor that you tried to milk donations for over the past decade and a half…Oh wait, I forgot.  You had a “miracle” cure.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.