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Message to Fat Boy – by Dennis

on June 24, 2013

Dennis imagesOK, Fat Boy the lwayer is at it again as he tears into the George Zimmerman case and accuses the prosecutors of engaging in race baiting and insists that they must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and then carries on with a largely pointless tirade against Al Sharpton while contending presenting Zimmerman as a victim blah blah blah. Couple of points Fatso:

dennis_cartoon_wallpapers1. The state doesn’t have to prove that Zimmerman shot Martin “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Everybody knows that already. What Zimmerman’s lawyers have to try and prove is that he had to shoot in fear for his life. This has to do with a desperate (IMHO) attempt by the defense to justify the shooting. “Reasonable doubt” is NOT INVOLVED, you asshole. It would only be involved in a case in which the defendant claims to not be the shooter (there are a few other odd exceptions, but this is the main point). In this case, they have to convince the jury that he was in fear for his life. And BTW, they have to get the jury to ignore such little details like how Zimmerman chased Martin down, brought the gun to the event for no obvious reasons, ignored police radio orders to back off etc etc. So they don’t need to convince the jury of reasonable doubt. They need the jury to be brain dead stupid and suffering from amnesia. Didn’t they teach you anything at that lwa school back in Cell Block D?

2. Race baiting? The defense council has been so busy trying to convict the victim for being black that I would really suggest that you might take you head out of your ample butt for a few seconds and rethink your otherwise ludicrous and just plain stupid claim. Last time I checked, the Zimmerman lawyers were busy recasting Martin from a middle class teenager with divorced parent issues into the head of the Crips.

3. The original prosecutor was not forced by outside agitators into filing 2nd degree murder charges against Zimmerman. Instead, she had to be convinced by other DAs to reduce the charge. She originally wanted Zimmerman on 1st degree murder charges. Don’t you research this stuff before you start hitting the vodka?

As always Lardo, your writing is crappy and your insights are a unique combination of banality and stupidity. Keep up the good work. sinclair_teeth2You make our job so much easier.Now take that bottle out of your mouth and repeat after me: “I am really, really sorry for being such a completely stupid waste of life.”  Keep saying that until you pass out.  I thought it may be the one way we could get you to shut your pie hole.

And give Ilse my regards. I hope to see her at the next Beer Hall Putsch.

89 responses to “Message to Fat Boy – by Dennis

  1. kstreet607 says:

    Perhaps it’s time to shut down TR2. Any thoughts? After all, our work is essentially done. Fat Boy lost…BIG TIME. He’s simply a shadow in the wind at this stage. The word that comes to mind is IRRELEVANT. We have Fogbow to discuss the other insanity that plagues the Obama administration.

  2. kstreet607 says:

    Ooops! I linked the wrong page in my “New Post” announcement, Fixed now…

  3. Dennis says:

    I suspect that the overwhelming response your message has received pretty much settles the issue. So we might as well declare victory and go home. Too bad Fat Boy has become so dull in his teeny tiny world. Oh well…not like we are hear to egg him on or something.

    Gee, maybe we should simply close with people’s fondest memories of the good old days of Lardo back in his vile and disgusting prime. Those fun and carefree days of spite and loathing when the little turd at least would merit constant attack as he made baseless claims and outrageous accusations. Those magical days when he would make things up with the speed of summer lightening and then deny and deny and deny….Oh gosh Fatso, we thought we knew ya.

  4. Meesh says:

    Sorry I’ve been away because a very close friend has been sick for months (I looked after him) He passed away last Monday.

    I do not understand why this topic is occasionally coming up… Unlike The Regulator and Mitch & Nan where there was administration fees (the decision was based on that alone, for it was not feasible to shell out money- for the pack of *dirt*- ^manure^) To my knowledge this website is *FREE* also it’s maintenance free (or very little upkeep) KStreet is there something else that I do not grasp here?

    Why does it need to come down? People drop in still to read past archives… Please help me understand what the big deal is all about. We do not need to run new posts if we do not want to… that’s how I see it. The little that I have done was just a pastime for me.

    Dennis, Joeymac (aka newname) stop in and talk about anything, what’s the harm with that? TJtaygee and Yankee stop in. I am checking our site statcounter and we still have our lurkers too, checking us out. To me it’s never been a win win thing (it was fun exposing POS for what he is, a LOSER)…some peeps just like hanging out…

    • Dennis says:

      Sorry to hear about your friend. I’m way to familiar with that type of situation. But I am glad to hear that you are still with us. Was starting to worry.

      Peeps hanging around? Oh sure, that’s what the arresting officers called me but I beat the rap. Honest.

      • Meesh says:


        Thanks, he’s in a better place now…it’s been a very long haul.
        I may not comment often, but I enjoy stopping in and reading what you guys have to say and yes, I see that I am not alone looking in too. There’s a lot of information here that haunts the slimy POS – he mentions this site (us) often claiming he doesn’t care…Ha! I do not believe in completely dissolving websites on account of boredom – you archive it by closing down comments, imho we’re not there yet, I vote to let it stand as is….unless I missed something else that I’ve not spotted.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Meesh, my condolences on the loss of your friend.

      In terms of the site, you have a great point, there is no overhead and I’ve really never looked at the stats for this site. There’s no real reason to shut it down…even if no one responds or never comments again, like the Sinclair Watch site, this too, should stay up as long as WordPress keeps it up. So, it’s settled. We stay…even if everyone goes…we stay published.

      • Meesh says:

        Thanks KStreet – he hadn’t been feeling all that well since last September…he was diabetic, high blood pressure etc. I started looking in on him as he lives on my condominium complex, his family lives pretty far away. I used to run errands for him/groceries – doctor appointments etc.

        I found him in a near hypoglycemic shock over a month ago – called the ambulance. Anyway while in hospital they found additional health issues (3 heart valves were leaking, edema set in) Diabetes had placed a toll on some of his major organs… as I said it’s been a long haul. I’ll miss him a lot, I’ve known him for over 10 years – the last 2 or 3 years at times have been hell for him.

  5. democratista says:

    Sorry about your friend, Meesh….sometimes it is better to just be through with the waiting rather than having to deal with ongoing sufferring.

    BTW…I still lurk.

    How about that Supreme Court yesterday? Tuesday was a bummer, but yesterday was sweet!!!!!

  6. Dennis says:

    I think Meesh is right. Some of us simply need a place to go and yell and this spot feels right. As for yesterday’s Supreme Court decision (after their willingness to screw over the VRA), guess it is sweet though it leaves a lot yet to be done.

    Meanwhile, Fat Boy explains it all as he delivers an unusually incoherent (even by his normally incoherent standards) piece of the whole issue. First, insisting that he had predicted the Supremes decision (he did? Like when…). Then rambling on about marriage being a tax racket and then splitting his comments about five different ways and finally arguing (kind of) that the government needs to get out of the marriage business and return it to God or some sort of completely stupid mumbling. He always provides a 30 minute video of his Bloatedness snorting into the camera. Since I can’t take 30 seconds of Lardo less alone 30 minutes, I will leave it to the totally brave to listen. All I know is that he has on a sling and claims that he pulled a tendon in his arm. I assume he has been jerking off too much.

    • Meesh says:

      My computer has mysteriously blocked out the volume (and that’s OK by me) What’s with the armsling Dennis, does he say? Don’t tell me that he has some other Health I$$ue, probably lost when arm wrestling Ilse…. His profile looks like a flipping gorilla, what an ugly puss.

  7. kstreet607 says:

    I ran across this and just HAD to share. Anyone beside Meesh, Demo and I remember this?

    Smoking Gun – 2/14/2008 (When the creep first surfaced on the internet.)

    • Meesh says:

      WOW I forgot about that! Wouldn’t it be great to do a screenshot of that and feature it as a “Blast From The Past” post?

    • Dennis says:

      Yes, that first great law suit that Fat Boy handled so well. I seem to recall that the judge not only threw it out but lectured him on everything he did wrong (I mean aside from ever being born)….A real lwa school education.

  8. nonama says:

    A good commentary that Fatboy should read concerning Zimmermann/Martin.

  9. Dennis says:

    The story posted by Nonama is a must read. Also, since this is Canada Day, I would feel remiss if we didn’t send a hearty shout toward our favorite Canadian Meesh:

  10. Dennis says:

    OK, in an attempt to read the unreadable so decent people don’t have to suffer by doing the same, here are the updates from Jabba’s World of Nothingness. Fat Boy is opposed to Florida switching to the Common Core State Standards because…well, actually he doesn’t quite know what it is but some of the local Tea Party is agin it and so by gum is he. He also argues that if the Immigration Reform bill is ever passed, it will result in a big boom in illegals crossing over now in order to cash in on the amnesty. He seems unaware that all versions of this bill has a limit placed as to how long the person has to be in the country in order to qualify (details, details). He claims that since these people are already in the country illegally and hence are all criminals, the reform bill would be wrong. He seems not to understand the concept of amnesty in any way shape or form. However, he does understand the cost factors and profit margins on running people over the border and gives a virtual spreadsheet breakdown on every aspect of this former trade of his. A long time ago, I was on the jury for a case related to drug dealing. The dealer was placed on the stand. He was so out of it he couldn’t remember little things like his own birthday date and stuff. But the minute he was asked anything about prices and grams, the stupid punk turned into a business minded Einstein. Same with Jabba.

    Meanwhile, Ilse is still busy telling everybody that we are all stupid; the country is ran by communists from Mars; and now has decided that Travyon Martin deserved the shooting because he was a druggie gangsta punk and obviously was up to no good. And Paula Deen is A-OK in her book. Note to Ilse: 1. Looking at your photo I can see that you must eat a steady diet of that over fried cancer-causing, weight producing crap that Deen puts out. 2. Issues involving Deen’s use of a certain word is not the sole issue and it wasn’t something she did 30 years ago. We are talking about 2007. Do your math, you idiot. 3. But if you join Paula over at her possible new “job” at PornMature, please let me know.

    BTW Ilse, that flag you will be waving tomorrow may indeed be the Stars and Bars, but that ain’t the US flag, you nitwit.

  11. kstreet607 says:

    Happy 4th of July!

    Note: A belated Happy Canada Day to you Meesh!

  12. Regarding the Zimmerman trial I expect that the prosecutor will argue as follows in the closing argument – and if he doesn’t he’s going to blow it.

    The most important piece of evidence in the whole case is the tape of Trayvon screaming hysterically for help. (Zimmerman claims that’s him screaming.) I haven’t heard the following argument from anyone yet, so I can only hope the prosecutor is keeping it up his sleeve until the end of the case. Have you ever heard anyone screaming hysterically about ANYTHING? I have. They don’t stop very readily. If Zimmerman was screaming hysterically he would have continued to scream hysterically even after discharging his weapon. In fact, an hysterical Zimmerman would probably have continued to fire his weapon – most likely emptying it while still screaming – and he certainly wouldn’t have been calm within seconds thereafter. This is all the more true considering that Zimmerman claims he didn’t think he hit Trayvon at first. If he didn’t think he hit Trayvon at first then why did he stop screaming immediately after firing a single shot? If Zimmerman had been the one doing the screaming, the screaming would not have stopped immediately upon the firing of a single shot. Plus, all witnesses who came upon the scene have testified that immediately after the shooting Zimmerman displayed the same cold blooded calmness he has displayed ever since. Where did the hysteria go?

    If I had a fourth son he would look like Trayvon.

    I hope Zimmerman spends the rest of his life in jail pondering “God’s plan”.

    • Dennis says:

      LongTimeLurker, long time no hear. Good to see you back. As for your take on Zimmerman – Yep, that’s about it. Besides, the acoustic studies that they will not allow in the case demonstrated two things: 1. A reasonable possibility that the voice screaming was Martin’s (I seem to recall that it was around a 65% possibility which is actually considered high). 2. The voice was definitely not Zimmerman’s (which kind of narrows it down).

    • Meesh says:

      Nice to see you LTL – I totally agree with you… I’m not a fan of Zimmerman (something stinks to high heaven) I was appalled with the cross examination of Trayvon’s mother, despite it, the remarkable woman held her own.

      As for Zimmerman’s mother, was it just me… she was not convincing…forget about the uncle…and Zimmerman fighting off tears, made me think of FatBoy===> “He respects me”

    • kstreet607 says:

      LongTimeLurker great to see you posting! U were missed both here and at TFC.

      I’ve wondered why the prosecution didn’t mention anything about the screams stopping once the shot went off. Zimmerman, knowing the kid was screaming told emergency responders that he was screaming help but no one came to help him.

      As I watch this trial (I have been documenting it on a section of my blog called The Zimmerman Trial.) There are also daily videos of court proceedings.

      I see Larry Sinclair in Zimmerman’s demeanor. A cold, calculating, sociopath with no emotion whatsoever. His family appears to be lying on the stand for him. That uncle was too animated and the defense dismissed him from testifying abruptly.

      Yep, those who see the similarities between one sociopath (Zimmerman) to the other well documented sociopath we all know and loathe (Sinclair) the common traits are indisputable.

      • Hey K!! Nice to hear from you too. I haven’t posted anywhere for a while – either too busy or too bummed out by world or personal events. But the Zimmerman trial has compelled me to post my two cents worth in hopes that should the prosecutor say the same thing in his closing argument I can say “I told you so!” and people out there can say “You’re so smart!” 🙂 That will only work where people “know” me.

        There’s so much nastiness on the internet these days that its like posting on shithouse walls. And I’m sure you’re familiar with how that saying goes. 🙂

        • kstreet607 says:

          Uh…not familiar with the term, but get it. LOL!

          • FYI (since women are so clean and nice and pure.) In just about every men’s room I’ve been in starting at maybe age 5, I’ve seen the following written on a wall:

            “He who writes on shithouse walls rolls his shit
            into little balls. He who reads these words of
            wit eats those little balls of shit.”

            That was for information purposes only. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. It’s a new thing thing. Kinda like the echidna video. 🙂

            • kstreet607 says:

              When it comes to your comments LTL, nothing surprises me…just another gross-ass comment from LongTimeLurker. Sheesh! Well at least you’re the same LTL. Again…welcome back. 😉

    • Regarding the Zimmerman trial again, I must admit I was not only venting my two cents worth of analysis of the tape of the screaming, I was also hoping it might actually make its way “through the grapevine” to the prosecution. After watching a whole day of trial where both sides are focusing solely on the audiotape I’m wondering if anyone here knows of a website where comments and analysis such as mine might actually be seen by the prosecution. Any suggestions?

  13. Meesh says:

    Ok happen to look in at FatBoy’s latest post ===>

    I did not listen to the YouTubes posted, just had to look at the pictures of Lardo…Cmon now Dennis, that is the profile of a gorilla…nothing against gorillas, I calls them as I see them… here’s added proof—> Gorillas and orangutans are primates at least as large as humans (in FatBoy’s case MUCH larger) but their brains amount to about one third of the size of the human brain…:::Bows as I rest my case::::…he IS one fugly gorilla.

    • Very hard to look at – especially with that neck thing he’s got going on. Is that a result of decades of deep throating? If so, he should perform with a little less enthusiasm. Does anyone know anything about that?

  14. Dennis says:

    Just realized that the Golden Corral in this news story is located in Port Orange Florida (Golden Corral employee exposes food stored next to a dumpster Now we know where Fat Boy hangs out for free eats.

    And BTW Meesh, thanks for all of the info about echindna. At least I guess I should say thanks. Hey, didn’t Capt. Kirk kick one of these things in the nuts back in Star Trek 6?

  15. Dennis says:

    Fat Boy aka the douche bag from outer space is back to the Zimmerman court case in which he insists that the case is just an attempt to make Zimmerman look racist, that the DA and every single person connected to the victim is playing the race card, that the judge is being high handed, unfair and completely dishonest to the defense (which is odd since the judge keeps handing the whole trial over to the defense), and accuses the Martin family of attempting to profit off of the death of their son. Yes, they just might sneak out and try to sell t-shirts with Martin’s likeness and request donations in Martin’s name and…oh wait a minute, isn’t that the crap Jabba kept doing with Donald Young’s death. That’s it, the lousy family will act just like Jabba. Oh horror! Oh shame! Oh, why don’t somebody just tell the fat turd to shut the fuck up. Especially since the DA is handling the case like a confused zombie, the judge refused to allow the use of acoustic experts to accurately present the detailed analysis of who’s voice is actually on the tape while allowing the defense to bring in every two bit bozo with a passing friendship with Georgie to repeat the same pre-fab line about the voice etc etc. The case is turning into a travesty but it has nothing to do with the completely stupid crap Fat Boy is peddling. BTW Turd Brain, I think you will find that the family trademarked some of that stuff with Martin’s name as a means of preventing sleaze bag’s such as yourself from trying to profit off of their son’s death. Oh wait? Is that way you are so mad at them?

    • Dennis, I want you to know that your well reasoned, common sensical (is that a word?) clever posts sooth my psyche during these crazy hateful times in America. I came to adulthood in the sixties actually believing most of the race based hatefulness would be long gone by now. Silly me. I’m painfully disappointed. But I think you are giving Legion too much credit when it comes to his putrid posts. Do you really think people are reading his crap? Why aren’t there any comments? He is obviously pandering to the foulest elements around in hopes of increasing his readership. Problem is – most of those who would be inclined to read his garbage can’t read. But thanks, Dennis. Keep up the good work. I, for one, appreciate it.

      • kstreet607 says:

        I came to adulthood in the sixties actually believing most of the race based hatefulness would be long gone by now. Silly me. I’m painfully disappointed.

        Well LTL, it seems we both were “radical” progressive idealists at that time.

  16. Dennis says:

    Thanks for the thoughts, LongTimeLurker. As for Poop Brains and his “readers”…well, that is quite a mystery. As for the issue of racism…There really has been a lot of changes. But man oh man, there are also a lot of old time crap still hanging around in some real ugly ways. And this “reverse racism” stuff from the Right Wing is getting real lame real fast. It is a bit like hearing Hitler down in the bunker muttering “I too am a victim.”

  17. kstreet607 says:

    Hey guys, this pic can make a hard nosed cynic like me (yes I’ve changed since the sixties) believe in actual faries. The little bugger looks like a cross between a “good” Gremilin and a winged fairy creature:

    • Hah!! Are you putting us on? That can’t be for real. Are you just competing with that Echidna thing? The ears look phony. In fact everything about it looks phony – except for the fur – or would you just call it hair?. I refuse to be had. What’s it called? I’m too old for this!! Holy shit!! Hurry up and tell it’s a joke!! It’s gonna keep me awake tonight. Alright, the joke’s on me.

      • kstreet607 says:

        Google the pic! (Copy image url) and see for yourself. Or do as I did and Google “Furry moth”….

        It’s called a venezuelan poodle moth.

        • Hi KStreet:

          I Googled it and found an article entitled “A large furry moth found in Venezuela may prove the existence of monsters.”

          If I ever go to Venezuela I will remember to stock up on Raid before I go. I wonder what comes out of it when it is stepped on. (There I go being gross again. 🙂 )

          I wonder whether Snowden is aware of this thing.

  18. Dennis says:

    Kstreet, critter in the pic looks cute. So spare the sweet thing from the Jabba Site of Nutter Horror.

    Yep, Ilse is back with her Stars n Bars (and I do mean she sounds like she just staggered out of a bar) held high as she expounds on the Zimmerman trial. Them commnies don’t understand the Stand Your Ground law and it is really all about race and the proud people of Florida have used force against force proudly under this law and blah blah blah.

    OK, Ilse honey, hold onto your jackboots sweetie. 1. The Stand Your Ground law is NOT involved in this trial. The reason is simple. It doesn’t apply since no matter what, Zimmerman went out looking for Martin (oh, yeah, now his story is that he was just looking for a street sign – bullshit story if we ever heard one – especially since he was suppose to be a community patroler and one of the things you learn is basic stuff like where the heck you are). 2. You say no charges would have been filed if Martin were white. Nonsense. A Hispanic and thuggish looking man shooting a white guy. Zimmerman would have been strung up almost immediately (and you would have undoubtedly supported this so-called “justice”). 3. You really love the idea of Floridians gunning each other down, don’t you baby. Actually, this has been one of the problems with the Stand Your Ground law. According to various police officials in Florida (yes, in Florida), they feel that the law has actually resulted in a variety of murders that had nothing to do with self-defense. Cases of neighbors killing neighbors under circumstances that appear petty, mean spirited, and even just down right vicious. Besides, with all of that lead flying around, you kind of put a crimp on the tourist trade.

    Meanwhile Fat Boy is back to Jesus. Especially that Jesus who is against gay stuff and commnie stuff and all of that other stuff that Lardo is so opposed to because Foster is opposed to it and gee whiz, he is going to get some dough out of that old fart no matter what.

  19. Hey Meesheemey – I was just curious – and just for purposes of expanding my world view and making me more sophisticated – are Canadians following this Zimmerman trial at all? Do you all find the race relations south of your border interesting? annoying? boring? uncomfortable? Inquiring minds want to know – except if you’d rather not go there. Are you able to speak for most Canadians? Do Northern Canadians see things differently than Southern Canadians? Come on, be a sport and advance my (our) knowledge. I know you’re a swell person and your heart’s in the right place. So spill the beans.

    • Meesh says:

      Hi LTL,
      I cannot speak for all 36,000,000 of us canucks…but depending on where one lives the American news is a bigger issue than other places – for example I live by the USA border and we are influenced with the US media… What do I think? No matter about the race issue (a very young man who was unarmed was killed) I feel it was senseless/careless/too convenient and Zimmerman should be punished one way or the other. It was NOT self-defense in the sense what I consider protecting yourself or your life from being killed.

      • Hi Meesheemey (I like “Meesheemey” better than “Meesh”. Meesheemey sounds more wiggly. 🙂 )

        I wasn’t expecting you to speak for all 36,000,000 canucks (and I know you didn’t think I was asking to – you just wanted to give me a little jab there – that’s your personality.) But your answer is very responsive to my question. Thanks, it was an honest and informative reply. I now know that Canadians closer to the border are more like Americans, and that you, personally, see the case the way I do. However, I wouldn’t have held it against you if you didn’t, since I can see how other good people might see the case differently.

        Are Canadians further from the border more like some other nation – if so which nation – France? Britain? Or do those Canadians have a distinctly Canadian identity?

        • Meesh says:

          We’re all interested in the USA no doubt about it..

          Canadians appear to know more about the history of your country – than our own… check out this study: —> That said, there is a fascination with the USA, however due to remote parts of Canada – the current news in the USA may not be as broadcasted as where I’m situated.

          You were asking about the Zimmerman trial, I really cannot answer for everyone, I know I’m following it.

          We have our own problems, take for example the mayor of Toronto – now that’s joke! —>

        • BTW, don’t get me wrong, when I say “I can see how other good people might see the case differently” I mean I can see how good jurors might be duped into finding reasonable doubt.

  20. Dennis says:

    I can see why Fat Boy is just sooo worked up about all of those inflammatory statements from Al Sharpton. Why just look at what that old troublemaker said yesterday: “No matter what their decision, there’ll be no winners in this case. If the defense wins, Mr. Zimmerman will have to still bear the burden of the accusations and will be known for this throughout his life. If the prosecution wins, the family of Trayvon Martin will not get their child back, their brother back….So therefore, whatever the outcome there should be no gloating and should be no violence.”

    What is Sharpton couldn’t to do next? Use logic and rationality? Appeal to reason? Oh, what a sneaky man…..

  21. And let me stick my neck way out and be the first here to make a prediction – at the risk of ending up with serious egg on my face (but who cares?) The jury will come back with a verdict of guilty (of something.) That fat bastard Zimmerman who looked straight ahead throughout the trial and apparently never made eye contact with the jurors did not connect with the female jurors. Plus he did not testify in his own behalf. Despite the judge’s instruction the jurors cannot help but wonder why he would not explain himself. Women do not like to be fooled by men (especially in public.)

    • IMO, prosecutor Guy, in his closing argument should have played the tape of the screaming over and over. He should have pointed out that, contrary to Zimmerman’s claims of screaming for “help”, at no point could the word “help” be discerned. Instead there was a lengthy hysterical scream of terror by someone who expected to, and did, in fact, die within moments. Prosecutor Guy did point out that the screaming stopped immediately after the shot and that Zimmerman wasn’t hoarse afterwards. But he could have done much more with that tape. He could have asked the women in the jury why the shooting stopped even though Zimmerman claimed he thought he had missed. Most importantly, Guy could have asked each juror whether a person who was screaming so hysterically would have become so calm, by all accounts, immediately after firing a single shot. I would bet each female juror would have had enough familiarity with hysterical screams (by themselves or other women or their children) that the juror would have wondered what happened to that hysteria and not been at all inclined to let off the person who caused it.

      And the jury would have produced a verdict of guilty by now.

  22. Dennis says:

    Jabba has his sheets back on as he does a slimy exercise in backhanded provoking an “incident” (all under the pretext that it is really supporters of Martin provoking hatred). First, he takes a simple observational statement by someone at another web site (“no way a jury is going to let him walk though. I feel bad for who ever is on that jury pool. if they come back with a not guilty and he is not charged, and he walks . they ALL are going to have hell to pay (emphasis of bold added by Sinclair News)”) and falsely jacks it up as a “threat”. Then he represents the activities of the Department of Justice at the beginning of the investigation (back when they were checking into the question of rather or not the shooting was a hate crime and then were asked by several cities in Florida to assist with mediating with members of the community in order to prevent major problems) and tries to turn it into a vast conspiracy. He takes his usual slams at Al Sharpton (knowing full well that Al doesn’t know that Fat Boy lives because Sharpton could clean his butt off in a verbal match) and then concludes with a bogus thank you to the women on the jury because of the risks they are taking (especially if they were to find Zimmerman guilty at which point Fat Boy might go to his normal tactic of spreading their names, phone numbers, street addresses and photos of their houses all over his stupid web site – which he has done every other time he has been “wronged”).

    Sp yep, he is back to his totally contemptible and completely sleazy self. BTW Fatso, based upon how you are “interpreting” other people’s statements, that last paragraph could also be viewed as a backhanded threat. Want to turn yourself in?

    • IMO Legion has found a new sponsor among the wealthy Southern post election anti-Obama crazies who not only keep him going financially but also provided him with at least one ghost writer. Their purpose is not to provide credible journalism but to keep the anti-Obama-anti-Black-anti-Democrat diatribe going as much as possible in hopes of reaching some kind of critical mass where, b.s. or not, it will have a “where there’s smoke there’s fire” effect among the Republican working class Whites in time for the next election. In other words Legion and his sponsor(s) expect and hope that in time for the 2016 campaign enough people will have recognized, accepted, and become attracted to his odor to enable him to say, in essence, “I’m a die hard Republican nut that you can count on. So come to me for all you want to know about Hillary’s Black lovers and lesbian affairs.”

      You have to admit Legion has an excellent understanding of White working class Republican resentment and madness.

      • Dennis says:

        No doubt you are barking up the right tree. I have been kind of assuming something along those lines. So yes, the wild anti-Hillary line (which has already been hinted at) is coming. So pretty soon Jabba will start claiming that he did drugs and sex with her too and start dropping hints of his secret phone calls from Vince Foster…..

  23. Dennis says:

    As we pick through the lies, distortions, and total bullshit of Fat Boy’s reports on the Zimmerman trial, a good reference source is this story from The Guardian

    One item in particular since Jabba has joined the nutters in their looney attempt to present the DoJ as engaged in a vast conspiracy of creating social unrest (for no clear reason whatsoever): “Vibert White, an associate professor of history at the University of Central Florida and an expert in African American studies who has lectured on the case, told the Guardian that he doubted there would be widespread protests if Zimmerman was acquitted.

    “For months, Justice Department personnel known as ‘peacekeepers’ have been working closely with black leadership in Sanford, Deland, Orlando and even Miami advising or instructing them what to do, say, and act in reference to civil rights activism,” he said.”

    Yes, there is a conspiracy. A conspiracy of racist right wing dunces hoping to get something stirred up for their own benefit.

  24. Dennis says:

    This guy is one of the focus of wing nutters spreading conspiracy theories about the Zimmerman trial: IT director who raised questions about Zimmerman case is fired

    I have looked up the rules of discovery for criminal cases in the state of Florida: I kind of suspect that the IT guy doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  25. Well here I am wiping away a mixture of egg and tears. But I think the judge asked too much of the jury when she apparently lost sight of the fact that the jury had been sequestered for weeks. The judge and the prosecution and the defense, despite racking their brains over the case all that time, could still go home to their families every night. So when the jury asked the judge for a better explanation of the manslaughter charge she should have gone out of her way to be responsive. The judge should have at least sounded sympathetic in her response, showing appreciation for the jury’s inquiry and encouragement for the jury to keep attempting to reach a just verdict. Instead, the judge merely told the jury that she could not respond to such a general inquiry and asked the jury to be more precise and specific with its question. I can see how the jury could have thought “What the hell – here we are locked up for weeks dealing with this crap and when we ask you a question all you can do is give us another obstacle to overcome? If you don’t care about us any more than that, bite me (us)!” I think if the judge had, at least, provided another print-out of the standard manslaughter charge, along with some words of encouragement and appreciation for the jurors’ efforts up to that point (all of which would have been entirely appropriate), the jury would have convicted Zimmerman of manslaughter. Instead the judge applied her bossy, terse tone to the jurors – who were not lawyers in the case and who deserved better. The rest is some very ugly history.

  26. Dennis says:

    Sad to say, I had a bad feeling that Zimmerman would get off the hook. The hard core of the prosecution case was built on the audio studies of the 911 call and once they were ruled out by the judge, it became obvious that the DA had no Plan B. Add to that the bizarre mind set of Florida when it comes to issues of self-defense and so-called stand your ground (and BTW, if you want to kill somebody, do it in Florida) as well as the limited amount of info that the jury was receiving and i had a bad feeling that the little jerk was going to beat the rap. I’m mostly surprised that it took the jury as long as it did.

    Of course Fat Boy, the ex-con and life long con man, is calling for the DA to be charged for with holding evidence from the defense lawyers. This has to do with the material downloaded from Martin’s cell phone and the IT guy who appears to have confused himself with a lawyer. As I noted in a above comment, the IT guy most likely over stepped his bounds like crazy, the material in question was not covered under discovery, the material was not related to the case and not surprisingly, the judge wouldn’t let the defense use it in the trial for exactly those reasons. So basically Jabba is blowing hot air out of his butt like usual.

    However, there is still the question of Zimmerman’s wife who may yet be charged with perjury about her bogus story to the original judge about their financial situation. Then there is the question of the vanished $30,000 from Zimmerman’s legal defense fund. Oh yeah, then there is the equally missing $200,000 from Zimmerman’s other web site. Seems that murder is a pretty profitable business down in the sunshine state.

  27. Dennis says:

    Correction, Zimmerman’s wife has already been charged with perjury. They just have to decide if they intend to prosecute.

  28. Dennis says:

    While Fat Boy is busy trying to remove the pizza and vodka stains from his sheet, Orly Taitz is now filing a criminal compliant to the Secretary of State in Florida: “This case relates to the incitement of riots in the state of Florida by Barack Hussein Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Community Relations Services of the Department of Justice, Seminole County District Attorney Angela Corey and multiple members of the media in the wake of the shooting of Treyvon Martin by a resident of Florida, Community Watchman in Sanford Florida, George Zimmerman (Hereinafter Zimmerman). As was proven on March 13, 2013 by the unanimous jury verdict, Zimmerman acted in self defense in an altercation with one, Treyvon Martin, which led to death of Martin.”

    As usual with a Taitz brief, the facts are hopelessly screwed up, the evidence is non-existent, her grounds for filing is baseless, and otherwise the whole case is a piece of crap. I fear that this verdict has opened the gates of hell – and I am talking about the deranged right wing nutters who all act like they just got a license to kill.

  29. Dennis says:

    Ilse is back to telling everybody that they are stupid. That’s pretty much it. She ought to know since she’s with stupid. Meanwhile, El Stupido is doing a bizarre round of twister as he is moving from condemning Obama for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt to attacking Obama for abandoning the fairly elected Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt. Of course Jabba also thinks that Cairo is in Illinois and will soon link this all up to corrupt machine politics.

    And George Zimmerman has gotten his gun back and promises to do a neater job at his next murder.

  30. Dennis says:

    Jabba is on his high horse as he goes after Nigel J. Covington, III, editor in chief of the leftist web site The National Reporter after this obvious commnie rag printed a bogus story about Zimmerman filing suit against the Martin family. Oh yeah, Fat Boy is on a tear. He has published Covington’s photo, web addresses, the whole typical mad dog 9 yard attack. Oh BTW, The National Reporter is a low-rent version of The Onion and they freely make this stuff all up. Also BTW, I don’t think that Covington is a real person. He’s more like Alfred E. Neuman (who Jabba may also be on the attack against). In fact, I’m not even sure if Jabba is a real person. Surely nobody is really this stupid?????

  31. Dennis says:

    Martin’s parents will be interviewed tonight on CNN by Anderson Cooper. So obviously both Fat Boy and Ilse are already pounding out slanderous copy accusing the grieving family of inciting racial violence by being a grieving family. Then Jabba can bellyache that protestors at any moment will threaten the jury members by smearing their names and photos across the web while he spreads the photo, name and email address of someone who he thinks has produced a bogus news story at an online news site (quick note to Fatso: The whole site is a rude and crude bogus news site – good grief, their other top news story is the claim that Kate Middleton just gave birth to black twins – their “international editor” is named Paisley Tie – how many clues do you need, asshole).

  32. kstreet607 says:

    :::Waving to whomever is lurking:::

  33. Dennis says:

    Waving back to anyone still hanging in there. I have to admit, the Snooze Site has gone into deep slumber. Fat Boy is mainly doing a few puff pieces on charity groups and rinky-dinky religious outfits while Ilse devotes her time to telling everybody that they are stupid in-between thinking about Anthony Wiener’s wiener.

  34. Dennis says:

    More updates from the Snooze Site: 1. Ilse goes off on a pretty incoherent rant about how more middle-class families are taking gov. help because they are loosing their morals and feeling entitled all because of the bad example set by the Obama family, followed by an utterly brain-dead parade through every made-up scandal that she and the tea party has cooked up over the past five years. Weird piece (even by Ilse’s low standards). Makes no sense (even by Ilse’s poor standards). She really got to stop boozing before typing.

    2. Fat Boy produces badly written drivel about exploding propane tanks and Arena football. Then he wanders out the door and staggers away into the night.

    No wonder it’s so dead over here. We have all fallen to sleep.

  35. democratista says:

    Hi everyone…

    I still lurk…and think about you all. Just wanted to let you know that my mom passed away. I probably mentioned that she has been in Assisted Living for quite a while and had been suffering from dementia…so she is out of her misery…still hard. You guys are still part of my big extended family so I needed to let you know. Off to NJ today. Hugs to all…Ruthie

    • kstreet607 says:

      Hi Ruthie! Sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. It’s always good to hear from you though. You’re a part of all of this. A charter member, in fact. Love you, take care.

    • Democratista:

      Don’t really know you, but I do in a way. Sorry to hear about anyone’s loss of their mom. Coincidentally, I’m just returning from the funeral of a female cousin, age 65 – tall, tough, beautiful, soulful girl. Nothing like the loss of my Mom but brings back memories nevertheless. Anyway this hymn by Mahalia was one of my Mother’s favorites and was sung at the funeral a little while ago. After the lady sung it she was walking quietly back to her seat. I was sitting in the first seat from the aisle and as she was passing me I just had to reach out and touch her hand and simply say “beautiful”. She gave me the brightest, sweetest, most appreciative smile. It touched me back.

      And after I had kids my fear of something happening to them was captured by this one from Eric Clapton.

    • Meesh says:

      Hi Ruthie, ((((((((((((Hugs))))))))

      I’m so very sorry for your loss – Am wishing you peace to bring comfort and courage to face the days ahead.. and loving/good memories to hold in your heart forever. Much love to you and your family.

    • Dennis says:

      Sorry to hear about your lost. Went through much the same with my mother, so I know that the passing is marked by almost as much relief as grief. It’s a tough one, no matter what.

  36. Meesh says:

    Thanks to Dennis, there’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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