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Message to Fat Boy – by Dennis

Dennis imagesOK, Fat Boy the lwayer is at it again as he tears into the George Zimmerman case and accuses the prosecutors of engaging in race baiting and insists that they must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and then carries on with a largely pointless tirade against Al Sharpton while contending presenting Zimmerman as a victim blah blah blah. Couple of points Fatso:

dennis_cartoon_wallpapers1. The state doesn’t have to prove that Zimmerman shot Martin “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Everybody knows that already. What Zimmerman’s lawyers have to try and prove is that he had to shoot in fear for his life. This has to do with a desperate (IMHO) attempt by the defense to justify the shooting. “Reasonable doubt” is NOT INVOLVED, you asshole. It would only be involved in a case in which the defendant claims to not be the shooter (there are a few other odd exceptions, but this is the main point). In this case, they have to convince the jury that he was in fear for his life. And BTW, they have to get the jury to ignore such little details like how Zimmerman chased Martin down, brought the gun to the event for no obvious reasons, ignored police radio orders to back off etc etc. So they don’t need to convince the jury of reasonable doubt. They need the jury to be brain dead stupid and suffering from amnesia. Didn’t they teach you anything at that lwa school back in Cell Block D?

2. Race baiting? The defense council has been so busy trying to convict the victim for being black that I would really suggest that you might take you head out of your ample butt for a few seconds and rethink your otherwise ludicrous and just plain stupid claim. Last time I checked, the Zimmerman lawyers were busy recasting Martin from a middle class teenager with divorced parent issues into the head of the Crips.

3. The original prosecutor was not forced by outside agitators into filing 2nd degree murder charges against Zimmerman. Instead, she had to be convinced by other DAs to reduce the charge. She originally wanted Zimmerman on 1st degree murder charges. Don’t you research this stuff before you start hitting the vodka?

As always Lardo, your writing is crappy and your insights are a unique combination of banality and stupidity. Keep up the good work. sinclair_teeth2You make our job so much easier.Now take that bottle out of your mouth and repeat after me: “I am really, really sorry for being such a completely stupid waste of life.”  Keep saying that until you pass out.  I thought it may be the one way we could get you to shut your pie hole.

And give Ilse my regards. I hope to see her at the next Beer Hall Putsch.