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Jabba Is ba-a-ack!

on May 30, 2013

DENNIS THE MENACE 1Today at Jabba Land –  by Dennis:

1. Very badly written puff piece on a bar and grill near Lardo’s new digs where he could grab a meal for under $10 while watching the surf come in.  He is back to take photos of his dinner, in his post here. I think this is called “narcissism.”

2.  Long winded and extremely stupid piece by Ilse going on the attack against the Clintons and their Socialist agenda.  According to Ilse, everything is Socialist.  Especially if it involves programs aimed toward the country’s well being.  I think this is called fascist ideology combined with acute paranoia.

3.  Jabba is back!  Jabba is back!  Long winded and completely ludicrous piece in which Fat Boy makes the IRS scandal all about himself.  Yes!  BTW, Fatso, I think your problems with the iRS had to do with the obvious fact that you were trying to bilk them on your taxes.  They re-calculated your figures (using something resembling standard math and not that funny stuff you use) and then sent you a bill.  I know because I have dealt with them on these issues myself.  Unlike you, I just ended up paying the damn bill (which oddly enough was close to the same amount you were billed – gee, you should have been making more money back then).  But you sir, are a lwayer.  No wonder you fought the lwa (and I seem to have noticed that mostly the lwa won).  BTW, is this why you suddenly hit the panic button and sold all of that crap at your old trailer that you bought with all of your “donations?”  Then you bolted for Washington and claimed to be poor and waited until they gave up dealing with you on the grounds that there was no assets to attach?  Oh wee!  The completely stupid, mean ass and hopelessly inept con man is back.  One question: Was it at Lwa School where you learned to address letters to the Secretary of the Treasurer with an opening insult or is that just a special trick of your own invention?  And how is it working out for ya?

Warning to decent people: He has this blog piece rigged so the long and whiny video piece kicks on the minute you open the page.  So turn your speakers off first thing.

The nasal tones could kill a cat.Larry and Thornton

30 responses to “Jabba Is ba-a-ack!

  1. kstreet607 says:

    Thanks Meesh. I really think Dennis’ latest comment needed to be immortalized on the internet. As usual, Dennis writes about Jabba the Butt with humor and TRUTH. Thanks Meesh. Thanks Dennis.

  2. Dennis says:

    Thanks Kstreet. But Jabba makes it so easy sometimes. BTW Lardo: There are many ways to deal with the IRS when there is a question about your taxes. Unfortunately, they are not easy and they do expect complete paperwork supporting every deduction. It’s a pain in the rear. But simply telling them to stick it where the moon don’t shine largely doesn’t work with them. Then they just get tough about it. Nothing personal. Strictly business.

  3. Dennis says:

    Goodness, both Lardo and Ilse are now tax experts. While Lardo expounds upon his “unique” approach to tax lwa, Ilse is demanding the end of the IRS and the need for the US to go to a 6% National Sales Tax. I’m not quite sure where Ilse got the 6% rate since the nut jobs arguing for this approach are largely talking about a 23% sales tax. For a better understanding of this concept, I would suggest reading the study done by the Tax Policy Center/Urban Institute and Brookings Institution Actually, the plan would be a total disaster (though the Koch brothers and their pals would do swell) and Ilse’s math is almost as good as Fat Boy’s knowledge of tax lwa. Between the two of them they could rename the site H & R Blockhead.

  4. Dennis says:

    OK, I’m not up to this task. Jabba the Fat Tax Cheat has just posted a video blog about the reasons why people like his site (like who? Your readership has gone completely down the toilet!) and spends over a flipping hour rambling around and around, smacking his lips, yelling into the mic, picking his nose (I think) while staring around the room like a nut job who just lost his bats. I am not capable of subjecting myself to a full hour plus of this crap. Somebody is going have to step in there and brave it. I understand. It’s a suicide mission. But please……

  5. kstreet607 says:

    I saw something today that reminded me so much of Jabba that I wanted to share it.

    The difference between the guy named in the following link and Sinclair is that Sinclair knew just how far he could go when harassing the president and first lady without getting arrested. We call Sinclair an idiot/ all the time, but we all know that he’s not stupid at all. He’s simply a classic and probably an acute sociopath.

    When he was faxing those bullet ridden-like photos to the White House accompanied by the vaguest innuendos not definitive threats, Sinclair played the victim, which not only played well with his groupies, but also with the SS. He was merely deemed a “menace”. NOT a “credible threat”…because it was always about HIM and the fantasy that Obama was out to get HIM.

    That, in my opinion is how he managed to avoid getting arrested by the Secret Service. Essentially he knew where to draw the line and still look credible with his “sick-o-phants”.

  6. Dennis says:

    Foster Friess, the successful con artist, is at it again with another piece at Fat Boy’s site playing up the Monroe, OK scam and working to get people to donate money to the cash cow wing nutter political machine called the National Christian Foundation, where the money goes in and comes back out…well, let’s just say it comes back out where ever they care to put it (see the Mother Jones article Rendering Unto God – basically it’s a form of 3 card monte and the money is used for right wing political causes because – well because they can get away with it). Dang, Jabba must ach so bad just thinkiong about the kind of loot ol’Foster is raking in. BTW, can somebody tell Foster to can it with the totally self-serving and incredibly phoney self-righteousness.

  7. noname says:

    Off topic but more interesting than Jabba the Slut.

    Fox buttwipe claims G. Zimmermann already punished for profiting off homicide and living large.

    Fox News host: Zimmerman ‘has already been punished’ with weight gain
    Fox News host Gregg Jarrett says that George Zimmerman “has already been punished” for the killing of Trayvon Martin because he “looks like he’s put on a hundred pounds.”

    • Dennis says:

      Well heck, when you are stiffing your supporters for $300,000 bucks, you might as well treat yourself to some fine meals. Helps the guy build up the energy to go back and shake the suckers down for more.

  8. Dennis says:

    OK, it is with increasing sense of tedium that I bring the latest from Jabba’s World of Snooze n Booze. Ilse goes (again) on a tear about all of those lazy, shiftless no good deadbeats who are collecting welfare and buying fancy food and fancy booze and living life high at her own personal expense or some such crap ass stupid meaningless drivel that drools out of her mouth like a mangy dog. Meanwhile, Fat Boy, the ace reporter spends a whole posting looking for someone to take over his old flop of a wide load. Free trailer (once you pay the rent he seems to have skipped on as well as all other “fees”). Yes, you too can finally have your very own tin can and call it home.

  9. noname says:

    Oh, my. Could tosspot Ilse be trying to motivate arch-chiseler, Jabba?

    Tough love, Ilse, that’s the ticket.

  10. Dennis says:

    Fat Boy is in full legal mode as he posts legal warnings to people on both his site and their Facebook page in some screwy fight over ownership of the wide load. Hey, he also has some old woman’s PoA. No wonder he has moved and seems to be living it up.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Oh no, the woman must have been frail and senile to sign over a power of attorney to FatAss. He’s still a no good two-bit grifter but this time on steroids!!

      • Dennis says:

        But this does explain his sudden move to newer (and presumably better) digs. I am guessing that she has gone into a nursing home and he is hard at work looting – oh, I mean taking care of the accounts and property. In my own experience with these issues (which has been more extensive than I care to think about), the PoA is basically a license to steal. So I guess Fat Boy is back to Absolute tonight…

  11. Dennis says:

    Off the Jabba track, queen nutter herself Orly Taitz is begging her readers (both of them) to help her contact NSA whistleblower Edward Snowdon in order to badger him for information on Obama’s birth certificate. Hey, maybe she will go to China and threaten him with one of her bogus subpoenas.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Hey, maybe she will go to China and threaten him with one of her bogus subpoenas.

      Don’t under-estimate the power of ‘shit for brains Taitz’. She is more likely than not, to do JUST that.

  12. Dennis says:

    In honor of Flag Day, Ilse the uber-patriot with no brains has provided us with a ludious and error-laden piece (what a surprise). So listen up Ilse: 1. First up, the US flag has never been called the Stars and Bars. That is the nick name for the Confederate battle flag, you stupid cracker. I have read enough of your postings to realize that you are hopelessly confused but cut it out. 2. The Continental Congress never officially defined the color symbolism of the flag and your list is but one of several. BTW, can’t help but notice that you skipped part of one definition of the color blue since it is meant to be related to the Chief (aka the President – who BTW is not and never was Jefferson Davis). 3. The Honor Guard folding ceremony was not in any way, shape or form created by the Founding Fathers (who, BTW, were not all that religious – hell, Franklin was pretty much an out right atheist and many of the others were Free Masons – they did not in any way create this country upon Christian ideals – they were seeking a secular nation free of church and state tyranny, you hypocritical self-serving dingbat). There are MANY versions of this ceremony (see and the one you quote is rarely used.

    Now take that bottle out of your mouth and repeat after me: “I am really, really sorry for being such a completely stupid waste of life.” Keep saying that until you pass out. I thought it may be the one way we could get you to shut your pie hole.

    • kstreet607 says:

      In honor of Flag Day, Ilse the uber-patriot with no brains has provided us with a ludious and error-laden piece (what a surprise). So listen up Ilse: 1. First up, the US flag has never been called the Stars and Bars. That is the nick name for the Confederate battle flag, you stupid cracker.

      Dennis, your posts make me do something I rarely do these days…LAUGH OUT LOUD! Keep up the good work.

      • Dennis says:

        If I can make you laugh then it is all worth while. Otherwise, Frau Parson is getting to be almost as boring as her BFF Jabba.

        • Dennis says:

          Oh and a quick correction. The term Stars and Bars actually is the name of the first national flag of the Confederacy rather than the battle flag. Either way, Ilse is still a blathering nitwit who always look forward to Father’s Day because she enjoys spending time with her “uncle.”

  13. Dennis says:

    The latest from Orly “It’s All About Me” Taitz: “I need help getting in touch with Lindsey Mills, Snowden’s girlfriend, and other whistle blowers. I need to get e-mails, phone records and other communications between the regime and judges who presided over my cases….” So, who has to explain to Orly that the only thing Lindsey Mills can help her with is her pole dancing skills. Wait, is Orly also a pole dancer as well as a lawyer, dentist and real estate agent?

  14. kstreet607 says:


    • Dennis says:

      Oh heck, Orly is busy insisting that the NSA scandal validates her crap and that she needs to talk with Edward Snowden and he will validate her crap etc etc. Meanwhile, I think she is now threatening to serve bogus subpoenas on everyone in China…Meanwhile she is also pounding way against the vast conspiracy behind the immigration reform bill (since the silly gal with the preposterous foreign accent don’t Vant Nos Forinjurs in Dis Countrz.” .So yeah, she will lap this up like a thirsty dog as soon as she gets around to it.

      • kstreet607 says:

        Dennis, I got a feeling that as soon as she hears the words “New Birther Investigation” she will try to leap on to the forefront of the issue.

        It all might just be one radio host and a wack-a-doodle politician blowing smoke up their butts!

  15. Dennis says:

    Oh God have mercy, Fat Boy is back to defending marriage as a sacred union between a man and a woman. Aside from the many levels of irony of having to listen to this guy take his stand to this issue, I might note a few corrections to Jabba’s drivel.
    1. Since the beginning of time, marriage has not been defined as being between one man and one woman. In fact in many ancient cultures (including the Biblical types), marriage was primarily defined has being between one rich guy and lots of women. The poor, very often, did not truly apply.
    2. Lots of people like getting married in church. Many of these people like to think of themselves as being married in the “eyes of God.” That’s nice. It’s even kind of sweet. Heck, my first marriage was a church wedding (second time we went with a licensed medium – actually, it was a nicer wedding).

    But marriage is, and historically has been, a state institution. You state that marriage is not under either federal or state laws. Bullshit. That is the only way it is and ever has been legally defined and mandated. As a lwayer you should know this. The religious part is purely voluntary and has no legal significance except for what the state gives to the minister performing the ceremony.

    Someone once said to give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. Guess what marriage is? It is legally Caesar’s all the way.

    BTW, since you are sooooo fond of marriage, why don’t you give it a try? I’m sure Ilse can fix you up with some one…..

  16. Dennis says:

    Just found footage of Jabba on his first date with Ilse:

  17. Dennis says:

    I see a whole truck load of bogus subpenas coming out of Orly Taitz’s office at any moment:
    The Original NSA Whistleblower: I Know The NSA Wiretapped Barack Obama In 2004 Because I Saw The Order

    Yep, this will be all about her usual crap in two seconds…..

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