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Time for a Fundraiser

on April 9, 2013

DENNIS THE MENACE 1Hey, it’s fun raising time over at the Snooze site.  Jabba is begging 500 of his imaginary readers to each donate $24 a year to keep his lets pretend news site going. Wait a minute, didn’t Ilse just tell us that it’s his own damn fault…so like what, he now wants CHARITY!!!???  If I were Ilse, I would dump his fat stinky butt and bug out

Below is the latest on the CRAP  Snooze site…what POS does the best, beg for money  the link is here—> .Gee, doesn’t this sound a bit like everything he accuses Ali Akbar of doing?  Nah.  No way.

BTW, what did ever happen to that “book”?

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Will You Support A Truly Free & Unbiased Press?

April 8, 2013 By Lawrence Sinclair

Sinclair News – LS News Group formed in January 2012 after four plus years of reporting News factually and without partisan spin through multiple domain names since 2008. Since forming Sinclair News-LS News Group we have brought our readers and listeners unmatched political reporting as well as breaking news stories like no one else. We have travelled 1000′s of miles to bring you on the scene coverage and stories that no one else thought important enough to report. We have done all that we have by having friends who have provided us housing accommodations free of charge; who have given us use of their vehicles for use while we are on location because our own is on its last leg. Our recent Live coverage of CPAC 2013 was made possible by our securing a loan for new equipment purchases and by our asking our landlord to wait for our March rent payment; and by our charging some needed essentials on a credit card we simply do not have any business using considering our current financial condition.

Sinclair News has continued to do whatever it takes to bring our readers coverage and information important to them and to our nation as a whole and we will continue to do so as long as possible. It is because we have made you our readers, most important to us we may be forced to make some changes in how we cover the news and when we can or cannot bring you live coverage in the future.

dog32Currently we have monthly expenses of $875.00 per month (this does not include rent or transportation costs of any kind). As an organization we have funded our operation from our own pockets and/or through loans made to us. The bottom line is that we cannot continue to operate this way. Currently our landlord has been more than accommodating to us and has allowed us to go three months behind in our rent over the last year. We simply cannot continue to operate in the hole and behind on what we owe. With that said, Sinclair News is asking for at least 500 of our reader’s. viewers’ listeners to become Sinclair News – LS News Group partners at $24.00 per year (payable once annually) to help keep a truly free unbiased press operating. We are asking you to partner with us because we refuse to engage in partnerships with any group or organization which would influence what we could or could not report or cover. That’s $2.00 per month for keeping a Free Press alive.

Bovine-excrement-meter-animationOur expenses include our LiveStream account which allows you to view all our live coverage without having to sign up for a Live Stream account to watch ($50.00); Phone and Internet ($146.00); Hosting Services ($35.00); Equipment Loan payments ($100.00 and $200.00 = $300.00); Equipment Insurance ($80.00); Cell phone ($55.00); Website security & monitoring ($45.00); Electric service ($100.00); Office Supplies Ink, Paper etc ($65.00); Wi-Fi Hot-Spot stick ($65.00). These expenses do not include rent of $550.00 per month in rent or Gas and vehicle upkeep. We do what we do in the most economical means possible, the below images show you how we travel to cover events live such as CPAC 2013 and WMI’s 7th Annual Walk for Water. We don’t fly first class or stay in ritzy Hotels. We drive every mile straight through with all of our equipment packed in our car so tight you can’t adjust the seat position at all. When we do travel to areas where we don’t have friends we can stay with we stay in the most economical locations as possible. In our last travels to cover CPAC and WMI’s dedication & Walk for Water we spent a total of $900.00 on gas, parking and two nights at a Motel 6, along with Peanut Butter, Bread thins & Bananas for sandwiches for the three days spent in Charleston.

Sinclair News has been dedicated to providing the news honestly, openly and without spin just as our contributors have done so without any pay or expense reimbursement of any kind.

So we ask if you believe in the power of a truly Free Press and you want to see Sinclair News continue to provide you coverage that is always uncensored and unafraid we ask you to become a Sinclair News Partner allowing us to continue to do what we have stayed committed to doing. We can do that with 500 SN Partners committing $24.00 a year (just $2.00 a month) and our new Advertising Offers that will allow us to meet our expenses and finance our ability to bring you live on the scene coverage of events that make an impact on your lives.

Will you become an SN Partner today? Click on the image below and become a Sinclair News Partner today.20070418-Animated_man_swimming_money_hg_clr


82 responses to “Time for a Fundraiser

  1. Meesh says:

    Good morning Dennis! Thanks again for keeping us on track here…you’re the greatest my friend!

    Oh for heaven sakes… 🙄 ” a total of $900.00 on gas, parking and two nights at a Motel 6, along with Peanut Butter, Bread thins & Bananas for sandwiches…”

  2. Dennis says:

    OK, the rough drive distance from his trailer to Washington DC is about 805 miles (just ran the figures). Figure he was spending about $3.70 per gallon and averaged about 300 miles per fill up (all conservative averages). According to my figures, he should have been able to do the round trip for under $250. Throw in two nights at a Motel Six, let’s say $90 a night (which should be high), so we add another $180. Cost of bananas, cheap. However, once we add in the vodka, it would be $900 at least.

    BTW Jabba. If you couldn’t afford it, then why did you do it. None of your so-called video reports were worth the effort. You could have easily stayed home and simply worked with the live feed that was being provided by CPAC. So to quote Ilse on her thoughts about every social program out there: “It’s your own damn fault.”

    P.S. Meesh: Great graphics. You always make this site look good.

    • Meesh says:

      Awww thanks Dennis, had one heck of a time posting this on the newer theme… Hope you don’t mind KStreet – noticed that “the bold theme” is designed for a personal blog diary–> “A bold, colorful theme that lends itself well to personal blogs and daily journals” Maybe this was the difficulty? Anyway I found this newest WP theme instead.

      What’s with the pictures of the back of his car? I can see his red dildo…

      • kstreet607 says:

        Meesh, I don’t mind at all. I was just filling in for you at the time. I’m going through some chronic pain issues so my choice of theme may have been clouded by the pain!! I am soooo happy you fixed it! I, too love your graphics. Glad you’re back!

  3. Dennis says:

    More of the same old at the Snooze site as Ilse unloads another brainless exercise in modern wring nutter drive toward anarchy and total social irresponsibility by insisting that anything that involves the common welfare of the nation is just a communist conspiracy as she uses follow wring nutter Jacob G. Hornberger as the absolute authority on Marx (Groucho, I suspect – maybe Chico – hard to tell). Only interesting note is Ilse’s strong line that it is a person’s right to screw it royal and they shouldn’t expect any help whatsoever….Are you listening Fat Boy? So take your stupid fund drive and stick it where that commie moon don’t shine.

  4. kstreet607 says:

    So, Dennis, I guess I haven’t been keeping up with your updates. $900.00?? I thought his Evangelical sugar daddy “Frosty Freeze” was footing the CPAC bill. LOL! I’ll backtrack on your posts so I can get up to speed. First, an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon happens in 90 minutes. BBL…

  5. tjtaygee says:

    Liar-larr has simply lost his touch…and his nerve. Couple together the Secret Service visit + the lawsuit that freaked him out so badly he (allegedly) faked a suicide attempt to try to dodge it.
    Since then, he didn’t get nearly enough pre-orders to print even one box of the new copy-and-paste book, so he has to continually beg-off that it’s not ready yet.
    Face it, liar-larr – you haven’t been relevant since you failed to bring down the original obama presidential candidacy. Obama haters & racists were looking for anything that might ensure a democrat/black man would not get into the white house – and you were their most fringe-est of dashed hopes. You failed.
    The closest you came to being relevant was when Bill O’Reilly used your story as a way to describe an unethical way to attack Obama – and even he wouldn’t touch your story beyond that very vague reference.
    Your non-news personal attack site is simply not sustainable because it does nothing to draw an audience. Very few people know who ali ackbar is, and much much fewer care that he exists, and even fewer care that you have a bone to pick with him.
    You have to ratchet up the crazy, liar-larr – that’s the only way to bring in new $$$$.

    Without the crazy, you’re nothing.

  6. Dennis says:

    Kstreet, Good luck at the orthopedic. Don’t worry about spending too much time back tracking through the posts. Tjtaygee just summed it all up. I can’t believe we are saying this, but: “YOU GOT TO RACHET UP THE CRAZY, NUMBSKULL”.” This bogus respectability is killing you.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Thanks Dennis, I started the first of a series of shots in both of my knees for what’s been diagnosed as osteo-arthritis. At my age it’s to be expected. 🙂 (I’m an only child and I’m also the first of the women in my family to live past 55 in 3 generations, so I see it as a trade-off. This way I get to spend more time with my grandchildren.)

  7. kstreet607 says:

    Meesh I remember this theme from before. At one point I think it was the consensus in a poll you ran. 🙂

    • Meesh says:

      Yes, this design WON overall for appearance when I ran the poll…however we both received emails from some peeps who said they had difficulty posting comments. So until I hear from these peeps, if there’s any difficulty, it will stay. As I recall Kstreet, for appearance you preferred this theme.

  8. Dennis says:

    It appears that Ilse is a perfect fit for her state:
    Tennessee: Ayn Rand’s vision of paradise
    If you’re worried about where America is heading, look no further than Tennessee. Its lush mountains and verdant rolling countryside belie a mean-spirited public policy that only makes sense if you believe deeply in the anti-collectivist, anti-altruist philosophy of Ayn Rand. It’s what you get when you combine hatred for government with disgust for poor people.

  9. Dennis says:

    Hot new post at the Snooze site. Jabba tears into Obama’s proposed budget because…(drum roll please)…It ups the federal tax on smokes!!!!!!! Yes, Fat Boy is now the Marlboro Man. How dare he raise the tax on cancer sticks. Guess Lardo is now hoping to milk money out of the tobacco lobby. Yep, nothing gets past the insights of the almighty bubba.

    • Meesh says:

      What an ass, it’s no different in Canada – Last Thursday’s budget also announced a further $400,000 (each province) for anti-smoking programs, pushing total funding to $1 million—> $15 MILLION dollars.

      Yes our Canadian government wants to abolish smoking as well as to tax heavily those who insist on smoking.

      Here in Canada the increases are projected to generate an extra $18.1 million this year. POS is bitching about .94 cents a package? Here in total, smokers will pay 25 cents in tobacco taxes for every cigarette they smoke. A carton will bring in $47 in taxes…I’d rather see taxes on *SIN* taxes rather than food or necessities.

      • Dennis says:

        Oh Meesh, you poor silly Canadian. Hasn’t Ilse told you already that you folks are all commies and socialists and that is why you have no smokes and no guns???? Unlike the good people of Tennessee who are, as the old song might say “meanest folks in the land of the free.”

  10. Dennis says:

    In fact, Ilse inspires me to song:

    ♪ ♪ Born in a trailer park in Tennessee
    Meanest state in the land of the free ♪
    ♪ Raised in a tavern where she knew every drink
    Had her first bar room brawl when barely three. ♪
    Ilse, Ilse Parson, Queen of the wing nutters. ♪ ♫

  11. Dennis says:

    Today at the No News & Snooze site: Fat Boy continues to jerk off over Benghazi, insisting that every wrong statement he has made is actually correct despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary (sounds familiar, huh). I simply refer Jabba to an article last Fall in The Economist even though the idea that this idiot can read is obviously debatable.

    Meanwhile, Ilse explains how the move to increase the federal tax on smokes is actually a Marxist plot against America. Guess no one comes between her and her Pall Malls.

  12. kstreet607 says:

    Hey Shit For Brains Fatass Loser…This one’s for you:

    Benghazi v. Gun Control

    • Meesh says:

      This is so very true… I’m just a canuck but I cannot get over this…. They made such a stinking Big Deal about Benghazi… now the same Repugnant idiots threatened a filibuster in order not to vote on gun control?

      Who votes these people in?<—- *idiots* do.

    • Dennis says:

      Mostly Fat Boy seems obsessed with Benghazi because he keeps hanging onto the extensively (even thoroughly) discredited claim that Ambassador Stevens was raped at the time. Jabba seems to be hopelessly, even pathetically, fixed on this thought. I could go further, but quite honestly I need better thoughts in my mind….

  13. Dennis says:

    What gets me is that Fat Boy is all worked up over the increase in federal taxes on smokes but hasn’t mentioned the federal tax increase on flavored vodka. Of course, he may prefer his Absolute straight (as in straight from the bottle into his mouth).

  14. Dennis says:

    Hey Fatso, I just took a peek at your current web statistics. Well, I mean I tried to. You have dropped so low that the TrafficEstimate web site doesn’t currently include your crap site. As for Alexis, here is the report:
    Statistics Summary for

    There are 7,559,860 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than, and the site is based in the US.
    Alexa Traffic Rank Reputation
    Global 7,559,861
    Global Rank

    Flag No data
    Rank in US

    You are falling off the face of the earth, buddy boy. Your web ratings are so low that there are worms out there with more readers than you. Your ratings are so poor that if you were a sick man in the hospital they would be pulling the plug and getting out the body bag. Your readership is so few that you can count them all on one finger. Your site stinks. Your “news” is crap. And nobody is paying you a lack of attention. So give it up, Fat Boy! It’s over! You’re through! You blew it! Right now you could throw yourself under a truck and the driver won’t even notice the bump.

  15. Dennis says:

    BTW, Orly Taitz is currently tanking as well.

    Statistics Summary for

    There are 26,001,246 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than
    Alexa Traffic Rank Reputation
    Global 25,986,395

    Oh my, it must be a vast conspiracy (of dunces).

    • noname says:

      Douchebag Orly has about 3-4 dozen devotees. Most of the traffic on her site is people looking for amusement, like we used to when we visited the freak tent with the traveling carnivals.

      Such a collection of fools you wouldn’t find if all the medieval Sovereigns of Europe gathered in one place with their respective entourages.

  16. Dennis says:

    Oh boy, the Snooze site has Ilse “covering” events in Boston. So I suspect she will soon be blaming Obama. Privately, I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the work of some of her “friends,” but I’m sure she will spin it as another vast Obama Marxist conspiracy.

  17. Just realized I should probably check in and say I’m okay and I was not in Boston yesterday. As a matter of fact, I have today off as well for a dr appointment and good not to have to travel into the city. So sad…and so mind-boggling. Why do people do these things? I just don’t comprehend it.

    • Meesh says:

      Hi Ruthie,
      Thanks for checking in…immediately when hearing about this tragedy – I thought of you and Paul Day <— saw him on Facebook. When watching the coverage on CNN my heart went out to you – your beloved Boston. I certainly hope they find the culprits.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Hi Ruthie! I saw a post you made on Facebook on Tuesday so I knew you were ok. But hell, it’s great to hear from you ANYTIME!!! ❤

  18. Dennis says:

    There is nothing like a national tragedy to get the nuts cranked up. For example, Ilse spent about 30 minutes yesterday watching Fox News and recycling their comments in a brain dead approach to “hot” news reporting while vaguely implying that “they” will politicize the Boston bombing . Then, she seems to have passed out or something (around 3pm) – oh yea, Happy Hour. Now Fatso is jumping all over Rep. Stency Hoyer for his suggestion that security cuts made because of the sequester may have damaged the US ability to deal with such situations. Quick note to Disgusting Pile of Self-Serving Shit: Rep. Hoyer was warning about this problem since the beginning of the sequester, you turd. His comments today on Fox (BTW, you idiots do know that there are other news channels, don’t you?) are simply a follow up to his previous comments. I know that “research” is not your thing. Nor is fact checking, truth in statements, honesty, or anything else. That is why so many people find you to be so slimy. But at the moment, both you and Ilse are looking like nothing more than a pair of stupid drunken whoring turd balls. So just crawl back under that rock.

  19. Dennis says:

    From CNN: “The envelope that contained the poison was addressed to Sen. Roger Wicker and had a Memphis, Tennessee, postmark.”

    Ilse, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!

  20. Dennis says:

    In another amazing feat of pure logic and political reasoning, Ilse explains how the so-called rain tax in Maryland is one more reason why we all need guns….Well that seems to be her point. Yes, it is all nonsense and she is a complete idiot. Good lord, you can smell the whiskey on her breath all across the internet….

  21. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile Orly Taitz is moving right along. She now has some long winded and even by her “standards” extremely incoherent piece about how Sen. Brian Schatz of Hwaii is really an agent for the East German Secret Police (wait a minute, I thought those guys went out of a business over 20 years ago) and that John McCain is really a Soviet (yeah, I know, same as East Germany) controlled agent from Panama. The wing nutters are all exploding!!!!!!!!!

  22. Dennis says:

    OK, the letter with ricin sent to the first senator was from Tennessee (Ilse’s state). So is the one that they found addressed to Obama, would it have a Port Orange Florida postmark?

  23. Dennis says:

    Ah oh, what are the wing nutters going to do with Boston turns out to be domestic. Oh my. Of course, the signs were there from the get go, but still….Good thing Ilse will be able to some how blame Obama while Fat Boy will pin it on Ali Akbar.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Dennis I wonder what Orly Taitz will say about her fellow ex-patriates who bombed the Boston Marathon? The bombers were from Russia as well. Chechnya…which is region in Russia.

      • Dennis says:

        No problem for Orly because they are all muslims. Of course she is also insisting that it is all connected to the Saudis and it is all a plot by Obama against America so it really doesn’t matter where these muslims are from etc. etc. Then she moves on to the letters she is having sent to a federal judge by a small band of wing nutter ex-generals in support of her crazy theories. So it is always business as usual at Orly’s House of Crazy.

  24. Dennis says:

    Stop the press, I spoke too soon. Orly is now busy tracing how the bombers were couched by the FBI and that they were all connected to a Saudi financier who is in turn connected to Obama. Yes, it is all part of the VAST conspiracy (which now includes virtually half or more of the entire country). Meanwhile, Fat Boy is over at the Snooze site slowly moving a tad in the same direction while slowly and carefully mapping out a defense for the bombers. Sort of half expressing sympathy for the victims while building a case for the concept of justified revenge for US drone attacks. I assume we should soon hear from Ilse how those people in Boston are all commies so it doesn’t matter.

    And to think that I was concerned simply about all of the “I told you so” crap we are going to hear from Putin…..

  25. Dennis says:

    So Glenn Beck is waiting for the feds to disprove his wild and completely unproven claims (which I seem to recall both the feds and various news agencies disproved just last week). Oops. Fat Boy ends his first (and so far only) booklet with the weird taunt that the reader can’t proof that what he says is false despite his total inability to present a single shred of evidence of any kind regarding his original crazy claim. Now Orly Taitz is having a melt down because she and a warped clique of wing nutter retired generals can’t force a federal judge to turn a civil case into a criminal case (the courts have a naughty habit of keeping the two very separate procedures very separate – like pretty much separate altogether, period). So now she is threatening to go after the judge while begging her supporters (12 old farts I do believe) to pony up more money. And BTW, she is also not big on that proof and evidence thing and insists that Obama and the feds must prove her wrong. Yeah, that innocent until proven guilty thing is just sooooo old hat. Besides, the old system involved lots of work producing verifiable evidence and not just a bunch of crap made up in the shower.

    I assume Fatso and Ilse will be quickly pounding the Beck line. After all, they are not called wing nutters for nothing.

  26. Dennis says:

    While the Snooze site largely slumbers (well, it’s better known as “sleeping it off”), Orly Taitz is on the move. She is demanding that someone should give her the name and phone number of the relatives of victims of the Boston bombing so she can start quizzing them about the vast Obama conspiracy behind it. Yes sir, little Miss Dingbat has it all figured out and is in hot pursuit of the Saudi connection, the Obama connection, the commie connection, every connection that her mental disconnected brain can feverish dream of.

  27. Dennis says:

    They haven’t a clue about how to deal with the economy; they refuse to even discuss unemployment; they can’t find their own state on a map but they have time to get ginned up on Glenn Beck:
    Republican senators demand hearings on Boston Marathon

  28. Dennis says:

    Big news on the Snooze front, Jabba is moving. Reassures his three readers that they will try to maintain the site during the move. Neighbors are very helpful. They can’t wait to get Fat Boy out of there. Doesn’t give precise dates for the move. Still waiting for a moment when the landlord ain’t looking….

    We Will Be Moving & Revamping Now Through May 5, 2013

    April 24, 2013
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    1We are in the process of making a hard physical move between now and May 5, 2013 and our reporting and stories will be intermittent at best during this period. Thornton Parsons column’s will continue to post on its regular schedules and we will work to try and get reports up as possible in the interim but this move his a hard physical move which requires disconnecting all of our phone and Internet accounts an have them reconnected in our new location. Our provider has informed us that we cannot have the services connected at our new location until they are disconnected from our current location and the equipment moved to our new location.

    Once this move has been completed we will also be revamping Sinclair News, our mission, our reporting and our advertising.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  29. noname says:

    Oh, noes! More proof that stupidity is widely distributed amongst all demographics.

    Herman Cain in whiteface.

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Wednesday said that he was “open” to considering the idea of halting all student visas from Muslim countries as a reaction to this month’s Boston Marathon bombings. …

    Nothing yet from Virginia Foxx or Louis Gohmert, but, I’m sure that Ilse will amen that.

    • Dennis says:

      Well, Ilse has been real busy lately with attacking the IRS while debating about rather or not the Boston Bomber was denied his Miranda rights and sounding as if she is almost half hoping that the punk will get to walk, so she should be about ready to drive head first into the Beck Zone of looney theories….After all, everything is a vast conspiracy.

  30. noname says:

    Hmmm. I wonder if the asshole senator would advocate expulsion of all with hispanic names because of the horrific murder of Etan Patz.

    • Dennis says:

      Give it time. Rubio is desperate to suck up to the nutters. I hear he was planning to change his own name to Mark Rubin but then realized that it made him sound too Jewish.

  31. democratista says:

    Why I fell in love….

    • kstreet607 says:

      LOL D… you beat me to it! Last night the POTUS was unleashed. No more elections to deal with, No more political correctness to feign. He let his detractors have it! Loved it! I just wished he would have made a vague reference to the idiot Sinclair…LOL

      More at TFC…

  32. kstreet607 says:

    Here’s one that probably had Orly and Trump mad as hell a couple of years ago…

    Seth Meyers On Birth Certificate Controversy

  33. Dennis says:

    In Crazy for today: 1. Ilse is busy yelling how the whole country has been secretly infiltrated by Jihad training camps. They are every where. Yes sir. She knows because the Canada Free Press says so. Note to Ilse: The CFP is basically a whacked out web site that is often compared to the World News Daily but actually tends to make WND look almost sane. Their claim is bullshit, honey bun. Now put down the whiskey bottle and get some sleep. 2. Orly Taitz is hot on the trail of the massive conspiracy behind the Boston bombing because…drumm roll please…Allakhverdov (as in Mischa) is not an Armenian name!!! Hey, you Russian dingbat. Just did a Google search. Do you know how many Armenians are named Allakhverdov. I lost count. I know you are a raving loon and all, but don’t you even know anything about your own country (which, BTW, ain’t the USA).

  34. noname says:

    While I was browsing some birther wingnut videos, look who I turned up.

    GumbysImperialMedia 22 hours ago
    I hate the Republican leadership almost as much as the Democrats.
    John Boner is a backstabbing little pussy. The GOP needs to get rid of that idiot.

  35. Dennis says:

    Dang its boring at the Snooze site these days. Just Ilse who is now fuming how Political Correctness has taken over the language. For example, the mainstream media now uses the word “Gay” instead of “queer” and “homo”. Oh horror. Note to Ilse: I think you are right. For example, I would love to refer to you with such terms as “hillbilly” and “trailer park trash” and “hostile honky Hessian from the lower depths of Hell,” but nooooooo…that would be rude. BTW, I think we are getting a much clearer picture as to why you “left” public teaching “early.”

    • noname says:

      Regarding Ilse, the epithet that first comes to my mind is “crazy, drunken sot,” but, again, that would be rude and unacceptable

  36. Dennis says:

    Let’s see if I got this straight, the new darlin’ of the wing nutters is Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas who is now dropping hints that he might run for president in 2016. Cruz was born in Canada and his father was a Cuban national and according to Cruz, he is a natural born US citizen because of his mother. Oh wee! I can’t wait to see his long form…..

    • kstreet607 says:

      No doubt birthers will defend Cruz’s “birth tale” about the mother being a natural born citizen, therefore HE is indeed one too..All the while condemning the idea when the same argument was raised on the Obama “birther” issue.

      • Dennis says:

        Besides, isn’t Canada a state or something? I know better but I was hoping to provoke a response from Meesh….

      • noname says:

        I’m getting a kick out of the freakers twisting themselves into weird shapes trying to abandon the “Blut und Boden” position while trying to maintain it for the President.

        What would Ilse think? That is, if she could clear her head long enough.

        • Dennis says:

          We can’t wait long enough for Ilse to get her head cleared. But I would think she would be crazy in love with Cruz. He both looks like and sounds like Joe McCarthy, so what’s not for her to like.

  37. Dennis says:

    Well, since Oily Ratz is back in court trying to get an appeal on her attempt to get Obama’s college records, it may be a fine moment to relive a funny piece by a real lawyer concerning her previous effort in this vain: “A Rhesus Monkey Could Have Beaten Orly Taitz”

  38. Dennis says:

    Oh goodness, this must be Jabba’s fantasy of himself at the Snooze site:
    Alex Jones: Conspiracy Inc.

    • noname says:

      Poor Jabba, who tied himself to Jeff Dense and was subsequently abandoned when he failed to pull his weight.

      Imagine if he had hooked up with Alex Jones, who has an even crazier (and stupider) audience, he might be rolling in the green now. Pistol Pete, of course, is the big loser.

      AM radio is the ticket, Jabba. Maybe, you can find a niche audience, but you will have to bring more than “I blew Obama” to the table. That target market is minuscule.

  39. Dennis says:

    Good grief, I have never seen such a pack of sore losers in all my life:

    Poll: Armed Revolution Could Be Necessary, 29 Percent Of Voters Believe

    In the survey, 44% of the Replugs say yes. Like what, they think the Koch Brothers are going to pay them for it?

  40. Meesh says:

    Thanks to Dennis, there’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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