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Ok it’s Springtime and we’re STILL here…

on March 26, 2013

Larry Sinclair

Meesh may be a bit busy so I’ve decided as her co-partner in this endeavor, to step in and continue where she left off…for now.

Larry Sinclair is pretty much obsolete but we still have fun watching him slide deeper into the abyss of nothingness.  There are also other weird characters that we look at from time to like that Taitz character and a few of the CPAC leftovers.

So, here’s a new look, a new post…have at it!


34 responses to “Ok it’s Springtime and we’re STILL here…

  1. kstreet607 says:

    Ok, so my first comment is…MEESH WE MISS YOU! ❤

  2. Meesh says:

    Sorry I had fallen asleep up in the rafters of the blog.(FatAss is beyond boring) I swear I was in a coma…And KABOOM! A huge bang and voila KStreet gave us a new look. I LOVE it!

    Thanks for waking me up (dusting myself off) LOL Couldn’t resist I embellished your post a tad KStreet (Isn’t FatAss cute?) I also added a widget or two on the sidebar We’re back in bizzzness OK?

    AWW LOOKIE FatAss found kin-folk in SC

    Which one’s the Pig?

    “This writer having grown up in South Carolina and spent many a Saturday shopping for groceries with my grandmother at Piggly Wiggly I had to take the opportunity to take a picture with Mr. Pig!
    At 51, sometimes we have to revisit our childhood. Thanks Mr. Pig.”

    Check out the size of his lunchbox on his hip!

  3. kstreet607 says:

    Meesh! That is what I had hoped you’d do!!! Thanks so much. I’m clueless with graphics for this site. YOU, on the otherhand are the BEST. (-:

  4. Dennis says:

    Meesh, you’re awake! Glad to hear. I know, Lardo is putting them under all over the net. Between his obsession with that hot cookie Ali Akbar and his desperate need to sound all holy (in his hope that Foster Freezehead will dump some money his way), the poor con man is looking kind of dull.

    • Meesh says:

      Yeh Dennis, don’t you love this one? Projecting again, Pot meet Kettle 🙄

      As for us, we would take a man who cheated on his wife over a man who lied and continues to lie about his own actions while crying victim every time he is questioned any day


    • Dennis says:

      Gee Meesh, where are you going with this? Is it because Jabba claims he is a victim every time Akbar refuses to take his phone calls or that he is a victim when people refuse to respond to his wildly long list of extremely loaded questions or because he is a victim whenever it appears that Akbar’s possible scams are working way better than Fat Boy’s obvious scams or that he is a victim….Oh, is that what you are talking about?

  5. Dennis says:

    Quick FYI to both Fat Boy and Ilse:
    Ben Carson, admirable man with a mistaken philosophy
    I’m afraid Cynthia Tucker has pretty much summed it all up. But gee whiz, he still looks better than the pizza guy who were all chasing after last year….

    • newname says:

      It is a relief to have a black conservative NOT playing to the nutbar gallery with cries about “sharia law,” etc. Remember, Herman Cain is an AM talk show host, and their stock-in-trade is saying crazy shit. His bullshit candidacy for President was a publicity stunt for the radio show to attract more mush-heads.

      After it got out of control, because racists were anxious to show that they weren’t, nobody told him that you can’t run for President while saying crazy shit.

      Carson is wrongheaded, but at least, he is not crazy-assed wrongheaded.

  6. newname says:

    Oh, boy what is he thinking?
    More crazy shit from a repug.

    A failed Republican mayoral candidate says that he has raised enough money to give away dozens of shotguns in the same town where former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and 18 other people were shot.

    Speaking as one who grew up in South Carolina with guns all around, I, as a Lib, don’t have an aversion to, or phobia against firearms. However, the crazies seem to have bogarted the conversation, and is giving pro-firearms advocates a bad name.

  7. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile over at the Snooze site for the Hopelessly Wasted, two new non-posts. Jabba is attacking (again) Ali Akbar. All same old same old blah blah blah. Good grief Fat Boy, you made your self-serving claim fifty times now. Move on, turd brain. Meanwhile, Ilse continues her usual stupid impression of a broken record with another screeching brain dead scream about what is wrong with the “Left” (her imaginary enemies) and why the “Left” hates America (doctor, those voices are still shouting in her head) and how the “Left” is plotting to turn us all gay (hope they don’t find that extra bottle she hid under the bed) blah blah blah. By now you would have thought that these two idiots would have bored each other to death.

  8. newname says:

    So Fatboy’s new love interest is being stalked like the President has been. Hell hath no fury… .

  9. newname says:

    Ilse has undoubtedly adopted Jabba the Nut’s practice of mixing John Barleycorn with psychotic medications. The mere fact that she is on the medications should disqualify her from being around firearms, sharp knives, firecrackers and caustic solutions.

  10. Dennis says:

    Oh boy, both Jabba and Ilse are busy posting Easter greetings and getting all holy. This sucking up to Foster Freezehead is really getting old. I mean how much money are these fatheaded reprobates getting out of the stupid old fart? Oh my, am I bringing the wrong attitude to their most holy ways? What I mean to say is: Praise the Lord and hand me the collection plate….

  11. newname says:

    BREAKING. Citizen Well claims “frame up” as Fatboy arrested for munching Ilse’s carpet while she was in an apparent drunken state.

    Wells claims: “Nobody is THAT bad off!”
    Video announcement.

  12. Dennis says:

    OK, now Fat Boy is doing his mindless balancing act by announcing that he opposes gay marriage not because it would allow gays to marry but because it would force everyone else to accept gay marriage and that would be wrong because…well, because Foster Freezehead is opposed and if Jabba expects to get some money out of the old turd he has to find some dumb way to shuffle around this point. That’s right, if you legalize gay marriage then only gays will get married or some kind of blithering nonsense like that.

  13. Dennis says:

    Little local news story about a man just arrested by the Secret Service for threatening the President:

    Notice this one sentence in the story: “Schuck said anything a threat is made, the Secret Service will knock on their door and talk to them, their friends and their neighbors to determine how serious the threat is.”

    Hey, wait a minute. I thought Fat Boy said he was never viewed by the Secret Service as possibly threatening the President. They just liked chatting with him (and his neighbors and stuff). Could Jabba be fibbing about his “pals” at the Secret Service….?

    • newname says:

      If it was just a friendly chat, why did poopie head soil his panties? His voice was quavering like a Joan Baez trilled high note.

      Later, a few hours after the agents had departed, interviewed Ma Barker and, probably, some trailer-park residents with taking him to the hoosegow, he felt it was safe to thump his chest.

      A paraphrase
      “The agent asked me if I would continue to send communications to the White House:
      ‘You can bank on it!,” I told him,” he crowed. Yet, to date, not another piece of mail has been sent to the lovely First Lady or the White House.

      Cowardly, lying snake turd.

  14. Dennis says:

    Now, now. Jabba and the Secret Service are all big buds. Why, they come to visit every time they happen to be in the area. I’m sure that they are even helping him with that book. In fact, that is why it is taking so long to finish because he has to include all of their names in the Acknowledgment section. BTW, what did ever happen to that “book”?

    • kstreet607 says:

      Dennis: That “book” went the way of the nut bread, his run for congress, his elusive “shining star”, his several internet radio shows, his “hungry bottom” ad, etc.

  15. kstreet607 says:

    Since we’re calling out Jabba’s lies (again) remember when he first got on You Tube and touted that he had a MILLION hits!? I suppose he was just a curiosity at the time but he thought it was all about his personality…LOL! Well I was showing my grandkids (7 and 9) The (original) Gangnam Style video on You tube. The hits were: 1,490,215,388. When Fatass gets to that number, THEN he can brag. Until then he needs to STFU!

  16. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile at the Lying Snakes Snooze ‘n Booze site, Ilse continues her bizarre descent into total frothing craziness with a new piece that is largely devoid of reality based, factual references and is mostly a string of paranoid rants held together by deranged accusations and bogus historical claims, all rounded off by something resembling a verbal epileptic fit. I actually have seen more lucid writing produced by patients at an asylum. They got to get her off the hard stuff.

  17. Dennis says:

    BTW, Fat Boy is still taking advance orders for his new book even though his ad states that he is still waiting to resolve those pesky format issues (to be finished by December??). The ISBN number still comes up as nothing. The lousy crooked idiot is setting a new record in stupid….

  18. Dennis says:

    Fat Boy better read this article. It’s about some of his potential readers:
    One in four Americans think Obama may be the antichrist, survey says

  19. Dennis says:

    Breaking News: Larry Sinkliar has announced today new changes with his Snooze site. Having failed to gain readers (aka MONEY) through his “thanky Jesus” platform, the alleged newsman has changed his name (again) to Larry Kim Jong Sink Un. He says that this is a proven attention getter and immediately announced that he has a missile (believed to be a vodka bottle rocket) ready to launch at the imperialist war monger Ali Akbar. He said that he has given a launch at will command to Field Marshall Ilse and upon the defeat of Akbar will once again turn his attention to the evil usurper of Washington.

  20. kstreet607 says:

    LOL…Good one Dennis!

  21. Dennis says:

    Today’s update with the No News Site. Fat Boy is back attacking Ali Akbar blah blah blah. Ilse goes on an incoherent rant blah blah blah. Yes, they have become this dismissable. Does that joint in West Virginia have any double rubber rooms?

  22. Dennis says:

    Snooze site updates for the day. Fat Boy goes on a whiny tear about how he, as a self-loathing gay man, has to endure hatred from those mean mouthed non-self-loathing gays. Oh boo hoo. The poor baby is feeling a wee bit touchy. Hope he didn’t go to Ilse for comfort. The She Wolf earns her stripes, starting with a crazed and rambling attack against Melissa Harris-Perry and Elizabeth Warren (they are socialists, you know) followed by her own unique approach to parenthood (whatever happens, it’s your own damn fault). Ilse, you are right.
    Take yourself, for example. You get fat and stupid, it’s your own damn fault. Lose your job as a teacher, it’s your own damn fault. Get drunk and write gibberish, it’s your own damn fault. Get hooked up with a two-bit flim flam artist like Fat Boy, it’s your own damn fault. Hey! I’m liking this game….

  23. Meesh says:

    Thanks to Dennis, there’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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