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Time for a new post

on February 17, 2013

While Sinclair is getting his beauty sleep, or possibly dreaming up his next scheme to make a fast buck   – we  may as well continue here…Ah he’s boring.

Larry sinclair


92 responses to “Time for a new post

  1. kstreet607 says:

    I’l be first by saying, no amount of beauty rest can help Jabba the Butt!!!

  2. Dennis says:

    I assume Jabba just spent the weekend stuck in the wide load while Obama was in the state vacationing. Lots of TV, long sessions with the bottle, a few drunken snoozes….wait a minute, that’s his usual weekend, so never mind.

  3. Dennis says:

    Now El Lamo is trying to sound excited about Sarah Palin speaking at CPAC. Lots of jabber about building a tent for the conservative movement into the next century. Note to Jabba: Unless you are planning to live to be 200, this is the next century. BTW, Palin is viewed as a joke even among the wing nutters. What they are paying for her speaker fee, it is too damn much.

    Former Governor Sarah Palin To Address CPAC 2013

    February 18, 2013
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    The line up for CPAC 2013 continues to grow and Sinclair News will be there to bring you extensive coverage and interviews from some of the most influential names in the conservative movement along with some of the new young conservative voices who are determined to grow the conservative tent into the next century. We will be publishing a schedule of live interviews to be streamed via Live-Stream as well as streaming live from the grand ballroom non-stop for the entire 3 day conference.

    Today American Conservative Union announced the addition of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to its speaker line up. Palin gave the CPAC 2012 Keynote speech which was interrupted by students yelling “mic check” before being drowned out by the audience chanting “USA, USA, USA!”

  4. newname says:

    Tee hee hee.

    … Sinclair News will be there to bring you extensive coverage and interviews from some of the most influential names in the conservative movement… .

    Ali Akbar and who else?

  5. newname says:

    I guess that Ilse is funding Jabba’s projected holiday now that Die Weisse Engel has boogied off and left him in a lurch.

    I guess teacher pensions are generous–even in Tennessee.

    3-Day Conference Pass Mar 8, 2013 $195.00
    Includes access to the General Session and Exhibition Area and a complimentary one year membership to the American Conservative Union

  6. newname says:

    Oh, those heady days of 2008! First-class flights…four-star and five-star hotels…Jabba living large on somebody else’s plastic. PattyNJ giving him reach-arounds…those were the days.

    Ma Barker, always alert to the possibility of a grift or a scam, milking the lardtards for atty fees, etc.

    Oh, where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio?

  7. Dennis says:

    $195? Is that the ticket price or how much they have to pay people to spend 3 days listening to all of these losers?

  8. Meesh says:

    OMG I didn’t think POS could add more tags then what he used to – but check it out NOW!!! 🙄

    Tags: ACU, ACU Announces CPAC 2013 Schedule, Alex Smith, Alex Smith National Co-Chairman of the College Republican National Committee, Alexander McCobin, Alexander McCobin President of Students For Liberty, American Enterprise Institute, Americans United for Life, America’s Survival, Artur Davis, Callista Gingrich, CampaignGrid, Capital Research Center, Charles Koch Institute, Citizen Link, Citizens United, Clear Glass Productions, Col. Allen West, Congressman Allen West, Conservative Action, CPAC, CPAC 2013, Crony Chronicles, David Horowitz Freedom Center, Executive Director of Young Americans for Liberty, Former Congressman Artur Davis, former FL Gov. Jeb Bush, Former Gov Sarah Palin, former Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuño, Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), Former Sinclair Publishing Inc to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Former U.S. Representative Allen West, Former U.S. Representative Artur Davis, Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), Francesca Chambers, Francesca Chambers Editor of Red Alert Politics, Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, Free Think U Foundation, From Israel To You, Gov Sarah Palin, Hot Air, Inc., Jeb Bush, Jeff Frazee, Jeff Frazee Executive Director of Young Americans for Liberty, Kristan Hawkins, Kristan Hawkins President of Students for Life, LLC, Luis Fortuno, Luis Fortuno Governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Madison Rising, Mayor Mia Love, National Co-Chairman of the College Republican National Committee, NCC Media, NumbersUSA, Obama behind NBC & ABC News reports on Newt Gingrich, P.C. Button Company, Pepperdine School of Public Policy, PJ Media, PJTV, President of Students For Liberty, President of Students for Life, ProEnglish, Red Edge, Roe v Wade 40th Anniversary, Second Amendment Foundation, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA), Sinclair News, Sinclair News-LS News Group, Stacy’s Got Greek, Students for Liberty, Tea Party Patriots, The American Conservative Union, The Association of Mature American Citizens, The Future of the Movement: Winning with Generations X & Y, The Heritage Foundation, The Institute for Faith, The Liberty Brand Co., Threshold Editions, TMA Direct, TownHall Magazine, U.S. Representative Paul Ryan, U.S. Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, U.S. Senator Mike Lee, U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, U.S. Senator Rand Paul, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, US News, US Politics, US Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, UT, Works & Economics, •Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, •Former Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno, •Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, •Former U.S. Representative Allen West, •Former U.S. Representative Artur Davis, •Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, •Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, •Saratoga Springs, •South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, •U.S. Representative Darrell Issa (CA-49), •U.S. Representative Steve Scalise (LA-1), •U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), •U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), •U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), •U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), •Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
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  9. Dennis says:

    I’m sure that it is longer than the book he hasn’t written yet.

  10. Dennis says:

    Oh boy! Jabba has new video equipment. And he now claims he will present live streaming coverage of CPAC. Send him your money now. And it is all part of his new snooze site with its new policy of Honesty, Integrity, Transparency (H.I.T. – which I suspect really stands for Hateful Insane and Trivial). It’s the new Jabba with the new site. Odd, still looks like the same old boring crap to me….

  11. YankeeClipper says:

    The Freak Republic has been down for the last four days…Jim Robinson (the owner of the asylum) has apparently disappeared.

    Looks like one of the Robinson brothers from Free Republic has gone missing (still offline)

    Latest update on Facebook about the “new server” so that they can get back online (after 2 days):

    “Thank you all very much for your patience, but I’m still waiting to hear the latest from John myself. I’m guessing he’s up to his eye balls in computer parts and hasn’t had the time to call or write.” (Jim Robinson, rimjob, referring to his brother, John Robinson, who also “runs” Free Republic).

    And a response from a freeper:

    “I am curious. JR gets $350,000 a year in donations, plus $46,000 in veterans benefits from taxpayers. That’s $1000/DAY. Where does the money go? $1000 a day pays for a LOT of servers and bandwidth. Begging for more money (needs $7k for a server?) while not accounting for the previous $$ smells like scam.”


  12. Dennis says:

    A scam at Free Republic??!! Must be time for Jabba to get to work on the “scoop.” Especially if there is any loose change that he might try to grab. There are so many scams going on with these nutters I half expect there will be a horrible head butting accident at CPAC when somebody drops a five dollar bill in the hallway…

  13. newname says:

    I wonder if Ilse will attack teatard Gov. Rick Scott.

    Conservatives ridiculed Gov. Rick Scott of Florida as a traitor to their cause after he announced yesterday that he would expand the state’s Medicaid program with money from President Obama’s health care reform system.

    More Here

    How will Jabba spin his hypocrisy while suckling at the medicaid teat?

    • Dennis says:

      Good question. So far, he hasn’t touched it. Was also slow on the Romney/CPAC announcement (by 24 hrs). Mr. Fearless seems to be having “problems” with the “breaking” news…

  14. Dennis says:

    Oh wow, Fat Boy’s got a new sucker “working” for the Snooze Group. Harry Tsang is a professional videographer (his main clients are all parts of the local GOP in that part of Florida). I’m sure he Jabba will hit it off just swell…Especially during those long and sweaty sessions at CPAC….Hey, Harry, make sure you have your own room. And what ever you do, don’t expect to get anywhere submitting a bill.

  15. kstreet607 says:

    Meesh I really like this layout.

    • Meesh says:

      Glad it’s to your liking…I find it’s a cleaner look. Not sure, I think we tried this one briefly when I was experimenting. Yankee Clipper preferred this one over the other formats – that I was constantly switching over.

      You can’t really see it in this current post, but if you look at a longer post.(Like the previous post) This format is easier to read.

  16. newname says:

    Oh, I just love this format; it’s the cat’s meow!

    If only I had an edit button… .

  17. Dennis says:

    Michelle Obama just announced the winner for Best Picture from the White House. Earthquake in the Orlando area as Fat Boy’s head explode.

  18. Dennis says:

    Today at Snooze Land, Ilse rewrites American political history as she presents the
    Democratic Party as the party for racism and against civil rights. Yes, once upon a time, the Democratic Party was pretty much the party of the Deep South and the Confederacy. Likewise, the GOP was once the party of Lincoln. So she is half right. Then she conveniently forgets most of 20th Century history as the Democrats become a party radically reshaped by FDR (that guy Ilse accuses of treason) and would become the party of civil rights and social justice while the GOP became the party of big business and resentful white guys. She also forgets about LBJ (another president whom I am sure she hates) who rammed civil rights through in the single most massive reshaping of American society seen since Lincoln. I assume that Ilse writes for Jabba because it is the one web site where she can be viewed as the “smart one.”

    • newname says:

      That a common meme over at the Freak Republic website nowadays–how Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Democrat and Lincoln a Republican. How stupid can you be to think that either of those would continue in the respective parties today.

      Yesterday, I counted the threads on this theme, so it must be the current talking point of the RW for the time being. But, the idea of an anti-racist Freaker is laughable It must be a Floyd Brown/Karl Rove brainstorm to trick the dim-witted blacks and browns that the current Repugs are on their side. I’m sure it will result in huge dividends–not!

      Ilse needs to get busy on the Rick Scott conversion to Socialism by cooperating with Obamacare. Of course, it would mean tossing Fatboy under a locomotive…c’est la vie.

      • Dennis says:

        Yep, they have been pounding on this one hard. The nutters are all sputtering in many wild and crazy ways. Heck, just noticed that Oily Tat-tard is now trying to get her senior followers to help her track down any and all traffic tickets in Obama’s name. After all, a guy who can’t park right can’t be president.

  19. newname says:

    Ilse needs to study this carefully.

    Norway was first place in the world in the UNDP Human Development Index (HDI) for six consecutive years (2001-2006) and again in 2009 and 2010. The standard of living in Norway is among the highest in the world. Parental leave is 46 weeks and they have national health insurance. Libertarian websites such as Wikipedia refer to it as one of the biggest welfare states in the world. Thirty percent of all employment is through the government. Norway has the lowest unemployment rate and highest wages in the world (2.6%). Significant portions of the telecommunications and oil industry are owned by the government. Norway has a much lower crime rate and a much better prison system.

    People in the U.S. (see table below) work harder ( by 351 more hours per year), are paid less, have the fewest work protections of any developed country, a higher unemployment rate, more poverty, lower life-expectancies by two years… .People in the U.S. (see table below) work harder ( by 351 more hours per year), are paid less, have the fewest work protections of any developed country, a higher unemployment rate, more poverty, lower life-expectancies by two years.

  20. newname says:

    I get a kick out of bamboozled Freekers decrying that we on the left “want to be more like Europe” like that is a bad thing. Ilse needs to cap the Jack Daniels and clear her head.

  21. Dennis says:

    Sorry Newname. Ilse just moved on to the next bottle and is back to telling everybody that they are stupid. She must have been a hoot back at parent/teacher meetings. So Obama is an illegal president because she says so and anyone who says otherwise is stupid. The country has been turned into a socialist dictatorship because she says so and anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid. The entire US government is engaged in treason because she says so and everyone else is stupid. Man oh man, the booze is flowing hard at her house….Oh wait, I’m just stupid so what do I know?

  22. Dennis says:

    Oh boy, nothing but non-excitement over at Snoozeland. Jabba drones on with a totally self-serving piece on the death of that scum bag Andrew Breitbert (whose sudden death was about the only way he could duck out on the lawsuit filed by Shirley Sherrod – the woman who Breitbert libeled, defamed, and slandered for no other reason than because the stupid jerk thought he could get away with it). Then a long winded pile of bs about how he, Douche Brain, follows in the “noble” Breitbert tradition (which in a way he does – all lies all the time). Then he is back to his current favorite topic – the evil Ali Akbar. Now he is demanding that Akbar allow himself to be interviewed by Jabba at CPAC. Good grief, does Fat Boy have the hots for this guy or what??!! Maybe he wants to do the “interview” in the buff. Sounds like a “news” report for YouPorn coming up….

  23. kstreet607 says:

    We haven’t visited this topic in a while:

    How Do You Know If Someone Is A Sociopath (Looking over at Jabba’s Hut)

    Here is a list of ways to identify a sociopath. This list is from “Profile of a Sociopath.” It’s a pretty good list of sociopathic indicators.

    Glibness/superficial charm
    Manipulative and cunning
    Grandiose sense of self
    Pathological lying
    Lack of remorse, shame or guilt
    Shallow emotions
    Incapacity for love
    Need for stimulation
    Callousness/lack of empathy
    Poor behavioral controls/impulsive nature
    Early behavior problems/juvenile delinquency
    Promiscuous sexual behavior/infidelity
    Lack of realistic life plan/parasitic lifestyle
    Criminal or entrepreneurial versatility
    Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
    Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
    Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
    Conventional appearance
    Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
    Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
    Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
    Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
    Incapable of real human attachment to another
    Unable to feel remorse or guilt
    Narcissism, grandiosity (self-importance not based on achievements)
    May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

    • YankeeClipper says:

      And there it is folks, the biography of Jabba, in one short post from our Kstreet. Great work Lady KStreet!

  24. Dennis says:

    That list is always a good reminder. But Jabba misses on some interesting points:
    1. Conventional appearance (only by the lowest trash standards of the trailer park).
    2. Glibness/superficial charm (only when compared to Gollum in Lord of the Rings).
    3. Only rarely in difficulty with the law,… (heck, this idiot even got busted while serving time for crying out loud).
    Even as a Sociopath, Fat Boy is a screamin’ failure.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      1. Conventional appearance (only by the lowest trash standards of the trailer park)

      Styles by WalMart and Chinese slave labor (foot flops).

  25. Dennis says:

    Another hot new piece by Ilse where she goes blah-blah-blah (oink oink) and then more blah-blah-blah rounded off by another round of everybody-else-is-stupid blah-blah-blah oink oink. Good grief, she’s starting to make Ed Hale look like a dapper man of reason….

    • newname says:

      Good grief, she’s starting to make Ed Hale look like a dapper man of reason….

      Good grief. That was a blast from the past. I guess ‘Ol Ed’ is retired from bilking birthers and some others with ODS. The “muh dawg died” whine is right up there with Nixon’s checkers speech. Yep, he fleeced a bunch of losers.

      I remember, on his blog, a genius rocket scientist/brain surgeon exclaim that Obama couldn’t be eligible by quoting a definition of NBC for the Urban Dictionary. But, Ed had the personality to collect those types.

  26. newname says:

    I wonder why Ilse is staying away from the takers who bilk the taxpayers out of “fool check” monies?

    This is the ultimate scam; the recipients haven’t paid for the disability insurance and are quite often faking. Additionally, the moochers almost universally have their hands out for food stamps and socialistic medicaid. In some cases, since they don’t have to punch a clock for a nine-to-five, they utilize their time to scam monies that would disqualify them for all assistance!

    Better get on it, Ilse, wasteful socialism is not going to fix itself.

  27. Dennis says:

    Good God, the lunatics are crawling from rocks and slimy places every where you look:
    Gun Activists Warn Obama is Raising a Private Black Army to Massacre White Americans
    Read more:

  28. Dennis says:

    Today in Snoozeland: Fat Boy reprints his 2,534th press release for CPAC (always with his byline plastered on top of obvious PR copy) while Ilse hacks out a short and snarky “obit” on Hugo Chavez. I have spent long evenings with insurance agents more exciting than this non-news site.

  29. Dennis says:

    Lucifer is not likely to make such a poor deal. Meanwhile, Fatso is gearing up for next week’s CPAC which means that he is back to attacking, again, Ali Akbar. Gosh, is he warm for Ali’s form or what?

    • kstreet607 says:

      Well, Dennis if the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again (“Ali this and Ali that…”) is insanity…then it’s just as we’ve known all along…Jabba is “batshit insane”. Always has been…always will be…

  30. Dennis says:

    Kstreet, that goes without saying (but you may keep on saying it anyway).

  31. Dennis says:

    Ilse the increasingly toothless she-wolf does a extremely smug piece claiming that the so-called Sequester cuts don’t amount to a hill of beans, Obama is obviously lying and just wants the money so he can fly drones across America to kill people. Note to Ilse: The first impact of the cuts are about to hit at the local and state levels, you idiot. The next three weeks are about to get very bumpy for lots of people. So hold on to your blog post. You will be eating every word very. soon. As for drones – I wouldn’t worry too much about the Feds. It is all of the other dopes (like Fox News) that are getting ready to fly their private versions all over the place. Heck, Obama is the least of your worries.

  32. Dennis says:

    Jabba is right now getting ready to leave the trailer part and head to Washington for CPAC

  33. newname says:

    This has nothing to do with Jabba–except for equivalent toxicity–but, it is important.

    Thyroid abnormalities have now been confirmed among tens of thousands of children downwind from Fukushima. They are the first clear sign of an unfolding radioactive tragedy that demands this industry be buried forever.

    Two years after Fukushima exploded, three still-smoldering reactors remind us that the nuclear power industry repeatedly told the world this could never happen.

    And 72 years after the nuclear weapons industry began creating them, untold quantities of deadly wastes still leak at Hanford and at commercial reactor sites around the world, with no solution in sight.

    Radiation can be slow to cause cancer, taking decades to kill.

    But children can suffer quickly. Their cells grow faster than adults’. Their smaller bodies are more vulnerable. With the embryo and fetus, there can never be a “safe” dose of radiation. NO dose of radiation is too small to have a human impact.

    Last month the Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey acknowledged a horrifying plague of thyroid abnormalities, thus far afflicting more than forty percent of the children studied.

    The rest here.

  34. Dennis says:

    The pursuit of nothingness continues at Lardo’s site. While Fat Boy is hitchhiking his way to Washington for the KneeCap convention, Ilse the dingbat continues her rants about how everybody is stupid, Obama wasn’t even born here, and all real Americans need their guns (I guess because of all of us stupid people). Good grief, what a pack of boneheaded losers….

  35. tjtaygee says:

    reporting in for Lurking! …will have something to say/add in about a week…

  36. Dennis says:

    Please lurk…all you want…it’s lonely over here.

  37. Oh my word…Y’all are still here! I hung out on the Mitch and Nan show a lot when the whole Larry Sinclair saga began. And I see he’s still at it…Geeze I really thought he would go away after Obama became President Obama. The crazy is strong in that one…big time! I learned the ins and outs of blogging online from y’all and have been loving it ever since…Glad to know you’re still here and staying after old LarLar. Good on y’all!

  38. Dennis says:

    Hi Tinkerbellstwistedsister. Drop by anytime.
    Meanwhile, just took a peek at Fat Boy’s exciting live feed from CPAC: “We are experiencing difficulties with the internet connection and are working as fast as possible to get it fixed and get the live feed going.”
    Oh for crying out loud. The lousy dumb s.o.b. can’t even hook up a basic connection. Must be waiting for someone to hand him some money just to make the effort worth while.

    • newname says:

      I wondered if Ilse has sobered up enough to rue financing Fatboy’s latest holiday.

      At least, no more business or first-class air travel–threatening the First Family does have some consequences. From now on, its Grey Dog or crapmobile.

  39. newname says:

    Obama has offered to slow socialism by cutting Ilse’s COLA and she still gives him no kudos. What can he do to please you, Ilse?

  40. Dennis says:

    Ilse? Sweet baby Jesus, she has now hopped aboard the fundie bandwagon at the Snooze site. Yep, she is now explaining how all the founding fathers were big Christian kind of guys (which will come as a surprise to all of those folks who were either Freemasons or even atheists). Since Ilse is such a great student of history, she backs up her claim with an infamous bogus quote from John Qunicy Adams (Ilse, baby, do more research – that quote is viewed as extremely dubious and since Adams was a Unitarian and they tend to be pretty much in favor of maintaining a strong separation of church and state – will, gee honey bun, you are just full of shit – next time, put down the bottle and actually research this stuff before you open your dumb mouth). So if Ilse is bankrolling Lardo’s joyride to Washington, she must think that God told her too.

    • newname says:

      Ilse needs to watch this. Not that it will do any good unless she stoppers the jug first.

      • Dennis says:

        Next you are going to tell me that Thomas Jefferson wrote his own version of the Bible (minus miracles and stuff); Ben Franklin didn’t really give a hoot; Washington seemed to go to church largely to make business deals and woo rich widows; the few founding fathers who were more openly “devote” were often using religion as a means of justifying slavery (another old institution that Ilse probably supports).

  41. tjtaygee says:

    Oddly enough, liar-larr seems to be not reporting at all on the actual CPAC event…lots of pre-amble, but now nothing? S’funny, cause there’ve been at least two highly-charged racial incidents there already, and a few other not-so-good moments for the “conservatives” there, and yet liar-larr isn’t beating the (dishonestly) defensive drum as per the usual…
    Anything he would post would likely be a fail (mostly due to inherent disingenuousness), but he’s actually failing to fail in this respect…
    it’s a magical Liar-larr Double-Fail!

    • newname says:

      Jabba the Slut is probably busy trying to re-connect with Pistol Pete. Though, I suspect that the tip won’t be nearly as generous this time.

      Oh, glory days–when Fatso was living large off Dr. Death’s dime.

  42. newname says:

    If Sluggo had bestirred himself, he could have had Donald Trump to himself during the Badger-head’s pontificating. Might have been able to do a hummer–no one would have noticed, since nobody was present.

  43. newname says:

    Alert me, Dennis, when Jabba interviews Orly; she’ll never turn down any exposure. Not much occasion for any extra-curricular activity though. The disbarred lawyer has the poon-tang locked up.

    • Dennis says:

      Ain’t gonna ta happen. Jabba is scared of Oily. Remember, she tried to get him to go into court to tell his stupid Donald Young story under oath. Good grief, what was that nut thinking. The judge could have nailed him on that crap….

    • Dennis says:

      As for Oily Catz, she’s busy at CPAC shoveling “documents” to her new found friend Edwin Meese. Yes, Meese, the country club lawyer and nitwit Attorney General for Ronnie Reagan. The guy who went after the porn industry because that way he could watch free porn and get paid for it.

  44. Dennis says:

    So far, Fat Boy’s coverage of the Conservative Political Assholes Conference has been non-existent. Lousy looking live feeds and no interviews, no reporting, no nothing. He seems to have slipped and vanished beneath the buffet table. I’m not even sure if he is really there, though presumably he will waddle home afterwards with the usual photos of himself and a few pointless pithy postings.

  45. tjtaygee says:

    Could liar-larr have been lying about his internet connection? Was he simply hijacking the CPAC feed as if it was his own?
    I just saw this tweet on twitter – seems oddly coincidental:
    With the usual right wing flair for technology, nobody at CPAC cares enough to fix the web feed audio that’s been messed up for 2 days

    • Dennis says:

      Yeah, could be. Jabba’s handling of the event has been remarkable for its nothingness. BTW, I tought he was planning to chase Ali Akbar all over the place and had even loaded up on the popcorn for the fun show.

  46. tjtaygee says:

    ‘course, by “hijacking” i don’t mean liar-larr was doing anything fancy or technical…just that he was linking the cpac feed as if it was his own without revealing that to his (very, very few) viewers.

  47. tjtaygee says:

    gotta wonder what liar-larr’s interpretation of “net ad fees” might be…
    “From February 4, 2013 through March 31, 2013 Sinclair News is offering a 180 day (6 month) rotating 300px by 250px top right sidebar AD which will appear on all pages for $100.80 for the 180 day period or just $0.56 per day. This AD Special will provide you not only an excellent AD value but 100% of the net AD fees generated from these Fifty (50) AD slots will be donated to Water Missions International and Volusia International Bible Fellowship split 50/50 until VIBF has obtained a portable Baptismal at which time 100% of all net (minus PayPal processing fees per transaction) fees generated will be donated to Water Missions International. In addition all direct contributions of $100.00 or more to Water Missions International thru March 31, 2013 will entitle you to a 180 day AD here.”
    it’s March 17th, already, and there aren’t any ads there yet! (cue liar-larr dummying-up a phony ad as if he sold the space after he reads this.)

  48. Dennis says:

    Guess the Greyhound has finally arrived in town. Fat Butt is promising to start downloading within the next 26 hours his photos, videos, and hot reports from CPAC in which he will praise the truthseekers and expose the liars (oh crap, more stuff about Akbar?). Yes sir, once he sobers up and finds some copy to crib, he will be right on it.

  49. newname says:

    I guess Ilse didn’t care to stray to far from the open jug, so she didn’t accompany Jabba to hobnob with the nutball elite.

    Speaking of which, a bigger collection of grifters, scam artists and outright scoundrels have never been assembled. Not even if Fagin had convened a conclave of his miscreants, or if Prof. Moriaty had gathered the entire London underword in St. John Wood.

  50. Dennis says:

    As far as I can see, CPAC was made up of 3 hopeful nitwits (Paul, Rubio, and Bush) and a long line of sore losers (virtually every other speaker).

  51. newname says:

    For your collective amusement. Orly receives a ROUSING reception from other nutballs.

  52. Dennis says:

    Yep, Oily is already at her site going on a tear about the traitors at CPAC and at the Breibert site and anyone else who crossed her at the bore fest. To bad she and Fat Boy didn’t have another run in. Would have been fun to watch.

  53. Dennis says:

    OK, it has been past the 26 hours alert Jabba gave for all of his exciting material from CPAC and so far nothing. He must be doing it as a “book.” Speaking of which…whatever happened to that major opus? It’s kind of dropped off the face of the earth…

    • newname says:

      Jeez, give him time to flush the chemicals from his bloodstream, and the nostalgic recollections of Pistol Pete from his psyche. You’ve done a good deed by picking up the tab, Ilse–but make sure that he didn’t get HIS hand on the plastic. His aunt could tell you stories about that.

  54. Dennis says:

    Ilse is currently more concerned with how the UN is about to take our guns away and leave us at the mercy of Obama and his armed thugs from Homeland Security who are obviously plotting to slaughter Americans in mass because…OK, that part seems kind of thin. In fact, the whole story is pretty thin (for example, the purchase of weapons by Homeland Security has been vastly overstated by wing nutters across the web). You’re right that she should be more concerned about Jabba getting a hold of her credit cards, but Ilse has her own harebrained agenda.

  55. Dennis says:

    Oh boy, Fatso is finally getting some of the video posts up and almost running (poor sound quality makes everyone sound as if they were talking underwater). What is his great line up. Mostly obscure fringe of the fringe figures and a few second string talking heads from Fox. Mostly, he seems to have staked out a few hallways and tried to nab people as they were on their way to the bathroom (all that flushing sound may not be simply due to poor equipment). Yes sir, more cutting edge snooze reporting from Mr. Waste-of-Space himself…

  56. Dennis says:

    Mr. Liar-Lips has now posted a new video where he rants for one hour and ten minutes about how the other wing nutters are all liars. Guess Akbar wouldn’t do the wild thing in Washington. Let those with strong stomachs watch. All others switch the channel now.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Dennis I just watched that video (well scanned through it in about 2 minutes) and what I heard was an attack on Ali Akbar which sounds eerily similar to our attacks on Sinclair! Talk about PROJECTION! His final words on that piece of crap article says:

      The truth is just that, the truth. If you can’t be honest in your own actions you should not be demanding honesty of another.


      • Dennis says:

        Well, an attack on both Akbar and Robert McCain. In between lots of lip smacking, weird snorts, whiny vocals, and odd gulping sounds (and maybe a few farts – I couldn’t quite tell). And I loved that tight fitting t-shirt that delivers the full contours of his bloated belly. This was an A-1 production in every sense. BTW, did he actually pay to go to that convention? It looked to me as if he simply spent his time roaming the hallways outside of the meetings.

  57. newname says:

    This buttwipe is nearly as ironically challenged as Jabba–note that I said nearly.

    Ilse take notes.

  58. Dennis says:

    Now, now. Pat Robertson has a point, though I didn’t realize he was ever this “self-reflective” in his thinking….

  59. Dennis says:

    Latest flash from the deepest parts of Wing Nutter Land: Oily Catz wants to know how she can “submit” Obama’s name to the FBI most wanted list. She think you nominate people…Gee, can’t Jabba help her out. He has a lot of first hand experience with the criminal “nominating” process.

  60. Dennis says:

    Just took a fast wade through the pond muck found in nutter’s world. They are now getting more and more jacked up about Obama’s “private army.” What army, you say? Well, before Ilse gives us the news, I thought I might share this little bit from that outlines the strangely harmless reality from the feverish fits of crazed fantasy.

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