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Uh Oh! Not again…

on December 28, 2012

Siren“Sinclair News Has Been Hacked In Effort To Destroy Our Rankings”

The complete post is here—-> December 27, 2012 By Larry Sinclair

7419mariah_eyerollSickliar closes: with   “….. We are aware of individuals using sites who have engaged in hacking activities in the past and we have reported those individuals to WordPress and Automatic and will seek criminal prosecution if the actions are traced back to these individuals.”

Yeh right,  pretty pathetic, just in time  where he wants to sell it?

larry sinclair_moneySinclairNews To Sell Off LarrySinclair Domains “In Sinclair News plan to focus on its SinclairNews.Net and operations exclusively in the coming 2013 year, we have made the decision to sell off all of the LarrySinclair domains including the dot com, net, org & info domains. The material which currently finds its home on any of the LarrySinclair domains will be imported into archive files and the domains themselves sold off. These domains will be sold and will not be allowed to expire and be picked up due to expired registrations. Those interested in obtaining these domains will only be allowed to do so by purchasing them from us.”

 Sounds pretty fishy to me…  BTW FatBoy, I do not believe you (what else is new)…..As always,  I’m eager to know what our Dennis has to say about this:

DENNIS THE MENACE 1 Hot non-news from Lardo Land.  He’s been hacked (again).  Some fiend has attempted to use his site to misdirect people to some sort of online pharmacy site.  It’s a vast conspiracy in an attempt to damage his “top ranked” news site.  In other words, he is getting hit by spammers who obviously found a flaw in his IT set up and were able to play this gambit for nearly a week before Fat Boy even had a clue.  As for that top ranked crap –Hey, Lardo, I’ve seen your ratings. Trust me, nobody else noticed either. It should also be noted that the misdirect hack (a common spam problem) appears to have been poorly done.  The Yahoo search engine brought this link up under a search of his name, but the link simply went to his crappy news site.  Some spammers will seek out certain web sites for misdirect efforts.  What they especially go looking for are lesser known web sites with poor security.  Many web sites hit with this problem will simply and quietly take care of the issue and keep silent about it. They don’t need to advertise that they are hackable.  Of course they are not Fat Boy, the Drama Queen.

Let’s see if the spin train is running on schedule.

1. Bogus claim of being a top rated web site – check.Red-Check-Mark

2.  Peddle pre-order sales of a non-existent book – check.Red-Check-Mark

3.  Go back to pumping the phony Donald Young story – check.Red-Check-Mark

4.  Wild claim of site being hacked (thereby preventing people who pre-ordered the non-existent book from bugging you with complaints) – check.Red-Check-Mark

5.  Crazy threats of criminal prosecution against unknown (and most likely non-existent) hackers – check.Red-Check-Mark

6.  Constant whinning for “donations” via numerous dishonest pitches – check.Red-Check-Mark

7.  Complete failure on all fronts – double check.  Guess the tic tacs are coming soon.Red-Check-MarkRed-Check-Mark

BTW, I  looked it up and noticed that one of the uses for prednisone (the drug being peddled by the hackers) is for treatment of  syphilis.  Is Fat Boy sure that he didn’t simply screw up his own web site while ordering some?


Thanks Dennis… Spot on!

Face it Sinclair, when it comes to you…

Once a CON, always a CON!

It’s ALWAYS been about:dollar_sign_rotate_hg_wht


49 responses to “Uh Oh! Not again…

  1. Meesh says:

    Once again Dennis to the rescue… you’re simply awesome!

  2. kstreet607 says:

    In other words: “Send me money…I’m a victim (again) I need to sue the enemy but I need legal fees.”

  3. Meesh says:

    Prednisone ads? Oh maybe he was re-visiting his “PORN Dating site” again… That “Hungry Bottom” I tell ya!

    • joeymac says:

      Heh heh heh.

      Poor Jabba. He only got takers who want to bathe him with a golden shower. Though, admittedly, it probably improve his hygiene.

  4. joeymac says:

    Oh, noes.

    What was old is new again. “I wuz hacked,” “I got a threat,” and “Sumbudy stole from me,” are all a bit tiresome.

    I get a kick out of the Lex Luther wannabe pontifically threatening criminal charges against all and sundry…this is from the arch-criminal!

  5. joeymac says:

    Hey, slut Jabba. Send another threatening email to the White House and blame it on unnamed “hackers,” see what that buys you.

  6. YankeeClipper says:

    Dear Jabba,

    Whatcha gonna do when it’s proven the flying monkeys and the Wing Nut Brigade are behind your alleged hacking? I mean, really dude. You been pissing off those animals for quite a while now and I hear tell, they’re firm believers in the adage; “payback’s a bitch.”

  7. Dennis says:

    comment has been placed in the lead post 😉

  8. Meesh says:


    I just noticed your avatar! Is it ever cute—->


  9. Dennis says:

    Just took a quick look at the Lardo site for pathetic losers. Ilse is ranting again about the impending communist take over of America while mangling political history into a complete mess based upon crap she must have learned at John Birch University. For example, the American Progressive movement did not start from the Bolshevik Revolution. In fact, it started in the 19th century and was partly rooted in a variety of religious movements (e.g. the Quakers) as well as such political figures as Teddy Roosevelt. But why continue. Trying to straighten out Ilse’s thinking requires a shrink, not an historian. Meanwhile the drama queen is stilling yelling that he has been hacked. Poor baby. Maybe Meesh is right. He has to lay off of those porn sites.

    • Meesh says:

      You betcha Dennis… on porn sites at least he has a miniscule of a chance, because—->They can’t see what he looks like.

      While I’m on the subject of “miniscule”…[Scroll up] that really is a screenshot of his porn site that we found.—->

      How did we know it’s him? By his porn screename LWS022737 this was his first email address. (sidebar pretty sick – FA’s email address was his Dad’s birthdate—–> Lawrence H Sinclair Birth Date: February 27 1937 —> so it was ALSO his PORN dating screename—-> 022237 )

      Anywho, did you notice how much he lied in that? 30 years old in 2008?
      his weight for another thing, as for the rest….ahem I think we established with the picture that he posted, wearing only his panties – Lordy! *it’s* more like a vienna sausage.

      • Dennis says:

        I was really trying not to give him that much thought in that manner…Now you have thrown me off my dinner. Good thing I never liked Vienna sausages…Now excuse me, I’ve got to barf.

        • Meesh says:


          Sorry about that…I did it to myself too. Was going to go out for dinner, got to wait it out until I find mee-self some brain bleach. Blech!

          Actually, I’m snowed in…what’s it like in your neck of the woods? Did you get your Boxing Day snow? How about the rest of you guys, any snow? I got a LOT to spare – I can’t find my car and it’s black!

          • Dennis says:

            We have been hit by two post-Christmas snow storms with a third one on the way. Spent part of today trying to just shovel out so I could get the car onto the unplowed streets and skid around on the way to the store. We have a cat who hates snow and is spending his time indoors pretending that I am a bird.

  10. tjtaygee says:

    even now if one goes to liar-larr’s site with firefox, one is warned after clicking through to an article that some of the content on the https page is, in fact, insecure.
    Liar-larr, only idiots who read your post won’t understand that if your site is compromised, their information is compromsed. the hacker gets to see everything the site admin gets to see, and you of course know that.
    it, by the way, was not an effort to lower your google or bing ratings, it was a hijack to try to get people to fall for some credit card scam. and you know that, too.
    it’s silly how you have to pepper the truth with lies.
    but not as silly as claiming your hijacked site is actually secure. ha! that’s like saying bush kept us safe post 9-11 – it ignores the even of 9-11 itself when he did not.

    • Meesh says:

      Heh Tj,

      Nice to see you…Yes, since day one he’s been SPINNING.

      You would think (with all that spinning) he would have dropped some weight. I recall recently reading one of the SSI documents that he posted on Twitter. (I’ll try to find it) it said he was at around 260 pounds. (that’s OVER two of me) He’s only 5’6 or 5’7 (about my heighth)… I know his “massive” head attributes to the weight, but c’mon now, we know *shit* for brains can’t weigh that much.

      Oh BTW, (((waving)))) to Larry!

  11. YankeeClipper says:

    Looks like Rense has found the replacement for Lard’s radio program:

    White nationalist radio program going off the air?

    “The Derek Black Show,” based in south Florida and catering to white racists, could be looking for a new home


    Don Black, the founder of Stormfront, the oldest and largest white nationalist forum, is apparently trying to figure out what to do with his and his son Derek’s radio show, “The Derek Black Show.”

    In a recent Stormfront thread, Black noted that as of January 20, 2013, the ownership of south Florida’s WPBR, the surprisingly Haitian-oriented station where the Black show which caters to white racists is based, changes. However, he said that the current owner would like Black to stay with the internet broadcasting service after January 20, but Black isn’t sure he wants to do that, and said that he may end the show because of a recent “screw-up,” he said, with the radio show’s archives.

    According to Black, longtime conspiracist and broadcaster Jeff Rense has offered his network to Black, which is “less expensive,” Black says, and provides a separate server for smartphones. The Rense network also harbors David Duke’s radio show. But even that doesn’t appear to be a perfect solution, because Black is worried about scheduling with his current hosts and, ultimately, he says, “I never intended to do this show, not even going into the station when we first set it up for Derek three years ago.”

    Don’s son, Derek, is currently attending New College in Florida and has not been active on the radio show in some time. Recently, there have been questions about Derek’s commitment to the racist views of his father. In response to student concerns at the college he attends, Derek posted in an online student forum that he is not a white supremacist, supports gay marriage and is pro-choice.



    • Dennis says:

      Stormfront? So you’re telling me that Fat Boy wasn’t crazy enough for Jeff Rense. Not only is Lardo hanging out with the scum of the earth, but he is unsuccessful at even meeting their low standards.

      • kstreet607 says:

        Still another EPIC FAIL!

      • tjtaygee says:

        that’s what i’ve been saying all along…liar-larr dropped teh (at least most obvious) cray-cray too much, and now has nothing that _anyone_ wants to read/hear.
        – no book, cause no orders (and thereby no $$$ to print said orders)
        – no radio show, cause no advertisers, cause no listeners
        – nearly-no website comments, cause anyone bothering to read falls asleep before they can comment.
        Oddly, this may mean that liar-larr realizes the “obama blew me” well is already dry..

  12. Meesh says:

    Methinks POS is drunk on Twitter —-> (too confusing to repost here, besides he erased most of it) Anyway to sum it up, he misread someone’s tweet (somebody had the audacity to say HO-HO-HO) -he jumped to conclusions, goes ballistic with crazy tweets and after the craziness (that now has been removed) he chimes in with:

    “LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews
    We stand corrected! Ho where we come from is short for something else (whore) thanks for clarafying looks like we may need to change stregth levels in our glasses. We are sorry for the misunderstanding”


    More like the strength of booze in his glass. … 🙄

    Then there’s this posted on his twitter feed:

    LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews

    ATTN: Calling SN and emailing claims about someones family because we questioned one’s own actions will not get us to attack some1’s family! While we may differ in opinion on how one should conduct themselves, we don’t differ on opinion about dragging ppl’s families into things!

    WTF??? Emails?

    • Dennis says:

      Strength level in glasses? I know. Those whiskey tumblers can fool ya…Then there is always the issue about the strength level of the meds. Then there is that mix issue between the vodka and the meds. Then there is always the question of stupid mixed with inner angry rage. It’s complicated.

      • Meesh says:

        Notice how *idiot* says WE when “he” himself screws up. Storry of his life, never takes responsibility. I could have seen him as a kid…the kid that the dog ate his homework. Blaming everybody else….

        Thus he grew up to—–> EPIC FAIL.

    • kstreet607 says:

      WTF, you slimeball drunk ass POS!? You dragged my daughter into your bull crap for years. What a phoney crazy POS!!!

  13. Meesh says:

    POS speaks!

    Happy New Year – Sinclair News To Refocus In 2013

    December 31, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Sinclair News wishes all of our readers a very Happy New Year and wanted to let you in on some of the changes you will see taking place at Sinclair News in the coming new year.

    In our effort to focus in 2013 on reporting news without playing the political games which have become so much a part of both liberal and conservative media outlets, Sinclair News will liquidate all of its registered domain names except for two; and will focus on the SinclairNews.Net; LSNewsGroup.Com domains exclusively.

    Sinclair News and LS News Group formed on January 16, 2012 out of more than five years breaking news stories through a collection of other domains that both the liberal and conservative media failed to report or reported with a spin to meet an agenda. We will continue to report the news and conduct investigative reports in the uncensored & unafraid manner that we always have.

    Sinclair News has reported on the New Conservative Media, Conservative Groups and individuals who portray themselves as being the voice of conservative America as well as liberal outlets and groups who have participated in questionable acts when it comes to honesty, integrity and transparency and we will continue to report on these types of activities until all are held to the same standard. Because of our uncovering a lack of integrity and honesty by a number of conservative organizations and New Conservative Media we have made the decision we will no longer link to any group, organization or New Media outlet that does not hold itself and its associates to the same standard of honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability they themselves demand of others. Sinclair News refuses to promote or link to any “media” outlet or organization which engages in hypocrisy and dishonesty or who plays politics to promote themselves and those organizations which they receive financial backing from, or seek financial or other assistance from. This is true of both the left and the right.

    In the coming new year you will notice Sinclair News will look to report news in the same open, honest, uncensored & unafraid manner we always have but with an added feature of looking for ways we could bring about solutions to the problems that ALL Americans face in these trying times. We will work with organizations that look to bring people from opposing view points together who will work towards bringing about a change for the common good.

    Recently we have published a series of articles which addressed questions about the honesty & integrity of Ali Akbar and those associated with Mr. Akbar’s BlogBash and National Bloggers Club. We made it clear from the start that those articles were in no way personal nor were the questions we sought answers to. On Sunday December 30, 2012 Sinclair News received a phone call from an individual who claimed he had discovered Sinclair News completely by accident and that he had information he felt Sinclair News would be interested in regarding Mr. Akbar.

    After speaking briefly with this individual Sinclair News contacted Mr. Akbar by text message and email. Both made clear to Ali that contrary to his belief, Sinclair News is not now nor have we ever engaged in any effort to “destroy” him or “smear” his good name. Mr. Akbar contacted us at our request and we had a polite and professional conversation. Sinclair News wants to make it clear to all who think we are somehow interested in attacking Mr. Akbar or his family that we are not and will not. While we have asked Mr. Akbar to respond to specific questions concerning Blog Bash, National Bloggers Club and Breitbart Scholarship Fund we are not now nor will we ever be interested in asking Mr. Akbar anything having to do with his family. In contacting Ali we were made aware of the following by him.

    1. Mr. Akbar has informed Sinclair News that “I am not in a legal position to where I can answer the questions asked and I have not discussed these matters with anyone. I have not even spoken to Stacey about them. I will answer them once I am in the legal position to where I can.” “While I no my refusal to answer the questions may make things seem shady, that simply is not the case,” Akbar states.

    2. Mr. Akbar informed us that every individual who received an email or voice message from Sinclair News has forwarded him copies of the emails and told him of the voice messages.

    We have been attacked by Mr. Akbar and his associates for months now for asking valid questions. Despite these attacks we will not lower our journalistic standards by being used to attack Mr. Akbar or his family with matters that have nothing to do with the issues which caused us to ask the questions we have. That being said, understand one and all that Sinclair News will not now or anytime in the future engage in such games. As for being told that every organization or individual contacted concerning their or their organizations involvement with Akbar organizations all we can tell them is what we told Mr. Akbar: Sinclair News will not say anything behind any one’s back that we won’t or haven’t said to their face.

    Over the coming days readers will notice we have eliminated many of the links we once featured on our web site. We have made the decision to remove links to any organization and/or outlet that we find to be dedicated to spinning for the benefit of a particular agenda who fail to practice Honesty, Integrity & Transparency they themselves demand from others. Sinclair News will throughout 2013 focus on each and every organization and outlet which is found to be engaged in spinning the truth and/or associating with or being an active participant in any actions which can be seen as scams or frauds.

    We will expose any organization and outlet who uses the stories of individual(s) who are presented as journalist when the evidence shows the individual(s) to be paid by any group or political agenda represented in the article. If nothing else has been learned in the past year of political races, one thing many Americans and Sinclair News has learned is far too many in the media conservative & liberal alike, engage in out right lies and misrepresentations.

    Sinclair News will focus on investigating and reporting on organizations, both conservative & liberal who dismiss honesty and accountability in exchange for backing and assistance in promoting their group or next event. Believe it when we tell you there are many, many organizations both conservative and liberal who do just that.

    We look forward to your continued reading of Sinclair News and hope you will join us in the coming new year to bring accountability and integrity back to the reporting of news. Sinclair News will not now nor have we ever engage/engaged in playing politics with any organization or individual. We will treat everyone with the same honesty, integrity, and transparency and we will report the TRUTH no matter who it involves.

    Sinclair News will implement an email sign up for Breaking News email alerts and special offers from Sinclair News.

    • kstreet607 says:

      POS is always accusing folks over here of various “dastardly” deeds…YET…I’ve never seen him post a link to The Regulator Too! Guess he doesn’t want his one or two readers to know the TRUTH about his sorry azz!

  14. Dennis says:

    Oh for gawd sake, not the Akbar crap again. Bad enough we have to listen to the life long con man go on about honesty blah blah blah, followed by a pretty dubious story (gee, someone just happened to have discovered his site and oh by the way, that same person has hot info about Akbar to unload – bullshit), then a quick move to shake down Ali while emphasizing that you would never use anything against a person’s family (which I assume is part of the hot tip he had to immediately bring to Ali’s attention since it will aid Fat Boy in his total stalking crap). Then back to some more long winded self-righteous crap while cutting ties that (I suspect) had to be cut because of the other sites filing complaints against ya (like your “borrowings” of news stories – none of which you probably ever paid for). Meanwhile, you are still lying through your yellow rotten teeth even while attempting to white wash a year of total failure.

  15. YankeeClipper says:

    Jabba’s dissertation sounds like he’s struggling to develop a plausible rationalization for his continuing FAIL at life. .

  16. Dennis says:

    Correct me if I am missing something but…1. Fatso’s whole life has been either devoted to acts of fraud and deception or serving time for acts of fraud and deception. 2. His so-called news site is a pathetic waste of digital space offering no news, just uninformed extremist opinions from largely a couple of right wing nut jobs and even at that low level the site is pretty lame. 3. He has few readers and no obvious followers. 4. No matter how much he begs and keeps trying to sell everything from fried laptops to broken trucks and, probably next, used toilet paper, he still can’t make a dime.

    So Fat Boy, we can’t wait to see what brain dead, jackass and totally screwball crap you will unload in 2013.

  17. Meesh says:

    There’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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