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It’s Tomorrow….

on December 20, 2012

Will Fri. December 21th, 2012

Be the End of the World?!

ready-2ifvex5Larry Sinclair_down the rabbit hole

If  it’s not the end of the world, let’s rejoice because of this below…..  Now was it a coincidence that Drama Queen chose that date?


Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair To End December 21, 2012 “While we were extremely successful in building an unheard of audience base and simply remarkable numbers in downloads of our archived programs after the live shows, we were not successful in bringing in the advertising and/or program sponsors needed to pay the monthly expenses associated with broadcasting. It is because of that failure by us to secure the needed sponsors and/or advertisers that I have made the decision to end Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair after signing off on Friday December 21, 2012. UPDATED! Tonight Larry says Thank You for the opportunity and experience to come into your lives five nights a week for the past nine months.”

As always,  I’m eager to know what Dennis’ thoughts are:

DENNIS THE MENACE 1Dennis says: 

Some how I don’t think Lard Butt’s last show is the same as the end of the world, though I’m sure he will treat it that way. 

I also have a bad feeling that he will be feeling ripped and ready to tear into his “critics,” his “enemies,” even his “listeners.”  

He’s going to sound like Jerry Lewis at that magical 2am spot during the telethon when the jokes stopped and Mr. Hyde would come out.  Larry Sinclair moneyHey, maybe he will even turn it into another faux suicide stunt (watch my show or I will kill myself).  Either way, it will be various versions of Send Me Money Now, Suckers!!!!!!!

Thanks Dennis and STAY TUNE!


36 responses to “It’s Tomorrow….

  1. Dennis says:

    A preview of Jabba’s final show is now out:

    • Penny says:

      I’ve been trying to figure out why Lynn Thomas abruptly stopped stalking me. Now I know. Her involvement with not only Jack Idema but also Larry Sinclair is about to come out and she knew if I searched enough I would be able to bury her. Never knew about this blog until a few days ago, and the moment she mentioned it on her blog she left me alone. Wonder if Evan Sayet her new target, knows how demented she is. Lynn,, also has done numerous Larry Sinclair videos, under the name Caoilfhionn Malone and has one been one of his main supporters since day 1. Oh, and this I know for a fact because I read the emails she sent to Jack Idema.

      • Meesh says:

        Welcome Penny,

        Finally we meet…(she had me tagged too) So since she visited here, the Cao is no longer stalking you, interesting. I do recall, when she came here she immediately spoke of you, for some reason she felt we knew you. Babbling some crazed nonsense:

        Cao says on 2012/08/14 at 10:20 pm | In reply to Meesh.

        And what is your connection to Penny Alesi, and why would you be protecting her when everyone knows she’s a bald faced liar? Isn’t a veterinarian, is a petsitter. Didn’t work at ground zero – ever. Didn’t work in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina – etc, etc, ad nauseum. But thanks for publicly posting this – you are all the same–Now the connection to the Obambots is official…how stupid are you?
        Nevermind, it’s a rhetorical question.

        I had no idea what the *COW* was talking about… however I realized that you were a threat. Who do I believe? The last person, who I would believe other than SickLiar is the “COW” (she’s a grifter out for a fast buck IMO)…. so whenever you wish to comment go ahead, you’re welcomed here. Please enlighten us if you wish.You appear to be a threat to her and that’s fine by me. Yes the immediate attraction to low-life Sickliar is quite telling as well, birds of a feather—-> A pretty hefty past wouldn’t you agree? She proved to be one of his biggest enabler.

      • Dennis says:

        Welcome Penny. Just jump right in anytime you have the urge. Any friend of Cao is a friend of ours. As you may already know, Meesh is really a simple organic potato farmer in Hudson Bay (I mean in Hudson Bay – I don’t know how she does it). TJT is really Bill Gates operating out of the Microsoft HQ. Kstreet is really a paid agent of Obama. Actually, we are all paid agents and I which Kstreet would get my checks cut before Christmas – you’re running behind, lady. Our only common link is that we are all just so jealous of Fat Boy’s high IQ and nobility of purpose. That and his striking good looks. We are just sooooo petty….

        • Meesh says:


          COW called me a “Fish Wife” and other things… remember she dedicated a post to me and Penny- (methinks COW has a feeling we’re both the same person)—–> <——–(Help my avatar is held hostage over there, it’s been months NOW!)

          That's how she tied us to Penny… SickLiar LOGIK! Anyway, COW wuvs me! I better watch my step… she'll come nack BITCHING roaring at me.

          • pptoas says:

            Lynn has called me a “smoke cracking whore” among other things. She also accused me of having sex with “thousands of people in underground bars”. And those are the nice things! She & I have been at it for about 3 years now. Lynn Thomas (Cao) has had Larry Sinclair’s back since the beginning. To get more fire for Sinclair’s story, Cao enlisted Idema’s help. She & Idema concocted up the whole Cafasso/Covington connection. When Thomas wrote in her They Don’t Fool Me August 14th blog “Naturally They’re All Connected”, she was projecting again & talking about herself. Thomas has attacked everyone who has ever said a nasty word about Sinclair & Idema. Her other 2 sidekicks are winners as well. Kender Breitbart (????) MacGowan and her psycho son Christopher Lawler. Check out his Facebook Fan page and you’ll see how crazy and full of hate he is. Thomas harassed Kathryn Cramer, journalists from Columbia Journalism, Robert Pelton, Mitch and Nan, and more names than I care to even list. Idema told her also to support Herman Cain so she would not appear racist. That move really helped her when she and Idema ripped off a black ministry. Also, Sinclair is gay, so Thomas uses that card when she needs to attack the gay community. When she is accused of bashing gays and saying they deserve AIDS; she comes back with she couldn’t be against the gay community when one of her best friends is gay! The following list is just a sample of the blogs the nut has written. She makes up lies and cries wolf that people are out to get her. I had published Jack Idema’s death certificate and that was what finally shut her up. That and the fact that she lost in North Carolina against the church she & Idema swindled. She got zero money from the so-called Idema “estate” and I proved everything she said was a lie. She even changed the wording of alot of the comments she made to me in her attack blogs a couple of months ago. Wouldn’t look good for her now that she’s off re-inventing herself.

  2. Dennis says:

    Unfortunately for Jabba, the audience response is also out:

    • Meesh says:

      I love it Dennis, this makes me think of Mitch & Nan’s post when they found out Drama Queen had committed suicide! ZeN posted a picture of the witch’s feet under the wide-load Yes, we were overwhelmed with grief about the news! Hahahaha

  3. tjtaygee says:

    In an inconceivable move, Liar-larr has completely removed the next roll of toilet paper from his homepage. it now can only be found under “Sinclair Book Offers”, which erronenously states:

    “Sinclair’s newest book, When One Man Stands can only be purchased through Sinclair News in autographed Hardcover format. Autographed copies of When One Man Stands by Lawrence Sinclair can be ordered directly through Sinclair News only. Click on below cover to order today. Amazon Kindle version ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6 goes on sale once we have corrected formatting errors which we hope to have corrected by December first.”

    December first? And it’s off the front page?
    That would mean the formatting errors haven’t yet been corrected? As of December 20th, there’s still no book!

    The “radio” show is going Poof!, the new book is non-existent.

    The scam is crumbling. Liar-larr has next-to-nothing left.

    One can only hope that he goes quietly into that good night (only meaning away, liar-larr, not a threat as you would try to stupidly try to assert) rather than taking anyone down with him…though, a melt-down that only involves liar-larr would certainly be fun to watch.

  4. tjtaygee says:

    Here’s a funny little bit:

    “Upcoming News Articles

    Sinclair News To Refocus In 2013”

    TJTaygee translation machine: “[We] (liar-larr) realize that TJTaygee was right, [we] have had no success as a pretend-legitimate “news” site, and must ramp-up the Cray-cray.”

  5. kstreet607 says:

    Meesh, TJ, Dennis,YC and everyone, you guys are too funny. Love the post Meesh and Dennis.

  6. Dennis says:

    I think Lard Butt is right. He needs to refocus. He needs to go back to some basics but with some different spins. He needs to study this guy and steal the material:

  7. YankeeClipper says:

    I bet he launches a campaign to rid the internet of that evil KStreet in 2013! Send money fast! (he still has Christmas shopping to do)

  8. Dennis says:

    Gee, what a surprise. Just ran another search using Lardo’s ISBN for his book. Nothing turns up. The number exists but nothing is attached to it. Oh my. Must be some fiendish Obama trick.

  9. YankeeClipper says:

    Today’s the last day for Jabba’s radio show! Oh Noooo! Any bets he starts off ering recordings of the “best” of Looking Through a Dirty Window to the first 500 people dumb enough to order his pamphlet?

    • Meesh says:

      It was soooo funny last night, Larry sent out a pack of “Merry Christmas” tweets to all his “friends”…I guess the last post where I said he did not have anymore “supporters” struck a nerve… (He spent enough time reading over that post.) Pssssssssssst Larry, peeps that “follow” you on Twitter are not REAL friends, many were “dud” twitter accounts, doh!? ….and “Merry Scamming to you, *idiot*.Here’s hoping they commit you very soon!”.

      • YankeeClipper says:

        He’s too damned cheap to buy Christmas cards to send to his :::ahem::: “friends.” I wonder if he sent Akbar one of those tweets.

        • Meesh says:

          Nope, Yankee… because Akbar and McCain both blocked him, from their Twitter accounts. Hahahaha

          Here’s a sample….of what’s covered on his Twitter account….and now multiply that by 50! 🙄

          LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews Merry Christmas @thejimjams @1972patriot @Ladiniaev @WatchCenter @AmericaISConsrv @JohnHask @irobhere @Wong4Liberty @jericho77

          LS News Group LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews
          Merry Christmas @kenlittlefield @wesawthat @NickEgoroff @gayletrotter @truevineflorida @FilmLadd @UllmannTeaPrty @Twin66 @BradMarston

          LS News Group LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews
          Merry Christmas @ThorntonParsons @Article2PAC @under_dogma @usnavysealstore @syjere17 @PoliGal @kituwahson @Fox19BenSwann @TweetUrHorn

          Before these group tweets… he was individually tweeting them – until Twitter shut *idiot* down!

          You know what all of those tweets made me think of? Do you remember before his “fake” suicide he repeatedly posted this video ….”Seasons In The Sun”? Oyyyy

          • YankeeClipper says:

            He’ll start posting that vid again very soon, methinks. The current in the ceramic bowl is speeding up and he’s on his way down the tubes.

            I think Jabba needs to write an analysis about why his 2008 forecast/prediction Obama would be a one term Prez was another in a long list of Laridian FAILs

  10. tjtaygee says:

    i just listened to quite a bit of the “show of doom”. delusions of grandeur prevail. zero mention of the book.

  11. Dennis says:

    Ah yes, the glory that was Jabba I bet. As the poet might have said “And when Lardo beheld the depth of his domain he wept, for there were no more suckers to take to the cleaners.” Coming soon, tic tacs and bogus money orders.

  12. Meesh says:

    AHHH I see KING TWIT is “preaching” on Twitter….

    LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews tweets:

    “We say don’t punish the child for the sins of the parent, but yet we choose to punish the parent for the sins of the child. Why?? Thanks to all the Churches who today stood up and counted Nancy Lanza while the media & politicians have dismissed her. Its amazing how easy it has become to dismiss one life while remembering another. Nancy Lanza was as much a victim as NE1last Friday in CT”.

    • Dennis says:

      Gee, I thought the family wanted Nancy Lanza’s funeral to be private. Otherwise, the press has been in overdrive trying to get a handle on her and her relationship with Adam. Oh wait a minute, Fat Boy must mean that the press hasn’t reported on the vast Obama conspiracy behind it all. You know, the one where Obama personally broke in, drugged and hypnotized Adam and gave him all of those guns so he could trick the country into ignoring his birth certificate (or something like that).

      What can one say, except “Hey Fat Boy! Don’t slam the door on your way out!!”

    • tjtaygee says:

      Hey, Liar-Larr! How’s about Nancy Lanza was responsible for the tragedy – she owned firearms and did not keep them secure enough in spite of having to know that her son was unstable. She was the first victim, but she was also the enabler for the tragedy.
      Maybe that evaluation sucks, but it’s also true..

      • Dennis says:

        Well, yeah. That’s one of the main reasons why the family is trying to stay pretty darn quiet (except for some weird ass loose cannons like Lardo who seem to think that there is a point to be scored – what point is beyond me but that is all that it is about). I’m sure Jabba is feeling frustrated since he hasn’t figured out a way to exploit this event for a couple of quick bucks.

  13. Meesh says:

    Here’s SCOOP Sickliar…..

    Why Have We Chosen To Exclude Nancy Lanza From Sandy Hook Victims?

    December 22, 2012By Lawrence Sinclair
    The actions of Adam Lanza on Friday December 14, 2012 took the lives of not 26 but 27 people who did not deserve to die. While the media coverage from Newtown, CT has continued to dominate almost every Network and Newspaper we can’t help but wonder why the media, CT Governor, President Obama and others have for the past seven days knowingly and intentionally excluded Nancy Lanza from the list of victims in the tragic & senseless shooting.

    NEWTOWN, Conn. (AP) — The chiming of bells reverberated throughout Newtown on Friday, commemorating one week since the crackle of gunfire in a schoolhouse killed 20 children and six adults in a massacre that has shaken the community — and the nation — to its core.
    Gov. Dannel P. Malloy gathered with other officials in rain and wind on the steps of the Edmond Town Hall as the bell rang 26 times in memory of each life lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The gunman also killed his mother before the massacre, and himself afterward.

    From USA Today the question has been put forward like this:<

    A question lingers after Friday’s national day of mourning for those killed in Newtown, Conn.: For whom did the bells toll?
    The deep sounding of a church bell is an age-old expression of rejoicing but also of grief. Yesterday, the number of rings told a story about who Americans think merits such attention:
    26 Sandy Hook Elementary School children and staff.
    –27 if Nancy Lanza, her son Adam’s first victim, was counted.
    –28 if Adam Lanza, the troubled 20-year-old shooter who killed himself as well, was counted, too.

    Perhaps the media, CT Gov. and President Obama along with many in the blogosphere should take a lesson from Robbi Parker the father of 6 year old Emilie Parker who was killed by Adam Lanza. Mr. Parker who had every reason to be angry at anyone related to Lanza chose instead to point out how his daughter would be the first to reach out to the Lanza family and show them love and support. Sadly grown men and women can’t learn from the lessons taught by our children. Nancy Lanza has not only been attacked online repeatedly for the acts of her son, the very leaders we look to for leadership and direction have repeatedly used the 26 Sandy Hook victims to make political speeches, hold photo ops and call for a national moment of silence remembering those who lost their lives on December 14, 2012 while deliberately choosing to exclude Nancy Lanza who whether you want to admit it or not, was very much a victim of the senseless and tragic actions of her youngest son.
    What has caused us to reach such a point in our society where we pick and choose which victims of senseless violence are worthy of being remembered and which should be shunned as if the mention of their name will someone bring about the plague? Nancy Lanza is a victim just as the 20 children and six adults from Sandy Hook Elementary School were victims. The vile comments and attacks directed at a woman who died from multiple gunshots to the head by her own son are simply disgusting and only makes those who send condolences to the other victims hypocrites.

    Gov. Dannel Malloy asked places of worship and government buildings to ring their bells to remember the “20 beautiful school children and six dedicated educators taken from their families and their loved ones.”

    Sinclair News thinks those Churches who demonstrated the true Christian spirit by acknowledging that December 14, 2012 had 27 victims taken by the hand of Adam Lanza deserves a sincere Thank You for living by the Christian spirit and for not being led by politicians into dismissing even one life.
    Nothing can or will be gained by callus, vile attacks of a woman who lost her life for no other reason than doing what a mother does, trying to do the right thing for her child. Are we really going to continue to be a society who sits back and picks and chooses which life is of value and which we can dismiss? I hope to God we don’t, because as things stand now in this Country it seems we all share in the responsibility of these senseless acts of violence as we continue to value one life while dismissing another.
    Sinclair News holds up all the families who lost a loved one in Newtown CT on December 14, 2012 in our prayers, and it is our hope that we can all learn from Mr. Parker that even the family of Adam Lanza would be held up in the heart of his 6 year old daughter Emilie.

    • kstreet607 says:

      That hypocrite is espousing Christian values when to this very day he is fleecing people out of their money one way or the other. Either through Paypal ads all over his internet rag…or telling his reader(s) that his “book” will be sold “exclusively” on that den of inequity called ‘LS News’.

      Beware of wolves in sheeps’ clothing… comes to mind when I read his incessant pontificating babble.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if his next con will be some traveling preacher performing “miracles” along the way with some of his family members as shills.

      Get a job you fat lazy slob!

    • Dennis says:

      Fat Ass is really trying to impress somebody, presumably someone with money (is this that Foster Freise crap again?). Two quick points: 1. the count is overwhelmingly focused on the dead at the school for, I think, pretty obvious reasons. 2. As I understand it, Nancy Lanza’s brother, a retired police captain from Kingston, NY, has asked reporters and everyone else to let the family grieve privately. BTW, Fat Boy, you might want to start calling him up and bugging him. Go for it, asshole.

      So what is Lard Brain going to do next, Nancy Lanza T-shirts? Not only is Jabba both rude and offensive, but he has also gotten to be so pathetic.

  14. Dennis says:

    One more thing, I believe the 27 count does include Nancy. Adam, the shooter, is maintained in a separate category (not as a victim but as the killer – just like Fatso is not counted in court records as a victim but rather as a criminal).

  15. kstreet607 says:

    It’s a shame that FatAss is stuck in that 2×4 trailer of his while our POTUS and his family take a much deserved holiday in Hawaii…his birthplace. (Hehehe)

    Mele Kalikimaka Mr. President!

  16. Meesh says:

    There’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K? Thanks Dennis!

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