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… a sucker born every minute

on December 9, 2012

Sickliar’s Latest Scam

by TJTaygee

From LSNews site When One Man Stands Rolling Out Just In Time For 2012 Election
October 24, 2012 By Lawrence Sinclair  Despite waiting for the Department of Homeland Security to provide documents sought via a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) almost two years ago, the highly anticipated second book from Lawrence Sinclair; When One Man Stands (Hard Cover) (2012 Sinclair Publishing) ISBN 978-0-615-59749-2; and Kindle Version ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6 are rolling out just in time for the 2012 Presidential election. While some of the desired documents from the Department of Homeland Security will not be included in the first printing, the book will be updated with that documentation once it has been received. When One Man Stands will begin shipping out the advanced reserved signed/numbered copies which will be limited in number to 0-54 by weeks end. The Hardcover should be available through and other book retailers once the Bowker Books in Print feed info updates through the system… In addition the Amazon Kindle version is set to go on sale October 30, 2012 or sooner depending …..”

There’s also this submission that we found—> HERE

scam“Orders for When One Man Stands are being accepted for Autographed Hardcover copies which: 1) have been delayed iin going to print due to print file errors which need to be corrected, and 2) so that documents obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request made Feb 2011 to the Department of Homeland Security and was withheld until just this past week can be included in the initial printing of When One Man Stands. The additional documents to be added to the book are critical in giving the reader documented evidence how the United States Government and Law Enforcement along with Law Firms and Political offices went to extremes to put a target on the back of a US Citizen which could have resulted in the murder of one man who dare stand against the Obama machine. The Amazon Kindle version of When One Man Stands will also be available as soon as the formatting errors have been corrected and the FOIA Documents are added to the file.”

Is-Network-Marketing-A-ScamIs it not simply amazing that liar-larr is admitting – quite publicly, that his pronouncement of his toilet-paper roll’s release date was in fact a lie all along – and he has been offering  the opportunity to pre-order all along something that neither existed nor was going to exist?

And that he *STILL* is offering idiots the chance to order something that doesn’t exist?

Nevermind that the “kindle version” was delayed due to a formatting error, as he now claims is also the book.  But in the exact same breath blames unreturned FOIA requests for the delay of both – but it was the formatting.

Nevermind that like the non-story ali ackbar nonsense which liar-larr will copy & paste into the book (hint, idiots, you’ve already read what liar-larr is proposing you buy) being wholesale repetitive, edundant and not-informative filler – so too will the supposed records rom the supposed foia requests.  Liar-larr won’t have anything new to present to the user (though he might if he didn’t redact info, which he will cause it will be in contrast to his argument) – but he will breathlessly prove that what he hasn’t omitted – which will say virtually nothing – is a conspiracy!

(again, another hint to the idiots) everything liar-larr will have to say in the book about the FOIA docs he will also post to the web (likely first before copying & pasting into the book).

Was it P.T. Barnum who famously said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”?  Liar-larr has spent the majority of his life counting on the truth of that quote. Liar-larr is definitely running a scam, of course, and the ultimate goal is, of course, $$$ in his pocket – which he will waste immediately requiring an immediate follow-up scam.

As with his previous roll of toilet paper, he is expecting his scamees to fund the scam.  He wants people to order the book so he can afford to have the first box printed – because he otherwise can’t come up with the funds to do so himself. It would be fairly easier to say “Here is the book, order it!”, but liar-larr doesn’t have that option – and it’s entirely his own fault (I’ll get to why later). As Dennis has magnificently pointed out (via excellent research), liar-larr is depending upon the kindness of strangers more.  than.  ever.  He can’t afford his own living arrangements at all – even leasing a place that he pretends is his own home. He also can’t afford a car – or a phone. and he’s also in relative hiding compared to his proudly posted physical address as he did a year ago or more. the scamming is getting harder to pull-off, and rather than rolling in blow-able (pardon the verb, please) dough, he’s forced to await a minimum influx of $$$ before he can actually sell the book at a ridiculous, self-aggrandizing premium. In short, like an ebay auction, the reserve has not been met. Why it’s liar-larr’s fault his scam is much, much less effective – Liar-larr’s ego problem (that his doesn’t realize is shorting his own scam).

Liar-larr is making a classic grifter mistake – he believes *HE* is the scam.sinclair-news-epic-fail

Liar-larr’s ego makes him believe that it is his “noteriety”, his fame, his fan-base that made the scam of 2008 the 15 minutes of fame that it was (in fact, he believes it was never just 15 minutes). Liar-larr:  people listened to you and threw you money because they imagined you as a vehicle to destroy the candidacy and/or the Presidency of Barack Obama. It was never about you. It is not about you. You are nobody. You aren’t even a useful idiot to the pundit industry.

You run your scam rip-off “news” site – making nary a mention of your claims about meeting Barack Obama because you stupidly believe that if you behave “legitimately”, the corner of the punditry industry that makes their $$$ by fomenting Obama hatred will invite you in and raise you to their level, so that you can continue your scam in a continuous monetary influx.

Here’s a little hint – other than little moments of desperation by a very few no-names, you have never been truly invoked as a tool against Obama.  Those very, very few times you or your made-up fantasy were mentioned they disappeared from the public sphere quicker than they were made-up.

Your ‘celebrity’ is relegated to the tiniest portion of the internet nut-bags, and will remain there. But, you’re doing that to yourself, because of your ego.

If you were to abandon your failed attempts to reach the lower-level punditry echo chamber and remained solid in your attempts to “make your story heard”, I promise you you would get a consistent, if tiny, income from it.

Without the original made-up allegations against Barack Obama, you’re nothing.  You’re no one. Take Alex Jones as an example.  His internet radio show is insane as they come.  He consistently alleges that martial law is on the verge of being declared, that wall street is on the verge of total collapse due to government intervention, that fema is setting up internment camps to round-up americans – really crazy stuff that only the most insane person would even bother to listen to.  But here’s the crux: He’s much more famous than you, and consistently makes LOTS more money than you.

He’s more famous than your buddy Jeff Rense, who is also crazy in his rants. And you’re way below both of them in noteriety and income. And it’s your fault.  You’re doing it to yourself.  You let go of the crazy, and therefore are no longer attracting the crazies (or their money).

You have two choices – re-embrace the crazy and see inconsistent but repeated boosts of donations (there’s a rhythm there, if you care to learn how to exploit it – but that requires patience), or continue pursuing this faux legitimacy and see the merest trickle of occasional $$$.

It all comes down to this – can you accept that it was always about Obama hatred, and never about you, and still isn’t?



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76 responses to “… a sucker born every minute

  1. Meesh says:

    Ah my TJTaygee to the rescue…this will save the “Fat Lispy ONe” having to scour the comments to find your message to him…Kudos! Very well written and your point is spot-on…. Yes, KStreet this comment deserves a post of its own!

  2. Dennis says:

    So you’re telling me that I won’t be getting my copies of the book in time for Christmas? Darn! There’s going to be a lot of disappointed people on my shopping list.

  3. tjtaygee says:

    As always, you both honor me much more than I deserve. I actually have more thoughts on liar-larr’s current state of affairs. WIll try to keep them a bit more succinct this time!

    Thanks you, Meesh, for organizing the nifty contradiction up there – I thought that was how i remembered it 😉


    • Meesh says:

      Keep adding if you wish – I will update…. SMOOCH back!

    • Meesh says:


      You’re an incredible writer… I could not get over how quickly you provided your VERY well thought-out additions to the main post. Your thoughts came as quickly as MITCH used to post… I found it incredible/amazing that always within seconds Mitch had written/composed a complete post You’re much like him in this aspect…That’s a compliment my friend!

      • tjtaygee says:

        I once again have to humbly say, “Thank you”, meesh! You’re consistently kinder to me than I deserve ;).

        And it cannot be left unsaid that you’re ability to create and embed the graphics that add such zeal and zest to the articles and comments is very professional. You took of my words what would have been a rather dull read on their own and spiced ’em up fabulously!

        Which you always do.

        Thank you, as always – I appreciate and am amazed by what you do!

  4. kstreet607 says:

    Extraordinary portrait of the scamming, played out, dried up, self-absorbed Sinclair, TJ! I was satisfied with what you wrote earlier but this extension of your “Larry Sinclair is a Fraud” meme is better than I could imagine! Your accurate description of him and his low-life mentality is remarkable.

    Well done my friend. Well done.

  5. tjtaygee says:

    kstreet, I am honored that you have such kinds things to say about what my off-the-cuff additions and original comment. You, Kind Lady, are the expert at the crafting of of a flow of information, borne from diligent gathering of research and connecting relevant information.
    I’m just spewing stuff that comes off the top of my head ;).
    I have an occasional good idea that might be considered noteworthy.
    You, on the other hand, have gone through the hard work of reading a considerable amount of liar-larr’s drivel (by itself a thankless job) and connecting the dots to show his lies, inconsistencies, abusiveness – all for the purpose of standing up for the truth.
    And you have done pages and pages of it.
    So, please know that I am very touched that you laude my musings, as I consider you a “professional researcher”, while I’m just a freelance thought-spewer :).

    • kstreet607 says:

      Don’t sell yourself short TJ! You’re a Regulator! And by virtue of that very fact, you are an awesome Sinclair WARRIOR and TRUTH TELLER! 🙂

      …and thanks for the kind words TJ. We’re all in this together!

  6. Dennis says:

    TJ, listen to Kstreet. You are doing a great job. Of course, you will soon be “honored” I suspect with another crazy rant from Fat Head. Wonder where he will place you next? Can’t wait to see the next photo of your “home.” Maybe he will go completely around the bend and claim that you are Bill Gates in disguise. But good work, you fellow warrior.

  7. tjtaygee says:

    Fiji. I want to raise cows on a farm in Fiji. It’s me plan.

  8. tjtaygee says:

    Hold onto your butts – either liar-larr is making a dec 21-style “april fools” joke, or he can’t even keep up a 10-hour a week “job”.


    Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair To End Dec 21, 2012

    December 9, 2012 By Lawrence Sinclair

    On March 12, 2012 Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair debuted on the Rense Radio Network and Global Star Communications Satellite Network. The program was from its very beginning meant to be bold tell it like it is radio like no one else has done. TTM has been far more successful in the past nine months that anyone could have ever imagined possible for such a short period of time.

    I personally want to Thank Jeff Rense of Rense Radio and Todd & Brett at Global-Star for the amazing opportunity which they gave me to do something that I truly enjoyed doing. Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair was able to interview people from all political arenas; Bestselling Authors; US Congressional & US Senate Candidates; Activists; artists; performers; nationally syndicated Talk Show hosts; National Security Experts; Economist; Businessman; Presidential Candidates; Middle East experts; Actors; Directors; Producers; and more. That in and of itself is enough to make us proud of what we did in just nine short months.

    While we were extremely successful in building an unheard of audience base and simply remarkable numbers in downloads of our archived programs after the live shows, we were not successful in bringing in the advertising and/or program sponsors needed to pay the monthly expenses associated with broadcasting. It is because of that failure by us to secure the needed sponsors and/or advertisers that I have made the decision to end Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair after signing off on Friday December 21, 2012. I want to make it clear we are ending the show for one reason and one reason only; we simply cannot continue to expect the costs of broadcasting the two hour show to be paid by someone else. This decision is clearly a business decision which as in any business, if you do not have the finances to pay your cost you cannot continue to conduct business.

    When Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair first began to air I told my listeners that I would do everything possible to make this radio program one sponsored by listeners and people who wanted a truly agenda free program where topics could not be prohibited based on advertisers objections. To make it that I had suggested that we would need to have 500 subscribers/sponsors at $24.00 per year paid once every year to be able to cover our broadcasting costs. Needless to say we simply failed to obtain the sponsors we needed to secure to pay the bills. Despite this Rense Radio and Global-Star communications continued to produce and broadcasts our program for the past nine months.

    We will continue to publish SinclairNews.Net and will continue to cover news worthy events and interview news makers on video for Sinclair News in our on going effort to make Sinclair News you uncensored & unafraid News source dedicated to factual reporting without an agenda.

    My sincere Thanks to all my listeners and to all the exceptional individuals who have been a guest on Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair over the course of the last nine months.

    • tjtaygee says:

      Oh, duh. Silly me- it’s another $$$ beg-fest….

    • tjtaygee says:

      Have to say I told-ja-so, liar-larr. You’re not getting ANYWHERE pretending to be legitimate.

    • Meesh says:

      What’s with the background music? What a pathetic shmuck!

      It makes me think of this…

      DRAMA QUEEN STRIKES AGAIN! This also makes me think of WND booting him out…

    • joeymac says:

      To cut through the floss… .

      The election is over, so there is no reason for the smear merchants to continue funding and propping Sluggo up.

      So, he continues the pattern of shaking the tin cup with a poor me whinefest and pity party. Shades of Ed Hale’s “…muh dawg died” whopper. Except, don’t expect the low-info, low-IQ haters to rush to send you their meagre SS checks this time fatso; they never liked you and you failed miserably to “bring Obama to his knees.”

      The ‘tards have long since abandoned you, and the deep-pocket enablers have no more use for you. Sayonara, yesterday’s smearer.

    • Dennis says:

      ” …needed to pay the monthly expenses associated with broadcasting.”

      So I am assuming that Jeff Rense gets people to pay him for “producing” their shows on his “network.” So it is a vanity operation as one grifter shakes down another grifter.

      • YankeeClipper says:

        Exactly, Dennis! If you want a program on Rense’s radio station you have to pay for it. I’m certain the nit wit thought his many Laridians would keep him on the air but, once again, Jabba the Butt chalks up another HUGE F A I L Heart breaking ain’t it?

        • Meesh says:

          Nice to see you Yankee! Yep another “FAIL” to his HUGE list… must be miserable being him. I agree with TJ this legitimize attempt/effort is getting him nowhere. You know when he mentions that he has only two paid advertisers on the SNOOZE site…Wonder how Foster Freiss feels about this. I am sure he’s one of them with the advertisement of his daughter’s lame kids books. Holy! What ugly lay-out/art work on the book covers. I see FA was giving them out on his so-called radio program… Guess they are not selling.

          Also it seems FA goes and hand delivers the books—-> PU

  9. tjtaygee says:

    Seriously. Dolly Parton? In 2012?
    Meanwhile, I find it simply mind-blowing that liar-larr himself provides such concrete evidence regarding my argument about the failures of his pretense towards legitimacy.
    Thanks, Liar-Larr!

    • Meesh says:

      Notice when he says to be able to look at his eyes…. they go all shifty. He can’t collect any money because the “few” donations he managed to get, he spent it on himself. SCAM-ARTIST.

      • Dennis says:

        Yes, Meesh. He spent every cent on himself. And you can tell how low the donations were since the only thing he could buy was that stupid hat he is wearing in the video.

    • Dennis says:

      Now hang on, TJT. Lardo says that his show produced an “unheard audience” – that is, an audience nobody ever heard of – or even saw I gather. Guess he was playing to the silent and invisible majority.

  10. Dennis says:

    So basically, he has just been cancelled by Rense. Period. I don’t deal with radio (least of all this kind of barely niche market approach) but I do deal professionally with the entertainment industry). A lack of advertisers mean that you don’t have an audience which means you are wasting space which means that the folks running the operation will eventually, no matter what, unload your ass. He has been cancelled. Canned. Rense has pulled the plug on Jabba. He has NO AUDIENCE. NO LISTENERS. NOTHING. NADA. Like any person in this business, Rense has finally told him to

  11. Dennis says:

    So Fatso claims that he had a large and growing audience and incredibly high clicks on his archive but couldn’t find advertisers (even though the Rense “network” is actually by subscription – which normally is used in lieu of advertisers)? Oh my! Since advertisers will normally flock to anything that has an audience (for example, Rush Limbaugh), there must be something missing here…maybe something like reality. Maybe, just maybe, his stupid little rinky-dinky show sucked so bad he couldn’t get more than a half a dozen nitwits to listen in. I am going to go way out on a limb, but maybe he is lying through his half-rotten teeth and quite simply couldn’t produce any measurable audience results. Perhaps, just perhaps, his “show” sucked golf balls through fifty yards of garden hose and Rense realized that he could get more results with a sock puppet.

  12. Dennis says:

    It takes 25 minutes for this turd brain to explain that he has no advertisers so the show is over!!?? Good grief!!!!!! And he is still trying to get people to give him money while pulling the plug??!! Like what, we are suppose to pay him to go away? No way Fat Boy. We want you to stay because mocking you is so much fun! So we ain’t giving you no stinkin’ money.

  13. Dennis says:

    Little FYI: Just ran through the web stats for Jeff Dense’s web site. During the time period that Lardo was running his “show,” Dense’s general viewer stats dropped like a rock (over 24% decline). Actually, I strongly suspect that this is not related to Fat Boy stinkin’ up the place (Dense has lots of folks doing that job for him), but it is a hoot to notice the magic charm that Jabba brings to the party.

    • Meesh says:

      Interesting Dennis…yeh the Fat Lispy One (with the beret) is a jinx, no doubt about it… I cannot agree more with your and Joeymac’s theory…on why the stupid radio program has met its end. Kaput.Nothing will resolve that issue. But FA will shake that “tip jar” and that’s why he posted this about two weeks prior to the last show. I knew there would soon be an appeal for CASH … notice he says it’s due to economics? Yeh he’s getting broke again….rent is due and he needs to stock up on Absolut, Malboro Reds and Fix-A-Flat for his treck to DC again….Yep he’s planning to go again…he needs CA$H!

      I have to add to your theory though… Yes, I have listened to some of his live shows (crazy eh?) But within the last month FA has continued his little rants of Ali Akbar and MCain on his live-show. He would be begging them to call in… talking about what they tweeted etc.I am sure in view of this as well…his two listeners as well as the station gurus got tired of that… he even had his sister Robin part of the program. DOUCHE!

      I know we got tired or wondering about this constant obsession with these guys…but c’mon who cares? Conspiry theorists are hooked on crazier stuff not GOSSIP from some pathetic “old whiny lady” beret or not.

      • Dennis says:

        I was wondering if he handled the show in the same boorish and just plain dull manner he did the snooze site. That would explain why he couldn’t get any listeners (which is the plain and simple problem about advertisers – if you got listeners, then you can find advertisers but if you don’t have any listeners…well, writes itself, you know). Add in the large drop in viewers and readers for Rense’s site during that period and I suspect that a few of the boys are hitting the panic button at Jeff’s compound.

        So you know who is to blame…Kstreet. She wouldn’t take the bait and go on the air with Fat Boy. Yeah, that’s the ticket…(note to Kstreet: I’m joking).

        • Meesh says:

          When the Fat “lispy” One …(yeh he really lisped a lot on his program, more than normal)…would chat with his guest (when he let them talk) I would visualize Mike Myers remember “Coffee Talk with Linda Richman”? Hahahaha

          Not putting FA’s face in this one… I love “OUR” Mike Myers too much for this blasphemous act!

        • kstreet607 says:

          So you know who is to blame…Kstreet. She wouldn’t take the bait and go on the air with Fat Boy. Yeah, that’s the ticket…(note to Kstreet: I’m joking).

          LOL Dennis…I know. 🙂 But I wouldn’t be surprised if he does blame me, TRT, Akbar and McCain for ALL of his bad luck in the past few months…years…decades…millenia…etc. 🙂

          • Dennis says:

            Yes, you are toblame. Along with TJT (who owns Microsoft), Gilligan (who seems gone but never forgotten), Meesh (still raising catfish on her cow farm in Montreal), and LongTimeLurker (who went looking for Gilligan and vanished).

            • Meesh says:

              Hmmm I’m an organic potato farmer in PEI too….cannot forget “spuds” since some *idiot* must have been thinking of Fatty…his massive head makes them think of Mr Potato Head.On that video, that massive head with that little beret was a scream LOL!

              As I said before, I’ve had sooooo many identities, it’s difficult to keep them all straight.

  14. joeymac says:

    Jabba the Butt probably realizes that his 15 minutes are now up, but never occurred. The few dozen haters and smearers that served as an amen chorus tried desperately to get some traction. All the legitimate media took one sniff and exclaimed: “This smells!” He didn’t get a gig on Faux; he didn’t get on 60 minutes, and no regular newspaper interviewed him–in short, he is a non-person, news wise.

    His original (deep-pocket) funders tried to give him a golden parachute by the fake stock offerings to purchase the shit shack and the phony congressional race. He should have netted enough from those scams to keep him independent, if not comfortable. But, no, like a drunken sailor that just came off an eight-month cruise and landed in Tijuana, he spent like there was no end of the good times.

    Alack, now that the President has been re-elected emphatically, there is no need for the real funders to keep pulling his chestnuts out of the fire. The ‘tard cohort have moved on, also, so there is not a dozen suckers left to scam.

    And, jeff Rense, is all about the shekels. He was will to spotlight the grifting liar as long as he received compensation; but, now, Fatass will have to pull his weight and pay his fare and, of course, we know that he never does.

    “I asked the conductor could I ride the blind?”
    %nbsp%nbsp%nbsp…Son, buy yo’ ticket, …this train ain’t none of mine.”

    Tommy Johnson, A Cool Drink Of Water.

  15. joeymac says:


    Does non-breaking space     work.

  16. tjtaygee says:

    Is there some internet/twitter rumor that the best way to get attention for your tweets is by posting them three times each?

    Seriously, Liar-Larr-the-tweeting-twitter-twat-twit triples the tweets of each and every article.

    Could the scammer be falling for a no-money (arguably) internet meme scam?

    • Meesh says:


      BINGO! I noticed that too and thought WTF? I then realized it was Twitter’s “KING *TWIT* ” aka*idot* … but you may be on to something. Of course in that massive “empty” head of his there’s an edge of conning left in it. Sidebar, can you imagine following him?

    • Dennis says:

      Extremely interesting article. All pretty accurate. Another reminder that even by the low standards of a sleazy profession, Fat Boy is an incredible failure. He has been trying really hard to cash in on the right wing bs money machine and he has gotten nowhere. Heck, that’s part of his half-crazy rage against that Akbar guy. He is convinced that Akbar is scoring dough and he ain’t getting any and it really makes him mad. That’s why he keeps sucking up to the Breitbart stuff, because there must be money over there and by gum he is going to get some of it. That’s also why he goes down on Foster Freiss twice a day (in print) because the guy is rich and somehow Fatso is going to get some. But all he is getting is some loose change from a few church ladies here and there and it is driving him crazy.

  17. kstreet607 says:

    On a similar topic, this batshit crazy woman reminds me of a relentless pit bull who will not let go…

    Orly Taitz Calls For 80,000-Person White House Protest

    Joeymac, it appears that Rachel Maddow had a segment devoted to the GOP media scamming meme.

    • Dennis says:

      Taitz thinks that she has 80,000 viewers because they support her. In reality, 79,999 viewers just came to watch the freak show. Does this mean she will soon be spotted doing a one woman protest march in front of the Capital?

      • joeymac says:

        I tried to post this on her blog, but it didn’t make it through moderation.

        I don’t think that you are analyzing it correctly. The bulk of the viewers tuned in just to laugh at your silly ass.

        I shouldn’t really be surprised.

  18. Meesh says:

    Recently the “Fat Lispy One” has been accusing us of “editing” posts – soooo I decided to dust off some files and go through some of “our” treasure trove of screenshots… of the red/gray/blue blawg. For starters, here’s a debut to his second blawg…. KStreet do you realize you were a star in this article? He lifted KStreet’s comment making it sound it came from DU or HuffPo…. Nah It was from M&N – sinclair was scared that his supporters would wander over….He also talks about negotiating his Colorado issue… another empty promise…(press image(s) to magnify in order to read the text)

    This recent break-up with Rense..makes me think of WND… Sinclair took down this post, because he realized that it didn’t look good if WND gave him the boot. No problem, we captured it before it went *POOF*…

  19. kstreet607 says:

    Thanks Meesh! Those were the waning days…after his glorious march (palms, donkey and all…) to the NPC.

    After the press conference, when he was ridiculed in the mainstream press, his “supporters” started dropping off like flies.

    He kept writing articles to lull them back in…but to no avail. It appears Larry Sinclair will never accept the fact that he is a washed-up wannabe that never was and never could be.

    Hey Sinclair, I know you read EVERYTHING we write about your sorry ass…so here’s some unsolicited advice:

    Now…we’re just havin’ a lot of fun at your expense. Just as you tried TO INTIMIDATE many folks on this side…plainly put: WE WON you LOST!. Get over it. You really remind me of an old 30’s movie star who just refuses to give up the “spotlight”.

  20. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, over at Limp Dick’s No News site, Fatso continues his brain dead attacks on so-called union thugs. You know, the kind who punches out a right wing commenter who gets in their face and demand to know why they are opposed to giving up everything they fought for so they can start working for less money and few benefits. Oh yeah, they’re thugs alright. Gee, I’m almost surprise that Fat Boy doesn’t waddle down to the union hall right now and give them a piece of his mind….

    Ilse, the failed school teacher, continues her pounding away at the theory that the Democratic party was founded by Lenin in a communist conspiracy to make Americans poor, dumb, and totally dependent upon federal aid as opposed to those who are poor, dumb, and totally enslaved to Fox news. What she lacks in political and historical knowledge she makes up for in sheer mindless chatter. No wonder she is such a valuable member of the Fat Boy team. I bet they call her “the perfessor (sic)”.

  21. Meesh says:

    Here it is…. 🙄

    Liberal, Conservative, Independent, Libertarian: All Americans Should Be Outraged

    December 13, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    USSS documents reveal agency put target on Obama critics back since Feb 2, 2008

    From the start allow us to make clear that we are not in any way claiming that every Law Enforcement Officer or Agency; every Corrections Officer or Official; and every State or Federal Government Agency or Employee is dishonest or engages in activities which are contrary to the very laws they are entrusted to enforce. That being said, we do want to make clear that as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request submitted in Feb 2011 to the United States Department of Homeland Security, US Secret Service we have documented evidence that has some who are in the position of enforcing the law, themselves violating it as well as assisting others in violating the law in an effort to silence Free Speech. From the very beginning in 2008 this writer has never lied about nor tried to conceal anything about his past no matter what others have claimed to the contrary.

    This article is being written because of information obtained from the Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service as a result of the Feb 2011 FOIA. The Feb 2011 FOIA request originally sought copies of USSS records, reports, communications etc from September 27, 2010 through October 2010 which pertained to the USSS involvement in tracing Internet postings and other electronic communications in cooperation with the Fairfax County Virginia Police efforts to locate this writer after the writer had in a moment of extreme stress from a $30 million defamation suit (which he prevailed in on Feb 28, 2012) attempted to take his own life by an overdose of Morphine Sulfate. The Feb 2011 FOIA request was made for the purpose of including the documents in this writers new book When One Man Stands which had been scheduled for a September 2012 release until DHS failed to provide the requested documents in time. The book has been further delayed due to formatting issues with the print file. What was obtained answered questions that we had since 2008 and had suspected what the truth was but didn’t have any documentation to support our suspicions until now.

    In the 2012 Presidential election cycle America witnessed first hand how under the Obama administration federal agencies from the Internal Revenue Service to the FBI and Justice Department targeted corporations and businessmen who opposed Obama or supported the GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Media started paying some attention to this type of political intimidation because of who the targets were.

    Obama Team’s Targeting Romney Donors: Obama May ‘Name You And Shame You’

    In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, VanderSloot also said people have been calling his children, surfing their LinkedIn sites and asking them for interviews. None of the complaints against him stuck except for the one calling him a “a bitter foe” of gay rights, VanderSloot said, and he said that’s far from the truth.

    “Businessman Frank Vandersloot, the CEO of Melaleuca, has been targeted by the Obama campaign after donating money to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. “Three weeks ago, an Obama campaign website, ‘Keeping GOP Honest,’ took the extraordinary step of publicly naming and assailing eight private citizens backing Mr. Romney,” Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal reported. “Titled ‘Behind the curtain: a brief history of Romney’s donors,’ the post accused the eight of being ‘wealthy individuals with less-than-reputable records.’ Mr. VanderSloot was one of the eight, smeared particularly as being ‘litigious, combative and a bitter foe of the gay rights movement.’”

    This however is not something that only started to occur in 2012, in fact Sinclair and his family, friends, associates and even people who have no association with him at all have been targeted and continuously attacked or investigated since speaking out about Barack Obama in 2008. Additional FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests have been made to the DHS Immigration & Customs Enforcement; the Federal Bureau of Investigations; the United States Secret Service; Internal Revenue Service; Social Security Administration; Colorado Attorney Generals Office; and the Pueblo County District Attorney’s office under the Colorado Open Records Act and the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act due in large part to the information revealed in the Feb 2001 FOIA request (which Department of Homeland Security decided to wait until after the Presidential election to release.) In a recent phone conversation with a woman who has followed Sinclair since 2008 she says “In 2008 we had no idea what Alinsky’s Rules for radicals were, but they were used against you and anyone who supported you with surgical precision, yet at the same time you continue to enraged them because you have not been silenced, you continue to seek the truth and report on things in a way we could only wish the so called mainstream or cable news media would do.”

    To understand what has taken place we have to go back to January 17, 2008 or late summer 2007 to set the stage for readers who have never heard the story that brought all of this about.

    In 2007 after Barack Obama had announced his candidacy for the democratic nomination for President of the United States this writer had become concerned about how Obama was being seen by younger voters who thought he was a ‘new kind of politician.’ Seeing college age kids talking about how ‘honest‘ they thought Obama was this writer contacted the Obama for America campaign asking if Barack Obama or the campaign would be willing to correct the campaign & Obama’s official position on Obama not having used any drugs since his ‘high school’ days which later changed to ‘since college,’ and then from ‘never using anything other than marijuana,’ to ‘doing a little coke when I could afford it.’ and on and on? When this writer contacted the Obama campaign in 2007 he made one specific request: That Barack Obama correct his claim that he had not done any drugs since his school days by admitting that in November 1999 Barack Obama had in fact used crack cocaine and had in fact obtained cocaine for this writer while in the Chicago area from November from November 3, 1999 to November 8, 1999 (in November 1999 Barack Obama was a member of the Illinois State Senate).

    Through out the fall of 2007 this writer made every effort to allow then candidate Barack Obama and the Obama for America Campaign to simply correct the candidates & campaigns official position on the extent of candidate & Senator Barack Obama’s illegal drug use without making a public scene about it. Barack Obama and his campaign advisers David Axelrod et al made the decision to prepare to attack the messenger instead of respond to the message. Instead of being honest and transparent as he was campaigning as being, Barack Obama and the Obama machine chose to lay the ground work for employing Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in the event that this writer decided to go public with what was then and is today truthful statements about Barack Obama’s use of crack cocaine; Barack Obama’s obtaining cocaine for this writer with money provided by this writer on November 6, 1999 and his engaging in consensual homosexual activities.

    Despite the multiple efforts to allow Obama the opportunity to correct the facts about his drug use, Obama and Axelrod bet they could avoid ever even being asked about these claims if they engaged in a well executed plan of attack meant to smear and discredit this writer (the 2009 book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? is a must read if you want to get a detailed accounting of who, what, where, when, why and how on what took place over this period in 2007 & 2008).

    This writer went public by way of a YouTube video published on January 17, 2008 after multiple media outlets had attempted to report the story only to have editors kill the story after having it written up for publication. The original YouTube video had received more than one million hits before the YouTube channel had been hacked and the account & video deleted. With the YouTube video came the vicious and organized attacks which today continues to be repeated by anyone has a problem with this writer reporting the truth. The first attacks were to immediately call it “a smear campaign by GOP operative Karl Rove,” despite having only contacted the DNC Chairman Howard Dean and other Democratic organizations. The next was Internet postings referring to this writer as a “Ron Paul nut trying to get people to consider Ron Paul.” Then came the expected “Sinclair is trying to help the Hillary campaign stop the momentum Obama has picked up.” Each and everyone of these were false then as they are now.

    Almost immediately the Obama supporters at and DailyKos began reporting that “Sinclair is a mental patient & liar. Sinclair was locked in a mental hospital in Texas at the time he claimed to be in Chicago in November 1999.” Again false then and still false today.

    From the very beginning after deciding to go public with the truthful statements about Barack Obama, this writer disclosed up front himself that he had a criminal past which included serving time in prison in three different states. Since January 17,2008 there have been many Internet postings calling Sinclair everything in the book and continue to this very day to try and paint Sinclair as anything other than what he is. So when we received the FOIA request submitted in Feb 2011 we thought the information explained a lot about the attacks which have been leveled against Sinclair since 2008. Despite the multiple Internet postings claiming differently, below is a list of Sinclair’s entire arrest record as listed in the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) NCIC database as listed on December 5, 2012 ( items in red indicate inaccurate information with the correct information noted in blue)


    4/6/85 – Larceny -Broward County

    6/18/86 – Pass forged instrument/Dealing in stolen prop/Larceny – Miami PD


    10/5/07 – New Castle County Fugitive warrant – Capitol Police

    The above listing is not an arrest in the District of Columbia nor an arrest anywhere else. The FBI has been provided with a FOIA Request to release all NCIC records including the reporting agency, date and case numbers. Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden’s office did issue a theft warrant from a sealed Grand Jury Indictment on Feb 5, 2008 which was dismissed. Which Biden knew at the time was not a theft or a crime at all.

    6/18/08 – Fugitive Warrant – D.C. Metropolitan Police

    On June 18, 2008 Sinclair was arrested after holding a Press Conference at the National Press Club on an “alleged fugitive warrant” that to this very date has yet to be produced or identified after multiple groups and organizations attempted to have the National Press Club revoke its contract with Sinclair for his 2008 Press Conference. DC Metro Police and DC District Court Records show the US Attorney for the District of Columbia and the DC Metro Police filed a “Fugitive from Justice Charge” against Sinclair on June 19, 2008 after failing repeatedly to produce the alleged Delaware warrant. Sinclair’s new book When One Man Stands contains the entire DC Metro Police Department file as well as the DC District Court file on this incident.


    10/31/80 – Forged Instrument – Department of Corrections, State Prison

    The above date does not reflect the actual arrest date of June 21, 1980 by the Cochise County Arizona Sheriff’s Department but instead reflects the date when Sinclair was transferred into the custody of the Arizona Department of Corrections at the age of 19 years old.

    8/18/02 – Alien Smuggling –USINS

    Despite showing an arrest in Arizona on August 18, 2002 for Alien Smuggling, the FBI NCIC database is incorrect. The above incident occurred in San Isidro, CA and did not result in an arrest or charge.

    7/15/06 – Alien Smuggling (Driver) – INS Border Patrol

    Despite showing an arrest in Arizona on July 15, 2006 for Alien Smuggling, the FBI NCIC Database is incorrect. The above incident occurred in Hebbronville, TX and did not result in an arrest or charge.

    4/2/07 – Alien Smuggling – US Border Patrol

    Despite showing an arrest in Arizona on April 2, 2007 for Alien Smuggling, the FBI NCIC Database is incorrect. The above incident occurred in Laredo, TX and did not result in an arrest or charge.


    1/27/81 – Larceny –DenverPD

    11/17/86 – Credit card violation, fugitive, Fraud by check – Lakewood PD

    The listed charges by the Lakewood, Colorado Police Department above are incorrectly stated in the FBI NCIC database. On November 17, 1986 Sinclair was arrested on “Unauthorized Use of a Financial Transaction Device and Forgery.

    South Carolina

    9/1/07- Disorderly Conduct – Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office

    The above arrest is for using the word “Bitch” in the presence of a Kershaw County Sheriff’s Deputy.

    It should be made crystal clear that despite the above being the complete arrest record as maintained by the FBI NCIC database, many who have been exposed by Sinclair in the past five years will argue its not. In the following article you will learn why the FBI NCIC database records are not only important, but are subject to misrepresentation by those looking to attack or try to misrepresent facts in their five year long effort to destroy Sinclair and anyone associated with him.

    After publishing the YouTube video on January 17, 2008 this writer started getting messages over YouTube from different individuals claiming to be reporters from various news organizations. From the New York Times Serge F. Kovaleski (212)556-1652 & (917) 674-3364 we have included the telephone numbers for NY Times reporter Kovaleski to prevent him or the Times from trying to deny he was engaged in regular telephone communications with Sinclair as claimed.

    NYT Reporter Serge F. Kovaleski

    Serge Kovaleski is a National Correspondent at The New York Times. Prior to joining the national staff, Mr. Kovaleski was hired at the Times in July 2006 as an investigative and general assignment reporter on the Metro desk.

    As a member of the Metro staff, Mr. Kovaleski also did investigative work for the Foreign Desk in the United Kingdom, for the National Desk in Alaska, Texas and Virginia and for the Sports Desk in New York, Tennessee and Florida.

    Before joining The Times, Mr. Kovaleski worked at The Washington Post, the New York Daily News, Money Magazine and The Miami News.

    Mr. Kovaleski was awarded the 2009 Pulitzer Prize in the category of breaking news as part of the Metro team that covered the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. He was a 2008 Pulitzer finalist in the category of breaking news along with other members of a Metro team for coverage of a Bronx fire that killed eight children and one adult in 2007, making it one of the deadliest residential fires in New York’s history.

    Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Mr. Kovaleski received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the College of William & Mary in 1984.

    Kovaleski is the NYT Reporter who wrote the below Times story about Barack Obama’s claimed drug use on February 9, 2008, just days after calling Sinclair three and four times a day seeking information on what Sinclair had given to Chicago Tribune Reporter John Crewdson who was physically in Duluth MN interviewing Sinclair face to face. Kovaleski even went so far as to tell Sinclair “you don’t want to talk to the Trib, nobody reads them. You want to let the New York Times do your story”

    Old Friends Say Drugs Played Bit Part in Obama’s Young Life


    Barack Obama has admitted to using illegal drugs as a teenager, but others remember him as a model of moderation.

    February 09, 2008, Saturday


    Dan Browning of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune (which is the paper that claimed they would wait until another media outlet reported the story to avoid being seen as racist, but Obama supporters mistakenly took the Star-Tribune to be the Chicago Tribune and emailed Chicago Tribune journalist John Crewdson claiming Sinclair had told them the Tribune decided not to write a story to avoid being called racist); Jay Thomas who scheduled Sinclair multiple times to appear on his radio program on Sirius XM through 2009 only to notify Sinclair a day before that the network would not permit Jay to have Sinclair on the program. National Public Radio; the Associated Press; along with a man who claimed he was a reporter for the BBC contacted Sinclair by way of YouTube and then directly by phone after the web site published Sinclair’s address and phone number in their effort to cut Sinclair’s allegations on Obama off at the pass. The so called BBC reporter turned out to be an individual in the UK who was a rabid Obama supporter but who it was also discovered was very active in financial fraud himself. Jonathan Roth, Senior Producer for Canadian Televisions The Standard not only continued to email and call, Roth had scheduled a film crew to set up in Sinclair’s MN apartment to interview Sinclair on a Wednesday, only to have Roth contact him the Tuesday before to say the network had refused to allow the interview to take place. It is believed that Times reporter Kovaleski who Sinclair was communicating with on a regular basis was the one relaying planned interviews to the Obama campaign.

    Shortly after the YouTube video was published the Obama for America campaign website had set up a Wikipedia page which was described on as intended to debunk and discredit Sinclair (the Barack Obama dot com page was removed after it was discovered by the publisher of In addition Obama supporters at DailyKos and DemocraticUndergroud continued to publish claims that Sinclair was a “liar,” was “in a locked mental hospital in Texas in November 1999,” “was a pedophile wanted in Tulsa, OK and New Jersey,” among many other alleged crimes which, MSNBC, Reason Magazine, Huffington Post, Fire Dog Lake, and Public Citizens Litigation Group continued to repeat and republish despite knowing the claims to be false.

    In 2008 it was difficult to get answers from Law Enforcement agencies from local Police Departments to the FBI who are responsible for enforcing the law without consideration given to friends politics. Well we now understand some of what took place in 2008. On the day former Chicago Tribune reporter John Crewdson arrived in Duluth, MN to meet with Sinclair in person, the Chicago Tribune endorsed Barack Obama for the Democratic Presidential Primary choice. The endorsement was nothing compared to what Crewdson had said about the Obama campaign. According to Crewdson (Crewdson and Obama adviser David Axelrod worked together at the Chicago tribune years earlier) Obama Campaign adviser David Axelrod had spoken with Crewdson who contacted him asking for the campaigns response to Sinclair’s allegations. Crewdson said :

    “Larry I spoke to David Axelrod (I have known him for twenty-five years) and asked him about your claims. David said he was aware of the claims you have made and he and the Obama campaign are currently investigating you and are determined to connect you with the Clinton camp. David said they will destroy you before they allow your claims to see the light of day.”

    The last line being consistent with Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

    David Axelrod could easily demonstrate whether the statement by Crewdson was true or false by agreeing to release access to his and the Obama Campaign phone records from Jan & Feb 2008. We doubt however that Axelrod would agree to do such a thing. In fact since receiving the documents through the DHS FOIA request we would be interested in obtaining the phone records for these numbers as well 704-607-5276 & 5277from January 17, 2008 thru March 30, 2008. What many people simply fail to realize is that this writer has a black book of phone numbers dating back to January and February 2008 which has never yet been published.

    Since receiving the information from the Feb 2011 FOIA request made to Department of Homeland Security on November 28, 2012 we are now able to put some of the puzzle pieces together. According to documents provided by the Department of Homeland Security the United States Secret Service makes the following statement in DHS files which confirm despite multiple claims made since January 2008 that the Obama campaign nor Barack Obama had any knowledge as to who Sinclair was is an outright lie:

    PRISM/MCI/TAVISS: Subject is indexed under USSS Case #127-671-0038xxx-x (we have chosen to remove the last five numbers of the case number). Subject Larry Sinclair first came to the attention of USSS on 2/2/08 when he left voice messages at three (3) of then Senator Barack Obama’s Campaign Offices alleging he engaged in illegal drug use and sexual activity with Senator Obama…

    It is important to remember the date Feb 2, 2008 later in this article.

    Now we cannot tell you when or why the United States Secret Service was made aware of Sinclair other than what is claimed above. We can tell you that Sinclair first contacted the Barack Obama campaign in September 2007 and had not ever mentioned a word about having engaged in sexual activity with the Senator before making the public YouTube allegations on January 17, 2008. After posting the public YouTube video messages were left at AKP Message & Media which is the company owned and operated by David Axelrod and David Plouffe but to our knowledge had never been listed as an Obama campaign office. The sexual activity was not and is not an issue with Sinclair nor was it ever meant to be and was only made public so as not to be accused of lying when it came out later because he failed to mention it from the beginning.

    We do however now know that according to the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Secret Service, the Barack Obama 2008 campaign called them in on Feb 2, 2008 around the exact same date that Joe Biden’s son sought a Grand Jury indictment against Sinclair for a crime that NEVER happened. Because of the repeated false claims since 2008 that “Delaware dropped the charges because Sinclair made a deal with the AG to repay the money he stole in exchange for the charges to be dropped” allow us to once and for all address these completely false claims.

    First despite the repeated claims by the News Journal in Wilmington Delaware on June 29, 2008, July 12, 2008 and September 5, 2008 made by Esteban Parra “According to Delaware State Police and Delaware Superior Court records, Sinclair allegedly paid for a three-week stay at the Rodeway Inn with $2400 in Money Orders. The Hotel Manager later told police Wachovia refused to honor them,” Sinclair was never accused of paying for a three-week hotel stay with money orders, a review of the Police Reports and the Court file will show Esteban Parra and The News Journal deliberately published three articles where they knew they were knowingly publishing lies. Now on July 24, 2008 Deputy AG Susan Dwyer sent a letter to this writers Counsel in Delaware which reads as follows:

    Enclosed please find copies of the automatic discovery in the above-titled case. It is my understanding that discovery is now complete in this matter, if that is incorrect please contact me at the number or address below or via email. Additionally, as stated in the report, the agreement with the victim was to cash the money orders, minus $300.00 as payment for cashing them. So the restitution would be $2430 ($300.00 less than the total amount of the money orders, which was $2730.00). If the defendant pays full restitution up-front I will offer him misdemeanor Theft.

    So to make it easy no one plead guilty to any felony or misdemeanor in Delaware case. Not only did Sinclair not plead to anything, the above statement from the Deputy Attorney General for the State of Delaware makes clear Sinclair never paid for a three-week hotel stay with any money orders despite The News Journal repeatedly claiming the Delaware State Police and Delaware Superior Court records said something they simply did not and do not say. But then reporting the truth simply would not have helped smear or portray Sinclair in the negative light the hometown paper of VP Pick Joe Biden was determined to portray him in.

    Around the same date that Tribune reporter Crewdson told Sinclair Axelrod said this :

    “David said he was aware of the claims you have made and he and the Obama campaign are currently investigating you and are determined to connect you with the Clinton camp. David said they will destroy you before they allow your claims to see the light of day.”

    The next statement from the DHS FOIA request though completely false (according to an agent in the USSS) explains the 2008 attempts to paint Sinclair as being mentally ill. Another Alinsky’s Rules for Radical rule which in 2008 no one had even heard of much less knew how to fight back against them.

    PRISM/MCI/TAVISS: Subject is indexed under USSS Case #127-671-003xxxx-x (we have chosen to remove the last five numbers of the case number). …The subject has a lengthy family and personal mental illness history.

    Not only is the above statement factually false, it is an attack on Sinclair’s entire family by the United States Secret Service which is supposed to be an A Political agency which clearly crossed the line since Feb 2, 2008. Throughout 2008 Sinclair and his family were portrayed on the internet as being mentally ill by Obama supporters as well as Obama media outlets Politico, Huffington Post, DailyKos & Democratic Underground. The above statement contained in the DHS PRISM file indicates the Secret Service was complicit in the 2008 efforts to portray Sinclair as a mentally ill individual which the media would be smart to avoid at all cost. In fact the information the USSS used in the claim as to Sinclair’s mental state is from his childhood in the late 1960′s when being a homosexual was considered to be “mentally ill” when Sinclair was a child who had an explosive temper as a child. The fact that we are now learning the USSS made these claims to the Obama campaign in 2008 is disturbing and should make every American wonder what will be said about them or done to them if they ever speak out against a politician or candidate. Especially one who has been given access to United States Secret Service protection because the candidate and campaign painted themselves as being a target of possibly violent attack because he happened to be black (Obama was afforded Secret Service Protection at the request of the Obama for America campaign in May 2007 but didn’t seem concerned about Sinclair when he contacted the Campaign in Sept 2007 asking Obama to correct his public statement as to his illegal drug use.)

    Despite many people expressing concern for this writers personal safety in 2008 and continuing to this day, it was only after receiving the DHS FOIA requested info on November 28, 2012 that this writer for the first time understood the concern of so many and for the first time realized that a target was placed on this writers back by the very people who are supposed to uphold and enforce the laws. Imagine for a moment that you go about your daily life and you are repeatedly threatened by email, in internet postings, by YouTube messaging and through phone calls etc. Now imagine doing what you know to be the right thing to do and you contact law enforcement and report those threats you believe to be serious. Now imagine the Police showing up to take a crime report from you with their hands on their weapon. Imagine being pulled over for no reason at all and ordered out of your vehicle by a Law Enforcement officer who has his weapon drawn and pointed at you. Now why would Law Enforcement refuse to prosecute individuals who threaten to kill not one but three people? Why would Law Enforcement refuse to investigate harassment which is documented or threatening phone calls etc…? Maybe this can help answer these questions.

    PRISM/MCI/TAVISS: Subject is indexed under USSS Case #127-671-0038xxx-x (we have chosen to remove the last five numbers of the case number). …Since 2008, the subject has made comments about committing suicide by cop…

    Not only is the above statement by United States Secret Service which is contained in the Feb 2011 FOIA request information received on Nov 28, 2012 completely false (again an Agent with the USSS admits this statement is completely untrue) it is a statement that has been distributed to any and all Law Enforcement agencies around the country who has come in contact with this writer or had cause to run this writer through their databases. Now imagine if you were a law enforcement officer who saw the above claims when you came into contact with this writer and you had to make a decision if you wanted to believe what came across your computer or if you wanted to wait and see how this writer responded to you which decision would you make? Of course you would take the information which had been provided you by another Law Enforcement Agency as being factual and you would approach this writer with the intent to protect yourself from harm, meaning with your weapon drawn and at the ready. Now when one is accused of making “comments about committing suicide by cop,” Now this writer understands why a Uniformed Secret Service Officer pulled this writer over on August 7, 2010 on H-Street in Washington, DC and ordered this writer out of his vehicle at gun point.

    The above ticket was simply issued to cover for the Uniformed Secret Service Officer who was told by his supervisor at the scene that he had to justify pulling this writer over. In an August 19, 2010 letter to the DC DMV Adjudication Services to schedule this matter for trial stated as follows:

    Please find that I am requesting a hearing to be scheduled for Citation Number 584151665.

    This request is made for the following reasons:

    1. This citation was issued after USSS officer pulled me over for NO REASON, ordered me out of my vehicle with hands on my head, and then ordered me to put my hands on the wall.

    2. The USSS was instructed to not pull me over, contact me by phone or harass me in any manner.

    3. The USSS Officer who issued this citation, stated after having caused an embarassing scene in public which drew crowds of spectators as well as a total of 5 Uniformed USSS Officers and 2 plain clothes USSS agents, and lasted for almost an hour; specifically stated he had to issue me some sort of ticket to justify him having stopped me. The issuing USSS Officer even asked me “…is a $25.00 ticket okay?”

    4. I was driving on a one way street and did signal I was changing lanes to enter into a parking garage. The USSS Officer admitted and knew I had used my signal prior to changing lanes and I did check for oncoming traffic before making the lane change and turn into the Parking Garage.

    I am asking for a hearing in this matter or a dismissal of this citation. In scheduling a hearing in this matter I request that every USSS Uniformed Officer who participated in this stop be required to be present as well as the two plain clothes agents.

    My current address is listed for notifying me of the Court date set for this matter.

    Even though the DC DMV was provided the current address for notifying this writer of the court date the above citation was set for, they instead sent the notice to the address on the citation which was then forwarded to another address which only finally reached this writer in early 2011 after the hearing date had come and gone.

    Now lets address even more disturbing information contained in the documents received on November 28, 2012 in response to a Feb 2011 FOIA request made to DHS and the USSS. Remember the above information from the FBI’s NCIC database which was pulled on December 5, 2012 after this writer received DHS FOIA information, well that was pulled because of this little piece of information in the USSS documents received on Nov 28, 2012.

    NCIC/NLETS: The subject’s criminal history is indexed under FBI #5179xxxxx (we have chosen to remove the last five numbers of the case number). The subject’s criminal history includes: Falsely making official forgery instruments, larceny, Organized deal in stolen property, Alien smuggling, Disorderly conduct, Fraud/illegal use of credit cards, forgery and fugitive from Justice. In addition, he has been charged with possession of Class D Substances, Threats, Verbal Abuse, Assault, Intimidating, Sexual misconduct and theft.

    First allow us to explain what NCIC and NLETS are. NCIC is the National Crime Information Center which is administered and maintained Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division in Clarksburg, WV. According to the CJIS all records maintained in the FBI NCIC system are “fingerprint generated.” In the words of the CJIS office, “in order for there to be a record in the NCIC system the individual had to have been arrested and fingerprinted by a law enforcement agency, if there is not an arrest and fingerprint card generated from an arrest no information can be entered into the NCIC system.”

    NLETS stands for National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System which according to its web site is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization

    Nlets is the premiere interstate justice and public safety network in the nation for the exchange of law enforcement-, criminal justice-, and public safety-related information. To accomplish this, the Nlets system provides unrivalled reliability based on a network built to endure threats without impacting performance.Nlets, which is owned by the States, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was created over 40 years ago by the principal law enforcement agencies of the States. The user population is composed of all of the United States and territories, all Federal agencies with a justice component, selected international agencies, and a variety of strategic partners that serve the law enforcement community—all cooperatively exchanging data.The types of data being exchanged varies from motor vehicle and drivers’ data, to Canadian and Interpol databases, to state criminal history records and driver license and corrections images. Operations consist of over 1 billion transactions a year to over 900,000 PC, mobile and handheld devices in the U.S. and Canada at 45,000 user agencies and to 1.3 million individual users.

    Well the above paragraph from the DHS FOIA request received on Nov 28, 2012 includes entries and claimed criminal charges which are not listed in the December 5, 2012 NCIC check published in the top part of this article. Not only are there alleged criminal charges that simply do not exists, those which are accurate are listed in the USSS documents with little descriptive modifications which make the charges seem more severe than they are; example “organized deal in stolen property” and “Falsely making official forgery instruments.”

    Then those which are NOT criminal charges at all, specifically “In addition, he has been charged with possession of Class D Substances, Threats, Verbal Abuse, Assault, Intimidating, Sexual misconduct and theft,” which were immediately noticed to be the exact same claimed crimes published in 2008 on the Obama for America campaign web site as well as DailyKos, Huffington Post, Politico and others in the efforts to attack this writer.

    See these alleged criminal charges which the United States Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security distributed throughout the United States since Feb 2, 2008 are not criminal charges at all. Once we saw the above paragraph we not only contacted the NCIC CJIS office in Clarksburg, WV; we also contacted the United States Secret Service and the Colorado Department of Corrections along with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office asking each to explain why Colorado Department of Corrections, Inmate Code of Penal Discipline rule infractions were listed by the FBI in its NCIC/NLETS system as being criminal charges brought against Sinclair? Since 2008 when an individual requested copies of this writers Colorado Department of Corrections inmate records under the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (the requester also alleged to the CDOC that releasing the requesters name under the Colorado Open Records Act would subject the requester to retaliation, harassment and possible physical harm claiming the requester had already been threatened by this writer.) the administrative rule infractions which the Colorado Department of Corrections does not make the definitions of available outside the Department have been published by media outlets and others as verified criminal convictions against Sinclair despite the fact they are no such thing. To find the DHS and the USSS distributing the information as being criminal charges since 2008 when they know them not to be is even more shocking considering how these agencies are supposed to be above reproach as well as honest and accurate. On May 14, 2008 Thomas E. Kolle, Colorado Department of Corrections Offender Records Administrator told this writers mother that “The individual who requested Mr. Avila’s records provided me additional information that necessitated a referral to the Office of the Inspector General. Upon the completion of their investigation, I will make a decision whether to release the name of the requester.” This May 14, 2008 letter was cc’ed to then Senator Ken Salazar who currently serves as Secretary of the Interior in the Obama administration. Despite this statement by Kolle, no one ever received any further communication from him as to the requesters’ identity. (NOTE: Avila was this writer’s legal name at the time he was incarcerated in the Colorado Department of Corrections)

    From Feb 2008 to the present day individuals both on the liberal left and recently some who claim to be spokespersons for the Conservative New Media have falsely claimed that this writer has a criminal history of Assault, Intimidation, Possession of controlled substances, sex crimes etc… in the effort to discredit and even destroy this writer. The distribution of these rule violations as criminal charges by the United States Department of Homeland Security; the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System for more almost five years is beyond irresponsible, its criminal.

    The facts prove them to be liars and the Dec 5, 2012 NCIC query proves they are liars as are those who included such information in a DHS file which was distributed for the past almost five years to every Law Enforcement agency in the nation. As recently as two weeks ago, so called conservative operatives and self proclaimed leaders of the Conservative New Media spent hours upon hours on Twitter reposting links to claims from 2008 that they failed to even bother to verify first. These same self proclaimed leaders of the Conservative New Media republished the claims while crying about how they had been targeted with false allegations which cost them their jobs or their homes. The recent efforts by those self proclaimed leaders of the Conservative New Media because this writer has called out those who have demonstrated a double standard and hypocrisy by covering up fraud and dishonesty by individuals funded by FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity and even some associated with From 2008′s employment of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals by the liberal left; Obama Campaign and Obama enamored media to the 2012 employment of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals by the self proclaimed voices of the Conservative New Media this writer continues to stand because he has always stood on the truth and continues to do so some five years later.

    On November 29, 2012 this writer contacted the Colorado Department of Corrections and provided them copies of the DHS documents which listed in house administrative infractions as criminal charges under an NCIC/NLETS query. Let’s just say the CDOC was stunned and not very happy. The Office of the Inspector General H. James Welton was contacted and we were lucky enough to speak with an employee who was involved in the 2008 offender records release who on December 7, 2012 (after the Office of the Inspector General responded to our request for information under Colorado Open Records Act) that contrary to Mr. Kolle’s May 14, 2008 claim that the Office of the Inspector General was conducting an investigation, NO such investigation was ever conducted. According to the CDOC Inspector General Mr. Kolle states the department only retains Colorado Criminal Justice records Act request for a period of three (3) years and since more than three (3) years has passed since the 2008 release was made the CDOC would not have the name of the requester even if it were decided that the requesters name should be released under the Colorado Open Records Act and the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act. We are still awaiting a response from the Colorado Attorney General John Suthers office on our request since the Colorado AG was involved in the 2008 requester being kept confidential the office should have those files.

    We not only now have documented evidence that the Obama 2008 campaign lied when they made repeated claims they had no idea who this writer is, we have the April 10, 2008 statement by Obama for America’s Puerto Rico campaign representative Attorney Andres Lopez made on Puerto Rico’s number one Television program SuperXclusivo “Sinclair has been a head ache for the campaign for about a year now,” which Lopez made after also claiming this writer was a mentally ill criminal in true Rules for Radicals fashion and in line with the Obama media narrative in 2008.

    The United States Secret service could not explain where they obtained the information other than to claim if it is listed under the NCIC/NLETS then it had to come from them. Yet recent NCIC/NLETS queries by at least two separate agencies failed to pull anything other than what is published at the beginning of this article.

    Why is this information important you might ask? Well its important because we now have official documents from the United States Department of Homeland Security and the United States Secret Service which show that since Feb 2, 2008 these agencies have been distributing false information and statements about an American citizens who had the gall to stand up and make public allegations against a US Senator; who just happened to be running for President of the United States; and who just happened to bring the United States Secret Service into the fray at the very same time the internet attacks against this writer began to make these very same false claims.

    We have documents from the United States Department of Homeland Security that shows this writer has NEVER made any threats against Candidate or President Barack Obama despite many claims to the contrary.

    We have documents from the United States Department of Homeland Security which show that despite this writer’s never making any threat against Barack Obama, the United States Secret Service since Feb 2, 2008 continued to distribute knowingly false information which could very easily have resulted in the killing of this writer by any number of Law Enforcement Officers because of the admitted false claims “Since 2008, subject has made comments about committing suicide by cop and referred to dying at the White House.”

    We have documents from the United States Department of Homeland Security which since Feb 2, 2008 knowingly distributed false information claiming “the subject has a lengthy family and personal mental illness history.”

    We have documents from the United States Department of Homeland Security which show that the DHS and the United States Secret Service and according to these documents the Federal Bureau of Investigations, knowingly has distributed information since Feb 2, 2008 to Law Enforcement throughout the US claiming this writer has a criminal history of crimes of violence including Assault, Intimidation, Threats, Sexual Misconduct as well as possession of controlled substances with full knowledge that such claims were untrue.

    So yes, for the first time since first making public claims against Barack Obama on January 17,2008 this writer finally once has had the experience of understanding why so many others over the years expressed concerned over his safety.

    The entire documents which were received in response to the Feb 2011 FOIA request to DHS will be included in the new book When One Man Stands which is still undergoing corrections to the formatting of other documents included in the book. Since June 2008 this writer who is disabled and who has been on disability has been subjected to seven (7) Social Security Administration fraud investigations based on allegations made to the SSA ranging from “Sinclair is making millions on his book and is doing book signing tours,” to god only knows what; has been subjected to a recent SSA medical evaluation to review his medical condition which was repeatedly challenged in Court filings in Daniel Parisi et al vs. Lawrence W. Sinclair et al United States District Court for the District of Columbia 1:10-CV-00897-RJL based on the internet ranting of Internet cowards who have spent the last five years attacking Sinclair every chance they get with their own fantasy presented as if it were fact. Despite being put through the extensive medical review based on baseless claims (said review costing even more taxpayer money be spent) the disability determination review and Social Security Doctors decided on October 23, 2012 that “The doctors and other trained personnel have decided that you are still disabled.” Regardless of this writers documented medical condition he does not stop trying to live his life and take care of himself and he won’t start now.

    In addition to the total of eight (8) investigations by the Social Security Administration this writer was immediately audited in 2009 by the Internal Revenue Service by the Andover, MA office after having been threatened repeatedly online throughout the 2008 campaign that he would be when Barack Obama is elected President.

    The importance of this information is to make it perfectly clear that you don’t have to be a wealthy supporter or donor of the GOP Presidential nominee to be attacked by the politically connected or those serving the President of the United States. The importance of this information is to show documented acts which were taken by agencies which serve the president of the United States and who are ran by political appointees of the President.

    Americans whether Liberal, Conservative, Independent, Libertarian, Democrat, Republican, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or whatever should be outraged at this type of organized effort involving Government Agencies and employees targeting any American citizen in any manner that places that citizen in a position where the potential is present for serious harm or even death is involved based on knowingly false information. Whether you want to see it or not, one thing is perfectly clear to this writer and it is supported by documents obtained from the Department of Homeland Security: Government and Law Enforcement Agencies engaged in an organized and deliberate effort to create an environment and situation where an American citizen and the family members and friends of that citizen could very well have been fatally shot based on fabricated, knowingly false and intentionally misrepresented information designed to make that citizen to appear to be a violent, mentally unhinged individual for what can only be seen as an effort to protect Barack Obama from ever being held to answer questions from the media concerning allegations which were TRUTHFUL when they were made and which are still TRUTHFUL today.

    While it is this writers intent to continue to push FOIA request until he has received all the documents sought from DHS; INS; FBI; SSA; Colorado Attorney General; CDOC; Pueblo County Colorado District Attorney and other agencies who we know have had interaction with individuals over the past five years who have continued to attack this writer, we also encourage every American who has been targeted for speaking against Barack Obama or his administration to file FOIA request as well.

    What this information will not do is make this writer stop asking questions or reporting the truth and the facts no matter who they expose, because the fact of the matter is there is corruption by conservatives just as there is by liberals. When One Man Stands details what this writer has continued be targeted with and how despite being targeted by the most powerful man in the free world this One Man continues to Stand and will continue to do so as long as God gives him life.

    See when you tell the truth and refuse to try and hide your past, you can make a difference no matter what others may say or do. When One Man Stands many more can find the strength to do the same.

  22. Dennis says:

    Am I missing something or is this an incredibly strange and long winded exercise in nitpicking, fact spinning, bull slinging double talking gibberish or what. For example, he was never arrested for paying for his hotel stay in Delaware with bogus money orders. No sir. He used the bogus money orders to pay for a car which he then demanded his money back for and then used the money stolen this way in order to pay for his hotel stay. So there…see how they lie. Good grief, I don’t know who is dumber, the writer of crap like this or the few suckers who believe it. It’s all a pile of mind-numbing, incoherent, self-justifying drivel. He must have swigged his way through two bottles of vodka cooking this one up.

    • Meesh says:

      Very good Dennis I missed that one…let’s debunk this piece of crap! Where’s KStreet? Joeymac? TJTaygee… LOL

      • kstreet607 says:

        Meesh I made a valiant effort to read the above dribble. All I could do was go through the first 1/3 and then scan the rest to keep from puking from the self-aggrandizing in the above piece that seems to be written by an obsessed madman! Oh, it was…LOL!

    • Meesh says:

      This was posted by democratista and Paul Day at M&N

      Delaware – The First State and a Visitor named Larry Sinclair

      June 30, 2008 Larry….The Roadway Inn….and Money Orders!

      by democratista and Hbeeinc

      Facts deflate conspiracy theory
      Depending on what blogs you read, Delaware is at the center of a major conspiracy orchestrated to protect presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama by silencing a critic.

      But like many rumors about a candidate during a presidential election year, this one just isn’t true.

      While we are certain this will do little to deter conspiracy theorists, we thought it would be worthwhile to inject some verifiable fact where we find it.

      The rumor suggested that former Democratic presidential candidate and Delaware Sen. Joe Biden — who has been named as a possible vice president running mate for Obama — worked with his son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, to have Obama critic Larry Sinclair arrested at the conclusion of a press conference Sinclair held in Washington earlier this month.

      Sinclair, who has been making charges about Obama involving sex and drugs, allegedly was taken away at the conclusion of his remarks by U.S. marshals on an outstanding warrant from Delaware.

      Some — perhaps only those on Sinclair’s Web site — suggested this was concocted to embarrass Sinclair because there had been no record of a Delaware warrant after a detailed background check in January.

      Well, yes, but no.

      There was no warrant in January because it was issued in February after an October incident at a New Castle hotel involving Sinclair.

      According to the Delaware State Police and Delaware Superior Court records, Sinclair allegedly paid for a three-week stay at the Rodeway Inn with $2,400 in money orders. The hotel manager later found they were counterfeit and called police.

      In February — long before Obama became the presumptive nominee — a New Castle County grand jury indicted Sinclair for felony theft and a warrant was issued.

      According to state prosecutors, Sinclair was released on $8,000 unsecured bond this week and is due back in court in July for an arraignment.

      So what did happen in Delaware? Our crack investigator, “Make Noise!” decided to find out the details. Since we all like to have confirmation, our very own, Hbee, confirmed the facts for us. Here is the conversation that followed:

      Hey kids! Guess what I’ve been up to for the past half hour or so?! You know this Delaware warrant – I just heard about straight from the the victims mouth.

      Lemme just confirm what happened

      papatard stayed at the Roadway Inn in New Castle Delaware for a couple of weeks. Some how he wound up getting vouchers from the state to do this. Don’t ask me how because I don’t quite understand it. Anywho, while he was there he ran short of funds and decided to make a lil bit of money. The owner of the Roadway Inn, either Pakistani or Indian, had a car he was selling for $2400 so papatard magically created $2400 worth of MoneyGram money orders to pay for it. The owner put the money orders in the bank but – SO SAD – papatard changed his mind about the car.

      “Gimme my money orders back,” squealed papatard.

      “I’ve already deposited them,” said the owner in somewhat broken English.

      “Then you’ll just need to give me cash then, won’t you,” papatard retorted.

      So that’s what the owner did. Gave papatard $2400 in CASH. And then papatard bolted.

      Only later did it turn out that the Moneygram money orders were fake and the owner found out that PAPATARD FUCKING RIPPED HIM OFF.


      How did all this come about, you might ask? Well, I just got a call from my new best friend who talked to the owner earlier. While I talked with my new best friend on the phone, my new best friend decided to call the owner to verify the story.

      I’m going to skip to the highlights.

      NBF – I’m trying to get your money back
      Manager – Some people try to scam good people
      NBF – Was the moneygram fake?
      Manager – Yes. It was.
      NBF – It was Larry Sinclair.
      Manager – Yes
      NBF – We’re going to help you get your money back
      Manager – I hope so.

      I want to stress a couple of things here

      1) I’d never spoken to my new best friend before today
      2) My new best friend took a helluva a risk contacting me
      3) The conversation with the manager was a completely spur of the moment decision by NBF to prove that papatard is a liar.
      4) At no time during the conversation was there any mention of bribery brought up OR the hint of some kind of previous arraignment evident.

      The manager said that he is receiving a lot of calls about this and will now refer everything to his lawyer whose name and number came directly from the lips of the manager.

      All of this is to say that papatard is FUCKED and he now knows it. He is, was and always has been a liar and a con man.

      PLEASE larrytards, I’m begging you to wake up to this fact. I know that you think Sinclair is some kind of Jesus figure who will save America from Obama. He’s not. He never has been. Ever. There is no conspiracy against him. You have been taken, folks. Utterly and completely taken.

      My new best friend showed me conclusive proof of that. papatard will most likely spend the rest of his said pathetic life in jail. We can only hope.

      While We Talk About Cars, Theft and Larry….Remember this?

      Since folks are pointing out cars (vehicles) and money (or the theft thereof) we thought it might it be a good time to reminder folks of the small claims case in California concerning Mr. Sinclair, Severino Osuna

      That might be interesting to see if Lar-tard confirms or denies this…
      Oh did you need Mr. Allen Stroller Phone Number ?

      Here it is:

      Allen (Alan?) Stroller Auto Finance 916-485-4063 ?
      (showing listings in Sacramento and Nevada City Ca.)
      I Haven’t called this person.
      Got anyone to verify?
      I wonder what Mr. Stoller would have to say about Larry Sinclair?

      I wonder who Severino Osuna is? look under small claims “sinclair”
      civil court

      Case Number: 05AM00193
      Filing Date: 01/11/2005
      Case Type: Contract-Other

      Select Name Party Type
      AUTO FINANCE Plaintiff
      SINCLAIR, LARRY W. Defendant
      STOLLER, ALLEN Plaintiff Pro Per
      STOLLER, ALLEN, DBA Plaintiff small claims court
      Search Results for:02SC07208

      Case Number: 02SC07208
      Filing Date: 09/03/2002
      Case Type: Breach of Contract

      Select Name Party Type
      ALLEN STOLLER Plaintiff
      AUTO FINANCE Doing Business As
      SINCLAIR, LARRY Defendant

      SINCLAIR, LARRY 09/24/2002 02SC07861
      SINCLAIR, LARRY 09/03/2002 02SC07208
      Case Number: 02SC07861
      Filing Date: 09/24/2002
      Case Type: Breach of Contract

      Select Name Party Type
      AUTO FINANCE Doing Business As
      OSUNA, SEVERINO Defendant
      SINCLAIR, LARRY Defendant
      STOLLER, ALLEN Plaintiff

      • tjtaygee says:

        Another thing, Liar-larr – once you faxed those photos of the target-practice on the Pres & First Lady pics to the WH, the Secret Service had every reason to pull you over while you were in DC, up-to-and-including at gunpoint.

        Seriously, not only is your entire screed a fail (your arguments just don’t hold up to minor scrutiny, and further demonstrate your career criminality and mental imbalance), it actually bolsters every argument of those who wish solely to actually get to the truth (and thereby don’t agree with you).

        As usual, big, big fail. And thanks for publicly displaying so much of the evidence for those of us who see through your nonsense like it was Saran Wrap.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Absolutely, Dennis! But this is typical Sinclair spin…

  23. tjtaygee says:

    Liar-larr – these facts are in evidence and cannot be controverted:

    1. You did send pictures of the president and first lady that you had used for target practice
    2. There is no way on earth that would not constitute a threat against the president and first lady
    3. Anyone who would send such photos to the white house deliberately and directly to th white house could and should be immediately be considered potentially mentally imbalanced
    4. Once you did that, the Secret Service is under no obligation to change their minds about that.

    And I just love the arrogance and stupidity here:

    “2. The USSS was instructed to not pull me over, contact me by phone or harass me in any manner.”

    Because you told them so, liar-larr? You do realize that once you faxed those pics, you don’t have a choice in that matter, either, right?

  24. democratista says:

    Yes, Dennis…I have a headache just going down memory lane with this stuff. There are so many comments to make. So he was never arrested for the gazillion things he says are “falsely” in his report, but he did them…just while behind bars so they were prison infractions, not criminal offenses. There is some worldwide organized campaign by the Obama administration/campaign/supporters using the Alinsky method – must study up on that – (see diagram he created….I forget who I reported to at that point) and/or some “Conservative New Media” out to get him. He says he never threatened the President (see bullet ridden pictures of the Obamas he sent). Just like his forgery was no big deal because after all he signed his own name to someone else’s credit card rather than outright just forging their signature (either stupidity or he had a nice story made up probably). Liardy wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked him in the forhead. And BTW…he thinks posted this is a defense of his mental stability????? Think again.

    • tjtaygee says:

      Right there with you, Democratista. There’s too much information to pour over – or even bother with in that screed.
      However, I, too, was going to bring up the prison infractions NOT ONLY as more evidence of the repetitive criminaility of liar-larr, but also – per the details of those infractions (making a urine-soaked projectile and throwing it at guards, if I recall correctly), they would further point to what would be reasonably deemed a lack of mental stability.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Hi Democratista! You’re right on all points…as usual. 🙂

  25. tjtaygee says:

    Remember, total copy-and-paste into whatever .PDF file he ends up trying to sell as his “book”. I would wager he won’t even change the title, using that as the title of the chapter.

    And he’s STILL claiming a formatting issue? Gee, if you cleared that up, liar-larr, you’d have the $$$ in hand to pay to have copies of the book printed? Nah, I don’t think so.

  26. Dennis says:

    OK, I’m done trying to wade through the muck of Fat Boy’s current ramble. Oh sure, he has a half a point in that he was never “arrested” for his numerous (and often violent) infraction of prison rules. After all, he was already under arrest – so to speak. So they just had to throw his butt into the cooler and stuff like that. As for the Secret Service, he has never been arrested or anything by them and they have simply been harassing him. Oh sure, he was for months emailing, mailing, shipping and faxing nasty letters and tapes and photos to the White House until he finally went right up to the line with the bullet riddled photos and stuff – but that doesn’t mean they have any right to track him or anything. And the photos were not bullet riddled. He used a bb gun. Totally different. And they had no business pulling him over when he took his little spin down the road along side of the White House despite having been warned that he wasn’t to come within a certain range of the place. How dare they!!!

  27. Dennis says:

    Another quick note to Fats: See you have flip flopped again and are back to claiming that you tried to commit suicide on that stupid video stunt. Death by morphine sulfate? It can be done, but requires a very large dose. You were not taking anywhere near enough to do more than relieve some back pain. If you had taken a large enough of a dose, you would then be spending part of your night puking while getting dizzy. Not going online non-stop and posing as your mama in a pathetic attempt to shake money out of people.

  28. kstreet607 says:

    I’m certain that one day, some psychology professor will cite the above piece as: “written by a demented, obsessed, schizophrenic psychopath who wanted nothing more than notoriety but got obscurity instead.”

  29. Dennis says:

    Speaking of Shiz fer Brains:
    Orly Taitz Sues To Stop Electoral College Vote

    She is suing Joe Biden and the Us Congress because Obama is a citizen of Indoesia…her proof…She doesn’t need any stinkin’ proof.

  30. joeymac says:

    Speaking of La Taitz…

    This should generate a new worthless lawsuit. Tee hee hee.

  31. joeymac says:

    My congratulations to all who had the stomach to wade through Fatso’s excreta…I didn’t.

  32. joeymac says:

    The President picks a new cabinet.

    Scene: the Oval Office

    PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA and CHIEF OF STAFF JACK LEW are seated on the sofas facing one another, with a single sheet of paper in front of LEW on the coffee table between them. Neither looks happy.

    POTUS: OK, you talked to Mitch McConnell first thing this morning. Where do we stand on nominations going forward?

    LEW rolls his eyes.

    LEW: Stand? As far as McConnell is concerned, we don’t stand anywhere. We’ve been kicked to the dirt.

  33. Meesh says:

    There’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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