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Did TJ strike a nerve?

on November 12, 2012

Sinclair Snooze site is selling a book…

When One Man Stands Autographed Copies

Today Autographed copies of  When One Man Stands by Lawrence Sinclair can be ordered directly through Sinclair News only. Click on below cover to order today. Amazon Kindle version ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6  goes on sale October 30, 2012.

Our Tj taygee  spotted that once again it’s just  another scam

TjTaygee Submitted on 2012/11/09 at 1:04 pm

odd, the kindle version of the new insanity manual isn’t available on…but it’s beyond oct 30th…
in fact, it’s Nov 9.  I may have been too conservative with my predictions…

and this one…


I’ve given up my abstinence from visiting liar-larr’s site, cause I don’t feel the urges to react to the nonsense anymore, and can therefore safely visit for a giggle at the massive and repetitive FAIL.  Not least of all, the still-remaining October 30 release date for the Amazon Kindle version – which has yet to appear.
FAIL FAIL FAIL.  As if he ever had a chance of impacting Obama.
And now, his ginormous reveal of the big-bad conservatives is just a complete & total re-hash of this ali-ackbar dude of whom no one has ever heard and only 1 or 2 more care (and at least half of those are the authorities) – proof.  of.  nothing…other than the fact that liar-larr isn’t the only one capable of running a scam and being caught for doing so.
Fail.  Failfailfail.  Total fail.  irreperable fail.
Hilarious.  FAIL.

As always, TJ Taygee was spot on ….APPARENTLY  Sinclair was troubled by many of the comments posted here…methinks this one was too much…


Other than  mindless, pointless drivel about someone who to the vast majority of the political blogosphere, let-alone the universe at latrge, simply doesn’t exist (much like liar-larr), all of the above is purely proof-positive that liar-larr doesn’t yet have a book to attach to that ISBN # on his website.
There is no book to publish, though he’ll gladly take those orders (and $$$) for signed & numbered copies…and no kindle version – in spite of the October 30th delivery date which has long-since passed.

his multi-part repetitive spew (part 2a is a massive repetition of part 1, as well as an wholesale copy-and-paste of liar-larr’s own previous posts) will again be copy-and-pasted into the as-yet-nonexistent book.

Note that in spite of the copy-and-paste of what is currently being printed to his website, he WILL STILL COPY AND PASTE the previous articles that are repeated by the current articles into the book.

His entire “book” is going to be copy-paste-repetition then copy-and-paste-the-repetition.


This will be worse than the first rip-off, or arguably any other rip-off liar-larr has pulled previously.  Almost everything in the book will be a copy and paste of what he has already previously posted to the web (if in some cases transcribed from videos).  And even in that he’s going to pad with ridiculous amounts of redundancy.

I would love to read just ONE review by one semi-sane “supporter” that read it.  it would be to laugh.

Finally Sinclair Snooze admits there’s some formatting problems by posting this, stating that TJTayhee visited his site…Where’s the PROOF FatASS? Anyone can add  an anonymous  GOOGLE map, where’s an ip showing that  TJTaygee was over there. He wasn’t there.  Just another form of intimidation: On the SNOOZE site this is posted:

Welcome Back Beyooch!

Welcome Back Microsoft Corp Employee
suspected hacker T J T

As soon as the formatting issues for the Kindle edition of When One Mans Stands are corrected we will send you an email update seeing how you are dying to read the new Book!

Welcome back “Beyooch”????  Whatever, he’s an *idiot* ….However I  have discovered  this on “our” site Statcounter…. recognize somebody? I thought I smelled something….. Hmmm “something” was sniffing around over here after 1 AM …

Visitor Analysis & System Spec
12 Nov 01:02:07
Referring URL:
(No referring link)
Host Name: Browser: IE 9.0
IP Address: — Larry Sinclair Operating System: Win7
Location: Port Orange, Florida, United States Resolution: Unknown
Returning Visits: 10 Javascript: Disabled
Visit Length: 44 mins 29 secs ISP: Road Runner

Why is Stinkliar still trying to collect money for a book that’s not available yet? Once again Sameliar  is trying to sell  a book cover.  As I said before, way to go TJ Taygee!


28 responses to “Did TJ strike a nerve?

  1. tjtaygee says:

    “suspected hacker”. That is bleeding hilarious. What a frickin’ loon liar-larr is. Unlike liar-larr, I don’t break the law. And lampooning liar-larr doesn’t require hacking, it requires merely rubbing two brain cells together.
    S’funny, not only is that satellite image not a photo of my house, it’s not even a photo of my neighborhood…
    And the only reason he knows I visited his site is obviously because he read what I posted here.
    You’re very thin-skinned for being such a large man, liar-larr. And to what are you protesting? I’m just pointing out your fail – your fail based upon your own declarations of release dates.

  2. tjtaygee says:

    Oh, and one more thing, liar-larr – I don’t need to read your book. i’ve already seen all the crap and tripe you’re going to copy and paste into it. it’s not worth any amount of money – less-so time – to read the screed.
    Post my IP Address & google maps and make up stuff about me being a Microsoft Corp employee and suspected hacker more – I’m so scared!

    • Meesh says:


      This is SickLiar’s description of his SNOOZE SITE…it’s UNAFRAID and UNCENSORED…nothing about factual.

      He doesn’t have to tell the TRUTH this way… at least he portrays you better…I’m a potato farmer from PEI…and yes… “WE” all have been blamed of the Make believe hacking.

      Sickliar was intimidated by what you discovered…FRAUD…way to go!

      • Kstreet67 says:

        Meesh, TJTaygee you guys scare that POS turd to death. Keep up the good work. BY the way, isn’t that the same picture of MY house he has displayed on his site? ROFL!!!!

        • Dennis says:

          May be an all purpose photo. Yesterday it was your house. Today it is TJ’s. Tomorrow, who knows. Doesn’t matter to Fat Boy. He just has to look tough to the five or six dim bulbs who takes his crap seriously. As for his book…well, since there is no evidence than anyone has seen a lousy copy it seems highly likely that the darn thing doesn’t exactly exist. Heck, he hasn’t even posted any of those great snapshots of opened boxes clammed with his alleged masterpiece. BTW, last time I looked at Amazon, there is no listing for the book. Maybe he has been sniffing gas flumes along with his pal Ilse…

        • Kstreet67 says:

          I see he changed the pic after reading my comment. The sick bastard changed it to Disney Land. That SOB must be drunk as a skunk! Could it be he ONCE AGAIN found out that NOBODY LIKES HIS AZZ? Or that most folks see through a shallow, controlling, sociopathic liar/criminal like FATASS? Probably…

      • tjtaygee says:

        Thanks, Meesh!

        Now that I think of it, it seems rather dishonest of liar-larr to behave as if he “caught” me visiting the snooze site when I literally admiited it here, and per Kstreet we know he visited here and that’s how he got the info.
        He’s just so lame in so many ways.

        Hey, liar-larr! Keep posting my IP and supposed images of my home and false allegations that I may have hacked you.

        I. Don’t. Care.

        You STILL FAIL!

  3. Dennis says:

    Hey Meesh! When are you going to get a Google Earth shot of the trailer. Maybe with some Secret Service guys camped out in the parking lot. Maybe, just maybe, we will even be able to zoom in and see Fat’s beady eyes peeking through the blinds while Mr. Fearless hides out in his wide load.

  4. tjtaygee says:

    Oh, and one more thing, liar-larr – once you do “publish” some semblant nonsense resembling a book only as pages with words on them, the lie that the book is already “ready” minus some kindle formatting will be exposed after you copy & paste the as-yet incomplete ali akbar (seriously, who?) saga into it.

    Go ‘head, expose your own lie. If the book is really available to order, there won’t be a part 2a in it, will there?

  5. Dennis says:

    Before I forget, a quick note to Ilse:
    You present a slightly off version of the Texas War of Independence. Well, actually, you really don’t know a damn thing about it except what you saw in that old John Wayne movie. For example, part of the fight was over slavery. The whites moving into Texas were largely from the South and were slave holders and the Mexican government had already banned slavery. Another thing you missed was the issue of illegal immigration. To stem of flow of gringos pouring in, the Mexico severely restricted further immigration. Technically, a certain amount of the “heroes” of the revolution were illegals. Finally, many Mexicans were also in the fight against Mexico (in fact many of the fighters at the Alamo were Mexicans). It wasn’t just a bunch of white guys, so take of your stupid sheet for a moment and actually try to learn something before you open your stupid pie hole.

  6. tjtaygee says:

    Hey Liar-Larr – I’m still here, still commenting on your FAIL!

    It’s rather unbelievable that your kindle availability date *still* says October 30. hey, don’t change that though, that just reminds your (very, very few) fans of your fail.

    Also likely gives em second thoughts about placing that hardcover order..if the kindle version isn’t available, and you’re not declaring the expected shipping timeframe for the hardcover – that must mean there’s no book!

    besides, you’re still posting more & more nonsense about ali-who-gives-a-fuck – obvious page filler for the not-done book!

    C’mon, liar-larr – you already admitted there’s no kindle version. next easy step is to admit there’s no hardback, either.

    I’m still here, liar-larr. you’re not scaring me away with your “look what I can do with IP Addresses!” antics, nor your fabricated hacking allegations.

    admit it. there is no book.

    meanwhile, the latest ali ackbar crap – holy shit dude, how much can one person regurgitate their own vomit? Seriously!

  7. Meesh says:

    Another huge exposé of horse manure:

    Akbar Tries To Pimp Malkin, Pavlich, Hewitt, @ $10,000 Per!
    November 12, 2012

    it’s not worth trancribing…copy/pasting here…where FatAss is desperate for Ali (what’s his name) to reply… it’s obvious that it bothers him with the fact that he’s being ignored.The little that Ali posts on his Twitter is driving POS NUTZ…sooo of course FatAss places a screenshot… Hahahaha they call whiny—-> Larry “Lisp” Sinclair

    “Ali is running scared and he is in panic mode. That’s clear by his Twitter feed where he somehow thinks by throwing everything that has been thrown at this writer since 2008 is somehow going to cause us to stop investigating. “

    Running scared?! (whatever in his imagination )OK, now talk about desperate measures, FatAss then uses the Regulator…he posts:

    “We see that Akbar is fearful of the facts, which are made clear by his attempts to try and hit us with dirt that we have withstood for more than 4 years. We however being an open book and not worried about those attacks or the fact that they are so distorted from the facts we tweeted Ali with a link that would make it easier for him to sling it at us. Unlike Akbar, we have not ever and we do not now hide from anything we have ever done, apparently Akbar didn’t bother to find that out before he started throwing out the garbage his friend Dave Weigel brought to his attention. We can only hope that Akbar would think about being just half as open and honest about his doings as we have been about ours (and yes, we put our history out our self from day one)

    Even though so much of the trash these idiots tried to destroy us with is lacking in fact, we are not afraid of it and have never been stopped by it. So if Akbar thinks he can use it to save himself, we thought we would make it easy for him to find it in one spot. See Mr. Akbar, this is what people will do when they have nothing to hide, they will give you the link to all the garbage they have had thrown at them.”

  8. Dennis says:

    What would Freud say about all of this? Let see, Lardo has a life long history of practicing deception and fraud (even while in the slammer for deception and fraud). He has a long standing sexual attraction for men of different ethnic groups and was once so enthralled by Iranian men that he changed his name to a Persian form. Though he is openly gay, he is also extreme prone to using homophobic accusations against other people. He is constantly begging and scheming for money. He has obviously embraced extreme right wing politics as a means of getting money (just as he had previously “embracing” Mexican drug gangs as a means of protecting himself in prison). He has a fantasy life as a famous reporter and writer despite the fact that he can’t spell, can’t write, and is totally unable to construct a coherent sentence less alone a coherent story. Virtually all details of his numerous accusations against Ali Akbar (an exotic dark skinned “other”) reads like a total clone of Lardo’s own life and career. He hosts a show called “Through the Mirror” which brings up the question: Who does he see in this “mirror?”

    OMG! He is suffering from a massive case of self-loathing, sexual frustration, wild and venomous projection and dark slimy nut ball crap that the good doctor cannot even name (if they even have a name).

  9. Kstreet67 says:

    Here are some of Larry “Dog Poop” Sinclair’s non-spelling friends, no doubt:


  10. tjtaygee says:

    If Texas were to secede, there’d be a civil war within minutes – and hopefully Mexico would help defend the non-whites from the white supremacists, and take Texas back…

  11. tjtaygee says:

    Oops, seems as if liar-larr finally got a clue that he was helping me expo,se his own scam…I no longer enjoy prominence on his newly extra-secured https rev of his site…to what point was that done, i wonder? there’s nothing on that site that needs securing :p

  12. Meesh says:

    Poor old “chopped liver” Joe who perceives of being of little value or worth to FatAss, as evidenced by being ignored when others are getting attention at the Snooze site…Poor Joe:

    Joe7000 · 20 hours ago
    Why is it taking so long for my previous comment to be posted? Have I become chopped liver?

    Here’s FatAss’ explanation: (Pssst *idiot* you still didn’t release chopped liver’s comment)

    LSAdministrator 66p · 17 hours ago
    Not at all, the making of the site more secure for our readers we are still working out some of the bugs created by upgrading to an https. Sorry for the delay.

    Huh?! More secure? You mean all comments go into moderation and then you or one of the Princesses release all “racist”, “vulgar” remarks…. what do you need to do, drool all over them before releasing them? Truth of the matter you’re too busy on Twitter trashing Ali and desperately trying to get his attention….by the way, you’re not a loser ?(hahahahaha) You now claim of 33,942,993 visitors and a few minutes later there’s 33,943,206 visiors at your garbage site. Holy smokes! Yeh right I smell massive amounts of BS in whatever you say *idiot*.

    LS NEWS on Twitter 🙄

    @Ali in short answer, the Obama presser work to the tune of 33,942,993 visitors to date. So we would say it worked very well! Thank You.

    We have been called a ‘loser” by Akbar yet we have promoted more Conservative Bloggers… @edmontongreg @brooksbayne @PatriotOmbud @ali …causes, events, groups & we never charged NE a dime! Not bad for a loser 33,943,206 visits!

    You’ve never charged a dime…maybe not but PayPals all over the place and constantly begging for money, selling off—-> garbage…. just sayin’

  13. Dennis says:

    Fat Boy’s real ranking from Alexis:

    Sinclair News – LS News Group
    Click to open menu This site is claimed.
    This site’s metrics are not certified.

    On January 16, 2012 we have changed our site name from Larry Sinclair to Sinclair News – LS News Group. Sinclair News – LS News Group will report the News uncensored & unafraid. LS News Group will offer a variety of news stories, reports & opinions from a
    Statistics Summary for

    There are 153,493 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than, and the site has a relatively good traffic rank in the cities of South Bend (#3,442) and Ft Myers… Show More
    Alexa Traffic Rank Reputation
    Global 153,494
    Global Rank

    United States Flag 37,368
    Rank in US

    Sites Linking In

    They also show that he has had a 26.39% DROP in readership over the past three months. Most likely he is adding up a total from the past 4 to 5 years of various web sites in order to cook the books. Or he may just be sniffing gas fumes while downing vodka. Either way, his figures are wildly bogus.

  14. Dennis says:

    You’re right. Fats is now using an SSL secure site. In fact, if you click on the SSL logo, you get the following info:
    elow are the specific items that have been verified for this business:
    Website Name
    Company name Lawrence Sinclair
    Domain verified
    Phone verified +1.3864926634
    Address verified 6 Spring Dr,
    Port Orange, FL 32129
    Verified spam-free 11/14/2012
    Verified malware-free 11/14/2012
    Last Deep Scan * 11/02/2012

    When I finally get around to re-installing Google Earth, I can get a nice snap shot of the wide load itself. Ain’t public information great.

  15. Dennis says:

    More exciting reports on Fatso’s great web site (from the Advertising Research group):
    Sinclair News.Net | Uncensored & Unafraid created 1 year (302 days) ago.’s 135629 of the World Internet rank of traffic. It has approximately 0.00127% percentage of global internet users and it has approximately 6 615 with 8 600 pageviews. could has about $60 daily from advertising. Search engines provides approximately 2% of visits to it. .
    Estimated data
    Pageviews per user 1.3
    Daily visitors 6 615
    Daily pageviews 8 600
    Daily $revenue$ $60
    Monthly $revenue$ $1 800

    In other words, he is barely making lunch money.

  16. Dennis says:

    From WebStat:
    On average, is ranked #100,112 across major traffic ranking services such as Alexa. This metric shows the popularity of this site compared to other sites around the web. This domain registered on 2012-01-17. It gets 4,248 internet visitors per day. Visitors to the site view an average of 1.2 unique pages per day. Estimated daily time on site 02:09 seconds. It has an average of 643 pages indexed in major search engines like Google™. It has 331 backlinks according to Alexa.
    The estimated daily revenue is $85 USD. It has an estimated value of $30,586 USD. Out of the 30 unique keywords found on, “larry sinclair” was the most dense. The website’s IP address is, which tells us that the geographical location of its server is in Provo, United States. This site has Google PageRank™ 4 of 10.

    BTW Fat Boy, an estimated value for a web site of $30,586 is pretty crappy in the digital game. By I like the reader time of 2:09 seconds. I’m quite amazed that your “readers” can move their lips that fast.

  17. Meesh says:

    There’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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