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Pot Meet Kettle … Sickliar vs Ali Akbar & Stacey McCain et al

on September 8, 2012

I do not want to pollute your First Lady’s tribute with these current observations. I decided to start a new thread. Sickliar Snooze has been going on and on with various posts/tweets about Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club…to the point that Sinclair is obsessive/crazier than normal if that’s possible, he’s gone overboard…

I could not get over how Sinclair  touches the “exact” same points that he is currently accusing Ali Akbar and Stacey McCain of (eh! Sickliar did all of these things just recently). I  will begin with car troubles, where  he suggests that Akbar is trying to gain sympathy from his readers.  Sinclair suggests that Ali is seeking  possible donations by posting this on Twitter.  He points out that Ali Akbar and Stacey McCain will not have  enough money to get home…

LS Snooze  posted:  “It was interesting to Sinclair News that Stacey McCain and Ali Akbar had just published a request for financial assistance to make it home from the RNC in Tampa on August 31, 2012 claiming to be stranded…. you can read entire sad song at Fear and Loathing in a 2004 KIA Optima complete with a link to Ali Akbar’s Ali describes his GOP convention experience. just days later they are having beers in Charlotte, NC at the DNC.”


I’ve noticed Sickliar currently has a small fan-base egging him on. There’s Plemmen and also   Impolite Canadian…. “Well done my good sir” ::::eyeroll scroll down for his comment:::::  @TheImpoliteCana on September 8, 2012 at 5:06 AM. Do these two individuals realize who they are in fact joining forces with? Maybe they do, but it’s a matter of time,  they will find that Sickliar will turn on them as well.

Exhibit A: Remember this, POS?! from this post?!:

Eagle Forum Collegians Summit

By Lawrence Sinclair

“We made the trip to Washington, DC driving all night with full knowledge and warning from our Auto Mechanic that we could very well blow the engine in our car. Not only was that a very real possibility, it appears that very thing happened just as we arrived this morning. Do we regret making the decision to take that chance, NO. Was/is it worth it to us to maybe have to return to Florida by bus and car-less for a while, YES. This is no longer about ‘what is comfortable’; this is no longer about ‘can we afford it’; this is no longer about ‘whats it going to cost me’; this is about doing whatever it takes to save a once Great Nation and make it GREAT again. No apologies, No regrets.”

Oh yes, then Sickliar points out, by displaying a picture of Akbar’s $30 dinner – he states  that Ali and Stacey McCain had money to go out for beers as well.

LS Snooze posts: “We also found Ali’s twitter posting about paying $30 for lunch at the DNC interesting considering the desperate plea for money to get him & McCain home and after bragging about dancing with RNC Chairman Reince Preibus and his wife.

Well FatAss posted 800 pictures of the RNC convention, he had several pictures of dishes that he had… shrimp dishes, steak…there’s drinks in front of him as well etc. and then a couple of days later Sinclair   posts this plea…

SinclairNews Will Go Black On 9-5-12 Without $280.00

“Please Help Us Serve You…Your Support Is Essential”

The SNOOZE site has added yet another PAYPAL button… it’s the third or fourth one.

Heh Sickliar did ALL of this, the only thing  the con-artist  beat Ali to it. “The pot calling the kettle black”…  Sickliar  is guilty of the very thing of which he accuses Akbar of. What a slimy POS he is. I guess he’s upset because others caught on to what he’s been doing for the last four years. He’s constantly begging for money for one cause (Scam) or another!  Wonder if he claims  any of it?! We’re talking about thousands of dollars. Enough about my views, let’s see what some of our fellow Regulators have to say….


KStreet’s observation:

“It’s hilarious how FatAss pontificates about Akbar’s “wrong doings” and speaks of morals and integrity when that POS possesses NONE of those characteristics. It’s only a matter of time before Sinclair trips up and reveals his true self to those he “hangs out” with.

Sinclair has criminal records that would make his accusations to Christine O”Donnell and this guy Ali Akbar look like two cherubs.

He has a nasty, pushy attitude. He uses the “LSNews” banner to harass and annoy people. For some reason he has this delusion of grandeur about himself. That over-inflated ego is going to be his downfall and that’s when someone will accuse him of FRAUD and deceit and mis-representation about who and what he is. I don’t need to stick around that long though. If Barack Hussein Obama is elected to a second term, my journey through the gritty and grimy world of Larry “Grifter” Sinclair will be done!”

Here’s a sample of the latest rant.


Akbar Responds After Criminal Complaint Was Filed

September 7, 2012
By Lawrence Sinclair

Updated September 8, 2012 @2:26 PM ET

The below refund notice was received in our email inbox at 4:19am this date:

Updated September 8, 2012 @2:17AM ET

We discovered that in or original complaint filed with the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit we incorrectly listed the address for Ali Akbar & the National Bloggers Club as being in Houston, Texas instead of Fort Worth, TX. The below is an updated Supplement which we have filed with the IC3 Complaint Center:

Supplemental Information

————————- Date:09/07/2012 16:30:30 ——————– On Friday September 7, 2012 at 3:05 PM I received the following email from Ali Akbar in reply to our email notifying Mr. Akbar that we had filed a criminal complaint with IC3. 1. Your refunds are being processed through the third-party applications by which you paid. 2. Please be aware that presenting your VOID National Bloggers Club ID is unethical and in some states may be against the law. 3. You may return the shirt and the ID. We appreciate the offer. 4. Do NOT contact me further. This is my message to you so that I am staying compliant with laws surrounding harassment. Any contact beyond this point will be considered as such. This also applies to all Officers, employees and volunteers of the Club. 5. Have a blessed day. 6. Publishing private conversations is against the law. I already have several people willing to testify that you have breached this more than once and you have published off the record conversations. Unlawful activity like this can result in a suit.  You’re fortunate I go out of my way not to sue people.  Best, Ali

————————- Date:09/08/2012 02:14:48 ——————– Correction of Address for Ali Akbar. The address of for Ali Akbar and National Bloggers Club Inc. is 8116 Heritage Place Drive, Fort Worth, Texas not Houston, Texas as we mistakenly noted in the original filing.

It’s a sad day when you have to file a criminal complaint with the Internet Crimes Center before some one decides to respond to a request for a refund of money contributed to an organization which (in our opinion) intentionally misrepresented itself as being a tax deductible charity. Again we want to make clear that contrary to claims by Akbar that we are somehow involved in a “jihad against me,” this has never been personal against Akbar. It has however been about holding Mr. Akbar and all those associated with and serving on the Board of Directors of the National Bloggers Club to the same standards which Akbar and Director’s Michelle Malkin demand of others.

What Sinclair News has done is ask Mr. Akbar to answer some questions that  he should have had no reservations about answering if he didn’t believe he had done anything wrong. While Akbar continues with the assistance of Stacey McCain, Michelle Malkin, Erick Erickson, AFP, Freedom Works, et al to respond to valid questions by twitter posts of petty name calling and crying that there is a “jihad” against him, and saying “I’ll help clear some soon,” many conservatives and liberals alike would like him to simply answer the direct questions which have be presented.

In Conservative Americans Sick of Conservative Hypocrisy Over Akbar’s NBC Sinclair News publish the email sent to Akbar a formal request for a complete refund of all funds we contributed to his National Bloggers Club; Breitbart Scholarship Fund and Blog Bash. We even sent the story to Akbar via a Twitter post to Stacey McCain’s tweet announcing he and Ali were having beers in NC at the DNC convention while discussing “twitter stalkers.”

Now, another chance for Dennis’ Teachable Moments…
Listen carefully Sinclair:

Yes, the pot is calling the kettle black and then some. Likewise, the pot is ranting away in such a nonsensical manner that the stupid fat jerk isn’t even making sense – OK, he never makes much sense but even by his low standards it is getting pretty bizarre.

Couple of quick basic points:

1. He has the National Blogger Club and the Breitbart Children Fund so entangled in his story that I can’t keep straight which is which and what all he is claiming about them. Granted, they may be basically ran by the same people, but for investigative purposes, they are two separate items and need to be treated as such.

2. If you think there is something bogus about the non-profit tax status pending claim, you contact the IRS with your concern, not the FBI. I know you don’t want to talk with the IRS because you have had your own problems with them and gee gosh golly, they might have some further questions for you….But that is where you go, OK ass wipe.

3. Both organizations are relatively new and filing for non-profit tax status takes a while. You may be jumping the gun. Since you really haven’t done any real research, you wouldn’t know one way or the other.

4. Internet Crime Center? You haven’t established anything just yet. What crime? What evidence? BTW, your main issue seems to be that you want a refund and instead of following the refund instructions you are going online and harassing the guy. Oh yeah, you are “defending” Breitbart’s family….gosh guy, when did they ask you to do this? What! They didn’t? Then back off! It is none of your fucking business. You see, normally (like in the real world) crime charges are filed by the victim of the crime, not by total strangers who have nothing better to do with their time than make up bogus accusations against other people in some wild flight of fancy.

5. You might want to keep in mind that every charge you have made against Akbar are the exact same charges that can be (and just maybe will be) filed against YOU. You have been doing exactly everything you accuse him of doing. Heck, it sounds as if you are talking to the mirror. In fact, the biggest immediate difference between you and Akbar is that Akbar appears to have some folks who like him (right or wrong) and a few important allies within the nutter camp. YOU DON’T. Nobody can stand you, you crazy little loud mouth sucker.

It is even worse for you now because you have been all so busy attacking everybody else among the nutters even while you are pretending to be one of their “leading lights” – BTW, do you have any idea how far around the bend you have become???? Is it the booze, the drugs, or what exactly? Oh wait, I almost forgot…you were simply born this way. Guess that is what happens when your mamma is a hell-hound.

118 responses to “Pot Meet Kettle … Sickliar vs Ali Akbar & Stacey McCain et al

  1. gilligan25 says:

    International Crime Center? Oh, snork–he’s suh a feeb.

    • Dennis says:

      Not “International Crime Center.” Actually, it is called the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a joint venture of the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center. Any one can file a complaint with them. Mostly, they deal with “…crimes may include, but are not limited to, advance-fee schemes, non-delivery of goods or services, computer hacking, or employment/business opportunity schemes.” Odd, they don’t mention refunds anywhere at their site. A third party, instead of the victim, can file a complaint with them. In turn, you get your own ID and password so you can log in and view the progress on your complaint and add extra material as it progresses.

      So their servers will most likely be blown by Monday as Fat Boy uploads a pile of gibberish onto the site.

  2. Dennis says:

    BTW, “non-delivery of goods”? Wouldn’t this apply to Fat Boy’s books? Remember, anyone can file a complaint. All it takes is internet access and a gripe.

    • kstreet607 says:

      This is what we all have pointed out Dennis. This POS has done everything he’s accusing Akbar of doing and then some. How twisted and contorted his mind must be…damn!

      • kstreet607 says:

        BTW Meesh, I think you missed your calling. You thoroughly dissect FatAss’ attempt at blaming others for the same things that he has been doing since coming on the internet. You’d make a really good Investigative Reporter…seriously!

        The funny part is that in half of his attempts to “tell on” others via the FBI and other federal agencies (shouldn’t he start with local agencies first?) he looks like the dumbass buffoon that he is. In his last post, Dennis gave Sinclair a teachable moment regarding federal agencies…let’s see if the one ounce of brain matter creep can understand what Dennis told him.

        BTW, doesn’t he chide us for calling The Feds and local law enforcement on several occasions? No one has done so without merit. He gets so pissed when others do it to him but revels with joy when he does it to others. There has to be a name for his psychosis.

        • Dennis says:

          When we call the feds on him, it is an outrage and part of the vast conspiracy. When he does it, it is merely “justice.” Don’t you get it. I feel very sorry for the person at the Complaint Center who will have to try and read through this babbling crap….

  3. tjtaygee says:

    The amazing thing will be when -even though much of this “new” article is a rehash, he still pastes this AND the other previous repetitions into his toilet paper kit – this is another 8 pages at least!

  4. neonzx says:

    Is Lardo still planning to release his newest novella in time to derail Obama’s reelection?

  5. YankeeClipper says:

    Hi kids! Been lurking….

    Here’s an off topic news article I thought folks would enjoy:

    Phoenix Tea Party Patriots’ BirtherFest event cancelled due to lack of interest

  6. Dennis says:

    OK, Fat Boy is half moving on. Today his hot posting that Kal Penn is to Obama what Marilyn Monroe was to JFK. Odd, I never saw Penn in a slinky dress singing Happy Birthday? And of course he is back to claiming that Reggie Love was Obama’s gay lover. Only thing interesting about this load of bull is that he may actually be open to defamation charges since his claim that Love is a known gay is not supported by any evidence or statements (hey, one stupid frat house prank doesn’t mean anything) and Love is not a public figure (really he isn’t except maybe in Fat’s weird dreams). By the end of the posting he somehow works in Ali Akbar and all of that crap though how it fits in makes no sense. But then nothing Fat Brain is saying these days makes any sense.

    Penn Is To Obama, What Monroe Was To JFK

    September 8, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    It Was Only A Matter Of Time For Kal Penn To Come OUT

    An individual whom I am proud to call my friend, Kevin DuJan of was listening when actor/Obama Administration Staffer/Obama boy toy finally publicly came OUT of the closet in his appearance at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week. Yes, we had reported long before on Kal Penn and Barack Obama’s fatal attraction long before the Actor decided to finally come completely OUT.

    Kevin as an article up that we think all of our readers should be aware of and take the time to read: Kal Penn is to Barack Obama what Marilyn Monroe was to John F. Kennedy

    I grew up in the 80s and 90s and can vividly remember the rise of shows like Hard Copy and Inside Edition and when Entertainment Tonight started to be more of a tabloid show after Mary Hart and John Tesh were no longer the main hosts; all of these shows back then titillated their audiences with stories at least once a month about the sexual affair “rumored” to have been conducted between President Kennedy and actress Marilyn Monroe. I recall seeing a book called “Candle in the Wind” in a Waldenbooks in the mall when I was in 7th or 8th grade that was an alternate history novel where Marilyn survived the Kennedy Family’s attempt on her life and went on to expose JFK, his father and his brother and all the rest, for the thugs they were. I believe in the book, now long out of print, Marilyn was hated for bringing the president down and faded into obscurity…and by the 80s was fat, ravaged by time, and doing dinner theater in casinos somewhere.

    In the 80s, people would still almost whisper when they talked about JFK and Marilyn but in the years since then it’s been more or less established that, yes, President Kennedy used to sleep around on Jackie and indeed had a romantic relationship with the actress (along with many other people). The tapes that Princess Caroline of Kennedy released to the public (against her mother’s wishes) feature Jackie at one pointing talking about hating Marilyn and complaining about her calling all the time and taunting her — which is something I have no trouble picturing Marilyn doing (like how Kathleen Turner in Serial Mom would prank call her neighbors and use vile language to raise their blood pressure).

    Some day, twenty years or so form now, you’re going to just accept as similar fact that actor Kal Penn and President Obama had a romantic relationship that began on the 2008 campaign trail and continued when Obama asked Penn to move to Washington so they could be close to one another and the two could have sex more frequently.

    Future biographies of President Obama must contain entire chapters devoted to how Penn’s presence in the White House affected and strained Obama’s relationship with longtime “body man” Reggie Love, who friends and acquaintances since his days playing basketball at Duke described as gay. Penn essentially outed himself as gay last night at the Democrat Convention in Charlotte when he talked about Obama “allowing us all to gay marry”, including himself in the “us all” who can now “gay marry”. Not many straight guys are excited about being able to “gay marry” because of Obama…or in Penn’s case, possibly wanting to “gay marry” Obama in the future.

    Yes we know the Mainstream Media and the Right-wing pundits and bloggers will try an dismiss reports about Barack Obama’s lust and desire for other men as being some crazed nuts conspiracy, but we really don’t give a damn about what the Mainstream Media or the Right-wing self promoting, status seekers say. Hell both of those have problems with reality, truth, integrity or even facts most of the time.

    With the sudden unexplained death of the OFA campaign’s gay attack dog, Alex Okrent a couple of months ago it was only a matter of time before the Obama camp came out with its new gay spokesman, we just never expected it would be the once scorned and mugged Kal Penn who killed himself in an episode of the FOX TV medical drama HOUSE so he could go to Washington to be closer to Barack. Today the OFA camp has issued its first fundraising and voter registration email signed by Kal Penn:

    Hi Lawrence,

    Get ready to have your mind blown.

    Since the campaign launched its new website, Commit to Vote, 93,000 people have said they’ll cast a ballot this fall. You know why? People are talking to their friends and their families, and they’re not shy about using my favorite four-letter word:


    This is me asking you to commit to vote now — and to pass it on.

    I have so many friends who are better off thanks to the work our president has done — some who’ve returned home from war, others who’ve been able to go to college, and one friend who got a job working in Detroit’s auto industry.

    Don’t make me do this alone. If you think President Obama is the right guy for this job, reach out to people you know to make sure they’re registered and ready to vote.

    There’s not much time left. So commit to vote. Ask your friends to commit to vote. Register to vote. Do it all here:

    Thanks — this won’t be the last you hear from me.

    Kal Penn

    While conservative journalists, pundits, and bloggers, and TEA Party Groups, busy themselves with protecting and covering up for their own voices who appear to have engaged in Charity Fraud and worry about being a part of the “in crowd” the Obama camp and the democrats are doing exactly what we said back in January 2012 they would do that will be the defeat of Mitt Romney in November, they are going after the Gay activists groups who not only will vote Obama in solid numbers, but who will put their money on him as well. Conservatives better understand one thing and better understand it fast: Conservative voters are more likely to stay home on November 6, 2012 if they feel that its a matter of kicking out one crook to put another one in. Are you willing to take that risk to cover for a couple of wannabe Karl Roves who don’t give a damn about making the Romney campaign look guilty of something they had nothing to do with? Read this Akbar Responds After Criminal Complaint Was Filed and demand Michelle Malkin, Stacey McCain, Amy Kremer, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, et al put the cards on the table NOW!

    • kstreet607 says:

      He’s one sick SOB. At least THIS time he didn’t complain about getting mail from the Obama camp since he wouldn’t have gotten it if he DIDN’T sign up for it.

      I thought of something today: What a friggin LOSER. The idiot has been begging since Jan/Feb 2008!! He’s still begging. Epic Fail!!!!

      • YankeeClipper says:

        Interesting that “the mental patient,” as WV law enforcement authorities called him, is now crapping all over his new right wing and conservative friends. I’ve been bouncing all over the net for the last few weeks, becoming increasingly surprised/impressed at the number of REAL Republican conservatives abandoning Myth Romney and criticizing him for his lackluster campaign, e.g. George Will. I was over on the Freak Republic yesterday, they are one group of folks thoroughly fed up with Myth.

        I have to keep in mind though, Fats thinks everyone belongs to some monolithic like minded, marching in lock step way of political involvement.

        Another thought, I have to wonder what has happened to cause FTD to start crapping all over his conservative and right wing friends. Gotta wonder if he hasn’t been slapped down by some of them for his attacks on Ahkbar. The too, maybe his new friends have discovered who and what “the mental patient” is really all about.

        • Dennis says:

          All good points. The best I can suggest is that he is desperate to call attention to himself and his only way of doing this has always been by crapping on people. It’s kind of pathetic but that has always been his method. Heck, he’s kind of like that man eating plant in The Little Shop of Horrors.

  7. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile over at Fat’s site, Ilse is busy trying to read sexual meaning into the photo of Obama being hugged and lifted by the pizza shop guy. She also sees sex in the jokey pic of Biden with the biker chick. In fact, she seems to have sex on her mind. Pretty scary.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      While reading CNN’s latest poll, released a couple hours ago (Obama 52% – Romney 46%) I recalled that just after Obama’s election in ’08, Lardy had a screed up about the President only being in office for one term. I think Lard went so far as to “guarantee” or “promise” Obama would not be re-elected. Meesh, do you happen to have that screed in your files?

      Anyway….I’ve noticed that quite a lot of people who were gung-ho for Romney are slowly accepting the fact it probably isn’t going to happen…as well as Romney. Hell, Karl Rove had a poll done last April; Obama over Romney by 9 points.

      • gilligan25 says:

        The freepers were never behind Romney–not conservative enough.

        And someone was over, a Romney backer, and watched him try to weasek out of saying that they were cutting the mortgage interest deduction. She said, “if he cuts that, it’s a deal buster. Goodbye Mitt.:” Now she may not vote for Obama–she just won’t vote. She said it would cost her a few hundred a year at the minimum.

  8. YankeeClipper says:

    Holy shit kids….you gotta read this; Bush knew more about 9/11 than we’ve been led to believe:

  9. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, over at Fat Boy’s world, he is piling up lots of posts by James Smith, a wing nutter conspiracy loon who is even more nuts than Ilse. In today’s post, a long piece about how Russian and “UN” troops are being readied to drag us all off to the FEMA death camps. Yep, just when we thought LardBrain had finally hit bottom he discovers the basement door.

  10. Dennis says:

    I guess while we all wait for the delivery of our books (6 more days), we can be kept entertained by Jerome Corsi who has decided to hitch his butt to the Lardo World express:

    The Huffington piece pretty much sums it up, though if you want to see the original you have to go to WND. I will not post the link for the same reason I try to always cover my nose when sneezing. By tomorrow, Fat Boy should be crowing all over his stinky site. So I guess we shouldn’t mention that Kevin DuJan is widely rumored by other conservatives as being totally insane; Corsi is a nitwit with a crappy track record; as for Wayne Madsen – that is enough to discredit a story right off. Heck, I’m surprised that Ed Hale isn’t in here (but he may be back in the woods stalking Bigfoot, again).

    • kstreet607 says:

      Thanks Dennis. I actually left a comment on HuffPo but they told me my comment was offensive. Judge for yourself.

      I think the HuffPo article is offensive so we’re even. I’ll clean it up later and resubmit it. Right now I need to re-open Sinclair Watch….

      As a person who has been following “birthers” and their outer fringe lunatics like Larry Sinclair, I can say with certainty that the entire idea of bathhouses and Obama being gay has been perpetrated by Larry Sinclair. The oppo-researchers have visited my site Sinclair Watch for the last six months trying to find a way to use Sinclair (who says he had gay sex with Obama and that Obama smoked crack while he (Sinclair) snorted coke. That right there tells you something about the mindset of the lowlifes who are trying their best to discredit the POTUS.

      The website in question is It’s a compilation of statements by Sinclair to internet radio hosts as well as other articles of interest.

      About 3 weeks ago, I stopped writing on the site. I will take a look at the allegations and connect the dots to the source of this incredulous allegation.

      People ask why do I bother? I bother because when Sinclair came on the scene right after Obama’s win in Iowa, stating that he had gay sex with Obama and they did drugs in a limo…I was immediately suspect. Not believing a word of Larry Sinclair’s tail, I’ve had interactions with him that proved he was a liar, bigot and grifter.

  11. kstreet607 says:

    I dunno, but all indications appear that al-Queda or a similar group planned the attack.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      There some shady dealings going on on this side of the pond, too; evangelicals, Egyptian Coptic Christians, Terry Jones and more. The entire cast of the movie are in a huge uproar announced the movie was been dubbed over from the original story. I am anxious to see this story unwind.

  12. YankeeClipper says:

    grrrr…I need an edit button. Here it is again, in English:

    There are some shady dealings going on on this side of the pond, too; evangelicals, Egyptian Coptic Christians, Terry Jones and more. The entire cast of the movie are in a huge uproar and announced the movie had been dubbed over, the original story-line changed completely. I am anxious to see this story unwind.

    • gilligan25 says:

      I am conerned that Romney’s incredibly stupid and politicized statements have inflamed already heated emotions and can and will endanger more of our embassy personnel. Fortunately, my cousin is not in the Middle East, but is assigned to an embassy far far away.

      I am just enraged at Romney’s knee jerk reaction to all this, and instead of presenting a united front in the wake of the murder of our ambassador with other Americans, used this as a cheap ploy to win over some RWNJ vote. What an asshole.

  13. Meesh says:

    Here we go again 🙄

    When A “Neutral Journalist” Stops Being A Journalist

    September 13, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Having been a fan and what we would like to think was friends with Andrew Breitbart we have stepped back and asked ourselves, “What would Andrew do?” We were asking the question as to what would Andrew do if he had reason to believe that people who claimed to be victims were in reality victimizing others? What would Andrew do if he knew that people who claimed to be protecting Free Speech were in fact engaging in acts meant to intimidate people into staying silent? We already knew the answer to the question before we even got it completely out of our mouths. Andrew would hold them accountable and publicly report what he had uncovered. Then we asked ourselves, what would Andrew do if he knew that the people doing these things were some of the very same people who claimed to be carrying on the Andrew Breitbart legacy or worse, were inside Breitbart’s own organization? We figured the answer to that question would be, first Andrew would throw those in his organization out on their heads, and then he would make sure the world knew those claiming to be carrying on his legacy were nothing more than self-promoting opportunist whoring themselves to the highest bidder. So with those questions answered we decided “Do what Andrew would do!”

    Sometimes just hearing the voice of someone who is no longer with us can be inspiration enough to put aside any fear that might come from being attacked by those who seem to be funded by powerful individuals or organizations. Though we must admit that after the past four plus years we don’t become fearful of much of anything or anyone anymore. But we decided to call and see if anyone was still answering Andrews phone or using it anyway. This is what we got.

    Just hearing Andrews voice still proudly recorded on his phones voice mail was enough for us to know, threats be damn, its time for some CHIT (Character, Honesty, Integrity & Transparency)!

    We have written several pieces concerning the calls from people on both sides of the political arena to Ali Akbar, Michelle Malkin, and others associated with BlogBash, National Bloggers Club to explain why the National Bloggers Club was promoted as being a tax deductible charity with IRS 501 (c) (3) status when no such tax status had been obtained.

    Akbar Responds After Criminal Complaint Was Filed

    Conservative Americans Sick of Conservative Hypocrisy Over Akbar’s NBC

    An Example Of True Bipartisanship In Fight For Integrity

    Is The National Bloggers Club Real Or A Scam/Front?

    In calling for accountability we made it clear this was not because National Bloggers Club founder & President Ali Akbar had lied about his past criminal convictions, or felt the need to hide that he was still on probation until May 2012, but instead it came about because when Ali was questioned about the true tax status of the NBC and the Breitbart Scholarship Fund he chose rather than to answer the questions, or produce the Tax Deductible certification from the IRS and try and blame the questions on the Brett Kimberlin attacks which he, Aaron Walker (aka Worthing), Robert Stacey McCain (, and Red States Erick Erickson were claiming they had become the victims of. Now because SinclairNews dare question Ali or the involvement of those around him such as Robert Stacey McCain (who owns a PAID contributor to The American Spectator we have been accused of being a part of those so called attacks.

    After contacting Ali Akbar of the National Bloggers Club (which has no official web page but instead is redirected to the Face Book page) informing he that we were requesting the immediate refund of $99.00 we had contributed to the NBC’s Breitbart Scholarship Fund and we were ignored until we notified Mr. Akbar that we had filed a criminal complaint with the FBI cyber crimes unit. Within approximately 45 minutes after notifying Akbar we had filed the criminal complaint we received an email from him which made us do even more investigating. See Ali claimed as you will see below that our refunds were being processed through the same 3rd party applications we paid through:

    From: [] On Behalf Of Ali Akbar
    Sent: Friday, September 07, 2012 3:05 PM
    To: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair
    Cc: Devon Wills
    Subject: Re: Notice of Criminal Complaint being filed with FBI Cyber Crimes Unit

    1. Your refunds are being processed through the third-party applications by which you paid.

    So we knew from past refund processes that once the refund was entered we would get an email notification that the refund has being processed and would be credited within a certain period of time. We were correct of course and had received the email from Rally, the processor for contributions to the Breitbart Scholarship Fund on Saturday morning at 4:19 AM

    What we were surprised about with Ali’s email is we notified him in our email requesting the refunds that $44 had been processed through Rally and $50 had been processed through however is not a 3rd party application but was/is a Vice & Victory-Three Group LLC credit card processor which is owned and operated by Ali Akbar and his business partner Aaron Marks operating out of PA.

    While the refund notice and the refund itself has been received from Rally, we have received no notice of the refund being requested as to nor have we been able to get a human being to answer the phone at the 888 number listed for them on our credit card statement. The number 888-308-3606 just happens to be the number for Ali Akbar’s Vice & Victory and has also been listed as the number for the Not Mitt Movement which formed to nominate anyone but Mitt Romney as the GOP Nominee last fall. You can hear Ali Akbar explain why he formed Not Mitt Romney (it should also be noted that the domain name registered by Akbar now redirects to the Romney campaign web site).

    We have placed calls to the number listed for which we have included the audio of below:

    and this one where we actually leave a voice message for the Credit Card Charge inquiry dept.

    Before we got this article published Ali Akbar sent us the following via Twitter Direct Message after we pointed out on the NBC Face Book page and Twitter that the NBC was a farce and Ali Akbar was a liar.

    We acknowledge we did incorrectly state we donated $99 when the correct amount was $94 but to be accused of Extortion by making a $5 mistake shows just how desperate Ali Akbar has become in trying to make everyone else look like the bad guy for calling attention to what very well may be FRAUD.

    No matter how much Ali Akbar or Stacey McCain or anyone else associated with the NBC and Ali try to make this about Kimberlin, the bottom line is this has nothing to do with Brett Kimberlin and everything to do with Ali Akbar being out right dishonest. Our involvement in this is to get to the truth after Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club knowingly used us to promote an organization as a tax deductible charity when he knew it was not. Ali Akbar can scream “Jihad” until hell freezes over, but this isn’t a “Jihad” against Ali, its Ali getting caught in his own deliberate lies. Just like he got caught in the lie about our contributions being processed through 3rd party apps when two of the three contributions were processed through Akbar owned and operated Vice & Victory’s Three group LLC under aka Three Group Charge. Interestingly enough after we reported this lie Ali sent the above Twitter Direct Messages and made us pay PayPal a $1.75 fee for Ali refunding a $50.00 contribution which we sought a refund on after Ali lied to us about the tax status of the NBC/BSF & the donate service which would normally take you to the Akbar operated ThreeGroupCharge processing site, now gives the following message when you try to donate:

    Now allow us to go back a moment to late Friday early Saturday Sept 7 & 8, 2012. While trying to address the issues about who is a member of the NBC Board of Directors we were cc’ed on a twitter request asking Bruce the Gay Patriot if he was a Director on the NBC Board as Ali Akbar had stated.

    Gay Patriot who runs the blog GayPatriot.Net responded to the Twitter request confirming he is a member of the National Bloggers Club Board of Directors. SinclairNews attempts to obtain the date which Bruce became a member of the Board of Directors for the NBC have yet to be answered.

    Last week Robert Stacey McCain, a paid contributor to The American Spectator and his own The Other McCain blog decided to that a public position over the mounting calls for Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club engage in full disclosure. McCain (who is a long time personal friend and associate of Ali Akbar) called for questions about Ali and the National Bloggers Club to be put aside until after the November 6, 2012 election. Then according to McCain anyone who wants to question Ali or the National Bloggers Club can do so and he wouldn’t give a rats behind. Well that public position caused us to do a little more digging into the McCain-Akbar association. Anyone who would call themselves a “Neutral Journalist” surely could not expect people to find his public position on possible charity fraud by his friend to be “Neutral” much less a ”Journalist.” As we pointed out in Akbar Responds After Criminal Complaint Was Filed the cozy relationship of McCain and Akbar was enough for us to question McCain’s “objectivity” in the matter. Robert Stacey McCain has been writing for months how he, Ali Akbar, Aaron Walker, Erick Erickson and other conservative bloggers have been attacked by the Brett Kimberlin crew. We even defended McCain and others in an article on this site as we would anyone who is victimized for no other reason than their exercising free speech. Yet when we have uncovered some interesting facts about McCain that due to his own attacks against us are worthy of reporting in our demonstrating how those on the right while claiming to be victims of “threats” etc… are themselves very good at threatening others. For example take a look at Stacey McCain’s tweet Sunday after we sent him an email asking him to comment on claims made about him:

    McCain who has continuously begged people to “hit the tip jar” and assist him in paying his bills and providing for his family claiming attacks against him has cost him and his wife their jobs and even caused them to have to move, begged the question, how much of what McCain claims is true and how much of it is to make himself more important and beneficial to Ali Akbar and his operation. After the above Tweets by McCain we had his old pal and fellow bloviating wind bag Jimmie Bise Jr had to weigh in and McCain felt the need to do to us on Twitter what he screams he is a victim of from the left, threaten and try to intimidate!

    So we asked Stacey McCain about his Aug 31, 2012 post claiming he & Ali needed help from his readers just to make it home from Tampa only to be tweeting a few days later from a bar in Charlotte, NC at the DNC with Ali Akbar. Stacey told SinclairNews:

    You should know that many scores of readers have “hit the tip jar” over the past four years and, especially in May and June of this year, I was unable to send thank-you e-mails to tip-jar hitters in a timely manner, simply because there were so many of them and because I was so busy writing about the Kimberlin saga. I think of contributions as a fee-for-service transaction. In this case, readers were paying to enable me to continue reporting the story–

    Since Stacey thinks of “contributions as a fee-for-service transaction” does that mean he reports this income as earned income for tax purposes or does he do what Ali seems to be doing and say one thing while meaning another? Look if Stacey McCain and Ali Akbar et al want to try and make everything about Brett Kimberlin thats their choice, but when they scream that they are being threatened & intimidated to silence their free speech its hard to have sympathy for them when they threaten and try to intimidate those who call them out for their hypocrisy!

    We will be publishing the entire email exchange between us and Robert Stacey McCain because we find it interesting how McCain accuses us of working with the Kimberlin crew and then goes as far as to say he is being threatened with ruin because we had a fight with Ali Akbar over Christine O’Donnell. McCain asked us at 1:06AM Mon 9-10-2012

    Question: When did you and Ali fall out, and why? It’s not my habit to go meddling in other people’s fights, but given the alarming result as it pertains to me, I think my curiosity is understandable.

    to which we informed McCain we have not had any “falling out” with Ali but that this was about getting to the truth about NBC.

    Stacey, I have nothing against you and believe it or not I have nothing personal against Ali. I have defended Ali more vigorously than the next.

    When Ali decided to inject himself in the O’Donnell-Gebert controversy and take to twitter calling Gebert names I said nothing. When Ali started tweeting sarcastic tweets to me the week before the RNC I simply let him do it. When I was notified that credentials we had already been approved for and told we would have for the Values Voter Summit of the FRC was yanked the day after Ali took issue with us in Twitter I let it slide. When I was told by the RNC Committee on Arrangements Special Press office why our previously approved RNC press credentials had been yanked I said nothing. I do not now nor have I ever paid to play or kiss anyone’s ass to get into anything. When Ali got involved with the Troublemaker Fest and invited Christine O’Donnell to BlogBash on behalf of the NBC I said something, because being a member I thought it was out of line to invite someone on behalf of the club without ever giving the club any say.

    Now Ali can think I have something against him all he wishes, I don’t. I do have a problem with finding out that despite my asking him months ago if we needed to update our post claiming the NBC was a 501(c) (3) tax deductible charity and he responded “no,” he was being dishonest with me. I am the last person in the world who would ever try and hold anyone’s past against them, I might question why someone felt the need to hide their past or lie about it, but I would never judge them on their past mistakes.

    Ali has taken the position that he is going to do whatever he pleases and he has shown me anyway that he has not consideration for anything or anyone that does not fit into his game plan. I wish Ali all the best, but I also hope he will come to his senses and drop his false pride and clear this whole NBC thing up now before he allows it to harm innocent people.

    To this McCain tried to say he is being victimized because we got into a fight with Ali, which in truth has nothing to do with us calling Robert Stacey McCain on his efforts to assist Ali Akbar and the NBC in avoiding being held accountable. Below is Stacey’s I am the victim spill,

    That this misbegotten career should have brought me now to the point where I am threatened with ruin because you and Ali got into a fight over Christine O’Donnell — damn. Just … damn.

    Now since McCain wanted to have us answer his question, we posed one of our own to him:

    Now if I may, when did you know of the Ali conviction & probation? You have to admit that it is not the kind of thing anyone should try and hide especially when they are engaged in politics and supposed charities.

    Take note that Stacey McCain did not bother to respond to the above question at all but he will defend Ali against being question until after the election. Why? We never accused Stacey McCain of engaging in any illegal activities, we did question his ethics and his honesty and we still do. Not because we want to “ruin” Stacey McCain, but because Stacey has himself engaged in the very same practices he claims to be the victim of and he writes based solely on who is paying him to write about a specific subject matter. Stacey can deny that his writings are influenced by someones paying him or contributing money to him but if he did many people who know Stacey McCain far better than we do will say otherwise. What we have accused Stacey of and we have provided him specific details of some of these events which he tries to brush off as being disgruntled past friends, but we spoke for almost four hours with one individual who makes it clear “Stacey McCain is a mooch extraordinaire,” and “Stacey has not been a Journalist for sometime, he writes based on who is paying him and he writes what he is paid to write.”

    Here we go with the first to the last email between us.

    Sunday September 9, 2012 @2:04PM

    Paul & Stacey:

    Stacey the below information has been provided to us late yesterday and we would appreciate you providing your side of this story. Do you recall this incident and if so is the claims of a former supporter of yours accurate and if not would you be so kind as to provide us with a statement as to how you recall the incident taking place? As I have said repeatedly in all articles, this is not personal, but you being the “neutral journalist” you say you are know that these allegations are very news worthy considering your publicly stated position in the Akbar/NBC questions.

    Would you be so kind as to provide us answers to the following questions?

    Have you ever used any funds contributed to you which were solicited to help you and your family pay your bills for Gambling and/or Drinking?
    Do you have a gambling problem or if you don’t see it as a problem are you a regular gambler?
    Do you deny that a financial contributor of yours terminated their support after they discovered you used the money for drinking and gambling?
    Did you make a single visit to the Hard Rock casino in Tampa while at the RNC?
    Have you ever told any contributor that contributions to you would be used for specific purposes to where use for Gambling would/could be seen as dishonest by the contributor?

    Stacey I would prefer to have your response to these questions before publishing the story which I believe is necessary considering your Aug 31, 2012 post asking for people to help you and Ali get home from Tampa. I have spoken with multiple friends of yours who you respect who have ALL confirmed you are known to have a gambling issue. Because I have only met you personally once and have not personally accompanied you to any bar or casino/poker room I have to rely on accounts from those who have firsthand knowledge. All of whom repeat that “Stacey is a good guy; he shouldn’t be beaten over the head with his gambling or drinking. While this is not meant to beat you over the head, the fact that someone who has contributed money to you which they say was not used for the purpose it was contributed for is an issue that needs to be addressed in light of your position on Akbar/NBC.

    I am currently working the story as well as asking the individual to agree to give their story on video. I am also in the process of asking Stacey to respond to the claims that he used an individual for the purpose of financial assistance only to drink and gamble the money away.

    The statements are that “Stacey is unreliable, uses people to obtain money and then uses the money to pay his gambling and drinking addictions.” “Stacey used me for a nice amount of money that I thought was going to help him pay his bills which I later found was used for gambling. I simply severed ties with Stacey and stopped contributing money to him.”

    The information comes from a reliable source who has been very active in the TEA Party movement and who is respected by everyone.

    Once I have permission to give their information out I will be more than happy to provide it.

    This information came out late yesterday while I was in a conversation with a woman who happens to be a very active TEA Party conservative who is respected by all.

    In our conversation I had asked if she had been involved with Ali or the NBC at any level. In addition I had explained that I found Stacey McCain’s Sept 5 post saying the questions about Ali or the NBC should be put aside until after the election. I was then asked what Stacey had to do with the Akbar/NBC controversy.

    When I directed the individual to the latest article I was informed that “it doesn’t surprise me that Stacey is involved with Akbar or anyone else who provides him access to parties or money, he used a good friend of mine and took them for a nice amount of money that they later discovered went to gambling and drinking.” It was on that we were put in touch with the friend and were given the statement above.

    Sunday September 9, 2012 @4:28 PM From Robert Stacey McCain Subject: BEWARE, Larry

    By whom was any such “information … provided,” Larry? If you think I will respond *privately* to such vile and baseless slander based on the secondhand accusations of an anonymous liar, you are sadly mistaken. It would behoove you to reconsider what you suggest is your planned course of action and I must further advise that you re-evaluate your associations.

    I have never done you any harm, and cannot imagine what has inspired your threat to falsely defame me in this manner. For you to conceive a grudge against me — for no reason that I can discern — and then to pursue it in this way is shocking, both in its apparent sadism and in your heedlessness of potential harm to yourself.

    Beware, Larry: At least one good blogger friend of mine — and I could direct you to her for confirmation — received an e-mail from someone impersonating one of my co-bloggers. This e-mail included a fake “forwarded” message from me (which I never wrote) maligning the blogger to whom it was sent. The recipient spent five hours wondering why I would have done such an evil thing before noticing that the e-mail address from which it was sent did not match the e-mail address of my co-blogger.

    It is therefore possible that the “friends” who are telling you these lies are actually imposters — Google “Rauhauser + synthetic + presence” — who are luring you into a trap, for their own malign purposes.

    Forward to me the accusatory e-mails, identifying the accusers, or else drop it. Allowing yourself to be exploited as a vehicle for someone else’s malicious lies would be most unwise indeed.

    – RSM

    P.S.: I CC to myself in order to have an authentic record of my communication with you.

    Sunday, September 9, 2012 @ 5:38 PM we replied with:


    First no one has threatened to do you any harm. Secondly I have asked you to tell me if these statements are true. The fact that you have taken a public position in stating questions directed at Ali & the NBC should be put aside until after the election is what brought this information to me. Now you can get upset about me taking the time to make you aware of the claims and asking you if you deny them but you of all people should understand I have to ask you and give you the chance to tell your side of the story.

    No the claims are not made by a faceless individuals nor were they made by email. I was personally speaking on the phone with the individual and I know very well who the individual is. I am sorry you feel I would even consider asking you a question like this based on an “email.” If you knew anything about me you would know I am very aware of people sending emails making them appear to be from one person when in reality they are from someone else.

    I am sorry if you feel I have a grudge against you, especially since I have no reason to have neither any such grudge nor any desire to harm you or anyone else. I will take your email as being your denial of all claims made and I will keep you in the loop as to my decisions regarding this matter.

    I am still working to get the individual to state these claims on video with both a name and a face.

    Stacey, I can assure you I am not going to be drawn into any Kimberlin crap nor am I going to ignore the valid questions about NBC and its Directors. The emails I have on that matter came from Akbar, Murphy and Wills there is no disputing that.

    As for your opinion that I am somehow allowing myself to be used for someone else’s malicious lies imagine how I feel for promoting, supporting and endorsing the NBC only to see 90% of it was based on intentionally false claims by the NBC. I believe if you look back you will see I told you I know what is being directed at you & Aaron and I could even tell you what they would do next. Not because I am in bed with them, but because it has been done to me, my family, and my friends for more than 4 years before you or anyone else knew what it was.

    In closing I will assure you that contrary to your belief this is somehow a “grudge” against you, it is NOT. I have no reason to have or even desire any such “grudge.” I have promoted you, your work and your site for years. The “Beware, Larry” subject matter is a little much but you are entitled to write what you choose. I am sorry you feel asking you direct questions are in any way an effort to defame you.

    Stacey, I have nothing what-so-ever against you,
    Larry Sinclair
    6 Spring Drive
    Port Orange, FL 32129
    (386) 492-6634
    (386) 290-5851 Cell
    (386) 761-3924 FAX

    Sunday September 9, 2012 @ 6:22PM Stacey responds with:

    “Now you can get upset about me taking the time to make you aware of the claims and asking you if you deny them but you of all people should understand I have to ask you and give you the chance to tell your side of the story.”

    Larry: If such a person had any grievance with me, why have they not first addressed it to me? Why would they contact you and convey this to you?

    “I was personally speaking on the phone with the individual and I know very well who the individual is.”

    And this individual does not have *my* phone number? How could they possibly claim to have access to the information you allege? On what basis could they speak with authority about me? What would motivate them to make such claims?

    Your grievances against Ali are between you and Ali. Your threat to repeat someone else’s malicious slander against me, evidently seeing me as collateral damage in your war on Ali, is irresponsible in the extreme. If Ali were attempting to destroy you for his own personal reasons, I would not assist this — and would advise him against any such course of action. Please do not permit yourself to be used as a weapon of someone else’s spite against me, when I have done you no harm, nor can I imagine what harm I could have done to your “source.”

    This gossipy backstabbing “telephone game” stuff enrages me: people telling tales against others, and pledging the listener to secrecy — “Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but …” The malicious gossip thereby enlists you in a conspiracy against the person on whom they cast suspicion with their lies, and you feel honor-bound to protect the liar because you believe the worst about the person whom they accuse.

    I did not survive a full decade in the newroom of The Washington Times without learning a thing or two about evil backstabbers, Larry. If they are untrustworthy toward others, do not suppose they will be honest with you. Thus, in all sincerity, I again warn you: BEWARE!

    – RSM

    Sunday September 9, 2012 @ 8:01PM we replied with:


    I unlike those you are referring to would not write anything that I could not stand behind and back up. Yes you are correct the person does have your phone number, yes the person as I understand it has told you they were terminating their support of you. As I stated in my email, I will not publish until the individual makes the claims on video or at least audio recording. I have not gone out to seek any of this information.

    I can tell you that one source that first brought this information to my attention has stated point blank that they believe you and your associates can cause them more harm if they were identified. Now I have no intention nor have I even considered publishing anything until I have the claims recorded in video or audio form.

    I have no personal differences with you, I do oppose your position that the NBC issue should be put off till after the election, but that is not a personal matter with you.

    The email I sent to you with the questions were the questions that covered the exact claims made. The person who made them has been a generous financial backer of you in the past and has made it publicly known that they were a generous contributor of yours. If and only if they are willing to make the claims while being recorded will I move forward with anything. If they make the claims while being recorded I will submit the recording to you for you to listen to and respond before I even consider publishing it. Whether you understand it or not, I don’t just jump at anonymous claims and I will always ask the person directly before I publish anything.

    Again, I am sorry that you feel this is a personal attack against you, because I can assure you I have no reason or desire to attack you in anyway.

    Despite our statement above about not publishing until we had the statements recorded on video or audio, readers will see below that once we provide a bit more detailed accounting to Stacey McCain we were basically told by Stacey the statements were true as he tried to dismiss them as coming from an “old friend” in need of being forgiven. One would think that maybe Stacey might seek forgiveness from charging drinks for his friends on someone else’s Hotel room bill despite being told never to do it again; or maybe for his repeated incidents of simply taking advantage of someone because he knew he could. See it all goes back to C.H.I.T (Character, Honesty, Integrity & Transparency) something it appears Stacey has lost track of in his associations and defense of Ali Akbar.

    Sunday September 9, 2012 @ 8:40PM Stacey responds with:

    This is news to me, Larry. I know of no such person as you describe making any such claim as you quoted. Certainly, if this person has been a “generous financial backer” and has my phone number, I would have remembered a conversation in which these accusations were made.

    You should know that many scores of readers have “hit the tip jar” over the past four years and, especially in May and June of this year, I was unable to send thank-you e-mails to tip-jar hitters in a timely manner, simply because there were so many of them and because I was so busy writing about the Kimberlin saga. I think of contributions as a fee-for-service transaction. In this case, readers were paying to enable me to continue reporting the story — Kimberlin having attempted to stop my reporting — and so I dug in on the story for a full six weeks. If there was anyone among my “generous financial backers” dissatisfied with my work, they never said anything to me about it, and certainly no one ever made such accusations as you have described.

    Therefore, either (a) there has been a grievous misunderstanding of which I was hitherto unaware, or (b) somebody’s selling you a truckload of manure.

    Caveat emptor, Larry.

    – RSM

    Sunday September 9, 2012 @11:30 PM we responded with:


    Allow me to tell you exactly what has come to me.

    First I was in a phone conversation yesterday which surrounded the Ali/NBC controversy and I mentioned your Aug 31, 2012 post about your car and then seeing you posting from Charlotte just days later. Then I was given an earful about you.

    I was told that you had a history of taking advantage of people and their money. I was told specifics which I had addressed with you in an email asking you point blank if any of those things had ever taken place. The first information which was given to me yesterday came from an individual who had personal knowledge and who has the opinion you “used and took advantage of a friend who has a good heart.” Since then I have spoken with the individual who was the one contributing to you.

    Since the email asking you for your side I have been in phone conversations which have produced more specific details and stories of events in which you have been described as having asked people for money to travel to an event; that you then told the contributor you would not be making the trip only to make it anyway (you also apparently told another person to not tell the individual who had sent you the money to make the trip, that you were going after all)

    I have been told that you sent emails asking for money on more than one occasion and that you claimed it was for “I believe his car was being repoed.”

    I have been told you have basically “mooched” off of this individual in hotel stays, that you even showed up with a suit case asking “where is my key” without the other person having invited you to stay with them. In addition it has been stated that you were in a bar in a hotel charging drinks for others on this person’s room without permission and was even told to not do it again after claiming you weren’t doing it.

    We have been told that “Stacey is in our opinion no longer a journalist because he has started writing based on who is paying him.”

    Let me be completely honest and direct here, no one is saying anything they believe is bad only what they say is true accounts of their interactions with you. You were paid to assist them in learning how to blog; you even used to put their name on your site under some “Blogger of the Week” type thing you once had up when they were contributing money to you. You called them asking them to go to a party where gambling was taking place where you were unable to get in because you were not invited and the person who was did not want to go with you. You continued to insist this person go to the party despite being told repeatedly they did not want to go anywhere there was gambling taking place.

    You regularly injected yourself into being roomed and fed on other people’s dime were according to accounts; you have never once paid for a single cup of coffee.

    Despite repeated postings by this individual asking how to become a member of the NBC and having been introduced to Ali by you, this individual has never received a single response to their request.

    This individual says “I have seen him drink a large amount of coffee and smoke more cigarettes than one person should and I have seen him with a beer or two but I have never seen him falling down drunk.”

    While this individual does not have faith in your objectivity or your honesty, they do not think you are a bad person, but that you are a “mooch extraordinaire” and that you are involved in a clicks group who promotes themselves and who writes based on what someone is paying you to write.

    Now I believe you will find from the above highlights from my lengthy phone conversation this evening that I am not making a single false claim nor is a single incident mentioned above a misrepresentation. This is not about people hitting the “Tip Jar” but is about people you specifically sent emails to requesting money or as they call them “Money Bombs.”

    As I told you in all previous emails, this is not about anything personal, it’s about character, integrity and truthfulness. It’s about trying to understand how you can claim that somehow questions about the NBC and its finances and Board of Directors is show how “Kimberlin” attacks being carried out by us or anyone else.

    Let me ask you Stacey, when exactly did you learn of Ali’s probation from Texas? God knows I am the last person that would ever try and say Ali’s past incidents should prevent him from making something of his talents, but I having revealed my own past from day one also believe this should not have been discover the way it was. Nor should anyone be trying to make these valid questions out to be an effort by Kimberlin to attack. I happened to have thought the world of Ali and Bill Murphy, but these questions need to be put to rest now before they result in causing innocent people whoever they may turn out to be from being harmed.

    Yes I will be the first to say I started looking into why you would be taking the public position you are especially as a journalist, and yes I discovered some things that while they may be somewhat embarrassing, they are not illegal. Yes these things may cause people to see you differently, but not because we or I am trying to harm you, but because you chose to do these things.

    Now if you still believe that I am somehow being used to spread lies I would ask you to stop and step back from the Kimberlin crap and really look at what I have described above before you make that claim again.

    As I said again and again, I have no desire or intent to harm you in any way; I do however have a decision to make about whether this information is of public interest as far as responding to your call for the NBC questions to be put aside until after the election. Unlike you Stacey I don’t go off half cocked on twitter making threats and I do not apologize for stating my opinion about anything. Interestingly enough multiple friends of yours have confirmed you do drink and gamble a lot. But that’s your business. If you use or take advantage of people for personal gain or professional posturing not so much personal.

    Monday September 10, 2012 1:06AM Stacey responded with this:

    “First I was in a phone conversation yesterday which surrounded the Ali/NBC controversy and I mentioned your Aug 31, 2012 post about your car and then seeing you posting from Charlotte just days later.”

    Why should this inspire any suspicion of wrongdoing? After managing to get my busted KIAcar back home — it took three-days, during which we had a tire blow out near the NC/VA stateline, which cost an $80 tow fee and $110 to replace the tire — I received a phone call Tuesday morning from the DNC credentials people, asking when I was going to pick up my credentials. This was a surprise, as I didn’t even realize that I’d been credentialed for the Democrat convention. So I immediately called Ali and asked him if he wanted to attend the DNC and if he could give me a ride. My 19-year-old son was then recruited to give me a ride to meet Ali at a halfway rendezvous, and I rode to Charlotte with Ali.

    There was thus nothing amiss in what originally aroused your suspicion. As to who might have given you an “earful,” we need not speak further. It is my habit to forgive much of old friends, and to hope likewise to be forgiven. Indeed, I even strive to turn the other cheek to enemies, except insofar as it is my power to restrain them from inflicting further harm.

    Conflicts among my friends always troubles me, and I consider your falling-out with Ali most unfortunate and untimely. That this conflict has now caused you to think ill of me, when I had never heretofore had any quarrel with you, shows exactly the sort of consequences that inevitably result from such affairs.

    Having now a further understanding of how this originated and developed, I assure you that you have added two and two and somehow come up with five. The pieces of the puzzle do not fit together in the way you suggest.

    Question: When did you and Ali fall out, and why? It’s not my habit to go meddling in other people’s fights, but given the alarming result as it pertains to me, I think my curiosity is understandable.

    – RSM

    Monday September 10, 2012 1:43AM we responded with:


    Yes you are correct, that is why I took the track of emailing you and asking you directly. The information and statements that were provided in the first conversation did make me wonder why that would be said. Then when I spoke to the second individual I made it clear this was not about wanting to hurt you but was about wanting the truth.

    Stacey, I have nothing against you and believe it or not I have nothing personal against Ali. I have defended Ali more vigorously than the next.

    When Ali decided to inject himself in the O’Donnell-Gebert controversy and take to twitter calling Gebert names I said nothing. When Ali started tweeting sarcastic tweets to me the week before the RNC I simply let him do it. When I was notified that credentials we had already been approved for and told we would have for the Values Voter Summit of the FRC was yanked the day after Ali took issue with us in Twitter I let it slide. When I was told by the RNC Committee on Arrangements Special Press office why our previously approved RNC press credentials had been yanked I said nothing. I do not now nor have I ever paid to play or kiss anyone’s ass to get into anything. When Ali got involved with the Troublemaker Fest and invited Christine O’Donnell to BlogBash on behalf of the NBC I said something, because being a member I thought it was out of line to invite someone on behalf of the club without ever giving the club any say.

    Now Ali can think I have something against him all he wishes, I don’t. I do have a problem with finding out that despite my asking him months ago if we needed to update our post claiming the NBC was a 501(c) (3) tax deductible charity and he responded “no,” he was being dishonest with me. I am the last person in the world who would ever try and hold anyone’s past against them, I might question why someone felt the need to hide their past or lie about it, but I would never judge them on their past mistakes.

    Ali has taken the position that he is going to do whatever he pleases and he has shown me anyway that he has not consideration for anything or anyone that does not fit into his game plan. I wish Ali all the best, but I also hope he will come to his senses and drop his false pride and clear this whole NBC thing up now before he allows it to harm innocent people.

    I have also updated my comment from yesterday and I have told Peter I will agree that you have not pissed away your family’s money. I also noted that I have emailed you detailed accountings of what I have been told and that you have not nor have I accused you of engaging in any illegal acts of any kind.

    While I may come off a bit brash in my pointed and direct questions, I am not now nor have I ever been interested in attacking anyone or trying to harm anyone in any way.

    Now if I may, when did you know of the Ali conviction & probation? You have to admit that it is not the kind of thing anyone should try and hide especially when they are engaged in politics and supposed charities.

    In the future Stacey, remember I respond much better to emails than I do to Twitter threats. I am the type that when someone threatens me I am more determined than ever to call their bluff. I did not do that in this case because even though you might think otherwise, I do actually have respect for you.

    Monday September 10, 2012 @ 3:04 AM Stacey sent us this:

    “When Ali decided to inject himself in the O’Donnell-Gebert controversy and take to twitter calling Gebert names I said nothing.”

    Great: So I came down clearly in defense of Gordon, pissing off my friend Christine and her manager Matt, and then Ali decides to jump in on Christine’s side, and as a result of this conflict — in which YOU AND I WERE ON THE SAME SIDE, Larry — I find myself getting threatened because you got an “earful” from someone who had nothing to do with any of this?

    Does the profound irony not strike you here, Larry? What a perfect storm of unrelated bullshit converged to ruin my Sunday! And I tell you, all along, that I’ve been trying my best to do the right thing by all of these people, yet find myself “rewarded” for my good deeds by such uninvited misery.

    Here I am, with a broken-down car in my driveway, owing more on it than it’s worth and wondering how I’ll ever be able to get back on the campaign trail again. Meanwhile, according to my enemies (and, evidently, some of my friends, too), I’m allegedly living la vida loca by taking advantage of widows and orphans. The contrast between the reality of my life and the imagined nefarious alter-ego is like Jekyll and Hyde.

    No, I never set foot in the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa or any other Hard Rock Casino anywhere else, for that matter. The only time I’ve ever gambled in Florida was during my January trip to cover the primary campaign, when I dropped by the tribal casino in Immokalee and spent a couple of hours at the blackjack tables, which I joked about on the blog:

    Who would dare condemn my contribution to our Native American friends? Racists!

    That brief and luckless visit occurred, to the best of my memory, in the wee hours of Jan. 28, as I drove from Orlando — where I’d covered a Romney rally that Friday night — to Naples, where I was crashing rent-free at a condo owned by the parents of one of my blog buddies. That was a Florida trip during which I published 13 blog posts and filed four American Spectator columns in a span of six days:

    That concluded a four-state trip (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolna, Florida) that began the day after Christmas when I flew from D.C. to Cedar Rapids, and during that period of 37 days (Dec. 26-Feb. 1) I was only home briefly twice, immediately before and after my South Carolina road trip. Nearly all of the expenses of that incredible gonzo journey were funded through the tip-jar, a feat unprecedented in the history of New Media.

    Nobody had ever done it, because nobody else had ever been crazy enough to try it.

    “Never let ‘em see you sweat” is a fine motto to live by, and my happy-go-lucky reputation is both entirely accurate and carefully maintained. God forbid I should ever let it be thought that any real *effort* is involved in accomplishing these things, eh?

    No, I’m just having grand old time out there on the road — dodging deer, collecting speeding tickets, hanging out with political celebrities and, yes, sometimes enjoying a frosty beverage or a game of chance.

    A serious journalist? Who the hell would ever want to be considered “serious,” when it’s so much more fun to be … well, fun?

    The idea that I’ve got a “gambling problem” or a “drinking problem” is absurd: I’ve got a *journalism* problem.

    Oh, curse that day in 1986 I quit a perfectly good job as a forklift driver in order to go to work as a newspaper reporter! If I’d have stuck with the forklift, no one would have ever called me a “white supremacist” or a sexist or a homophobe or any other bad name, because no one ever would have heard of me. Contentment and obscurity would have been my happy fate.

    Well, it’s too late to quit now. In for a dime, in for a dollar.

    Probably I should have stuck with sportswriting. The happiest days of my life were covering sports for a twice-weekly paper in a North Georiga town you never heard of. But ambition got the best of me, so I got mixed up in writing about politics, and won an award for it, and then I moved to D.C.., where I accumulated enough knives in my back to fill a deluxe cutlery rack.

    That this misbegotten career should have brought me now to the point where I am threatened with ruin because you and Ali got into a fight over Christine O’Donnell — damn. Just … damn.

    Our nation’s journalism schools would be infinitely improved if over their doors were posted a motto:


    That is a Neutral Objective Fact.

    – RSM

    Monday September 10, 2012 @ 2:17 PM we sent the last response in this email exchange:

    That this misbegotten career should have brought me now to the point where I am threatened with ruin because you and Ali got into a fight over Christine O’Donnell — damn. Just … damn.

    I do not know where you get that my questioning you on allegations which were made and which we addressed directly to you came about because Ali & I “got into a fight over Christine O’Donnell,” but if that’s how you want to break it down that’s your choice.

    I explained to you exactly what made me question you and it had nothing to do with Ali & I “getting into a fight over Christine O’Donnell.” It had to do directly with your written statements concerning the questions which have been posed to Ali & NBC.

    Unlike others and some of whom you associate with, I do not run from anything I write and I don’t have to have people threaten me or point out if I write something that turns out to be inaccurate, I am the first to make it clear if I make a mistake.

    Interesting you ask me about what cause the falling out between Ali and I but you chose not to answer my question as to exactly when or how long you had been aware of Ali’s probation. I don’t care what he did or didn’t do; if he was on probation which he organized NBC people had the right to know that before donating a dime.

    No I have not threatened you and for you to say I have is a stretch. I am not the one who went on Twitter telling you “I swear to God you will wish you never heard my name,” or telling someone “but answering Sinclair might be more valuable.” If you are interested in what is valuable I will be more than happy to send you the contact info on a host of individuals who engage in Kimberlin style attacks that I am sure would pay you well for trying to take me down. Should you be interested let me know.

    I was surprised to see that you took a single line from my answer to you and turned it into the reason I took to you allegations made by individuals who did so not under the cover of anonymous but with me knowing exactly who I was speaking with.

    I feel your pain as to your car. I have been driving a 1990 Honda which will not make another trip to Orlando without a new motor. That said, it doesn’t change the fact that you continue to travel with Ali and that makes your post regarding the questions put forth to him about NBC less than objective.

    The O’Donnell-Gebert controversy has nothing to do with this. You’re taking that out of an answer I gave to your question about what you called my “fallout” with Ali & trying to make it the reason I asked you the questions based on statements made is simply wrong.

    Have a nice day Stacey and if you are interested I will address this issue on tonight’s first hour of Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair, you are more than welcome to call in if you wish. The number is 877-342-6673. Like I said Stacey, if I write or say something that is incorrect or I obtain additional information which changes the facts I am the first to make that clear.

    We want to make something clear we do not condone the threatening, intimidating, harassment, targeting of anyone, their families, friends, employers, co-workers or anyone else by anyone, Kimberlin, The Liberal Grouch, Ali Akbar, Stacey McCain or anyone else. If anyone claims that they are being attacked, harassed, intimidated and threatened by others you simply cannot engage in the same behavior you are complaining about and still have any credibility. No one, regardless of their political leanings is justified in attacking anyone nor is anyone entitled to attack others for calling them out on their hypocrisy.

    If Ali Akbar wants to put his friend Bill Murphy into the unnecessary position of being placed under suspicion because Ali refuses to answer questions about the National Bloggers Club then that’s Ali’s choice. But one thing we at Sinclair News believe and have lived by from our formation, we will not ignore hypocrisy on either side; we will not ignore valid questions when they involve conservatives; and we will not stay silent because us speaking out might piss someone off. Anyone who states they are a “neutral Journalist” who demonstrates they are not, we will call them on it. Anyone who misrepresents the legal tax status of any organization knowingly and it is demonstrated they did so with full knowledge then we will call them on it. If anyone claims that they are refunding a contribution through a “3rd party application,” knowing that it was not a “3rd party application” but instead was a wholly owned and operated business operation of theirs then we will call them on it. If anyone solicits contributions on any web site under claims that prove to be dishonest, or send out specific emails to people claiming they need money to keep from having their car repossessed or because they need to travel to Las Vegas and then lie about their plans we will call them on it. If you believe you are offering people a service which you believe people should pay you for then you need to make your site a pay-per-view site and don’t solicit contributions from your readers while considering them or thinking of them as:

    “I think of contributions as a fee-for-service transaction. In this case, readers were paying to enable me to continue reporting the story –” quote from Robert Stacey McCain September 9, 2012

    Because doing so makes clear you are not a “Neutral Journalist,” but instead a paid hack who will write whatever someone pays you to write. That’s when a “Neutral Journalist” stops being a Journalist, PERIOD. Stacey McCain & Dave Weigel hard getting ever more difficult to tell apart.
    NOTE: Anyone who attempts to say that we are associated with or an accomplice of the Brett Kimberlin attacks or any attacks by The Liberal Grouch or anyone else, are making those claims soely in an attempt to avoid being held accountable for their own acts and actions.

    Related Stories:

    Is The National Bloggers Club Real Or A Scam/Front?

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    Add Your Voice and Your BLOG or TWEET to this Bipartisan Effort to GET

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    Blog Bash: Making the Left Uptight For All The Right Reasons

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    Walker, Akbar & National Bloggers Club Targets Of Same Anti-Sinclair Internet Thugs

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    Malkin To Be On Board Of National Bloggers Club

    • Dennis says:

      Good god, these guys all sound like a pack of gossipy nitwits having a stupid slap fight over who is saying trash about whom. Granted, Fat Boy is once again accusing everybody else of pulling off the kind of stuff that he has been doing (and is still doing) his whole rotten little life. But the way all of these idiots carry on…OMG! They are all a total embarrassment.

  14. gilligan25 says:


    The exitement builds, uh huh.

    • Meesh says:

      Yep 5 days and absolutely no mention of the rag… except on twitter he uploaded the cover of the rag.. proving something or another. I will have to check what he said.

      Edit …Here it is:

      LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews

      This should explain why we are not intimidated by anyone from the left-right-center when demanding the truth

      • gilligan25 says:

        I just looked at that photo again and Good Gawd, is he ugly. And fat and stupid. I swear his nose looks like it’s pregnant and about to give birth to a 1000 tiny boogers.

      • Dennis says:

        Yes, he is not intimidated simply because he knows that he is such a whiny stupid self-involved little troll that nobody in their right mind gives a crap about him. Maybe that is why he is so driven to pick a fight with every other wing nutter. It’s the only way he can get any attention.

        • gilligan25 says:

          He is by far the most boring, self-absorbed cretin I’ve ever ran into–but if he’s not faux fighting with someone, he just gets more boring.

          BTW, I wonder who did the photoshopping and airbrushing on that butt ugly photo? You’d think they’d make him look even borderline attractive, but nope-he’s still so grotesque.

          • kstreet607 says:

            Hey Gilli and Dennis…

            Gilli, “self absorbed” is right! Yet, it doesn’t begin to scratch the gritty, grimy surface of that disgusting POS’s personality. I tried to read the above stuff (thanks for posting, Meesh) but I see he’s whining and pissed off about shit that he does on a regular basis. The turd is stinking up the internet! Yuck!

            • Dennis says:

              Oh, is that what that smell is from? I thought it was just those cheap supermarket burritos I had for lunch.

            • gilligan25 says:

              I bet it was a bean burrito, Dennis–but he’s so disgusting I can smell him through my monitor–a combo of rotting fish guts and bad dimestore perfume mixed with week old armpit grunge. And that’s just for starters.

  15. Dennis says:

    His stink did all of that to your monitor? No wonder his laptop blew. And here I thought that the motherboard blew because of all the time he spent jerking off to a video of It’s Raining Men.

  16. Dennis says:

    In some respects, we owe Fat Boy a thank you. His insane willingness to stalk, harass and pick fights with these other nutters gives us all a rare naked glimpse into a world of blown cars, “tip jars,” whiny tales of financial need, “donate” buttons, PayPal accounts, shaky credit card transactions etc etc. It’s like a ringside seat at a bitch fight during a con men’s convention. Every cheap trick in the book exposed for the world to see. Amazing! Disgusting but amazing. Now excuse me. I think my car just blew up and I got to fing my “tip jar” and PayPal button.

  17. Dennis says:

    As this story evolves, I am half expecting to find out that this guy is an old friend of Fat Boy:
    Man behind anti-Islam film reportedly is Egyptian-born ex-con

    • gilligan25 says:

      You mean an old boyfriend of alias #1940269, Mohammend Fatha Gahanan? I’m fairly sure they knew each other in another life/world/term of incarceration.

  18. Dennis says:

    That’s it. The movie is really about Fat Boy as Mohammad Fatha Gahanan. No wonder he comes across as such a pervert.

  19. Dennis says:

    Is there anyone on his staff that can “explain” reality to him:
    Romney: White House Agrees With Me On My Critique Of The President

    Or is Mittens still waiting for that endorsement from Bill Clinton?

  20. Dennis says:

    Hot off the press – Ilse, who wouldn’t know a jihadist even if bin Laden personally bit her on the butt, claims that Obama is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, the she-wolf is howling tonight.

  21. Dennis says:

    Quick correction – I wrongly suggested that bin Laden might bite Ilse on the butt. I am sure that he never lowered himself to tasting pork.
    So please accept my sincere apologizes.

  22. Meesh says:

    Updates to the looney Tunes…

    When A “Neutral Journalist” Stops Being A Journalist
    September 13, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Updated Thursday September 13, 2012 @ 5:47PM

    It appears that some have taken our call for Ali Akbar and anyone associated with the National Blobbers Club (NBC); Vice & Victory; Three Group LLC et al to answer questions concerning these tax claims as us not believing Aaron Walker, Lee Stranahan, Stacey McCain et al have been attacked. Let us make clear that simply is not the case. We have no reason to believe these attacks have not and or do not continue to this day. This is however not about those being attacked, its about the double standard, the hypocrisy and the attempts to avoid responsibility by blaming everything on attacks which have nothing to do with the questions about the statements and press releases issued by Ali and Bill Murphy, Devon Wills and Michelle Malkin.

    Updated Thursday September 13, 2012 @ 11:57 AM

    In reporting on the Ali Akbar, National Bloggers Club (NBC) and Breitbart Scholarship Fund matter we have seen repeated claims from Yahoo News, Huffington Post and others saying that “Foster Friess provided the seed money for Ali to start the National Bloggers Club.” In all of our reports we have made a point to remind people we did not believe that to be the case. Because of the constant and repeated claims that Foster was somehow involved with the activities of Ali and the NBC we contacted Foster late last night asking him the following:

    “Did Foster donate, give or loan any money to Ali Akbar or Blog Bash, Vice & Victory, Three Group or anyone else to start the National Bloggers Club?”

    To which Foster Friess respond by saying:

    Lawrence —-I only sent money to sponsor Blog Bash at the encouragement of young woman from Texas whom I have bcc’d.

    …….She could shed light if you have other questions. I had not heard of Ali Akbar at the time she suggested it would be good idea so bloggers would know about I will ask my accountant to whom the check was made out…..I am pretty sure it was $10,000??

    SinclairNews would like to ask those who are seeking full disclosure by the NBC and Ali Akbar as to the tax claims relating to the NBC & Breitbart Scholarship Fund to do so without making dishonest claims about Foster Friess or anyone else who may have in the past been a “sponsor” of a BlogBash Party which if we are correct came about not by Ali but through the idea and work of Melissa Clouthier. So please anyone who is reporting on this issue should stop stating the Foster Friess funded Ali Akbar’s NBC roll out.

  23. kstreet607 says:

    So….here’s MY question of the day: Foster Friess is on a first name basis with Larry Sinclair as well as personally assuring him that he will check with his accountant about a trivial contrived…then, blown up matter? This fits in perfectly with my theory about “backers” prepping Sinclair to “come out” and tell his “story”. However, too many people have fact checked and dissected Sinclair’s story and concluded that he’s a sandwich short of a picnic!

  24. democratista says:

    Rachel Maddow….last night…can’t find the clip but I’m looking. I just saw the replay this morning. She did a segment on “Obama is Gay” being promoted by World Nut Daily and she mentioned every single thing that Lardo has been saying, from killing a gay lover to Reggie Love, Kal Penn, bathhouses, Wayne Madson….BUT GUESS WHAT SHE DIDN’T SAY? “Lawrence Sinclair” Will he be suing her next?

    • kstreet607 says:

      I’m watching my recorded version of last night’s show which I missed but programmed to record at 6:00 am, Demo. I tried to embed the video below…as did Meesh, I see, but WordPress has it’s own video player they want bloggers to purchase in order to embed videos. I’m going to look around and see if someone else has a You Tube version.

      • democratista says:

        Thanks, K. I noticed at the MSNC site they have an embed function. Would that work? You probably tried already. I checked youtube first. It’s not there yet, but the link works so no big deal.

  25. democratista says:

    Here it is:

    Meesh/K (you terrific ladies) – can you imbed? Merci beacoup. Thank you.

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    • gilligan25 says:

      That’s hilarious–and no mention of FatBoy. I wonder if he’s calling Maddow repeatedly so she can put him on the air to talk about the GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY factor.

  26. kstreet607 says:

    I found this while looking for a You Tube video of Rachel’s expose of WND:

    Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily, And “Gay” Barack Obama! How Low Can Conspiracy Theories Go?

    Jerome Corsi, a well known and notorious conspiracy theorist, who collaborates with the right wing World Net Daily website, called “World Nut Daily” by MSNBC ‘s Rachel Maddow last night, has come up with a new theory involving President Barack Obama.

    One of the leading advocates of the “birther” conspiracy theory, that Obama is a secret Muslim born in Kenya, now Corsi is promoting what anyone who has followed the attacks on Obama could have predicted would eventually emerge in this Presidential campaign as a last resort to stop the Obama march to victory—the accusation that Obama is secretly gay, that he had a gay lover killed, and another one paid off to remain silent, and that Obama is well known in gay circles and bathhouses in Chicago!

    Corsi is the same man who not only has promoted the “birther” myth, but also was involved in the “Swift Boat Veterans” attack on Senator John Kerry, the Democratic Presidential nominee in 2004, which helped to undermine Kerry’s candidacy against President George W. Bush!

    Corsi is also a believer in other conspiracy theories, and is obviously frustrated that his recent book on Obama and “birtherism” has failed to have an impact, so he and the World Net Daily website now have reached a new low, but that any intelligent person could have figured would eventually come to light.

    The thought in this man’s mind and that of the website supporters is that Obama being called gay is going to defeat him, but it will not, and with the country warming up to the concept that being gay is a private matter, and that being gay is not a crime, and more people being accepting of someone being gay, it will only insure that Obama will not be hurt by scurrilous charges that most certainly would have been revealed years ago, had they been true!

    The idea that Barack Obama has such connections and influence that he can “hide” his Kenyan “birth”, his “Muslim” faith, and his “gay” sexual orientation from the American people and actually become President, and be on the verge of a second term, is so ridiculous, that one must wonder about the mental stability of those who believe it, and totally destroys the credibility of both Corsi and World Net Daily, if there was any left in the minds of serious minded, normal people!

  27. Dennis says:

    Maddow is a hoot. Of course Fat Boy will soon be all over himself. First he will be yelling that the mainstream media has discovered him (more like a few members of the press have just stepped on his dog do). Then he will be tearing into Maddow for making fun of him (once he figures out that she is being sarcastic – that may take a few days). Finally, he will be going after Corsi for \”stealing\” his story. Have to invoke St. Breitbart and go after the heathens and crap like that.

    Few quick notes for Fats:
    1. I know you will be claiming (once again) that you won the Parisi suit and that this means the court found that you were telling the truth. Bullshit, you idiot. The case didn\’t even go to court (this was simply the first step to determine if the plaintiff\’s case had legal merit in terms of their claim of financial loss – you know, like were they making a supportable case). It had nothing to do with either you or your stupid story. It had to do with a poor legal presentation by Parisi\’s lawyer. Period. The judge was not paying any attention to you, your stupid dirty pictures on your laptop or anything else that was drooling out of your mouth. This is good, because the judge had also repeatedly warned you that you had to get legal council for the case. You repeatedly ignored this order. If the case had continued, you stood a strong chance of being slapped with contempt by the judge.

    2. You will once again carry on with your story about your wild night of passion in Chicago. There are some problems with this story – like every critical comment ever made by Kstreet and many other sane intelligent people. But may I also just remind you of a minor little problem with the tale – you have never even proven that you were in Chicago at the time you claimed. Let\’s face it, all proven movements involving your sorry butt places you just before and immediately afterwards in Colorado. But no evidence of any kind (except for that bogus hotel member point thing – you know, the one you quit presenting when some folks successfully demonstrated that you had doctored it). Until you produce actual evidence otherwise, I have to conclude that you were not even in Chicago on those dates. The fact that you tried to cover this issue with a forged document strongly suggests that you are full of you know what on this point.

    3. No one can take your \”word\” for this tale. You are not credible. You are a life long, multi-convicted felon for crimes of fraud and deception. So your word ain\’t worth crap. You need “evidence.” Solid evidence. In your last booklet, you actually admitted that you didn’t have any. Instead, you just whined that you were there and we weren’t. Good grief, no wonder you got arrested so often. You’re a moron.

    4. Same goes for your Donald Young story. No evidence, no deal. Oh yeah, you got those phone calls from him…sure. But that mean old phone company won\’t give you your bills. Yeah, that makes sense. So everybody else has to find the evidence for you…that\’s the ticket.

    Do you always assume that everybody else just woke up stupid?

  28. YankeeClipper says:

    I was over at Motor Mouth’s site; he’s been quiet since his longgggg post about Akbar. I’m guessing he’s finishing his latest book so it will be ready in just a few days. Lucky us!

  29. Meesh says:

    Twitter fight!

    Ron Brynaert ‏@ronbryn SAYS:
    Isn’t it odd
    @Ali Akbar critics @anexconsview @SinclairNews @NealRauhauser #BrettKimberlin @OsborneInk @FilmLadd
    all have a history of hoaxes?

    LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews says:

    @MeffJiddlebrook @ronbryn @ali @anexconsview @NealRauhauser @OsborneInk Ron we would like U to give a single example of a hoax by us please. @SinclairNews @NealRauhauser #BrettKimberlin @OsborneInk @FilmLadd have a history of hoaxes?

    Ron Brynaert ‏@ronbryn says:

    I apologize for assuming “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder” was a hoax. I’m so embarrassed. Sue me. @SinclairNews

    LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews says:

    @ronbryn Sorry Ron, we aren’t interested in suing anyone,us winning in a $30 MIL Defamation suit on the book must be a hoax then huh.

    LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews says:

    @ronbryn unless U can state as a matter of fact the book is a hoax maybe U should say its your opinion. Wait til When One Man Stands is out.

    Ron Brynaert ‏@ronbryn says:

    Oops. I confess I didn’t read ur book. I was waiting for Lifetime TV movie. Is there proof you had teh sex & coke with Barry? @SinclairNews

    Ron Brynaert ‏@ronbryn says:

    Maybe @FilmLadd is getting paid $15,000 through Dan Backer PAC for an ad which will get Obama arrested for cocaine and murder @SinclairNews

    LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews says:

    @ronbryn @FilmLadd …nowhere do we say Obama murdered anyone in the book. Though he is guilty of murdering 3 US Citizens by drone.

    Ron Brynaert ‏@ronbryn Says:

    Is Montgomery Sibley still your lawyer? He’s one of my favorite wackadoos. I bet he beats Obama & Romney! @SinclairNews

    LS News Group LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews says:

    @ronbryn Ron, maybe you should ask those questions to Mr. Sibley. We have no association or relationship w/ Mr. Sibley, you R stuck in past!

    LS News Group LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews says:

    @ronbryn then perhaps you should stick a sock in it until you know what UR talking about. But we understand U have a disorder w/o UR meds.

    LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews says:

    @ronbryn Read the book and then get back with us. Until then Ron have a wonderful weekend. Remember your meds before you lose it again.

  30. Dennis says:

    Uh? So I take it that Fat Boy has totally backed off of the Donald Young claim? Like maybe someone in the family threatened him with legal action if he didn’t drop his shameless and long standing attempt to use Young’s death for financial exploitation? So does this also mean that Fats is sort of admitting to having made the whole thing up?

  31. kstreet607 says:

    I don’t know this cast of characters…who is Ron Brynaert?

  32. Dennis says:

    Am I missing something. Just took a stroll through Lardo’s World (where nothing has been updated recently) because I felt like I woke up stupid this morning and maybe wanted to buy about 20 copies of his newest book and there I am all confused because there seems to be no ads or links or anything for this fine piece of political fiction. What gives?

  33. gilligan25 says:

    Orly shows up for the Kansas birfer hearing and hilarity ensues:

    Okay, hilarity for everyone but Orly (and the people embarassed by the hearing–e.g. the hearing officers) who is somewhere out there, screeching about treason, etc.

  34. gilligan25 says:

    Oh yeah–watch Orly get into a tussle with protestors and get thrown out of the office building. Way cool:

    She’s screeching so high only dogs can hear. I wonder if she knows what a Jayhawk is.

  35. Dennis says:

    Thanks for the link. Just read the report from Kansas. When are these nitwits at the GOP going to learn that playing with this issue (and especially with people like Orly) is kind of like playing with matches inside a burning TNT shack. Now everybody, go to the window. I bet you can hear Orly scream across the whole land.

  36. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, at Lardo’s Crazy Haus, Ilse goes into an hysterical explanation how a recent change in the design of the DoJ’s web site (from a flag motif to a simple black design) is really proof that Obama is a Muslim in league with radical Islamic groups (who uses a black flag). Yep, the only thing separating Ilse from Orly is about 50 or so extra pounds.

    Still no mention of the book.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Gee, with the pamphlet, we heard EVERYTHING about it. With this pamphlet, nada, zip, zilch. It must be top secret.

      Of course there’d be some Islamophobe rant at FatBoy’s place. They’re just echoing the freepers, or Islamophobe Central.

  37. Meesh says:

    No book, but FatAss and the piglets had time to go to the show and then write up a HUGE review…. 🙄

    2016 Opens Eyes Of Obama Supporter In Less Than 2 Hours

    September 17, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    While covering CPAC 2012 in Washington, DC last February 9-11, 2012 we were made aware of the film 2016 Obama’s America and we listened to Dinesh D’Souza as he spoke at the CPAC conference. During the months to follow we had not been able to keep up with the planned debut of the film and it was during the RNC Convention in Tampa, FL that we spoke to people who had seen the film and insisted everyone should see 2016. After listening to many in Tampa who had seen the film we first thought 2016 Obama’s America would be another of these anti-Obama productions where the mainstream media calls the film makers ring-wing nuts and more, it isn’t even close to being anything anyone could call “anti-Obama.”

    About 2016: Obama’s America

    2016 Obama’s America takes audiences on a gripping visual journey into the heart of the world’s most powerful office to reveal the struggle of whether one man’s past will redefine America over the next four years. The film examines the question, “If Obama wins a second term, where will we be in 2016?”

    Across the globe and in America, people in 2008 hungered for a leader who would unite and lift us from economic turmoil and war. True to America’s ideals, they invested their hope in a new kind of president, Barack Obama. What they didn’t know is that Obama is a man with a past, and in powerful ways that past defines him–who he is, how he thinks, and where he intends to take America and the world.

    Immersed in exotic locales across four continents, best selling author Dinesh D’Souza races against time to find answers to Obama’s past and reveal where America will be in 2016. During this journey he discovers how Hope and Change became radically misunderstood, and identifies new flashpoints for hot wars in mankind’s greatest struggle. The journey moves quickly over the arc of the old colonial empires, into America’s empire of liberty, and we see the unfolding realignment of nations and the shape of the global future.

    Emotionally engaging, 2016 Obama’s America will make you confounded and cheer as you discover the mysteries and answers to your greatest aspirations and worst fears.

    Love him or hate him, you don’t know him.
    About the Filmmakers
    Gerald R. Molen

    Gerald Molen has produced many of the most memorable films in the last three decades including blockbusters like Jurassic Park, Twister, Days of Thunder, Hook and Minority Report. He was a producer for the Academy Award winning film Schindler’s List and co-producer for Rain Man which won the Oscar for Best Picture.
    Dinesh D’Souza

    Born in Mumbai, India Dinesh D’Souza has truly lived the American Dream. He moved to the United States to attend Dartmouth College and upon graduation he went to work in the Reagan White House as a policy analyst.

    He has been a fellow of the Hoover Institute at Stanford University and the American Enterprise Institute. He is also the author of the New York Times Bestseller The Roots of Obama’s Rage. His other book titles include the popular What’s So Great About Christianity, Letters to a Young Conservative, and The End of Racism. He is a popular speaker and has appeared on Hannity, The Colbert Report, Glenn Beck and Politically Incorrect

    We have Dinesh D’Souza scheduled for an interview on Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair this Thursday September 20, 2012 at 6:00PM ET to talk about his 2016. In preparing for this scheduled interview we went to see the film this past Saturday.

    Dinesh D’Souza
    Author, Speaker, President of King’s College in NY City

    Born in Mumbai, India, Dinesh D’Souza came to the U.S. as an exchange student and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth College in 1983. From there he went on to work in the Reagan White House as a policy analyst.

    In 2010 he released The Roots of Obama’s Rage which is the basis for the film 2016:Obama’s America. It has been described as the most influential political book of 2010 and has proven to be yet another best seller.

    In the same year, he was named the president of The King’s College, in New York City. Dinesh brought a distinguished 25-year career as a writer, scholar, and public intellectual to The King’s College. Prior to this appointment, Dinesh also served as John M. Olin Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and the Robert and Karen Rishwain Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

    Called one of the “top young public-policy makers in the country” by Investor’s Business Daily, Dinesh quickly became known as a major influencer on public policy through his writings. His first book, Illiberal Education (1991), publicized the phenomenon of political correctness in America’s colleges and universities and became a New York Times bestseller for 15 weeks. It has been listed as one of the most influential books of the 1990s.

    From here he went on to write the popular books What is So Great About America (2002) , What is So Great About Christianity (2008), The End of Racism (1995) and Letter to a Young Conservative (2003). His latest book, God Forsaken was released in April of 2012.

    D’Souza’s articles have appeared in virtually every major magazine and newspaper, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic Monthly, Vanity Fair, New Republic, and National Review. He has appeared on numerous television programs, including The Today Show, The Colbert Report, Politically Incorrect, Nightline, The News Hour, The O’Reilly Factor, Moneyline, and Hannity.

    To make it more fun we decided to invite a friend to join us. This friend is one of those Obama supporters who is proud to publicly proclaim their love of all things Barack Obama, that was until after they saw 2016 Obama’s America Saturday.

    Before we discuss what we and our Obama supporter friend thought of the movie we noticed something which raises a question for us. Everyone knows that when you go to a movie there is always at least 3 or 4 “previews” of upcoming films before the feature presentation begins. Well not for 2016 Obama’s America, in fact we saw two films the same day in the same theatre. Only one upcoming film preview played in the 2016 screen and that preview was for the film Atlas Shrugged II. Later that evening while seeing Last Ounce of Courage no fewer than 5 upcoming film previews were played, one of which was also Atlas Shrugged II. We thought that it was odd that the chain would not be playing any upcoming movie release previews before 2016.

    First, everyone should see this film, not because it is an anti-Obama film or even an effort to attack or describe Obama in a false light, but instead because Dinesh D’Souza has gone through painstaking detail to explain the influences in Obama’s life from childhood through his historical rise in the political sphere and has done so in large part by using Barack Obama’s words from his own writings. For those who continue to concern themselves with Barack Obama’s birth certificate and claims that he was not born in Hawaii this film is not for you. For those who believe Obama is the second coming of Christ this film is for you. For those who simply want to know more than what Obama and the protective mainstream media has told you about Barack Obama then this film is a must for you as well.

    Our friend who as we said “was” one of those Obama supporters who believed and loved all things Obama. Before the film even started they were convinced that 2016 would be nothing but an Obama attacking film based on nothing more than right-wing efforts to smear him. After the film concluded however, our friend walked out of the Hollywood Theatre’s at The Pavilion in Port Orange no longer all that eager to lay down all things in support of Barack Obama. “The film makes sense, I never looked at the reason Obama has made certain decisions or policy choices, I just believed he was looking out for the little guy,” our friend told us. When asked what part of them film made them rethink their support of Obama, our friend responded, “When you sit there and listen to Obama reading from his book as Dinesh demonstrates what Obama is talking about in vivid color makes you realize we know very little about how Obama really sees this Country.” Our friend went on to tell us: “I was wrong when I said this would be another anti-Obama right-wing attack. D’Souza does not attack Obama a single time nor does he even attempt to tell the viewer who they should vote for, but instead explains the basis behind so many of Obama’s policy decisions thus far into his first term.”

    D’Souza has done something that on one else has been able to or taken the time to do in the making of this film. D’Souza takes the movie goer through the life and influences of Barack Obama and his family from the meeting of Barack Obama Sr. & Stanley Ann Dunham to his birth in Hawaii; to Jakarta to Kenya and back to the US. From his fathers political beliefs and battles; to the influence of Frank Marshall Davis; and Obama’s own words from the audio version of his book Dreams from My Father. D’Souza does not attack or demean Obama or his policies, but instead lays out for the film goer a detailed explanation as to what has shaped and molded the man that we know as Barack Obama and what has influenced his policy decisions.

    Whether you are an “all hail to Obama the supreme leader” supporter & lover of all things Obama or a Evangelical Christian or practicing Catholic or patron of the nearest Synagogue you need to invest just a little more than say two and a half hours of your time and see 2016. If the film does nothing else, it will leave you with a whole new perspective on how you see Barack Obama. For some it will only make you want to support him even more, while for others it will make you work that much harder to defeat his re-election bid in November. Yet for the majority of those who see 2016 it will leave you with a new sense of urgency in doing what is necessary to prevent Barack Obama from having an unrestricted second term which to complete what is clearly the Dreams of his Father. All will leave knowing more about who Barack Obama is than they ever would have known depending on the media.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Many things inside Dinesh’s book were debunked and the same goes for the movie. But people who hate Obama will love the movie and people who support Obama will hate the movie. That’s what happens in a very partisan, divisive election season like this one.

    • gilligan25 says:

      That guy must be pretty desperate when he has to go on FatBoy’s show to get publicity, such as it is, for his propaganda film.

      And I wonder if his ass is still wet from the very thorough licking Larrdo gave him. Literally.

      • Dennis says:

        What is really odd is that the film has been out for over two months and is already played out and heading toward second run and DVD. The “timing” of Fat Boy’s coverage make no sense from a news site perspective. He’s barely getting sloppy seconds (more like tired thirds).

        Now, where’s the book?

        • YankeeClipper says:

          I saw it reported yesterday that David Bose and D’Souza negotiated with several TV stations/networks to broadcast the movie prior to the election. They claim the movie will be seen by 136 millions people

          • Dennis says:

            Then let’s hope this interview results in the usual pattern. D’Souza could be in a feud with Fat Boy faster than you can say D’Souza’s name. BTW, where’s my book?

    • Dinesh D’Souza offends me right down to my DNA. As a descendent of Africans who came to America before institutionalized slavery and Africans who came to America as slaves and Native Americans and English who came to America long enough ago to mate with all the others, LongTimeLurker is a LongTimeAmerican. As an embodiment of American history I have a strong feeling of being on my home turf up in here.

      So when some guy who came to the U.S. in the 1980s as an exchange student from India, who deep down inside really believes in the caste system and resents the fact that a Barack Obama could be POTUS at all decides to interject himself into our nation’s politics it arouses my xenophobia and gives me a real youthful kickass feeling.

      “2016” is much more about foreign Dinesh D’Souza than it is about our own Barack Obama. Foreign Dinesh is attempting to feed us his own cultural perception of Obama’s “otherness”. I wish he would take his warped world view back to India (and run for President there while he’s at it.)

      • Dennis says:

        Besides, isn’t most of his anti-Obama crap based upon some bizarre fantasy that because his father was Kenyan, Obama some how channels a post-colonial political viewpoint etc etc. Come to think of it, it does sound like some one who buys into that caste system crap.

      • Meesh says:

        Very well said LongTimeLurker! Dinesh D’Souza does not impress me at all.

        • Dennis says:

          BTW, don’t you just love how all of these folks like Orly and D’Souza go around with their accents and visas and what have you warning us that we have a foreign president (you know, that guy from…shudder…Hawaii).

  38. Dennis says:

    For some reason, I am not really surprised that Mitt writes off nearly half of the country:
    Today, Mitt Romney Lost the Election

    Weird thing, the kind of person he describes almost fits Fat Boy to a T.

    • gilligan25 says:

      I mean Romney is such a weak candidate in the first place and his campaign is chaotic at best, After this happened to Obama, you’d think he’d be more cautious in his remarks. He did manage to insult so many people who work and don’t pay taxes, but he sure nails Larrdo.

      However, when I see frat boy Mitt getting all superior, all I can think of is him draft dodging during Vietnam with his II D deferment, and enjoying France from 1966-1969.

      Fogerty was singing about Mitt, wasn’t he?

  39. gilligan25 says:

    Okay, not that I have anything against draft dodgers–in fact, most of the people I know who dodged the draft would’ve ended up as cannon fodder. Romney’s privileged family could support him in style in France for three years, and had he been drafted, he probably would’ve been an officer, not enlisted, and probably wouldn’t have served outside the US. They just wanted to protect Thurstorn Howell IV’s ass.

    • gilligan25 says:

      And a note to Romney: there are a lot of people, mostly single parents, who work at low-paying jobs (Mickey Ds, etc.) who receive food stamps while working.

      And that “Mexican” crap? So bigoted, so endearing…..

    • Dennis says:

      Some of us simply lucked out on the lottery system. Otherwise I would be in Canada. Had the route planned and everything. Gee, I could be there now helping Meesh make Fat Boy’s life difficult.

  40. Dennis says:

    WHERE’S MY BOOK????????????? I even got a new box of crayons and was ready to spend the day coloring.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      I was just over at the Puzzle Palace, errr, I mean the Sickliar Snooze site; nary a mention of his book! Not even an ad. His three fans are going to be sooooo disappointed. He does have a blurb up about “The Other McCain” though.

  41. Meesh says:

    Here we go… NO it’s not the non-book… but one crazed-lunatic.

    The Other McCain-There’s No Crying In Baseball

    September 18, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    But one helluva lot of crying in conservative new media

    Robert Stacey McCain at CPAC 2012 Feb 9,2012 (Photo by Lawrence Sinclair©2012 SinclairNews)

    We really had no intent or desire to write anything further on the whining “poor me, they are attacking me because I reported on Brett Kimberlin” crap that Robert Stacey McCain has been writing for months now. We had no intent of writing about Ali Akbar’s out right lying about the National Bloggers Club and the NBC Breitbart Scholarship Fund because we felt we had already pretty much explained what we believe and what Ali chose to do when we questioned him. But our plans changed after we received a phone call from a Maryland cell phone at 3:07 PM from Robert Stacey McCain, and we were notified via Twitter that McCain had published an article on September 16, 2012 where he took the opportunity to claim that we had attacked him and he referred to us as “full strength industrial grade crazy,” because of this story When A “Neutral Journalist” Stops Being A Journalist

    Now Stacey McCain is the one who said he thought writing about us would be more valuable to him.

    Now allow us to back up just a little. Yesterday (Monday September 17, 2012) at 11:59 AM we received the following email from Robert Stacey McCain (you know the Stacey McCain who claims he is a accomplished journalist who is far too important and accomplished for any one to question his actions), McCain actually published the email as an article on his web site.

    The ‘Accuse the Accusers’ Strategy: Attempting to Explain Social Engineering

    From: Robert McCain []
    Sent: Monday, September 17, 2012 11:59 AM
    To: L.W. Sinclair
    Subject: The Courtesy of an Explanation


    Overlooking any offense that I might take at your publication of e-mails, I think you have misunderstood entirely what is happening, and how you – entering the play in the penultimate scene of the second act – are confusing people, in assistance of a cause with which I am reasonably certain you are not sympathetic.

    Since May 17, I have been covering a story that is both interesting and newsworthy. This is not a story about me, or you, or Ali Akbar. It is not a story about Patrick Frey or Aaron Walker or Mandy Nagy. This is a story about Brett Kimberlin, and about Kimberlin’s associate Neal Rauhauser.

    Very early in my reporting on this story, I was warned about Rauhauser’s “social engineering,” by which means he uses online communications to manipulate people’s perceptions for his own purposes. At the time, I thought I understood what was meant by the phrase “social engineering,” but looking back after four months, I realize that Rauhauser’s arsenal of methods is far more complex than I could have imagined in May.

    Had you been on this story as long and as deep as I’ve been on it, you would see quite clearly the relevance of this – Rauhauser’s manipulations – to the attacks on Ali Akbar and others, myself included. When you first contacted me with these outrageous accusations, I was angry, but when I learned the substance of your suspicions and had time to reflect, I relaxed a bit: Rauhauser again!

    Exactly how Neal did this, I don’t know. Rauhauser is adept at exploring networks, accumulating information, and then soliciting unwitting assistance in attacks on his targets from their friends and acquaintances. These methods sow conflict and suspicion around Neal’s targeted enemies, and thus undermine their effectiveness as opponents. I’ve watched Rauhauser do this to many people, as part of a larger strategy I’ve described as “accuse the accusers,” and am not the least surprised to see the same methods used against me.

    As I say, it’s difficult to explain this to someone who hasn’t had the opportunity to study it in depth over time. “Accuse the accusers” serves three simultaneous purposes:

    1. To distract – As is well documented, Rauhauser has been acting as an agent of Brett Kimberlin since last year, and when Aaron Walker’s 28,000-word account called new attention to Kimberlin’s activities, Neal began working to change the subject, to make the story about Kimberlin’s “enemies,” and not about Kimberlin himself.

    2. To discredit – Negative information about Neal’s targets (in this case, Walker, his associates and allies) is acquired through research, and incorporated into a narrative calculated to undermine the target’s credibility. It is often the case that fact and fiction are intermixed, connected by an interpretive framework that is tendentiously pejorative.

    3. To defend – Anyone who arrives at the story once Rauhauser has begun accusing the accusers is immediately confronted with a confusing welter of information, and the confusion serves the purpose of defending the client Kimberlin and his agent Rauhauser. Unless you were present to witness the story from its actual beginning (i.e., Kimberlin’s “lawfare” harassment of Walker), you will fail to realize that the attacks on Walker’s allies (including Ali Akbar) were part of the accuse-the-accusers strategy, and are thus a deliberate distraction.

    Perhaps you see, without my pointing it out, the purely utilitarian purpose of this method from a legal standpoint, in the context of “lawfare” that involves civil litigation and criminal charges. In any such conflict, the accuse-the-accusers strategy allows Kimberlin and Rauhauser to claim that any legal complaint against them is an act of retaliation. “So-and-so is doing this because I exposed his wrongdoing.” This is quite explicitly what Kimberlin has done to Aaron Walker, and the intricate overlapping of accusations and counter-accusations has deeply confused many journalists who have tried to report the story. Accustomed to the idea of “balance,” even reporters who are deeply skeptical of Kimberlin feel obligated to solicit “his side” of the story, which results in their publishing his profoundly dishonest narrative of events. It’s like being assigned to cover the Tate-LaBianca murders and giving equal time to Charles Manson: “The Evil Pigs Who Deserved to Die.”

    Ali was “doxed” by Rauhauser, and the accusations were made against the National Bloggers Club, for just such purposes as I have described. The fact that some conservatives have joined in the “just-asking-questions” campaign against Ali, or the legitimacy of their curiosity, do not change the fact that the strategic purpose of this attack is the defense of Kimberlin. Once you understand this motive, and understand Rauhauser’s methods, the accusations against their targets – Walker, Frey, Ali, whoever – can be clearly seen as deliberate distractions.

    Part of the success of this “accuse the accusers” strategy is explained by the fact that people take such things personally. If you accuse me of lying, I become angry at your accusation and retaliate with counter-accusations. You then solicit assistance from your friends, demanding that they rally to your support in the conflict, and I do likewise, each of us demanding that neutral parties choose sides in the dispute: “You cannot be friends with him, because he has attacked me unjustly.” Thus divisions are created, each of us is isolated from potential allies, and this benefits … whom?

    Having watched this occur with other of Neal’s targets, I’ve determined that I will not be lured into that trap of letting emotional reaction override my rational understanding of what is happening. The problem with getting people to understand this phenomenon is that it is so complex, confusing and crazy that when you describe it, people who haven’t actually seen it in action think you’ve lost your mind. Yet there are now enough witnesses to the workings of the accuse-the-accusers strategy and Rauhauser’s social-engineering methods that I describe all this to you with confidence, and will publish this e-mail at my own blog, so that others may be forewarned.

    One last thing, Larry: Once you or your friends become involved in a conflict with Neal Rauhauser, beware of “coincidences,” and be skeptical of any accusation made against your friends, whatever the source or whatever “evidence” is offered in support of the accusation. People have been manipulated without their knowledge, and you may ask The Lonely Conservative what evil deceptions have been practiced in this regard. Or perhaps you can ask Barrett Brown how it was that he was incited to the dangerous madness that got him arrested last week.


    – RSM

    Stacey didn’t feel it was important to mention the fact that he had made the above email the basis of his article so we had no idea what he was talking about when he said “ with all the Internet craziness that’s taking place today I wanted to call you…” We sent the below response to Stacey explaining how his continued claims our reports are attacks against him simply is not factual and making it clear that we are the last people McCain could ever claim didn’t understand the methods and attacks of the Rauhauser/Kimberlin group.

    From: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair []
    Sent: Monday, September 17, 2012 2:03 PM
    To: ‘Robert McCain’
    Subject: RE: The Courtesy of an Explanation


    While I appreciate your efforts to explain to me something you feel I have little understanding of. Let me however remind you that I am probably the last person anyone would need to explain these things too. See I understand very well what is taking place and I understand how these idiots operate. I have dealt with it far longer and in far worse severity than you will ever know.

    While I understand that you and others feel these people are responsible for Ali being attacked, but nothing these individuals have done has anything to do with the fact that I and Sinclair News put our name onto something in full support, promotion & endorsement which was done so based on false information and claims.

    While you may not know as much about me as you might think, what is happening to you, Aaron, Ali, Lee or anyone else is not new to me. It’s not new to me because I have lived through it and through far worse and what is funny is that the same idiots attacking Aaron, Lee, Ali, you (?) et al are the same ones who went after me in addition to so of the very people you and Ali support, associate with and know personally.

    I do not think you are a bad person, but I do think and believe from all that I have seen is you do the same things you complain about people doing to you. By that itself you can no longer present yourself as a “neutral” journalist because you ceased being that when you began making threats on Twitter or anywhere else. Stacey you continue to inject yourself in the story line and when you do that you are no longer neutral no matter what you say.

    Let me ask you something, when you went on Twitter talking about how the Liberal Grouch published photos of Jenny and that he was wrong in doing it, did you contact Jenny once and ask her if it was okay for you to publish her pictures on your website in the article calling out Grouch? No you didn’t, you simply went ahead and published her picture. By that single act Stacey you made yourself no different from Grouch and what’s worse is that you can’t see it.

    No Stacey, I know very well and understand very well the tactics and the purpose, I just simply refuse to allow anyone to draw me in or use that argument for excusing one’s own actions.

    So did Neal &Brett somehow cause you, Ali or others to decide to sit back for more than 9 months and allow Foster Friess name to be drug through the mud and falsely accused of being the funding behind the NBC by Yahoo News, Huffington Post etc? Why is it that even today Ali nor anyone on the “conservative” side have bothered to clear that little false tidbit up other than me?

    No Stacey I understand fully what is happening and I also understand that both sides accuse each other while both sides are engaging in the exact same acts.

    Lawrence Sinclair
    6 Spring Drive
    Port Orange, FL 32129
    (386) 492-6634
    (386) 290-5851 Cell
    (386) 761-3924 FAX

    After we sent the above response we received a phone call from Robert Stacey McCain. We only noticed the below email after we had received the call from Stacey:

    From: Robert McCain []
    Sent: Monday, September 17, 2012 2:43 PM
    To: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair
    Subject: Re: The Courtesy of an Explanation

    I’m going to call you, Larry. — RSM

    It wasn’t until a couple of hours after Stacey McCain called us at 3:07PM ET that we were made aware of his 9-16-2012 article where Stacey starts the piece with claims he has been the subject of “unjust attacks.”

    ‘Anonymous’ Spokesman Barrett Brown Arrested After Bizarre Video Meltdown

    * WARNING: INTENSIVE WEIRDNESS! * Do Not Read This If You Can’t Handle Full-Strength Industrial-Grade Crazy

    The latest bizarre turn in the strange saga of Barrett Brown came to my attention Wednesday evening while I was on the phone with a friend talking about the (equally bizarre) attacks against me by Larry Sinclair, notorious for his claim of having once been Barack Obama’s gay lover.

    Damn, I get some of the weirdest enemies, don’t I?

    From the above Stacey seems to have missed the point that our article about his own actions is not and was not an attack against him, but instead was a factual account of Stacey McCain’s own actions. We at the last minute decided to address Robert Stacey McCain’s article in the second hour of last nights radio program and even sent McCain a Twitter message letting him know in the event he wanted to listen. You can hear the second hour of Through the Mirror by clicking the play button below.

    At the very end of the Sunday piece Stacey takes his journalism degree & training to new lows when he writes:

    Probably there’s a Moral of the Story, but I’m too tired and depressed to figure it out today. All this swirling craziness — thank you, savage Islamic movie critics! – has pretty much ruined my entire week. Remember, I’m supposed to be covering a presidential campaign, instead of writing 1,500-word dissertations about Internet fame junkies.

    Larry Sinclair called up a Mormon housewife in Colorado to tell her what an evil person I am. And how was your week, huh?

    Stacey seems to be taking from a conversation we had with Lee Stranahan last week where (according to Lee the conversation was supposed to be off the record and according to Lee who we called this afternoon to ask directly, he has not discussed anything about our conversation with Stacey or anyone else) we told Lee point blank we had the feeling Robert Stacey McCain was some how involved in bringing Jenny’s photos to the attention of The Liberal Grouch and we still hold that “opinion.” Thank God for the freedom of speech and expression and of having our own opinions. Now while McCain never bothered to contact Jenny and ask her permission to publish her photos on The Other McCain (which have since been removed after being called out on his actions), he apparently doesn’t take very good notes.

    See we did not call up a “Mormon housewife in Colorado,” as claimed (again we note McCain has no problem publishing the woman’s religious faith for reasons we simply cannot understand as well as where the woman lives). The fact is that we sent a Twitter message to a friend who we first came to know almost four years ago asking that she call us as soon as she could. This friend, Jenny Hatch (and unlike McCain, we have obtained permission to use her name) who McCain started following on Twitter the day the Liberal Grouch unwittingly published photos of her on his website believing them to be photos of Lee Stranahan’s wife, got our message and called us later in the day. We did not as McCain claims call Jenny, nor did we tell Jenny that Robert Stacey McCain was some “evil person.” What we did (and we continue to stand by it to this day) is ask her if she knew Stacey McCain? She did not and had informed us that until her inbox filled up with Twitter notices of McCain tweeting about the Liberal Grouch publishing photos of her she hadn’t really heard of Stacey McCain. See Stacey claims it was us who called Jenny telling her what an evil person McCain is, but Stacey is wrong again. It was not Sinclair News or Larry Sinclair who told Jenny Stacey was not what he appeared to be, no we can’t even come close to claiming such insight and authority. See had Stacey used his journalism training and experience he would have made an effort to ask us or ask Jenny directly before making any such claim. Had he, he would never have printed the truth anyway. See what Stacey doesn’t bother to point out beyond his unexplained need to identify Jenny as a “Mormon,” is that when all of this craziness took place last Wednesday, Jenny prayed about what was taking place, she prayed for guidance and direction and Robert Stacey McCain might want to know that according to Jenny Hatch, GOD not Sinclair told her Stacey McCain was not someone who should be trusted or someone who she should become involved with. So Stacey, as you have demonstrated yet again, your journalism skills seem to be fading into the sunset the same way your argument that you have been “unjustly attacked” by Larry Sinclair.

    Now Robert Stacey McCain disclosed a bit on interesting information to us in his phone call, despite not having the guts to tell us he had already published to different articles accusing us of being the “full strength industrial grade crazy,”

    or the “unwitting dupes of the devious bastards know as Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin,” or worse “being notorious for claiming to be Obama’s gay lover.” So let’s put all the cards and FACTS on the table.

    Stacey McCain calls claiming “I wanted to see if we could put this unjustified suspicion about me aside and see if you would stop writing on this subject and let us handle this.” In addition Stacey felt the need to yet again play the “victim” and insist that we and others have unjustly leveled attacks against him. While we believe McCain may have recorded the call (we don’t care if he did or didn’t, we do not say anything we try to hide from later) we wanted to make known what exactly was said.

    Stacey McCain complained to us that he has done nothing but be considerate to Jerry Wilson and has no idea why Wilson has taken issue with Stacey. We informed Stacey that until this past Sunday night Wilson had been blocked on our Twitter feed, that we really did not know Wilson and had never spoken with him (until late last night when we sent Wilson a DM on Twitter asking him to call us).

    Stacey then chose to tell us that he has spoken with attorney’s and can say that Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club (NBC) has not lied, but that because NBC is not required to file its first tax statements until May of next year the claim of being a tax deductible charity are not misleading or false. We then informed Stacey that because we ourselves have a Federal EIN number for Sinclair Publishing we simply know better than to believe that NBC has registered with the IRS as a non-profit or 501 (c) (3) tax deductible charity yet has no EIN number until they file their first tax statements. Despite this McCain insisted “the national Bloggers Club IS a Non-Profit organization.” Stacey then decided to make the following claims/statements to us.

    1. There is this conspiracy theory that there is this large sum of money which has been raised that people believe Ali has absconded with. That’s simply not the case. Preparing the Articles of Incorporation and Board of Director filings is a job that requires using an Attorney. Attorneys cost money, money Ali simply does not have. “You and others reporting on suspicions which are based on Neal Rauhausers efforts to attack Ali, me and others are making it difficult for Ali to raise money.”

    We responded to the above from Stacey McCain by informing him we are not attacking him, Ali, NBC or anyone else. We informed Stacey McCain our issue with Ali and the NBC is that Ali LIED to us and when asked about the false claims instead of responding like a human being Ali decided to be a smart ass sarcastic prick. We made it clear to Stacey that Ali DID withhold information about his criminal convictions and when the information was disclosed Ali and you chose to blame the Kimberlin crew and the Liberal Grouch of attacking him with lies that weren’t lies at all. We made clear to Stacey McCain that our issue is we put our name, our sites name, our radio networks name and the radio program name on promoting, supporting and endorsing an organization which was based on false claims that Ali chose to lie about.

    2. Stacey McCain told us that he didn’t understand why he was being attacked by us or anyone else because he has never done anything to any of us. Stacey then tried to tell us that we were correct, he really doesn’t know much about us at all and then wanted to ask what we did for a living before 2008.

    3. Stacey insisted that demanding answers from Ali or the NBC was simply unacceptable and would only subject Ali to even more questions and/or attacks directed at those who are members of the NBC Board of Directors.

    4. Stacey claims Ali has not raised much of any money what-so-ever, but refuses to say how much not much is.

    The fact that Lee Stranahan was issued a check for $500.00 drawn on Chase Bank (according to Stranahan) by Ali Akbar a month or so ago for a video Ali asked for about the Brett Kimberlin/Neal Rauhauser situation confirms for us Ali is using money which has been raised and according to Stranahan he is almost certain the check was drawn on an account of the National Bloggers Club. Non-profit or tax deductible both are clearly regulated to prevent any employee, Director or anyone else from benefiting personally in any way from the funds or assets of the organization.

    We then told Stacey, “you know what really bothers us about you, Ali and everyone else in your little click of self promoting conservative journalist Stacey?” “Why is it that everything is an attack on you, Ali, Aaron, and the NBC etc and yet for more than 9 months you nor Ali nor anyone else has once bothered to set the record straight about the false reports which have been repeated against Foster Friess accusing him of being the funding source of NBC and Ali Akbar?” “Why is it that neither you nor Ali nor anyone else has publicly stated that while you don’t think it’s appropriate to respond to questions about Ali or the NBC, you do want to make clear that the claims Foster Friess is the person who funded and helped form the NBC is simply not true?” To that Stacey responded by, “who is saying that, where is that coming from, its coming from Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin.” We then told Stacey, its being reported by Yahoo News, Huffington Post and others, why is it that you cry about attacks against you and Ali et al while you blame it on others but you don’t bother to complain about how Foster Friess and his son have been falsely accused and targeted because of Ali Akbar’s actions which you claim are above board?

    Yes, since May of this year Foster Friess and his son have been served a notice advising them that there is planned litigation against them and they are being notified that under federal law they are notified they must maintain all electronic files and communications which could be discoverable in civil litigation. This because Ali Akbar chose to worry about his own image and self interest and allowed Foster to be accused of being involved in Ali’s organizations. This is what people who claim to be people of character, honesty, integrity and transparency (CHIT) do to those who were generous enough to sponsor one of their parties.

    Funny how Stacey acknowledged Ali is hard headed, mouthy and refuses to listen to anyone at the same time insisting we are unwittingly assisting Rauhauser/Kimberlin efforts to stop Ali from raising money. Stacey said he has tried and tried to get Ali to listen to him but has failed.

    Despite Stacey continuing to tell us how he is willing to take the blame for our past differences, we reminded Stacey yet again we have not had any differences which were based on personal attacks and that we contacted him directly with our questions despite Stacey going on Twitter immediately threatening us if we were to move forward with our questions. After what seemed like a never ending whining about how he has been unfairly targeted by us, Jerry Wilson & others we told Stacey “look, the bottom line is you cannot accuse people of threatening and attacking you when you go on Twitter and so the very thing you are complaining about.”

    Before the call ended Stacey McCain told us, “maybe you shouldn’t feel obligated to write anything more on this matter, why don’t you just let it go and let us do what we are doing.” To that we responded while we had no immediate plans of writing anything more, we would not “let it go,” if we had reason to write further. What we asked Stacey McCain to consider doing is to stop crying about people attacking him because they report the facts and maybe demonstrate his integrity by publicly reporting the facts that Foster Friess has not funded Ali Akbar or the NBC in any way what-so-ever and that reports claiming he has are simply not true. We told Stacey to suggest to Ali that while he can refuse to answer questions about who the people are that sits on NBC’s Board of Directors, or even questions about why he hid or lied about his past, Ali should immediately and publicly state that Foster Friess is not now nor has he ever been involved with or associated with in any capacity nor has he contributed a cent to the formation or organization of the National Bloggers Club and any claim to the contrary is simply false.

    Stacey McCain can continue to portray himself as a victim if he wishes, he can continue to threaten people when he gets angry over being asked a direct question, he can continue to send emails out asking for people to send him money for whatever reason may be the crisis of the day, but what Stacey McCain cannot continue to do is accuse us of attacking him; lying about him; or of being internet fame junkies. What Stacey McCain can’t do is get around the fact that Sinclair News broke the story of Herman Cain’s decision to drop out of the GOP Primary race weeks before anyone else knew about it; or that Sinclair News broke the story of Rick Santorum’s decision to drop out and the behind the scenes deal making that took place four days before anyone else. What Stacey McCain cannot get around is that Sinclair News and Larry Sinclair are devoted and committed to the truth regardless of who might be exposed; or that we treat everyone with the same respect, fairness and opportunity to rebut/respond to our reports.

    Sorry Stacey McCain, we didn’t call a “Mormon housewife…” as you claim, GOD did that and that’s one person even you can’t accuse of unjustly attacking you as an unwitting dupe of Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser.

    • Dennis says:

      Are these assholes going to continue acting like a bunch of potty school kids having a slap fight over who Foster Friess likes better? They are all embarrassing. Sure, Fat Boy is busy accusing everybody else of doing exactly the kind of crap he has always done to people. This McCain guy is freakin’ out to paranoid land. They are all throwing around so many names – who cares!!!! They all need a chill pill.

      • Meesh says:


        Did you happen to listen to the clip to FatAss’ so-called radio show, (that he inserted in that stooopid post)?! OMG! He sounds like a whiny little kid…hahahahaha

    • kstreet607 says:

      I just can’t read through all of the PissAnt’s gossipy bullshit! Just at a glance, all I see is Sinclair pointing fingers at people who disagree with him (that sounds familiar.) I’m not sure why he has a different target every week. It really looks like he’s itching for a bitch fest with somebody and from the looks of it, most folks ain’t bitin’ from his rotten ass apple.

      Ewww, there’s nothing like a dried up old POS like Sinclair trying to make a “name” for himself. EPIC FAIL

      • Meesh says:

        On the clip that FatAss inserted, he makes a big deal because McCain refers to a “Mormon Housewife”…well the nutcase Jenny Hatch’s twitter name is “Blogging Mormon Mama” @JennyHatch…—> what an flippin’ *idiot*.

      • Dennis says:

        Yes, he is itching for a bitch fight. He ain’t getting much of a bitch fight but he wants one. It has been one of his major patterns that he always tries to start these things in order to get attention. Deep inside, he is just a rotten crappy little mean boy. A very boring rotten crappy little mean boy.

    • gilligan25 says:

      FatBoy is asking this guy what he did for a living prior to 2008—hooker? Drug runner? Human smuggler? I’m sure there’s more….

  42. Dennis says:

    Fats was suppose to whip out One Man Stands but I hear that the pre-sales were pretty limp.

  43. Meesh says:


    I listened to it because I wanted to hear how “professional” his radio-show is… OMG! What an “Epic Fail”…you gotta listen to his station break music, it sounds like Mr. Rogers or some kiddie show.

    Check it out, FatAss added this BS to the post… gotta get hip waders on to read this 🙄

    From the above Stacey seems to have missed the point that our article about his own actions is not and was not an attack against him, but instead was a factual account of Stacey McCain’s own actions. Stacey has demonstrated yet again that his so called Journalism schooling continues to fail him because he chose to refer to anothers claims and representing as being those of Larry Sinclair. Rather than take the time to know who Larry is he simply linked to a WND article instead.

    McCain failed to mention that it was Sinclair and SinclairNews who broke the confimed report that WH Adviser Valerie Jarrett had a full Secret service protection detail; LS News Group confirms WH adviser Valerie Jarrett Secret Service protection or that Sinclair broke the story that White House staff were involved in the Colombia US Secret Serive prostitute scandal and that it was Sinclair who forced the WH Press Sec. Jay Carney to have to respond to the report. McCain failed to mention that:

    1. Despite having a book which even after millions of dollars were spent in efforts to have the book completely taken out of circulation still sells without any marketing or promotion other than word of mouth;

    2. which continues to be ranked in the top 100 of three different categories on’s paid Kindle Store books more than 3 years after it first became available on Kindle;

    Product Details

    File Size: 497 KB
    Print Length: 202 pages
    Publisher: Sinclair Publishing, Inc (June 15, 2009)
    Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
    Language: English
    ASIN: B002PSD322
    Text-to-Speech: Enabled
    X-Ray: Not Enabled
    Lending: Enabled
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #33,326 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
    #9 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Politics & Current Events > Leadership
    #59 in Books > Politics & Social Sciences > Politics & Government > Elections & Political Process > Leadership
    #65 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Biographies & Memoirs > Leaders & Notable People > Presidents & Heads of State

    3. that Sinclair has yet another book When One Man Stands coming out

    in October 2012;

    Sinclair is more notorius for his investigative journalism that has embarrassed many in the mainstream and new media like Stacey McCain; for standing and fighting against overwhelming odds and is still standing today; for his determination in reporting the truth no matter what the truth is without fear of being attacked, black balled, hated or shunned and doing so with Character, Honesty, Integrity & Transparancy or C.H.I.T. as we like to call it.

    We at the last minute decided to address Robert Stacey McCain’s article in the second hour of last nights radio program and even sent McCain a Twitter message letting him know in the event he wanted to listen. You can hear the second hour of Through the Mirror by clicking the play button below.

  44. Dennis says:

    That little jerk off is going to make me wait until October…of what friggin’ year? The Mayan Apocalypse will be here before he gets that lousy booklet out.

  45. Meesh says:

    There’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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