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The Hustle! A great song à-propos aussi!

on August 23, 2012

Thanks Yankee!!!!

You captured the hustle!  It wasn’t with my years ” Disco music” Never got into it. I’m a bluejean gal.   However,many of us have been here  waiting for a diversity, something new. Well for me it was  Music!   I suck with posting, I always have. You either have it, or else cry in shame.   You helped me  Yankee, I will not get fired (front what? Not sure)  When the threads  gets high, I panic. This comment I loved! Somebody may look in.

But Yankee, magnifique mon chéri said:

“There was a time that whenever Lardina started his money grubbing/conning, we’d commemorate the event with a little music. This song in particular”

Strobe lights, let’s do something?


99 responses to “The Hustle! A great song à-propos aussi!

  1. frankndouche says:

    I will be singing that stupid song in my head for a month!

    I still heart Meesh.

    • Meesh says:

      OMG it’s my Frank! I miss you (sooo much) and I love you too bits! You always come by when I am really feeling very sad EH? I’ll be ok, once again, I love ya too bits, my friend!, always have. Are you sending a shout- to our Yankee? Yeh this is what it was all about.

      • frankndouche says:

        I hope I cheer you up Meesh!

        I think of you all, often. And at the oddest times.

        Hello Clipper! I hope this finds you well and happy. All of you.

        • Meesh says:

          As goofy as this sounds, man I would LOVE a post from you “Frank” and guess who I see it’s “Jack” (another original from 2008) coming in as well. Holy! What a treat! You both know my email address….Please pretty please? I suck when it comes to posting. Democratista, KStreet, it would be so nice to listen to the originals… if you guys are watching ALSO, just say ‘HELLO” Well Kstreet is here, but Legal Woman, was special also. Joeymac, badboet, Paul, Maus, JohnDean, Person, TJ, … anyone else C’Mon just say HEH! I miss people for whatever reason: Johnny S, ChrisW, Flowbee… my list would go on.

          • kstreet607 says:

            :::Waving @ Frankendouche::::

            Wow Meesh you went to the wayyyy back machine for those names.

            You have an excellent memory. Legal Lady has retired. Of course Kstreet and Bitches Brew are still around. LOL

  2. Hello frankendouch. Nice to “see” you. *waves*

  3. Meesh says:

    The newest from THE SNOOZE site! 😦

    P.A.U.L. People Awakening & United For Liberty Festival Kicks Off In 14 Hours

    August 23, 2012

    By Lawrence Sinclair

    In 14 hours, Friday August 24, 2012 even before the first session of the RNC begins a voice which clamors louder and louder with each passing hour will begin to shout from within the confines of what is known as the Tampa/St. Pete area. A voice that says the time has come for all Americans who believe in Liberty and the constitution to join forces and put an end to the two party system which continues to ignore the will of We the People.

    P.A.U.L. People Awakening & United for Liberty Festival begins the Florida State Fair grounds in Tampa, Florida today. While the festival is honoring Texas Congressman Ron Paul and what he has done over his career to sound the warning bells and bring Americans the energy and knowledge which is the Liberty Movement, its not a Ron Paul festival. Its a festival designed to bring together people of every background, income level and state to work together in bringing about a real change in the current political system which to many Americans, has become nothing more than a changing of name every two, four or six years.

    The line up at P.A.U.L. Fest brings the brightest and best the cause of Liberty has to offer in a venue and time that so many turn away in frustration. Before the Republican national Convention even gets off its opening gavel people from every walk of life and political affiliation will gather to send out the sounds of Liberty over party in a way that neither political party can or will be able to do.

    Liberty is about making real change, and getting away from all the old party back slaps and greasing of each others palms. Liberty is about getting spending under control and doing away with the Fed.

    So if you want to have your voice heard, if you want to learn just what the Liberty Movement is all about, please feel free to join them at the Florida State Fair grounds at 4800 US Hwy 301 North, Tampa, FL today thru Sunday.

  4. democratista says:

    Bon matin, mes amis…Good morning, my friendsl…Meesh…even when I’m not posting, I know you feel my presence because I rarely go a full week (and lately not a day) without checking to see what’s happening. It’s just that LARDY is so boring. The repetitive behavior…like I said yesterday…same thing…OVER AND OVER AND OVER. He obviously has a huge inferiority complex because he has to try to make himself important. Of course, I try to remember that you can’t reason with the unreasonable and every time I see another person trying I want to warn them just to leave it alone. Ignore him….that will make him angriest. Sure, he’ll say he was right all along, but no one will care and he’ll really be pissed that you don’t think he’s oh so very important.

  5. Meesh says:

    Bonjour chérie!

    My Democrastica was there with me at Hbeeinc in 2008, and I know, my friend is still there. Therefore Ruthie, you are an absolutely amazing woman in my books! FatAss is not a threat, he’s boring…sheesh I hang in there.
    Pourquoi cette pursuite avec ce imbicile? Ah je ne sais pas pourquoi
    C’est domage mon amie je dis rien ,pourtant peut etre que je suis biette, aussi.

  6. kstreet607 says:

    I have an idea Meesh. Perhaps we can have a poll that asks: How long will it be before FatAss turns on GGGG and make him his number one enemy?

  7. salinkis says:

    It’s been a while, but I just checked out Larry;s site. I’m thinking of buying Larry’s old laptop and donating it to the Centers for Disease Control for research purposes. Who’s with me?

    • Meesh says:

      Nice to see ya salinkis! Is that our JohnnyS oui? You’re green and a spring for your feet KEWL! Where’s your hazmat suit? No way, I want that laptop, eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!

  8. kstreet607 says:

    Mitt Romney finally went there.

  9. YankeeClipper says:

    7 Birthers Speaking At The Republican Convention

  10. Meesh says:

    Reading SPAM is more interesting than what’s posted here.

    Tea Party Tribune’s O’Donnell Lawyers Up With Occupy’s Grayson!

    August 25, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    There is an old saying that politics makes for strange bedfellows, well in 2012 that is becoming the gold standard for this election cycle. Sinclair News first brought to the public the sneaky and unethical activities of former Delaware US Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell on Friday August 17, 2012 after O’Donnell by and through her band of wayward, wandering youth assisted her in using Occupy vs Tea Party creator Gordon Gebert to steal his concept for personal promotion and financial gain.

    In the last 24 hours some interesting developments have taken place despite the rabid Twitter attacks which have been directed at Sinclair News, Lawrence Sinclair, Gordon Gebert and anyone else who felt it was important to stand up for what is right. The first development we think important to report is that The Tea Party Tribune’s Christine O’Donnell (The Tea Party Tribune is the registered owner of and appears to be partnered with Christine O’Donnell in Trouble Maker Media. Emails to the Greater Phoenix Tea Party and Timothy Selaty the registrant of The tea Party Tribune have gone unanswered) has recently lawyered up with former Democratic Congressman and Occupy defender Alan Mark Grayson. Yep that’s right, the same woman who represents herself as a conservative voice and a representative of the Tea Party has retained the services of The Grayson Law Center of falls Church, VA to respond to Mr. Geberts Cease & Desist Notice.

    According to a letter dated August 23, 2012 on The Grayson Law Center letterhead (which is published on the Troublemaker site with The Grayson Law Center redacted) Christine O’Donnell has climbed in bed with one of the most ardent critics and attackers of all things Tea Party in Alan Grayson. For those who don’t remember Grayson is the former democratic congressman from the old FL District 8 who stood on the House floor and said “the republicans health plan is, to die quickly.” In the 2010 mid-terms Grayson lost his reelection bid and is now running in a newly drawn district in Orlando, FL after being unopposed in the August 14, 2012 primary.

    Grayson who interestingly enough is not even licensed to practice law in the State of Florida and who is running for the US House in the State of Florida operates a Law Firm which is located in Falls Church, VA. Sinclair News has been in front of this Christine O’Donnell story and finds an email that O’Donnell recently sent out asking corporations to contribute up to $10,000 to her ChristinePAC “for every $10,000.00 contributed we can bring 10 students into TroubleMakerfest,” says O’Donnell. The fact that most of those individuals engaging in attacks directed at Sinclair News, The Blaze, American Thinker, et al are coming from publicly known Occupy promoters and protesters. How Christine O’Donnell can even stand up publicly and claim she is a conservative who is trying to bring young conservatives out to the polls in November is beyond us.

    In another development Current TV and Current TVs The Young Turks has issued a statement which is published below. We have redacted the phone numbers and other identifying information from the document to prevent those who might be angered by these developments from harassing the legitimate business operations of Current TV, The Young Turks or TYT Networks. Click on the below image to view in full size/screen:

    While O’Donnell continues to claim on the events website as of this morning that The Young Turks have partnered with Troublemaker Fest the above letter dated August 23, 2012 says differently. In fact, O’Donnell’s site proudly boast of the letter written by Alisa J. Roberts of The Grayson (that’s Alan “Die Quickly” Grayson) Law Center, yet fails to mention the August 23, 2012 letter from Current TV at all. See the below screen grab taken just this very AM of the home page of O’Donnell’s site:

    Despite the stated facts O’Donnell continues to advertise involvement of and partnerships with organizations that say they have no involvement of any kind with the Troublemaker Fest. If O’Donnell was so sure Mr. Geberts trademark has no merit, then why did she and those associated with her feel the need to hide the fact their opinion came from The Grayson (Alan “A congressman with balls” Grayson) Law Center? This the very person Christine O’Donnell demanded that she debate herself? These are valid questions that anyone who has contributed a dime to ChristinePAC have the right and should demand answers too?

    So The Tea Party Tribune’s Christine O’Donnell can’t even publish the name of the Law Firm who gave her such stellar advice but she can post the letter itself!

    • Meesh says:

      ” the rabid Twitter attacks which have been directed at Sinclair News, Lawrence Sinclair”

      What a bunch of bull, FatAss is the one going after people… it’s the other way around. He’s butting in.

      • Dennis says:

        Are you talking about all of those Twitter comments from people telling him to leave them alone after his repeated hostile postings on their Twitter accounts? You don’t understand. They are violating his right to free expression. He has the right to charge into anybody’s space, yell in their face, and they are to keep their pie holes shut the whole time. After all, he is both a jernolist and a lwayer as well as a book riter and legend in his own mind.

        • Meesh says:

          He’s either harassing or hitting on people… trying to arrange a lunch/dinner date. If you look at the conversations no one seems to reply. Hahahahaha

        • YankeeClipper says:

          I’ve been doing some research into Lardy’s allegation that Grayson isn’t licensed to practice law in FL. I can find only one piece of information suggesting that…guess where…the Free Republic (and now Lardy’s snooze site). Neither of which offer any proof.

        • YankeeClipper says:

          I think Lardy has decided he’s destined to be the new/reincarnated Andrew Breitfart; loud, abrasive, aggressive and sick as shit.

          • kstreet607 says:

            LOL YC! I was looking for the “Like” button on your comment. I agree about him wanting to be the next Breitbart. It’ll never happen though…

            • YankeeClipper says:



              You’re correct of course, Breitbart swam in the shallow level of the sewer, though. Lardy swims at the level of rat shit.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Gee, I think it’s long past the time for FatBoy to go to Tampa, track/stalk Christine O’Donnell and stick a video camera in her face. I hope he’s gassing up the vehicle that doesn’t run right now for the trip.

  11. Dennis says:

    Fats is pretty obsessed with who is getting into bed with who. Must be pretty lonely in the wide-load. Otherwise, it is simply more gibberish from Monkey Boy. He should be more concerned with the fact that he has already violated on law of the state of Florida (the phone taping), may be up for charges on misrepresentation (clearly, a lot of these folks thought he was Gebert and he wasn’t too inclined to correct them), and at any moment could be hit with a few restraining orders. Hope he has a solid claim filed on the $12,000 Kickstarter bucks. He may need the money.

  12. Borat says:

    Larrd is a “Visitor” @ # 6 single wide …………he is leeching off some person there he does not have a rental agreement in his name HI NLarry , say hi to all the people that LAUGH at you in that park

    • Meesh says:

      I can’t imagine having him live with me. A visitor?? I’ve heard that term used before, also referred as the “curse” that lasts for five days LOL What has it been, over five months now? Now that’s a true BITCH cycle.

      Is it a crazy old lady? Remember that lady on the boat trip, I think he said at the time she was his neighbour, he also had her at his karaoke party. That’s when he lived at #9, she then lived with her elderly mother. Maybe she put her in a Nursing Home and FatAss moved in with his pug.

  13. YankeeClipper says:

    Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Saturday, August 25, 2012 — 4:01 PM EDT

    Neil Armstrong, First Man on Moon, Dies at 82

    Neil Armstrong, a quiet, self-described nerdy engineer who became a global hero when as a steely-nerved pilot he made “one giant leap for mankind” with a small step on the moon, has died. He was 82.

    Mr. Armstrong died following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures, a statement Saturday from his family said. It didn’t say where he died.

    Mr. Armstrong commanded the Apollo 11 spacecraft that landed on the moon July 20, 1969, capping the most daring of the 20th century’s scientific expeditions. His first words after setting foot on the surface are etched in history books and the memories of those who heard them in a live broadcast.

    “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind,” Mr. Armstrong said.

    Read More:

    • Dennis says:

      It would be nice to think that this would be the one news story that Fat Boy couldn’t make into a bs pile about himself, but I’m not holding my breath.

      • YankeeClipper says:

        GMTA, Dennis. That’s what I was thinking when I posted it; “let’s see, how Fat Ass can make Armstrong’s death about himself.”

    • Meesh says:


      “Neil Armstrong was a hero not just of his time, but of all time. Thank you, Neil, for showing us the power of one small step. -bo”

      Here’s FatAss’ chance to retweet, insert himself somehow.

      • kstreet607 says:

        What a classy guy…Obama is way above the rest of the neanderthals running the government. Thanks for sharing Meesh.

        • Meesh says:

          Yes, your President is one classy man. With all of the lengthy tributes I have heard, read today…this one summed it up beautifully. However your Prez gets many negative tweets:

          Kilburn Matronome ‏@MatofKilburnia

          You know how we could really honour Neil Armstrong @BarackObama? By going back to the moon. Go on, say you’re gonna make it happen

    • gilligan25 says:

      Yankee, I remember staying up half the night to watch the moon landing, and making my daughter stay up, too. She was normally a night owl, but in this case, she wanted to go to bed early and all she did was bitch–until the actual landing. I remember that Armstrong and Aldrin we going to wait for hours before they walked on the moon, but that was moved up. It was by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

      And Neil Armstrong was one truly classy and dignified guy. As far as I know, there was no hint of scandal around him ever. He did himself and the United States of America proud. We were lucky to know a man of that kind off courage as long as we had him.

  14. kstreet607 says:

    Hi everyone. Before I go back and read the latest comments I have a message for Long Time Lurker:

    LTL, I wrote this long-winded response to a commenter over at TFC who was spouting the typical anti-Obama rhetoric.

    There have been at least two times that you inserted your comments with a more logical, rational and calm point of view. I admire that in most of your analysis.

    I was wondering if you can take that POV and say something to this guy/woman: duckyack that I missed…because I know I didn’t cover all of his long diatribe. If you see this and if you feel up to it…take a look.

    I actually got a headache from banging on my keyboard trying to get every thought I had into my answer.

    Of course you certainly are not required to, but if you do, thanks in advance.

    The link:

  15. gilligan25 says:

    We’re getting ready for Isaac. We’re stocking up on food (our refer on the boat runs on DC, so even if we lose power, we can still keep our food cold), filling up the fuel and water tanks (we carry 200 gallons of water), pullled some cash in small bills out of the atm, made sure we weren ‘t running low on any of them, stashing our stuff on the dock so it doesn’t blow away, getting out extra fenders to protect the boat from the pilings, dug out the 3/4 inch dock lines (300 feet or so)….only one model shows Isaac coming up Mobile Bay and I sure do hope it goes way east to Panama City/Carabelle. Our friend will be headed for a hurricane hole on Tuesday and he’s got a really nice generator. He’s so damn spoiled–he wants to be able to run his air conditioner and his direct tv dish when he evacuates. I just rolled my eyes when he told me that–he’s sure a wimp when it comes to creature comforts.

    • YankeeClipper says:


      I hope Isaac treats you as gently as it did us; several hours of rain, nice breezes, cool temps (had the windows open and no A/C on for TWO days).

      • gilligan25 says:

        I’d love that–several hours of rain, cool temps, etc. But when I watched the Weather Channel, they now said Isaac could go up to a category 3. Yikes. We’d have one helluva storm surge, that’s for sure.

        What is mildly amusing is that people will speak of time periods like this:
        “After Frederic” ,,,,,”Post Ivan” ,,,,,, naming the storm rather than the year and month. Of course, these are seminal moments living in a hurricane zone, so it’s understandable. And they also refer to the various storms as though they have personalities. And they do.

  16. gilligan25 says:

    Here’s a picture from a previous hurricane to hit Key West:

    That’s a houseboat climbing the sea wall from the action of the wind and waves. The people walking beside the boat look grim.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Yikes! I’m with YC Gilligan when I say I truly hope this storm does minimal or NO damage in your area. Being in a high elevation, we rarely get serious effects from Hurricanes. Now Tornados are a different story, although I’ve not experienced one in about 15 years.

      • gilligan25 says:

        The latest track has Isaac going to Biloxi west to Lake Charles, Louisana. The bad thing is that we’re on the shitty side of the storm, the east side–this is why, even though the storm is offshore, Tampa/St. Petes is going to be affected.

        I just wonder if the folks who selected Tampa as the RNC site are taking any heat–I mean what genius decided to have a convention in a hurricane-prone city during hurricane season? What idiots LOLOLOLOL!!!

  17. YankeeClipper says:


    You need some arguments regarding our Prez and the GOP? Here ya go:

    The Party of No: New Details on the GOP Plot to Obstruct Obama

    Read more:

  18. YankeeClipper says:

    Coming soon to a snooze site near you! Commentary by Lardina Sinkliar regarding his chosen Presidential candidate’s demands of Ron Paul:

    Ron Paul declines a speaking spot at GOP convention after Romney demands to review remarks

    • gilligan25 says:

      Ah, a variation on “I’m paying for this microphone” statement by Reagan.

      Yup, the RNC has no interest in the 1st amendment. They do have an interest in controlling the image of one Willard Mitt Romney….and they did learn a lesson from letting Pat Buchanan speak.

      I expect full-scale whining, kvetching, and sniveling.

      • Dennis says:

        I see that Ron Paul ain’t too grateful either. Gee, it isn’t like they were going to write the speech for him. They could but they were willing to cut the little guy some slack as long as he play ball by their rules and all.

  19. gilligan25 says:

    It looks like Mitt is going to go full birther:

    He just smells of desparation, and it’s not even past Labor Day.

  20. Dennis says:

    I can’t wait until the end of the convention when it is Mormon’s Night. Sound as if they will have re-enactors roll across the stage in a wagon train on their way to Utah. I once worked with a guy who grew up in Utah. He was Jewish, had a lot of things to say about the Mormons and did a hoot on an impersonation of Brigham Young. Needless to say, he didn’t do this act in Utah.

    • gilligan25 says:

      I had a friend who lived in Salt Lake for a couple years. It killed her that she couldn’t get a cup of coffee, much less a decent cup of coffee, in damn near any restaurant in town. My hubby’s Navy buddy taught at a community college in Twin Falls ID and said the illegitimate birth rate among Mormons would take your breath away. Why? Because they might want a child (or 2 or 3 or 4) together, but weren’t really sure about getting into a sealed marriage with the other person for life.

      I do remember being out west and seeing one of those wagon trains. It looked miserable–but we were cruising around in an RV with refrigeration, A/C and a real bed. And we sure as hell didn’t walk. I also remember driving through towns where the Mormon temple was huge and magnificant, but the houses were trailers or a small cut above trailers (but BIG), but very hardscrabble. You *know* they were really enforcing that tithe.

      OTOH, one of my favorite cookbooks I use on the boat is Make a Mix cookbook, written by three Mormon women. It’s saved me a ton of money throughout the years.

  21. Dennis says:

    This just in. Live footage of Lardo’s arrival in Tampa:

  22. gilligan25 says:

    Weather update: we still don’t know where Isaac’s landfall will be, but I do know the wind has increased significantly. Storm surge is predicted to be 5-10 feet and at least 24-36 hours of rain. The barrier islands and south Baldwin and Mobile counties are evacuating. We’re under a mandatory evacuation order, but few people around here are leaving–except to move their boats. Houses are being boarded up or are already done. There’s a bread shortage, and people are snapping up generators as fast as they can be stocked. My hubby is taking off Tuesday and Wednesday, although he’d like to work. I pointed out that the last time he tried driving on flooded roads, he proved our car will float and damn near ended up in a drainage ditch, almost going out to sea, so no. He will be here, driving me nuts, mostly because he can control so many things, but he cannot control the weather (I know he’s tried). Given we’ve gone through this before, he won’t be able to sit still and he’ll just twitch, thinking of another thing to do in the middle of a sandwich. And he’ll be off. When will he relax? He won’t. I’ll try to stay out of his way. Sigh.

  23. Dennis says:

    Again good luck and best wishes. A friend of ours has a daughter and son-in-law down in New Orleans. They are right now in the process of evacuating. Going to be one heck of a traffic jam all around the Gulf.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Oh, the traffic will be horrendous. I do hope they make all the I-road lanes headed north, otherwise the delays will be beyond comprehension. People could end up riding out the storm in their cars, stuck on the interstate.

      • Dennis says:

        I’m sure you’re right but I’m going to say anything at the moment to a worried mom. I just trust that they got moving when they said they would.

  24. Borat says:

    Larrrrd Ass a person at your park says you are using shoe polish to cover ever expanding hair loss (look at his video with dirty teeth /fingernails Thomas it was about 4 inches then) they said they saw you put it on after you were in the water as a disabled whale………………
    my god trailer people.

  25. Borat says:

    Hey SLOB did you get your pielots licence yet? or did you just go into a restricted area to have some fool take pictures? Yeah Retard those areas at least in canada are restricted……But I guess you and feces fingernails Thomas just hopped the fence

  26. Dennis says:

    Reporting is hard work. Especially when Ron Paul gets mad about your laptop

  27. kstreet607 says:

    Just checking in…

    Be safe Gili and anyone else who is within range of Hurricain Isaac.

  28. YankeeClipper says:

    Hi Kids!

    I had great internet service while Isaac was visiting the islands but, once it moved North toward Florida, the service went kaput. Service is back now but I suspect could be gone, gone, gone at any time.

    gilli, I hope you are safe! You’re in my thoughts!

    I wonder if this guy is a friend of Lardina’s:

    Anti-LGBT Prop 8 activist confesses to molesting young boys

  29. Dennis says:

    Hot off the press: Lardo just discovered that the RNC has secret meetings behind closed doors in order to cut ruthless deals to control everybody in the GOP!!! OK, they have been operating the party and their convention in this manner for decades. But I guess nobody told PeaBrain. BTW, is he actually in Tampa or just pretending to be there? Hard to tell.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      I saw an article earlier today about the monied people backing Romney being wined, dined and kept away from the other delegates. Is that what Lardo is whining about, Dennis? I cannot recall where I saw the article but I did go looking for it. There’s also a report about the GOP holding secret meetings to resolve issues…”secret” in that Romney’s campaign/the RNC doesn’t want the media covering the controversies.

      • YankeeClipper says:

        Here’s one of the articles:

        Floor flight averted, for now

      • Dennis says:

        Who knows what the nitwit is going on about. He spends so much time jerking off at the laptop that he keeps blowing the motherboard. Secret dinners? Ohhh! It is time for Fat Boy to gatecrash the free feed.

        • YankeeClipper says:

          Yes, Dennis, Lardo’s screaming about the rules changes BUT, he’s got another commentary about the National Bloggers Club being a fraud. All ways interesting to read the con artist whining about another con artist.

          • Dennis says:

            Very interesting. Since I am a reporter/blogger I checked the National Bloggers Club out a while back. Basically, it is an extremely right wing group. Not my cup of tea. Some borderline aspects to its structure, but mostly the real problem is that it is extremely right wing nutter and very marginal in its focus, function, and reason to be. However, it sounds as if Fat Boy didn’t measure up to even their meager needs. Very interesting. Of course, they are now part of the VAST conspiracy.

            • YankeeClipper says:

              Four to six weeks ago (when he returned from that bullshitpalooza) he posted a commentary urging the defense of some KKK leader being “persecuted” by law enforcement. I initially thought it came from the “palooza” but read the article and saw it was from the Bloggers Club. Lardo is also waving the “I’m upholding the teachings of Breitbart ” banner in his tirade against the secret meetings going on at the GOP convention

  30. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, for a taste of Romney’s America:

    Murray Energy Miners Allege They Had To Give Up Pay To Attend ‘Mandatory’ Romney Rally

    If I read this story correctly, there is either a violation of federal labor laws going on here or a violation of federal election laws. Maybe both, I don’t know.

  31. Meesh says:

    Is The National Bloggers Club Real Or A Scam/Front?

    August 28, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    National Bloggers Club goes from championing to jockeying in only 6 months time

    Sinclair News; LS News Group and its staff including Lawrence (Larry) Sinclair 🙄 have in the past actively promoted & supported The National Bloggers Club including its Breitbart Scholarship Fund on our web site & our radio program Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair on the Rense radio Network. On Sunday August 26, 2012 we posted a Tweet announcing we could no longer support, promote nor associate with The National Bloggers Club. This decision is one that we struggled with making, but is one we believe is the right decision.

    Being a member and a contributing member at that, of The National Bloggers Club we have come to realize there are some questions which we need answers to. Sinclair News does not (though the conservative associates of Akbar like to dismiss others based on their past actions) dismiss or judge any individual based on his/her past actions in life. We believe that everyone has something in their past that might be viewed by others as unacceptable, however a persons past should not be used to beat them down for the rest of their lives. Sadly however those who are connected with Ali do not feel that way, unless of course the one with the past is the one doing their bidding.

    In March 2012 we received an email which came from Bill Murphy and Ali Akbar from and Vice and Victory email addresses announcing the creation of an Andrew Breitbart Scholarship Fund. After receiving the email and because of our own personal encounters with Andrew Sinclair News decided we would do a feature story on the Scholarship fund. In preparing the story we sent an email to Joel Pollak who was the primary principle since the untimely death of Andrew early the morning of March 1, 2012. In the email to Mr. Pollak we asked if Pollak would be interested in going on Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair to talk about the recently established Breitbart Scholarship Fund. Pollak responded almost immediately by telling us he knew nothing of any such fund; that anyone using Andrews name along with any such fund was doing so without authorization and Pollak even went to the point of saying that any such organization was in his opinion a scam. We had requested this interview by accidentally replying to an Akbar email which we added Pollak to the response. After all, you would think anyone using Andrews name attached to any such project would have surely spoken with the Breitbart camp before doing so? Well nope, not Ali, Ali sent out the notice before ever getting the approval of the Breitbart family or estate. Ali went ballistic at us because we copied Pollak figuring he had to have been in on approving of figured that Pollak would have been a part of the approval process. But it turned out Ali had not yet spoken with Breitbart reps.

    The National Bloggers Club was launched by way of a press release from BlogBash which gave away t-shirts to those who attended BlogBash on February 9, 2012 the first night of CPAC 2012 in Washington, DC. Sinclair News had never heard of BlogBash or National Bloggers Club until we received an email invitation from BlogBash after we were approved for CPAC 2012 Credentials. After having attended the event and meeting those associated with it we believed that they were a group truly committed to representing conservative values and joining forces with a wide network of conservative independent journalist and bloggers who were dedicated to the truth over the political posturing and ass kissing to gain position or status with the establishment. We were wrong.

    Blog Bash: Making the Left Uptight For All The Right Reasons

    CPAC Reminds Me Why I Formed

    Walker, Akbar & National Bloggers Club Targets Of Same Anti-Sinclair Internet Thugs

    Blog Bash & National Bloggers Club Keeps Breitbart Spirit Alive

    Malkin To Be On Board Of National Bloggers Club

    It is important to point out our decision is not personal against any individual, but rather it is based on what we believe are deliberate and planned misrepresentations by those associated with the organization and promotion of the National Bloggers Club. While Ali Akbar is free to comment and take positions, and support any one or position any way he chooses individually, Sinclair News has a problem with supporting and promoting any group or organization that represents they speak for its members without ever addressing its membership. Despite joining the National Bloggers Club in March 2012 Sinclair News has not received a single notification as to who sits on the NBC Board or when the NBC has ever held a single meeting of its Board or Membership.

    While we did and continue to support Aaron Walker and Ali Akbar’s right to their opinions without being the target of harassment or attack, we also support those who have been the target of attack by Ali Akbar himself for no other reason in our opinion, than so he can continue to establish cozy relationships with conservative & republican establishment players. While conservatives and conservative journalist; bloggers; and Pundits the likes of Michelle Malkin; the writers & editors at; Red State et al continue to try and discredit anyone who does not meet their standards of conservative or character have no problem with Ali Akbar’s past legal troubles, crimes and convictions. Why is that? The hypocrisy that is so thick in both the conservative and liberal camps is astounding. More astounding is the fact that Akbar has injected himself and The National Bloggers Club into the Christine O’Donnell attempted theft of another individuals intellectual property.

    Due to The National Bloggers Club inviting and allowing Christine O’Donnell to BlogBash in Tampa, FL on Sunday August 26, 2012 we have decided we can no longer support, promote or endorse The National Bloggers Club or In fact the recent actions of Akbar have raised some questions for us as to the ethical standards of NBC and questions concerning the funding of the NBC and BlogBash activities. One very important aspect of the Breitbart legacy which we believe those at and NBC/BlogBash have ignored, is that Andrew was committed to exposing the truth about both liberals and conservatives who engage in actions which are dishonest and or abuses of power. In that spirit Sinclair News is publicly asking Ali Akbar to immediately publish the following:

    The names of every National Bloggers Club Board member including the date each became associated with the NBC

    A complete financial report showing the amounts of all monies paid to in contributions; services; or sponsorships made to NBC or BlogBash.

    A Complete financial reporting of all funds paid out by NBC or BlogBash including the names of those receiving said payments and the reasons for each.

    A complete financial accounting of all funds paid out by NBC/Blogbash including an accounting of what the payments were for and if they were made for the personal benefit of Ali Akbar or any other member of the NBC Board.

    A complete accounting of all contributions made to the Breitbart Scholarship Fund as well as an accounting of all disbursements of said funds as well as the name of the financial institution(s) where contributions are on deposit.

    A statement as to Bill Murphy’s position with NBC and BlogBash; whether Murphy has been involved in any NBC/BlogBash activities and or promotions since becoming Mitt Romney for President Social Media Director?

    The IRS 501(c)(3) documents confirming the below stated claim by NBC:

    National Bloggers Club is a new 501(c)(3) founded by top new media operatives, bloggers and journalists as a loose association of bloggers who are for free enterprise and limited government and to advocate on bloggers behalf.

    While we understand Ali Akbar and others in the so called “young conservative” movement love to attack and point out the past indiscretions of those they oppose, it appears they have a problem holding those in their own little group to the same standards. While Ali is entitled to be allowed to turn his life around, he is not entitled to use the internet to attack and call others criminals until he is willing to put his own history out there for those who are listening to him to know who they are listening too.

    Despite Sinclair News contributing to BlogBash/National Bloggers Club and the Breitbart Scholarship, we hold all accountable for their words and actions by holding everyone, including ourselves to the same standards. Ali Akbar nor the NBC had the right to invite and or support Christine O’Donnell’s attempted theft of another individuals intellectual property for personal gain under the banner of the National Bloggers Club without a vote by the NBC membership.

    Despite having held a NBC Membership Credential card since March 2012 (see image below), the NBC has not yet gotten its website or its membership verification page activated. Despite stating “You can verify the authenticity of this card by going to and entering the unique ID number found on the opposite side of this card,” going to you get nothing but a Face Book logo page.

    Yes the time has come after months of being told story after story of how Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club, BlogBash and Vice and Victory made promise after promise to groups, sponsors and performers only to never follow through on the commitments has caused us as well to demand a complete and public accounting. Sinclair News by virtue of having actually contributed funds to BlogBash, National Bloggers Club and the Breitbart Scholarship Fund believes we have legal standing and the legal right to demand this accounting from Mr. Akbar and those who are stated to be on the Boards, including Michelle Malkin who’s agreement to sit on the board of the National Bloggers Club was a big to do in the conservative media.

    In the words of the late Andrew Breitbart: Corruption and dishonesty must be exposed no matter which side it is taking place on, whether liberal or conservative, dishonesty is just that, dishonesty!

  32. kstreet607 says:

    Good Morning Regulator friends 🙂

  33. YankeeClipper says:

    Schweikert defeats Quayle in District 6 battle of incumbents

    Read more:

    (Check out the reader comments under the article. Benny boy was not too well liked!)

  34. YankeeClipper says:

    Hoping all is well for our gilli!!!

    International Space Station Captures Video Of Hurricane Isaac

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    There’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?
    We’re going on 100 comments, let’s move!

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