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Dennis again!

on August 20, 2012

I know, every detail gets more bizarre. At the rate this is going, they may need Monty Hall to help both side to make a deal.


To be honest, I’m even confused about some of the names. Is this other bozo called Gebert or Gelbert or Poopbrain or what?? And why isn’t Ilse over at the wide-load hosing Fat Boy down with cold water. Even a nutcase like her must realize that Lardo has totally popped a rod.First, we need to ignore most of Fat Boy’s warped ravings. He is barking for another lawsuit and acts as if he will try an insanity plea this time.

But the main points are pretty simple.
1. Nobody in their right mind should ever get into the middle of somebody else’s legal fight. There is no win for the outsider.
2. He is not functioning in this case as a journalist. He is solely taking one side and taking opinions from one side, largely avoiding any type of factual information while building a convoluted argument based upon assumptions and false conjectures piled up with insults and acts of intimation and online stalking. He also doesn’t seem to understand that a journalist (I mean real journalists) are NOT protected against suits for libel. Heck, journalists are sued for libel all the time.
3. Copyright/Trademark disputes are tricky cases best handled in relative private. That gives bothparties a chance to chill out and make a possible arrangement which is preferable to a full blown court case that could go on for years. LardButt has, most likely, screwed that possibility to the wall. His pal Gilbert may not understand this, but that is a very bad thing in such a case.
4. LardButt’s defense of Gelbert’s claim is, at best, thin. It seems primarily based upon the idea that this guy and a dead blogger had a private chat about it. Big deal. Unless Gelbert has support evidence, this is mere hearsay and is worthless in court.
5. Then Lardo screws Gelbert more by admitting that Gelbert and O’Donnell were in discussion concerning this idea. So in other words, the most verifiable start of this project is in the discussions between the plaintiff and the defendant. It is going to be he said/she said. Fat Boy doesn’t seem to get it, but he just set Gelbert up for a very nasty case.
6. Just as Fats is not a journalist, he is also not a lawyer. He did not win anything in the last lawsuit and simply lucked out because Parisi’s attorney didn’t think to produce evidence to back up the financial damage claim (and personally I think Parisi should sue his lawyer for being an idiot). Likewise, he has no clue to issues of libel, harassment, copyright or anything else in this situation. Part of the reason why his postings have become so screamingly incoherent is because he is talking total nonsense and the more he talks crap, the more his words twist and turns, slowly, slowly in the wind (my respects to John Ehrlichman who after serving time for Watergate became a pretty interesting OK guy doing legal work for American Indians – BTW, Ehrilchman did know the law even while breaking it for Nixon).
7. It is indeed possible that he is heading for another lawsuit. The main question is when, by whom, and on what grounds. He is working hard on several fronts for no good reason except that he is a deranged jackass who has been sniffin’ way too much of his own ink.

So I must agree with Gilligan. It is time to load up on the popcorn and butter and watch the show.


In view with the latest garbage/ post Sinclair SNOOZE! To view the post, it will remain here on our site. The POS has added a photo of Rachel in his post. He is looking to torment the woman further.

O’Donnell, TYT & Theatre Given Til Thursday To Halt “Tea Party vs Occupy”
August 21, 2012
By Lawrence Sinclair

Dennis adds: Oh wee!!!! Another long winded and only half coherent posting about a bunch of issues that he has come out swinging on for no rational reason whatsoever (unless this Gebert guy is going down on him or something). What does this tell us?

A. Life around the trailer park is pretty dull at the moment, so he has to juice things up.

B. Life on his PayPal account is mighty dull at the moment, so he has to juice things up.

C. His ability to “connect” isn’t working out too well (i.e. his recent disinvite from FRC), so he has to juice things up.

D. He really just loves to juice it up. What a guy, old fatso. Maybe he can get another suit going before the release of the new book. Hey, when is that book due? Oh yeah…there has been some technical “issues”?

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  1. Meesh says:

    Heh Dennis, my “menace” thanks for all what you do!

    Ms Wade…. Margaret

    Caught this, doesn’t this say it all?

    FatAss is all over Twitter, FaceBook like this.

  2. Dennis says:

    BTW Meesh,
    If I had a party over this, I would invite you. But on these issues I am big on parties. I have a strong feeling that Brecht was right in the infamous ending line of the play The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui .

    • Meesh says:

      Sweetie pie, you’re addressing my alter-ego (Margaret Wade) who bitches constantly, oops I guess that’s me too. Sorry Audrey!

      • Dennis says:

        You are not bitching. I think everybody is mostly feeling completely confused by LardButt at this point. I have never seen a person so determined to pour gasoline all over himself and then prance around the room trash talking everybody while playing with matches.

        • gilligan25 says:

          It’s like Larrd was just given a case of Bics and unlimited access to premium gasoline (non-ethanol).

          What he is doing is muddying the waters between the O’Donnell faction and the GGGGG faction. In fact, I do believe he enjoys pitting these factions against each other for his own enjoyment. He must get some strange sexual gratification when he does so–and it looks like he’s all but dumped Ilse the She Wolf and Julio (among others) to attach himself, leechlike, to this dispute because a couple of fringe characters have been on TV (O’Donnell and Chuck Wollery, dear Gawd). I don’t think these people will realize what a fucked-up mess he’s making out of this one–not as a “journalist,” not as a “reprorter” (he’s neither) and certainly not as a lwayer.

          They have yet to realize the only way to deal with Larrd, a real hangers-on (damn near a groupie) is to ignore him, his stalking and his antics. He gets off Big Time on getting an angry response from people. He just feeds on it.

          There is no doubt that this will end up on lawsuits, most of which will be based on hearsay, rumor, innuendo, bullshit and practically evidence-free. Larrd is already fantasizing about his starring role as a key witness. We will have to check on ebay for a pair of ball bearings for Lt. Commander Queeg. And some strawberries, of course.

  3. Dennis says:

    Obviously I mean I am not big on parties….This type of fight simple goes on forever. LardBrain is like one of those monsters in a bad teenage slasher flick. He just keeps popping back up.

  4. Dennis says:

    It was my father who always pointed out that Nixon was like Dracula. He keeps coming back in the sequels. LardButt is sort of a low brow version of this.

    • Meesh says:

      Your Dad wasn’t a Nixon fan? As a canuck I found RMN a bit of an odd duck… he did become a POTUS, never classify the worthless POS to any person worthy!

  5. Dennis says:

    Before I bolt for dinner, a quick shout out to Cao,
    Hey, how was the motor fest? Hope your Corvette ran smooth. Odd, for someone so broke I am a little confused how to could do such a deluxe event, but I figure that PayPal thing must really work. Just hope you didn’t get a sunburn on your brain or something. That would be bad. Oh wait, you don’t have a brain. OK, no problem. Forget that I even asked.

    • Meesh says:

      CAO shafted me, even the TATER TOTS offer didn’t phase her..(Tater tots!!!!) Dennis, as I said, I really am a good person I have a double-bake spud recipe, to kill for. (shoots she won’t even give me a chance) Five recipes, all potato meals! I hip-hotched to Saskatchewan and met with Borat and his wife. We all three of us decided to travel. We are in Vancouver in British Columbia, we’re awaiting for audience with the Premier “joeymac” to discuss matters why it smells so bad. We’ll get to the root of the problem! You betcha buddy! Canada will resolve (FATASS interference) added GAS in USA politics!

  6. kstreet607 says:

    Hey guys, I posted this on the wrong thread so here goes…

    Dennis excellent analysis! Wow! How can you stand to dissect that worm…ughhh! You are GOOD with your assessment about this mess. Somebody tell me WHY the SOB wants to get all in an argument that has nothing to do with him? All I can think of is that he’s doing what he usually does, injecting himself in a half-assed news-worthy (in his mind) story which in the past no one payed attention to except THIS “Sinclair-like” O’Donnell and her attorney and boy will they be sorry…

    Now I did look at the link you provided, Gilligan with O’Donnell’s chat on CNN this morning with Soledad O’Brien. O’Donnell mentioned a man on their conference call that was not invited but cursing at her. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Shit For Brains mention that he was on that conference call? Christine said the man was “unhinged” or words to that effect, does that not sound like SFB?

    • Meesh says:

      Sorry about that KStreet, whenever I get inspired or depressed Baddabing a new post comes up! and yeh ROCK’N Roll

      Going back to fun times eh?

      ROCK and ROLL! FatAss is still the same!

      The Tupperware Larry and that’s him!

      I actually, met Bob Seger, years after this live performance, in real person too, twice actually, no it’s not a President, but it was so very nice!

    • gilligan25 says:

      Meesh, so far all I can find is this Larrdo claim that this Gordon guy was invited onto the conference call, but it’s buried among about a half a ton of word salad. Larrd doesn’t say whether he was on the call, but who the fuck knows.

  7. democratista says:

    No time to catch up on reading now,…but I thought I would try to capture the good old days and say to all on a regula(to)r basis…

    Good morning, my friends et bon matin, mes amis…

    Catch you later if possible. Work is pretty overwhelming these days and it’s a campaign niight so packed day…

    I don’t think I’ve said it in a very long time, but I’m grateful for all who keep us together because I’d miss you all if there was no site. Even though I’ve not commented much, I do check on a regula(to)r basis.

  8. Dennis says:

    So far quiet over at the Lardo Front. He must be working on his next mighty attack. Or he may be learning more about Cease and Desist. Or maybe the vodka ran out. Who knows.

  9. Meesh says:

    Everybody wave to FaTBoy – I think he fell asleep 21 Aug on our site Time: 17:02:16

    O’Donnell, TYT & Theatre Given Til Thursday To Halt “Tea Party vs Occupy”

    August 21, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    “When I tried to reach out to him and have a discussion on how we might work together…..we had both our team and Young Turks on this conference call and he jumped in uninvited.”

    these are the very words of Christine O’Donnell to CNN yesterday Monday August 20, 2012 when Soledad O’Brien asked O’Donnell about the claims she was stealing a trademarked TV show concept.

    In light of O’Donnell’s statements to CNN Sinclair News is interested in knowing why O’Donnell claims she reached out to Gebert and in the same sentence says Gebert ”jumped in uninvited”? Which is Ms. O’Donnell?

    Christine O’Donnell (left) has told that she had never spoken with Occupy vs Tea Party creator Gordon G.G. Gebert nor did she know anything about Gebert’s TV Program or Trademark. Sinclair News has confirmed that if Christine O’Donnell is making this claim she is doing so with full knowledge she is not being truthful, at least not about the part that she had no idea of Geberts trademark or concept. Rachel Torres (above right), (who late Sunday and carrying on throughout the day and evening of Monday launched a twitter war with Sinclair News making claims she was being harassed, despite the fact that until yesterday had been sent a single Tweet from Sinclair News) was very much aware that Gebert was the Trademark holder of the concept and title Occupy vs Tea Party. In fact Torres (who also uses the screen names RachelVeronica, RachelCharles among others) who is Christine O’Donnell’s “right arm” assistant had been told more than two weeks ago that O’Donnell would not be allowed to use Geberts Trademarked and Copyrighted idea if she was going to insist on being the star, host and debater of Alan Grayson, because the program was not intended as a publicity vehicle for Christine O’Donnell. Torres who conducted business on behalf of Christine O’Donnell and Troublemaker Media (Sinclair News has asked O’Donnell for the state where Trouble Maker Media is incorporated/organized but she has failed to respond to that request) using a cell phone and gmail account has now accused Sinclair News of Harassment because that number and email address were published in a Friday article titled Christine O’Donnell Climbs In Bed With Al Gore. Sinclair News even as of the writing of this article has yet to receive a single email or phone call from Rachel Torres in which she informs us that the email and phone number in our Friday article is her personal information or asking us to remove it. Instead Torres decided to use Twitter and her & Christine O’Donnell’s supporters to make completely false claims that Sinclair News is harassing her. Below is a text which Torres sent late Friday afternoon concerning the dispute over the unauthorized use of Geberts property.

    “The email I sent was from Troublemaker, not me personally. I don’t think I want on this project anymore.”

    Interestingly enough Torres sent the above text from the very phone she now claims is her “personal cell phone.” Sinclair News has refused to be bullied and threatened and attacked on Twitter into removing anything from any of our reports. Had Torres sent us a text (she certainly had no problem responding to an interview request for O’Donnell) asking us to remove the number which she used to respond to an interview request and which she uses to this day conducting business for Troublemaker Media we would have taken action. But the fact that Torres still on Tuesday has chosen to make claims of harassment while she engaged in and started a baseless Twitter campaign we do not feel the information should be removed, especially since Torres is using the same email and cell phone to attack Sinclair News on behalf of Trouble Maker Media and Christine O’Donnell. Sinclair News has saved screen shots of some 32 pages of twitter attacks by RacelVeronica that we will be uploading in PDF format later today.

    While O’Donnell continues to say she was not aware of Geberts project, Trademark, concept etc… her assistant, Rachel Torres was in specific conversations and planning calls where she was engaged in detailed planning with Gebert on his concept, his planned participants, his plans for the filming of the debate/show and the specific requirements that Gebert and only Gebert could film and/or broadcast it. Torres even after the Thursday August 16, 2012 conference call (that O’Donnell first claimed was her reaching out to Gebert and then said Gebert “jumped in uninvited,”) continued to send emails to Gebert wanting to talk to him about his plans and the Occupy vs Tea Party production.

    In continuing research on Trouble Maker Media, who & what it is, we have been unable to find any official business filings for the organization. What we have discovered is that Trouble Maker Media is apparently an affiliate of The Tea Party Tribune which is a domain registered through by Proxy. is Tea Party Tribune, but when we tried to contact a Michigan man who is listed as the registrant for the TeaPartyTribune domain names we discovered the number associated with the registration does not belong to the registrant. In fact according to other information Mr. Selaty is located in the Phoenix, AZ area an is a part of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party. Below a link which was put out by TroubleMaker Fest shows it leads to

    According to a search of Arizona Business filings we were unable to find any filings under the name Trouble Maker Media; Troublemaker Media; Troublemakerfest etc… We did however find a filing in the Arizona Secretary of States database for Tea party Tribune LLC which carries the same name as the domain registration information.
    File Number: N-1701683-2 Reservation Number: 58249
    Corporation Name: TEA PARTY TRIBUNE L.L.C.
    Arizona Corporation Commission
    08/21/2012 State of Arizona Public Access System 11:10 AM
    Pending File Inquiry
    File Number: N-1701683-2 Reservation Number: 58249
    Corporation Name: TEA PARTY TRIBUNE L.L.C.
    Designation Type: NAME RESERVATION
    Pending Type Code: APPROVED
    Location Code: PHOENIX
    Date Received: 08/21/2011
    Approval Date: 08/21/2011
    Date Returned:
    Reason Returned:
    Corp Type: DOMESTIC L.L.C.
    Expedited Date: 08/21/2011
    Expiration Date: 12/20/2011
    Contact Information

    1944 W.LARKSPUR DR.
    APT. H-4
    PHOENIX, AZ 85029-2730

    Sinclair News has reached out to the Greater Phoenix Tea Party in Gilbert, Arizona in an effort to make contact with Mr. Selaty. That any Tea Party group would condone such antics in our opinion raises some serious questions as to the motives and intent of that group.

    Sinclair News has obtained a copy of the Cease & Desist notice which has been sent to the Channel-side 10 Cinemas IMAX; Christine O’Donnell; Steve Lange of The Young Turks; et al which notifies O’Donnell that she has until Thursday August 23, 2012 to comply.


    August 20, 2012
    Christine O’Donnell
    TroubleMaker Fest Media
    Matt Pezzullo / Channelside Cinemas 10
    Steve Lange / The Young Turks / Current TV

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    We have been hired to represent Mr. Gordon Gebert in defense of his intellectual property rights. As you may be aware, Mr. Gebert is the creator and trademark holder of the “OCCUPY VS. TEA PARTY” federal service mark. This mark is currently registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office under serial number 85,592,975.

    Mr. Gebert has been using the occupy mark for nearly a year to promote his upcoming television show. The mark has gained popularity on the internet and has been the subject of a successful online funding campaign. Mr. Gebert has put significant time and money into developing the “OCCUPY VS. TEA PARTY” brand.

    It has come to our attention that you intend to use Mr. Gebert’s mark in an upcoming event, without his permission. An unauthorized use that falsely gives the impression that Mr. Gebert has endorsed said event. This unsanctioned use of the “OCCUPY vs. TEA PARTY” service mark will diminish the value of Mr. Gebert’s intellectual property and will create a likelihood of consumer confusion.

    In order to remedy this situation, we require that you:
    1. Cease and Desist from all use of the mark as outlined above.
    2. Destroy any and all marketing materials which contain the mark.
    3. Immediately remove any and all references to the mark from any webpages which you own or have control of.
    4. Cease all unauthorized use of any of Mr. Gebert’s trademarks, or other proprietary rights in any manner.
    5. Reimburse Mr. Gebert for any damages and fees caused by the unauthorized use of our client’s intellectual property.
    6. Certify in writing compliance with these demands.

    We trust that you share our desire to bring this matter to an immediate and amicable conclusion. To that end, we will give you until Thursday, August 23, 2012, to cease and desist from all use and provide the other written assurances outlined above.

    This letter is not intended to be a complete statement of Mr. Gebert’s rights and is without waiver of any other claims or remedies he may have. We look forward to your compliance in this matter.
    Very Truly Yours,
    Jason D. Stone

    O’Donnell friend and Attorney Jon Moseley (Jon Moseley claims to be a friend and past Legal Counsel to O’Donnell, requests for confirmation made to O’Donnell have not received a response) is back at his emailing legal threats on behalf of O’Donnell instructing web site owners to immediately print retractions or else. Moseley now claims that O’Donnell has not sold any rights to Current TV or anyone else in his latest round of emails where he said in a recorded interview Saturday “just giving you some advice.” It now seems that O’Donnell, The Young Turks and Current TV are trying to skirt around the broadcasting issue by claiming all association between O’Donnell and The Young Turks is through an “online” version of The Young Turks.

    Sinclair News has contacted the Virginia State Bar Association concerning Jon Moseley and his emails to us and others and have been instructed by the Virginia State Bar to submit the complaint and information to them via their online complaint form. Mr. Moseley however fails to mention O’Donnell’s own release. From TheBlaze:

    As mentioned above, Christine O’Donnell takes strong exception to some of the points made in this article. We talked at length this morning. Ms. O’Donnell offers answers to follow-up questions.

    The Blaze: You said that you feel “blind-sided” by the liberal media… I don’t know how you can say that when you are in bed with Current TV, Cenk Ugyur and The Young Turks.

    Christine O’Donnell: You see, the thing is… we’re not in bed with Current TV, we have not sold a thing to Current TV. I have never spoken to Current TV.

    That statement from Ms. O’Donnell is curious considering what appears on her website for the event:

    Additionally, the very first line of the online release promoting it states:

    Tampa, FL—The Young Turks, a political commentary program on Current TV, has partnered with Christine O’Donnell and Troublemaker Media to produce the line-up for the first ever national Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street debate.

    A press representative from Current TV also states that the television network has no relationship with this event. Although it was stated that a possible affiliation might exist with an online version of The Young Turks.

    Rather than admit they made a mistake; or that they attempted to screw over the wrong guy; or that they got too wrapped up in O’Donnell’s self promotion; O’Donnell goes on CNN making out right false statements against Gebert and Rachel Torres goes on Twitter making out right-false statements about Sinclair News. What they (O’Donnell & Torres) have done however is demonstrate that both need to grow up and act like adults and accept the fact they were caught with their hands in someone elses cookie jar. If the twitter posts are any indication as to their ability to act like adults we aren’t holding our breath.

    Sinclair News will continue our efforts to contact Mr. Selaty and Tea Party Tribune to obtain comment on what his group thinks about the actions of Christine O’Donnell and her staff who according to all information available to us is representing The Tea Party Tribune. It is not now nor will it ever be the policy of Sinclair News to take the word of a commenter on any story as being fact.

    • gilligan25 says:

      So this GGGG guy already has a lawyer. Other than fucking the case up, why is FatBoy sticking his nose in the case?

      • Meesh says:

        Why? Because FatAss is portraying himself as – “do the right thing of a guy” 🙄

        Sinclair News will be in Tampa as of Friday August 24, 2012. We will document the event promoted by Christine O’Donnell and we will video, record and photograph it. Not because we have anything personal against Christine O’Donnell, but because what O’Donnell is doing is wrong and she needs to be held accountable for what she does.

  10. Borat says:

    You give grade 1 educated WELFARE people internet access ………….this is what you get.

  11. Meesh says:

    You know the few posters that he has are getting tired of this

    MTMan · 1 day ago
    What are you going to do? Burn her at the stake? Judge, judge, judge. Do what you do best. I mean, you did actually call her a witch and a bee itch above, so what’s next? Get the bonfire going and pretend it’s Salem in the 1600’s all over again? Look at your own ‘posting policy’ and then look at what you wrote and put in your comments. File, for shame!

    • Meesh says:

      The post has been updated with more of Dennis’ observations! Scroll up!

    • Dennis says:

      Don’t you just love it when the wing nutters start pounding on each other. It’s kind of like watching a really off beat version of Conquest for the Planet of the Apes.

  12. Dennis says:

    Last note that is at least unrelated to Fats:
    Tonight the turdbrain congressman of Missouri has been campaigning in Ohio as part of his dubious damage control after his completely bizarre rape statement. Meanwhile, Ohio own nitwit Joe (who is not) a Plumber has taken his Toledo Congressional run to Arizona where he has advocated the wholesale machine gunning of illegals. Skipping the hellish crap coming out of these guys mouth, I have a question: Does anyone in the GOP have a map? I have never seen so much campaigning anywhere except in the districts that these idiots are suppose to be running in. What gives?

    • joeymac says:

      It seems that the teatards think that they can run a political campaign like an AM talk show. The crazier the shit you preach, the more listener’s you get.

      Funny, they didn’t learn from Herman Cain and the nutball in Arizona that ran against McCain in the primary.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Damned if I know. But I sure do want some of those Magic Eggs to give out to potential rape victims.

  13. joeymac says:

    Oh, boy…I stay away for a month or two, and look what happens. Douchebag Sidewinder is becoming interesting again.

    I jus’ luv when grifters go at it tooth and nail. You tell them pinche Bobo, don’t let them push you around–don’t they know that all the goofball wingnut cash belong to you?

    And, oh yes, DO crash the party in Tampa. You have a right to reprot the news.

    My empathy to our beloved gilligan; I’m having a few health issues of my own, but nothing that serious. I’ve been keeping busy (if anyone is interested) stalking my pretend GF–she whose name must never be mentioned here–and bring her to a semblance of sanity.

    So, now I’m devoting myself to mocking another lying, ectomorphic ball of blubber, who is also a bloviating ignoramus. Like Shamu, he lies incessantly and has no sense of shame. We are having lots of fun at my GF’s site.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Good to see your posts Joeymac! Try not to stay away so long. You are truly missed around here.

      Here’s to everyone here at TRT, wishing us all: Health, wealth and happiness.

      And to the Bloviator: Up yours, Asshole!

  14. democratista says:

    Bon matin, mes amis…Good morning, my friends. He really needs to inject himself into other people’s business to feel important. How sad…

  15. joeymac says:

    What’s up with the cow? I can hear her tin cup rattling all the way to Pacific coast. As a shameless grifter, she puts fatboy to shame.

    Instead of a fatal brain tumor, poor hubby is on his deathbed with some ailment, and has no insurance. What a liar! I noticed he sat propped up long enough to post a reply to a skeptic who questioned his status. Did cow withhold the chemo from him–that they can’t pay for–long enough for him to become lucid enough to read and reply? I have a good imagination, but couldn’t have made this stuff up.

    Maybe, she can grift enough to take him on a final cruise to Curacao or Rio. It would be a beau geste.

  16. Meesh says:

    Howdy joeymac! So nice to see you my canuck friend!

    Oh here’s more 🙄

    Former O’Donnell Attorney Moseley Files Occupy vs. Tea Party Trademark Objection

    August 22, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Christine O’Donnell has continued to move forward in her plans to put on an Occupy vs. Tea Party debate in Tampa on Monday August 27, 2012 despite knowing she stole the idea from Gordon G. G. Gebert who has the Trademark and Copyright for the purpose of entertainment and Television broadcasting. O’Donnell has continued to go on national media programs claiming the idea for the Occupy vs. Tea Party was that of Lauren Windsor and herself. Windsor has even gone to the extent of publishing a blog post on August 21, 2012 attempting to set out an argument that she had this idea and was working it before Gordon G.G. Gebert. What O’Donnell and Windsor (Windsor is associated with the Current TV program The Young Turks) despite claims they have no intention of broadcasting the debate, O’Donnell refuses to answer to questions which claim she has entered into a financial arrangement with The Young Turks (which is a Current TV production) allowing TYT to broadcast the debate live over the Internet and film it for future distribution in video form.

    The RNC Debate: The Occupy Movement vs. The Tea Party

    In addition to O’Donnell and now Windsor’s out-right lies, the organization which is organizing/promoting this event during the Republican National Convention, Troublemaker Media doesn’t currently have any business organization or filings that Sinclair News has been able to locate. is own and registered by The Tea Party Tribune which we were only able to find a filing for The Tea party Tribune in the State of Arizona which according to the filing expired in December 2011.

    O’Donnell and her staff Matthew Purdie, Rachel Torres et al. are now determined to attack Mr. Gebert and Sinclair News because we exposed O’Donnell’s unethical and illegal actions in stealing of something that does not belong to her. Rather than O’Donnell telling CNN that she had this planned “for months,” and she has had this debate announced “for months,” or that she sent out a release to “my supporters umm about two months ago,” why doesn’t O’Donnell, her assistant Rachel Torres, Ryan Rhodes and a couple of others simply allow an independent journalist review the phone records and emails of those individuals named and see exactly who Torres, Rhodes and O’Donnell have been talking with and emailing on the subject of Occupy vs. Tea Party.

    O’Donnell, TYT & Theatre Given Til Thursday To Halt “Tea Party vs Occupy”

    Christine O’Donnell: The Lone Ranger & Her Tonto Moseley

    LEGAL WARNING: Slander Of Christine O’Donnell Is Actionable

    Christine O’Donnell Climbs In Bed With Al Gore

    Christine O’Donnell: Witch or %itch?

    On Monday Jonathon Moseley, a Virginia Attorney (who sent threatening emails to Sinclair News & Gebert late Saturday night and who said he was not O’Donnell’s legal counsel at that time) began sending out emails demanding different web sites reporting on the controversy (brought about by O’Donnell’s efforts to steal Geberts intellectual property for personal gain) publish immediate retractions. In addition Moseley has posted some lengthy rants and multiple sites in what can only be described as the rantings of an obsessed, stalker in his efforts to defend Christine O’Donnell. Sinclair News has made multiple requests for confirmation from Christine O’Donnell as to what exactly is her relationship with Moseley. Sinclair News does know that Moseley once worked on O’Donnell campaigns an has sued Christine O’Donnell claiming she failed to pay him money owed to him. Below are just a few of the reports about O’Donnell and Jon Moseley past associations:

    Sinclair News confronted Jon Moseley concerning his sending of emails which were sent in a manner that implied he was acting in the capacity of legal counsel for O’Donnell. In direct questioning Moseley admitted he was not O’Donnell’s legal counsel at the time we contacted him. You can listen to the whole exchange below:

    Sinclair News has also discovered early this AM that Jonathon Moseley has at least as is represented on Delaware News Center filed a Written Objection addressed to the United States Patent & Trademark Office where he says he is a member of a Tea Party and he can show the term has been used prior to Gebert’s November 2001 filing. You can see the PDF version of the objection by clicking HERE or you can click on the below images and view each page in full screen.

    Jonathon Moseley Trademark Objection page 1

    Jonathon Moseley Trademark Objection Page 2

    Jonathan Moseley Trademark Objection Page 3

    Sinclair News believes the timing of Lauren Windsor blog post and Jon Moseley’s letter of objection is not mere coincidence, especially after hearing Christine O’Donnell quote Moseley verbatim in her interview with Soledad O’Brien on CNN Monday morning.

    What Sinclair News does not understand is why The Tea Party Tribune, or any Tea Party groups are not standing up and condemning O’Donnell for her actions? Why are the so called heavy hitters in conservative blogs and talk show host not telling O’Donnell this type of thing is not what conservatives, the Tea Party or Christians believe in or can support? We understand why Lauren Windsor and The Young Turks are playing the game, they want this opportunity and they don’t care how they get it. Current TV while telling The Blaze they have not entered into any agreements or associations with O’Donnell or Troublemaker Media, they do know that The Young Turks has and Current TV knows they themselves had held discussions with Gebert regarding his Occupy vs Tea Party concept and show.

    Its time to press Christine O’Donnell for an answer to the question: Is Jon Moseley acting with your knowledge and approval? Has Christine O’Donnell, Annette Burgess, Rachel Torres, Matthew Purdie or anyone else working for or with Christine O’Donnell had any contact with Jon Moseley?

    Sinclair News will be in Tampa as of Friday August 24, 2012. We will document the event promoted by Christine O’Donnell and we will video, record and photograph it. Not because we have anything personal against Christine O’Donnell, but because what O’Donnell is doing is wrong and she needs to be held accountable for what she does.

  17. gilligan25 says:

    Oh, goody! Larrd’s going to stalk Christine O’Donnell in Tampa! I hope she calls the cops on him. What a whack job. Well, both of them.

  18. Meesh says:

    Huh! threatening emails? FatAss makes it sound it’s all about him.

    On Monday Jonathon Moseley, a Virginia Attorney (who sent threatening emails to Sinclair News & Gebert late Saturday night and who said he was not O’Donnell’s legal counsel at that time) began sending out emails demanding different web sites reporting on the controversy (brought about by O’Donnell’s efforts to steal Geberts intellectual property for personal gain) publish immediate retractions. .

    This email POS? Curious to know what name was bleeped out.

  19. kstreet607 says:

    The Bloviator writes in part: “…but because what O’Donnell is doing is wrong and she needs to be held accountable for what she does.

    Is Sinclair THAT myopic where he can’t see that he always says someone has to be held accountable while he continues to do outrageous things against others? How friggin’ stupid IS that SOB? I’ve seen him use that term on The Three Bloggers, and others including me. How dumb and screwed up is this guy? Really!

    Who the hell appointed his nasty, sorry ass to JUDGE anyone? He, himself hates to be judged yet he calls people names and harasses them over the internet and in person. However, as soon as someone says something about him or stands up to his bullying behind he wants a war. It’s like bringing a cannon to a debate.

    Sinclair has no idea what a “debate” is. He could have had a civil back and forth with the parties in this fiasco that only he has created. But noooo, his sorry grifting ass has to be the center of attention.

    Question…who is this Mr. Gebert anyway? What is Sinclair’s connection to him? Why is Sinclair championing this guy?

    Does he even know that Sinclair exists?

    • gilligan25 says:

      Why is he doing this? His malignant narcissism, of course. That, and Larrd’s batshit crazy.

    • Dennis says:

      Just spent most of the day moving my son to college. So I am just now catching up. Not too hard. PissAss the Jackass is still stirring the juices for no good reason what so ever. I see that the lawyer guy has sent Gebert an email in an attempt to seek a possible (basically rational) compromise. Pretty much the first step in a possible resolution of such a dispute. So Fats (who isn’t even involved in any sense) has a total melt down and yells that the note is threatening? Good god, what an hysterical two-bit punk butt of a cell block drama queen. But, he now has his excuse to go to Tampa and stalk people and maybe even try to gate crash the convention. Hope they bust his butt.

      BTW, Fat Boy. If you really want to get any scoops at the convention, skip the convention. You will find many of the attendees at Tampa’s various strip clubs and sex shops. These businesses are already geared up for the increase business. Since you lean toward the extreme right wing “family value” crowd, stick close to the gay businesses. A lot of these folks will probably be sneaking in.

  20. kstreet607 says:

    To answer some of my questions, I turned to the internet(s)…LOL

    Gordon G.G. Gebert is a pianist in the “glam-rock” band called Angel.


    Angel is a glam rock and heavy metal band from Washington, D.C., formed in the mid-70s by Punky Meadows and Mickie Jones. They were signed to Casablanca Records, and had the image of dressing in white.

    In the late ’90s, Angel reformed with a new line-up. Keyboardist Gordon G.G. Gebert joined the band in 1999 but left in 2002. Currently, the band members are Frank Dimino, vocals; Barry Brandt, drums; Randy Gregg, bass; Steve Blaze, guitars; and Michael T. Ross, keyboards.[4] The band’s 2000 release In the Beginning also features guest appearances by original guitarist Punky Meadows, as well as Robinson. In 2000 came the release of Angel: The Collection, making it the most extensive Angel greatest hits compilation that included 16 songs.


    MySpace (Pictures included)



    You Tube He can really play! Probably had classical training.

    • Meesh says:

      The connection between Sickliar and Gordon G. G. Gebert, you ask KStreet? I did a little snooping on my own. I knew they’re had to be some other connection. Just have to go to the “Swine’s” site. LOOKIE! Remember this?

      Here’s how they are new BFF! Gebert must have respected him to have had his picture taken with the POS. This is what this is all about!

      From Left Bobby McAdams ;FATASS in the center; Right: Gordon G. G. Gebert

      Rear from Left Author Bobby McAdams; Guitarist Bruce Kulick; Author-Musician-Producers Gordon G.G. Gebert; Singer John Corabi; front center FATASS at KISS EXPO Orlando 2012
      Remember this post?

      KISS Expo Orlando 2012

      August 6, 2012
      By Lawrence Sinclair

      KISS Expo Orlando 2012 was a sight to be seen. For someone who admittedly is not well versed on the Band KISS or the exploits of its members, KISS Expo -a production of Kreatures of the South- was worth the pain of being on my feet most of the day. I originally went because a friend was signing copies of his books (we will be giving away an autographed set of Kiss & Tell by Gordon G.G. Gebert & Bobby McAdams along with Rock & Roll War Stories by Gebert & Lynn Ramage)which are best sellers and has sold more than 100,000 copies over the years.

      My original interest in the KISS EXPO was to show a friend support and to document a book signing event for Author, Musician (Gordon played KeyBoards for the Rock Group ANGEL among others), Producer and Reality TV Show creator Gordon G.G. Gebert. Gebert is co-author of the best selling KISS & Tell books along with Bobby McAdams which is an expose on the behind the scenes story of the storied Rock Band KISS.

      Its is important to understand that I was never the Rock type growing up and leaned more towards the Gladys Knight & the Pips; Donny Osmond; Jackson Five; Isley Brothers; Earth Wind & Fire; Donna Summer; The O’jays etc… so I knew very little about KISS and certainly had no idea that KISS had any where near the amount of merchandising that they do. What was even more surprising to me was that KISS fans range in age from the pre-teen to the senior citizen and everything in between. Amazing considering that KISS is most commonly attached to the Gene Simmons reality TV show these days.

      What was a true pleasure and treat for myself and those fans who attended was seeing Singer John Corabi ( The Scream, Motley Crue, and Union) who in this day and age of plastic surgery showing he is the same John Corabi and is still very much the talented performer and showman he has always been. Corabi along with Bruce Kulick (KISS guitarists 1984-1996, Union & Grand Funk Railroad) performed a live acoustic session Sunday at the KISS EXPO Orlando which was a performance worth far more than the $15.00 entry fee most paid to attend the Expo. We have some video from the performance which we have embedded below.

      We have more video coming once it has been converted and uploaded. The below video is 30 minutes of raw unedited video.

      The only flaw that I found in the event was that Bruce Kulick gave away the blue ESP Acoustic guitar he performed with and though I am happy for the young man who won it, I have to tell this story. All day I had been saying I wanted so badly to win that guitar. I had joked with the organizers that they needed to call number 46 as the winner of the guitar. Well after the performance by Bruce & John the drawing for the guitar took place, and yes believe it or not the number 0046 was pulled, no not my number 0046 but “TICKET” number 0046. I had VIP number 0046! Oh well, the guy who won it was as happy as I would have been had it been me. The funny thing was that it was number 46 which got picked!

      You can view all the photographs taken at the KISS EXPO by clicking the below link:
      Sinclair News ©2012 Sinclair News-Unauthorized Reproduction or Publication is prohibited by Law

      Sinclair News-LS News Group KISS EXPO Orlando 2012 Photos

  21. joeymac says:

    Sidewinder hisses:

    Its is important to understand that I was never the Rock type growing up and leaned more towards the Gladys Knight & the Pips; Donny Osmond… blah, blah, blah.

    I imagine choices are kind of limited in the joint. It’s soul, c&w, or Tex-Mex.

    • gilligan25 says:


      I just can’t get over Gladys Knight and the Pips side by side with DONNY OSMOND. Good Gawd. Poor Donny. Poor Gladys.

      BTW, I saw this originally and it’s still the funny:

  22. YankeeClipper says:

    Princess Sybil writes:

    The only flaw that I found in the event was that Bruce Kulick gave away the blue ESP Acoustic guitar he performed with and though I am happy for the young man who won it, I have to tell this story. All day I had been saying I wanted so badly to win that guitar.

    Any bets he wanted the guitar so he could peddle it on his snooze site? Maybe auction it off and throw in his burnt out lap top?

  23. Meesh says:

    FatAss said:

    “Well after the performance by Bruce & John the drawing for the guitar took place, and yes believe it or not the number 0046 was pulled, no not my number 0046 but “TICKET” number 0046. I had VIP number 0046!

    Notice that he had to mention VIP? The only difference with a VIP pass – it cost more for admission. Regular Ticket $15.00 USD, VIP Laminate $30.00 (that little thing that he’s wearing around his neck. and they go in one hour earlier)…WOOHOO Mr important

    • Dennis says:

      Not only was it a VIP ticket, but you should have seen whose ticket it was before he stole it. Not to one up the Fat One, but I once had a staff number for a festival I was working that just happened to have been 007. So let’s tell Lardo to sit on it and spin…

    • gilligan25 says:

      I have never heard of these people or this band, not the first time around or this time. Let’s just say their fame does not precede them.

  24. Meesh says:

    I betcha you were all dying to know…. here goes!

    Why I Finally Contributed To Romney Campaign

    August 22, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    I have for my entire life held back from contributing to any Presidential candidate campaigns because I have always felt that for the most part its throwing money away that could be put to better use; for things like rent, food, gas etc…

    But after being bombarded with repeated emails from the Barack Obama campaign (after signing up to receive the campaign press releases for Sinclair News) making statements like:

    “Last night, he railed against the campaign that you and I have built from the ground up, calling it a “campaign of division and anger and hate.”

    referring to pick of Rep. Paul Ryan by GOP presumptive nominee Mitt Romney as his VP pick. This was just the last straw in what has been an onslaught of emails from Obama-Biden where every single one of them referred to me as being one 3 million grassroots volunteers who have built the Obama campaign.

    On Friday August 17, 2012 I can say Barack Obama and/or his campaign made it possible for me to decide to donate to the Romney-Ryan Campaign and I hope more will be inspired by Barack Obama to contribute to Romney-Ryan. Imagine what 100,000 $10.00 contribution add up too!

    No I have not contributed to the Obama for America campaign now or in 2008. In all truthfulness I have until recently even gone so far as to tell friends who were talking of contributing $2500 to Romney not too yet. When asked why I explained Romney needed to demonstrate he had what it takes to not just throw and take a single punch at/from Obama, but that he was able to continue to stand up and fight hard against the Obama camp and the Obama leaning media. Well, I believe that Romney has demonstrated his ability to fight and even more so, since naming Rep. Paul Ryan as his VP running mate.

    Now before those who live to distort what I write get going with the “I can’t believe he is so stupid he thinks the Obama campaign is talking directly to him.” No in fact that’s the point: what is the purpose of being dishonest in a campaign contribution solicitation if you want to get people to give you money?

    While I may not agree with everything Mitt Romney and/or the Romney Campaign does or says, I do believe that the very foundation of our nation will depend on the defeating of Barack Obama in November. Will Romney do what the GOP must do to bring people to the polls in November, I honestly don’t know the answer to that. In fact I still see republicans and Romney say things that makes some view the GOP as trying to tell voters who can or cannot be a candidate in some races and I honestly believe that will hurt the GOP in the end. I see some in the GOP beginning to make people look at the GOP in the same way many have seen the DNC and democrats over recent years. That can’t be a good thing. Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan are going to have to convince more impartial voters than I that the Romney-Ryan Ticket is about inclusion rather than exclusion and that is going to be the deciding factor as I see it when it comes to who gets up on November 6, 2012 and goes to the voting station. I think they can do it, an am hoping that they will do it.

    If anyone wants a reason to donate to Romney-Ryan, let it be the bombardment of Obama for America fundraising emails that say you are what has built the Obama campaign!

    • YankeeClipper says:


    • gilligan25 says:

      All that because he gave the Romney campaign $10? He could’ve doubled the article if he’d given them$15.

      • Meesh says:

        This needs re-wording…

        I have for my entire life held back from contributing to any Presidential candidate campaigns because I was in jail, I have always felt that for the most part, if I would have had the money, it could be put to better use; for things like smokes and contraband.

        That’s better……Gee-whiz ten whole smackeroos!

        • YankeeClipper says:

          LOL gilli and Meesh. I was going to respond to his his screed but thought better. Like, why bother? This guy is lost forever.

          • Meesh says:

            He really is proud of it, everytime I look there’s another image being displayed.

            I’m surprised he didn’t post a Youtube when he received the email. They respect me.

    • Monkey Boy says:

      Why I Finally Contributed To Romney Campaign …blah, blah, bullshit…

      Sugar Mama II would do well to check on the whereabouts of her plastic..

  25. YankeeClipper says:

    We’re all ready getting touched by this storm:

    Tropical Storm ‘Isaac’ On Track To Hit GOP Convention Monday (PHOTO)

  26. YankeeClipper says:

    Now I know why Lardy is really, really, going to Tampa

  27. Meesh says:

    Listen to Reproter BITCH in action – I swear if you look up “BITCH” you’ll see this picture:

    Nowhere in this interview does he say that he’s taping this phone call:

    • Dennis says:

      OK, finally wasted 7 minutes listening to this crappy tape. What have I learned:
      1. LardButt is nuts enough to think he is an actual lawyer. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know squat about this stuff. Most of his statements about copyright/trademark issues is either invalid or solely the determination of an actual ruling that has yet to be made.
      2. He did not inform Moseley of the taping of the phone call and is in violation of the law in Florida. So Fats is now open to criminal and civil charges.
      3. Moseley must be a jackass as well. Again, some of his statements regarding copyright/trademark has the same “problem” as Fat’s. They are both doing more guess work than anything else and a judge will actually have to sort out the issues involved.
      4. Besides, any attorney in his right mind would first request ID of who the caller is (Moseley mistakes Fatso for Gebert). Once he determines who it is, he would want to know why a person who is not involved in the actual issue is demanding to question him in regards to the issue. Then he would simply refuse to discuss a case (or possible case) with someone who is not involved. End of story. I have never heard of an attorney who would kick back and discuss a case (or potential case) with someone who is an outsider in this manner.
      5. I suggest that they all just agree to meet in a dark alley for a knife fight. Might be more their style. To be honest, they are both assholes.

  28. Dennis says:

    Good point. In many states, including Florida (as I understand it), you can only tape a phone conversation with the consent of the other person. See Citizen Media web site
    Florida Wiretapping Law

    \”Florida\’s wiretapping law is a \”two-party consent\” law. Florida makes it a crime to intercept or record a \”wire, oral, or electronic communication\” in Florida, unless all parties to the communication consent. See Fla. Stat. ch. 934.03. Florida law makes an exception for in-person communications when the parties do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the conversation, such as when they are engaged in conversation in a public place where they might reasonably be overheard. If you are operating in Florida, you may record these kinds of in-person conversations without breaking the law. However, you should always get the consent of all parties before recording any telephone conversation and any in-person that common sense tells you is private.

    In addition to subjecting you to criminal prosecution, violating the Florida wiretapping law can expose you to a civil lawsuit for damages by an injured party. \”

    Anytime as a journalist when I interviewed someone by phone, I always had to ask them right at the beginning if they consented to my taping the interview. As a basic rule, a journalist want that consent clearly stated at the beginning of the interview.

    So if LardBrain didn\’t get the person\’s consent, he has violated the law and is subject to criminal prosecution etc etc.

    • Meesh says:

      I cannot believe that he posts this stuff. Does FA actually listen to himself afterward? He told the lawyer to “Shut Up” for pete’s sake. He kept over-talking the person that HE called, he kept repeating himself, over and over. Yeh Moseley was right when he said FatAss was behaving like a child. A whiny lunatic that’s a busy-body, is this suppose to be reporting?! Ordinarily I shudder when I hear that voice, but this call I listened twice. It was just too crazy!

  29. Dennis says:

    So Fat Boy is loading up a car that doesn’t run and going to Tampa with his laptop that doesn’t work in order to attend a convention that has refused to admit him and to stalk people who have repeatedly asked him to leave them alone…Sounds reasonable. So, when does he go back into the booby hatch?

    • democratista says:

      Well said, Dennis…well said

      Bon matin, mes amis…Good morning, my friends…

      Does anyone else feel like “deja vu all over again”? I swear to God that I’ve seen this movie before…whine, whine, whine….over and over and over…I am important…(’re not.)

      • gilligan25 says:

        Yup, it’s deja vu all over again. I think Meesh labeled FatBoy right–he’s a whiny lunatic. I note that he kept getting more and more strident as the call went on, but I did so love it when the lawyer referred Larrd to the Constitution. The smart thing the lawyer did was keep Larrdo talking, because the more Larrd talked, the crazier he sounded.

        I don’t want to give Fatso any clues, but it has to do with when a lawyer is actually formally representing a client, and the idiot is once again dancing in stupid.

    • gilligan25 says:

      ….and stay in a tent he’s too stupid to figure out how to set up.

      What he has done is find a sucker who’s going to be paying for his food, lodging, booze, cigs, hookers, limos, you name it for the RNC. GGGG is going to be a LOT lighter in the bank account at the end of next week, probably $4-$6 grand at least. And with a new laptop, and probably new wheels, too.

  30. gilligan25 says:


    Are you getting wet yet?

    Ya know, I wondered why the RNC would choose Tampa for its convention at the peak of hurricane season (mid-August to mid-September), but hey, what do I know.

    So far, the tracking shows it coming up the Florida peninsula to as far west as Panama City, but the weather guy this morning says that each prediction has the storm tracking further west, which means us. So far, Isaac is only supposed to strengthen to a category 1, which means we won’t have to evacuate. Just in case, though, our good friend called last night so we could make plans to get the hell out to our favorite hurricane hole, and a friend of ours who is spending his first summerr here is coming with us, only because we don’t want him to do something really panicky and stupid in the middle of the storm (hint: find a spot, secure the boat and settle in before the storm starts–it’s not a good time to try to move the boat when the winds are howling and the rain is lashing). Anyway, we’re set in case Isaac strays over this way, at least in the grander scheme of things.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      Hi gilli! We’re experiencing some gusts of wind and an occasional shower but nothing, so far, to worry about. Weather forecasters are saying we’ll be getting some good down pours later today but, so far, nada.

    • joeymac says:

      Tee hee hee.

      I remember in 2008 some scheisshund TV preacher praying for a rainstorm during BO’s acceptance speech. Well, here it is, but 4 years late.

      My Granny used to say: “God doesn’t always come when you want him, but he is always on time.”

  31. Meesh says:

    One thing that I cannot understand or grasp, is why on earth did Moseley send that email to FatAss as well as to Gebert? The only thing that makes sense to me is that Moseley was either alerted to all of the posts made at the Snooze site. I do not think that Moseley is the sharpest pencil in the box either. Just with minimal research he would have understood who he would be addressing—–> A NOBODY.

    But……. we do not know whether FatAss in fact contacted Moseley(in the first place and copied Gebert) and this is what got the ball rolling. See FatAss, has a way of covering up crap… by only divulging a bit of the full information. I noticed that he has been stirring up “crap” at other sites too. He’ll do anything for attention.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Other than FatBoy, who says Moseley sent the email to Larrd? Moseley denies it and FatBoy’s record on truthtelling is less than reliable.

      All Larrd would have to do is insert his name into the list of recipients (or some other method) and TA DA! Perfect excuse to call and harass Moseley (it would appear both Larrd and 4G are both calling this guy with harassing phone calls).

      I do love the way Fatso kept reading from that list of questions he had for Moseley–I just wonder who wrote up these questions for him. I mean he’s to damn stupid to come up with this himself. He’s just a whiny, squealing attack yorkie with no grasp on reality at all.

      But damn, to be in Tampa during Hurricane Isaac……

    • Meesh says:

      On the home-front ASSministrator is getting a lot of flack for giving $10 to Romney. What FatAss forgets it’s the RonPaul tards who have been supporting him since day one. Many of them still refer to themselves as “The Sunshine Club”.

      knobby · 12 minutes ago
      Sorry, but ANYONE who gives money to this clown is an idiot

      LSAdministrator 54p · 4 minutes ago
      Sinclair has been called worse.

      Emily · 8 hours ago
      You should have given your money to Gary Johnson.
      You have just committed the treason of handing over the US to the zionist state and a would be President in its pocket ready to commit to ever more bloodshed and war – not least of your own countrymen and women.
      On your hands be it, blood and all.
      Your credibility is shot.

      LSAdministrator 54p · 5 minutes ago
      Emily, how do you know that Mr. Sinclair did not contribute to Gary Johnson, or that Sinclair News has not given the Liberty movement more exposure and microphone than any other out there?

      E.R.S. · 4 hours ago
      I can’t believe that you are stupid enough to believe that Romney would be any different than Obummer. They are all just different heads of the same beast.

      LSAdministrator 54p · 8 minutes ago
      Its not about believe Romney is any different than Obama, its about playing with the cards you have until you can crack open a new deck.

      Randal · 3 hours ago
      You have just lost a reader…

      LSAdministrator 54p · 9 minutes ago
      We are sorry you feel that way. Until their is a viable alternative what are you going to do, stay home and do nothing?

      Ocean · 3 hours ago
      I genuinely thought I was about to read and ironic, satirical article !!

      Sinclair is clearly SO obsessed with Obama that he hasn’t taken the time to understand that BOTH PARTIES are PART of a ONE PARTY STATE !!

      Would you like to have your freedoms and liberties violently removed with the Left Wing or the Right Wing … THAT is the level of “choice” that is offered in the USA.

      Seriously Sinclair … wake up !!

      LSAdministrator 54p · 11 minutes ago
      Sinclair is not saying anything except why he broke down and contributed to Romney. Until their is a viable alternative what do you do?

      Jason Calley · 2 hours ago
      The Democrats went full evil years ago. The Republicans are evil as well, but they at least still remember to say the right things when they give speeches; of course they never do what they promise, but they DO give nicer speeches.

      Anyone who is still voting Republican is what I call a “Charley Brown Republican.” Remember how Charley Brown would always fall for Lucy’s lies that she was going to hold the football for him to kick? She always had some plausible reason why she didn’t do so the last time, but “thsi time you can trust me, Charley Brown!!”

      Gak! Anyone who still thinks that voting for the “lesser of two evils” is either smart or ethical is too stupid to smell the coffee.

      LSAdministrator 54p · 13 minutes ago
      We didn’t say we believe what Romney says, nor did we say Romney is saying the right things.

      • Dennis says:

        There is no better way to win readers than by jumping down their throat and telling them that they are idiots. Now, maybe Fatso will start harassing each and everyone of these obvious whiny butts. That will teach them to ever come near his crappy site.

      • kstreet607 says:

        Oops! Looks like SFB’s myopic view of partisan politics has come back to kick him in his fat enormous ass with his loyal readers.

        What a silly narcissist, he honestly thought if he showed proof that he gave money to Romney, his LS Snooze readers would then be assured that he was now a full-throated partisan Tea Party ideologue. But it seems a lot of his readers have a deeper ideology that SFB just doesn’t get.

  32. kstreet607 says:

    I had a thought…suppose GGGG allowed Shit For Brains to take his place on the teleconference call. Then it would fit what Christine O’Donnell said about Gebert cursing and using F Bombs at her. It sure sounds more like SFB, although who knows if GGGG is just as crazy as Shit For Brains.

    • Dennis says:

      I am beginning to think that GGGG thinks that LardAss really is a lawyer.

      • Meesh says:

        Well Dennis, FatAss has a way to spread the “BULL”… Remember in that video where he told the peeps that he could get them in at The Republican Convention. He’s well connected, eh? Hahahahaha Who knows what he told this GGGG.

        • Meesh says:

          To prove my point listen to the latest by ASSministrator:

          25 minutes ago @ Larry Sinclair – Why I Finally Contributed…
          “How many pieces of silver were paid for Sinclair’s contributions to Ron Paul? or the Liberty movement as a whole? He’s given far more to the Liberty movement than he has the $10 to Romney.”

          Bull Shit! I swear he missed his true calling, a manure spreader.
          OK then Prove it FatAss.

          I chuckled to myself when he finally posted “Why I Finally Contributed”, I anticipated it. For many us it may have been a *yawn* moment…
          I knew this would happen, and they are not done either. There were some comments that he had deleted, a lot of F-Bombs! LOL! Not one, saying YEH Larry!

          “GO GIT ‘EM tards!” This is soooo much fun.

    • gilligan25 says:


      I’m beginning to lean that way myself. And Larrd probably has 4G convinced he’s really a lwayer (except for passing the bar) and can represent him because he knows so much about the lwa and all, and then bragging it up even more. You can bet he’s bleeding 4G dry, but hell, any idiot that gets involved with FatBoy deserves it.

  33. Meesh says:

    Well GGGG has something in common with FatAss/COW, raising money…. He’s got the knack of doing it.

    Check out his Twitter page…OMG! It looks like somebody barfed-up a box of crayons on it.

  34. Dennis says:

    4G has already raised over $12,000 for this stupid stunt. Gee, I wonder what Fat Boy sees in 4G? Oh yeah!!!!!! The gravy train is pulling into Lardoland Station. So I am assuming that Lard Brain is doing PR work (getting this crap splashed across wing nutter sites) and legal consultation. Wonder how much he is hoping to get? About $12,000?

    • Meesh says:

      He launched it on June 14, 2012 and met his goal on July 20th, 2012. Not bad eh?

      • Dennis says:

        That’s it. I want a PayPal button, a Kickstarter campaign and lots of suckers to buy my advance copies of my “book” – maybe I’ll call it “When One Man Stands too Fast and Gets Dizzy.”

        • Meesh says:

          Now wait a minute Dennis to go on this PayPal lunch bucket, you got to have CRAZY People who may come back and haunt you.

          Within GGGG’s haul sure he met the deadline, but because of some of these CRAZY contributors, this is 54 peeps who are off their stick:

          Pledge $1,000 or more….2 Backers
          Pledge $500 or more…3 Backers

          Pledge $250 or more… 1 Backer

          Pledge $100 or more ….21 Backers

          Pledge $50 or more ….27 Backers

  35. Meesh says:

    Sound the trumpets…. He soooooo wants to keep this story alive, by saying nothing.

    CORRECTION NOTICE RE: Occupy vs Tea Party Controversy

    August 23, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    In reports by Sinclair News which exposed the unethical efforts of former Delaware US Senate Candidate and The Tea Party Tribune backed Christine O’Donnell attempts to steal the trademarked & copyrighted Occupy vs Tea Party concept for personal gain, Sinclair News reported that Steve Lange, of The Young Turks on the Current TV side was involved in a Thursday August 16, 2012 conference call along with Christine O’Donnell; Rachel Torres; Matthew Perdie et al…

    Today while we have been told that Steve Lange was reported to have been on the conference call, Sinclair News was also informed that “Steve Oh, the COO of TYT was on the August 16, 2012 late night conference call with Christine O’Donnell to discuss the filming and broadcasting of the Troublemaker “Occupy vs Tea Party” debate,” which O’Donnell by and through Rachel Torres had taken from Gordon Gebert.

    Sinclair news has called The Young Turks Media & Press relations office in Los Angeles Sunshine Sachs, requested statement from Steve Oh (right) and Steve Lange either confirming or denying that they were involved in the August 16, 2012 conference call. Sinclair News informed Kat, Steve Oh’s spokeswoman that we simply want to know if our report as to their involvement in the O’Donnell conference call is incorrect then we want to give them the opportunity to say so. Sinclair News DID send emails and Twitter requests to Steve Lange and The Young Turks on Thursday August 16th and Friday August 17, 2012 requesting their side of the story and confirmation or denial of their involvement. Those request to this day have not received any response.

    We will update this notice once we receive a reply from Mr. Oh and/or Mr. Lange. It should be noted that as of this date and time neither TYT; Current TV nor Mr. Lange have ever contacted us claiming any part of our reports to be untrue or inaccurate in any way.

    Anyone with half a brain won’t return his phone calls, emails,tweets,peeps….He’s just acting creepy. Stick a fork in it, it’s done.

    • Dennis says:

      So is he planning to stay by the phone and wait for these calls? Hope he packed some snacks. Could be a very long wait.

      • Meesh says:

        It may be a longer wait, he can’t miss any rings, tweets or peeps…. Maybe he can trade in that case of Fix-A-Flat (he can’t go anywhere) A case of Depends might come in handy… along with 1 few bottles of Absolute and some Cheetos.

        Can you imagine watching this?! EEEEeeew I need to get those images out of my head. Where’s Gilli’s brain bleach?

    • gilligan25 says:

      Oh, goody! Two more harassment targets!

      My popcorn may not hold out. I’m going to have to supplement with Chex Mix, chips, and maybe a little caramel corn.

      • Meesh says:

        Whoever should call him…. that ought to make a true party to listen to. Heh Maybe I’ll go out and stock up…. seems the silly season is upon you guys!

        • gilligan25 says:

          well, geez, how else is one supposed to approach this thing except for the silliness and absurdity. I mean I almost didn’t listen to the audio until I read the reviews and it was just insane (but what am I saying–Larrd IS insane).

          I will note that Larrd dumped the libertarians (including his squeeze, Julio) faster than his fat eyes could blink when someone waved $12k under his bulbous schnozz. Ol’ 4G might as well put that moola in Larrd’s pockets right now–oh, hell, that’s barely enough to get him through a week in Tampa, so GGGG might want to redouble his efforts on fundraising for this case.

          • Meesh says:

            Now get this Gilli, after FatAss posted this:

            Why I Finally Contributed To Romney Campaign
            August 22, 2012
            By Lawrence Sinclair”

            And the RonPaul Tards, all booed him, check out FA’s upcoming post:

            Upcoming Posts

            P.A.U.L. People Awake & United For Liberty Festival Kicks Off Today

            What timing eh? You think his big announce (about supporting Mittens) could have come after this. He absolutely has no common sense. Did he go and cover the event you think? Or else, he did this because he just loves pissing off people.

            Anyway, fret not, old Shultzie comes to FatAss’ rescue with this. For some reason I thought that old fart died:

            Joe7000 · 1 hour ago
            Larry has every right to his opinion. In this case it expresses frustration at politics in general rather than a true preference for a viable candidate. Those who castigate Larry for expressing his frustration are really doing the same thing. It isn’t Obama or Romney that is the problem ~ its what our political system itself has evolved into. Politicians no longer represent we the people ~ politicians represent corporate America and that is pure evil when compared with our founders desire for a Constitutional Republic. Look at what Rand Paul did ~ whether to advance his political career or something else, it hurt Ron Paul and the people who believe Dr. Paul is one of a very few who can turn our country around in a positive way.

            I personally think Larry is in error in his decision to back Romney but I do not walk in Larry’s shoes. I personally think the die has been cast and the political dynamic already set in motion will have to work itself out in spite of anything any group or single person says or does.

            What will I do personally? That’s for me alone to know. If I were to publish my intentions its a sure bet half of the world would disagree… 😉

            • Dennis says:

              Boy, charge ten bucks to Romney (on Ilse’s card I assume) and then acts like someone is suppose to give him a flipping medal. For a short fat guy he must be double-jointed by the wild degree he’s got his head so far up his ass (a tip to my father – he had a way with language and made sailors blush).

          • Dennis says:

            $12,000 smackers. You can hear him singing now “Viva…viva Las Vegas.”

    • Dennis says:

      I love the way he poses these questions. Sounds like the old House on Un-American Activities Committee back in the blacklist days. Even sounds a bit like the old NKVD approach. God, how big are the bats flying around inside his head?

  36. Dennis says:

    The real reason why Fat Boy supports Romney:

    Mitt Romney After Bain Capital: Leaked Documents Connect Candidate To Adelson, Casinos, Cigarettes

    Heck, throw in some vodka and they could party together.

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