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Open Thread…

on May 23, 2012

Have at it folks…


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  1. borat says:

    Cant quit loving his fucking lies any SANE person would see past them 🙂

    Holy Crap: Larry Sinclair has brain tumor and drinks 36 cans of Pepsi a day

    Holy crap.

    Maybe he meant 3-6 cans? I’m pretty sure 36 cans a day would kill a person faster than any brain tumor.



    Posted on March 7, 2008.

    It had been my intent and desire to not bring my health into this story because it has no bearing on the FACTS. However, several Youtube claims along with Globe Magazines claims that I am mentally ill and that my health is playing a part in this story have made it necessary for me to set the record straight.

    Yes, I have been diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. NO, I am not on my death bed. In fact I never stated to the Globe or anyone else that I had less than a year to live. The funny thing about all these claims of my impending demise is that no one can make such a claim, not even me. The reason being is simple, when I was diagnosed I made the decision not to treat and to allow nature to take its course. I believe we all are going to die, and when it is our time there is nothing any of us or any Dr. can do. So my decision was mine and I have not allowed any Dr. to tell me what they believe is my expiration date.

    I suffer from severe nerve damage in the hands, arms, legs and spine. My right leg is numb all the time and there are times when I cannot move either of my legs. In addition to this my C-T-L spine has severe disc herniation. I have Fibromyalgia, asthma, severe allergies, heart problems, bleeding ulcers and I eat maybe once every two or three days.

    I maintain body weight by drinking an average of 36 Pepsi’s per day.

    The repeated claims of mental illness are nothing more than attempts by the Obama camp and his supporters to take the focus off of the issue of his drug use and dismiss them as coming from a nut case. I have repeated asked anyone posting such claims of mental illness and/or stays in mental institutions to gives names of said institutions and dates of my stays which they have not and cannot do. Why you ask? Because the claims are outright false.

    Let us all remember that it was and is Barack Obama who says he wants a new kind of politics, a politics of openness and accountability. Only it appears he wants a politics of accountability as long as he is not the one being held accountable.

    I submit to all of you that the attacks against me based on my past are attempts by the Obama camp to take the focus off the issue as I AM THE ONE WHO DISCLOSED THE FACTS OF MY PAST, and I find it more of the Obama double standard. Why? Because everyone is saying what Obama did in 1999 is not important today, maybe he changed his ways. Yet my past dates back to the 1980’s but I am portrayed as what I did in my 20’s.

    Obama and his supporters cannot have it both ways. Lets be honest and imply face the truth and admit your encounters with me in 1999 and move on. But as one Youtube email stated bluntly, “if you think Obama, a candidate for President of the U.S. is ever going to admit to this you truly are crazy.”

    So even the Obama supporters have made it clear that the truth is not important, the only hing that is important is to continue to spread false statements about me so the public thinks this is nothing more than a smear so Obama can avoid having to face the truth.

    For all of our best interests I hope that there are citizens out there that refuse to allow this to be swept under the rug.

    [link to]

  2. borat says:

    I submit to all of you that the attacks against me based on my past are attempts by the Obama camp to take the focus off the issue as I AM THE ONE WHO DISCLOSED THE FACTS OF MY PAST

    Moving forward from all your previous FRAUD

    Can you disclose all the people you blatently ripped off?

    on your

    Vacations 30,000
    legal bills 15,000
    Clothing expenses 5000,00
    Travel expenses 15,0000 to DC twice
    Scamming 25,000
    Take it to the streets 10,000
    Repairs to camper 2000.00
    Gas money 2000.00
    Book investment by dumb people 15000.00
    Selling included CD with signed books that NEVER appeared ,even though you said youhad them in your posetion 10.000
    Renting pressclub and only disclosing your Lwayer wore a kilt 7000.00
    Legal bills again 10,000
    REpair bills and previous charges against you 5000.00
    Selling shares to old people in SINLIAR PHUBLISHING 25,000
    Buying a trailer that you claimed was avacation retreat for sinliar investors 12.000
    They bought it and paid all the lot fees and utilities 15,000
    Going on citizen Fails and pleading for money 5.000
    Sell Trialer Sinliar phub bought for 12k for 800.00 to Rally at LHP
    Wanted Criminal in Colorado for Fraud

    I have missed alot I know……. but Florence sure is not in this for the money..


  3. gilligan25 says:

    Completely off-topic, but Happy Birthday Bob!

    • Meesh says:

      Thanks Gilli! Psst there’s no topics here, KStreet was gracious to post an open thread…. Go for it kiddos!

      Bob turned 71 today…AWESOME! He inspired so much within the music industry by borrowing his music/lyrics out. I do love Bob Dylan, however is it just me, but did he appear really spaced out? I worried..glad to see he reached the “young” 71, I hope to see him around till 101! CHEERS!

      Thanks for the video too! I look in from time to time, man! what an awesome feeling to see you here! You’re the best!

    • kstreet607 says:

      I love Bob Dylan! Happy Birthday fella. Wow! Seventy-one! How cool is that?

      On the same music topic, I wish Elton John a speedy recovery. I know he’s out of the hospital now, but I wish him well.

      • Meesh says:

        Thanks KStreet for the info… I AM a huge fan of Elton John…within my vodpod account, you will see I LOVE Elton John…anyway, I will not light candles… BUT I will keep him in my prayers, nevertheless.

  4. kstreet607 says:

    Tony Soprano Explains Bain Capital

    • Meesh says:

      Gosh I loved The Sopranoes…I loved this series, I subscribed to HBO just for this wonderfully written piece. I realize the USA are not all thugs/mafia or racists…. The Sopranoes however explained what I did NOT know,

  5. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile over at Fat Ass City, they have just announced that they are going to spend this weekend redesigning the site. Can’t wait to see how they screw it up this time.

    Notice Site Design Changes Over Memorial Day Weekend
    May 24, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Please be advised that over the Memorial Day Weekend May 26, 2012 thru May 28, 2012 SinclairNews-LSNewsGroup will under take a web design make over that may make some content on the site look out of place.

    If you happen to load the site over the weekend and notice design changes in process do not panic, we are working to make Sinclair News – LS News Group even more user friendly and appealing to our readers.

    • Meesh says:

      He got money from tards again…. Let’s add it to the scorecoard, where Borat explained add a “0” zero in the end. He got MUCH more…a free RV,constantly upgrading his computer until the tards bought him a new one. Also he refurnished his “home” with campaign funds, a car he purchased/leased, steaks/asausages for him and Maxine, he totally re-vamped his living style within “YOUR” American dollars.Not going with the new fridges, barbeques, an entertainment bar, the karaoke machine and his sense of entitlement chills me to the bone. What a POS he is, yes he tried to enter my country…Glad he is your problem.

      • gilligan25 says:

        I wonder if he’s keeping those dreadful cheap curtains. He’s dragged those around the country and must think they make a fashion statement (yes, he’s king of the trailer park).

    • kstreet607 says:

      I’m glad to hear he will be getting rid of that “hot pink” mess (I hope). It has to hurt most readers eyes. How insensitive he is. Its always been about him…always.

      • Dennis says:

        Yeah. The new design will focus on polka dots and hot plaids.

      • gilligan25 says:

        The only thing that’d make his site better would be to remove it from the interwebs completely.

        And the only thing worse than that “hot pink mess” would be to have red printing on a black background. That’d make it completely and literally unreadable–and that’s a good thing.

  6. gilligan25 says:

    The best kind of protest–mock him 🙂

    So cue up some Don Ho-and it just has to be Tiny Bubbles…

    Joe Arpaio Avoids Getting “Leid” by Anti-Birther Activists Ticked that He Sent a Deputy to Hawaii

    But I just bet Sheriff Joe doesn’t have a sense of humor. Me? I Iaughed like hell especially this comment:

    Joe was afraid that if he came out, somebody might rub him down with poi, wrap his ass with banana leaves and throw him in a pit of burning coals.

    Now THAT would be a luau!

    • Dennis says:

      This bullcrud “investigation” by Sheriff Joe is so far costing $40,000? Good grief! That’s a lot of brewskies and pizzas for the Cold Case of Beer Posse. If it were anyone other than that fine man of the law, I would be tempted to yell FRAUD!!!!!!!

  7. gilligan25 says:


    That’s 40 grand so far–you can bet it’s more because the deppity, the cold case posse guy and Jerome Corsi are still in the Aloha state as far as I know.flashing badges and attempting to intimidate people in a state where they have no authority and no jurisdiction.

    But I do love a good, creative protest, not some short fat guy waddling around with a megaphone….I wonder if FatBoy ever found out who was the future lover who took off with his pictures. I’m still snickering about that one–Mister Street Smarts and ex-con falling for a very well-executed scam.

    • Dennis says:

      Well, I suspect that Sheriff Joe is a graduate of the Buford T. Justice School of Police Investigation. So it is going to take a while to gather all of the “eveedense”.

      • gilligan25 says:

        There is that lawsuit the feds just filed against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept. and Sheriff Joe hisself, citing a long history of discrimation. And Joe was just sued by some of his former chief deppities/loyalists for defamation (even though Joe shat all over them in a deposition, then had a fairly severe memory loss). Plus the Aloha protest… just doesn’t much better than this.

  8. gilligan25 says:

    It looks like Larrdo is going to get wet from subtropical storm Beryl. I do hope he plans on wading in sewage-tainted water again. What an idiot….

    And the hurricane season hasn’t even started–that’s June 1. I do hope he’s got his hurricane kit at the ready. As if….

    • kstreet607 says:

      Good morning Gilligan!

      LOL! I say let nature take its course…either way.

      • gilligan25 says:

        Good morning kstreet!

        Beryl isn’t that organized, but it’s going to ruin beach time from South Carolina south to northern Florida.

        It’s not just the winds and rain (and tornados spawned by the storm). There’s that raw sewage stuff, poisonous snakes and other assorted and sundry items connected with a tropical storm/hurricane, like power outages, lines for everything, no working cell phones, ATMs, credit card machines, etc.

        It’s sure fun to live in the south. But unlike Fatso, we’re not looking at a tropical storm for Memorial Day. *snicker snicker snork*

  9. Dennis says:

    Interesting article from The Guardian:
    Barack Obama: the college years

    Odd thing. The young Obama being described here doesn’t sound anything like the drug crazed gay horn dog that Fat Ass claims. This doesn’t mean that LardButt is lying does it? No way! Not after so many people have trusted him with so much money to help with his terminal brain tumor that he milked for over TEN YEARS.

  10. Borat says:

    YC if your around email meesh your contact info and she will forward it to me

    We are really thinking about early retirement and not in canada . I should clarify working and living in the Carribean (working maybe 3 days a week)

  11. Borat says:

    I should clarify …working and living in the carribean (working maybe 3 days a week)

  12. Dennis says:

    It never ends:
    Did Obama Kill His Grandmother?

    I realize that these folks are truly insane and all, but where do they even get the time to waste with their many wild and bogus assumptions, completely whacked out conjectures, and totally deranged conclusions? By now the only mystery about Obama is that there ain’t much…

  13. kstreet607 says:

    Good morning fellow Regulators. Enjoy your day off.

    OMG! Don’t tell me that the “Obama killed his grandmother” meme is back out there! This is Obama Derangement Syndrome in full effect!

    Per Urban Dictionary: The acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the statements — nay — the very existence of Barack Obama.

  14. Dennis says:

    The more I read about this weekend’s “zombie attack” in Miami, the more I wonder how LardButt spent his weekend. The upside is that he would make a ripe meal for a zombie. But, man oh man, can you imagine him and Fart Person on a tear as the living dead??!! I’m creeping myself out.

  15. Borat says:

    I believe according to sources I have at the”PARK” Florence is living and mooching off of FARTon Persons

  16. Dennis says:

    Guess she has a soft spot for a “real man.” Must be those flip flops that reels the women in.

  17. kstreet607 says:

    Hey guys I was thinking…didn’t Sinclair ask for advance payments for his “forthcoming” book? If I recall correctly, wasn’t the book due out a few months before the Presidential Election? Dejavu all over again. LOL!

    Those poor suckers, they keep giving their money to Lardass. I was also wondering if his plea for more money for “equipment” is really a ruse to get the money so that he can have the books printed.

    Any thoughts?

    • Dennis says:

      Book? Oh yeah, the book. When One Man Has a Stand or something…I bet he is busy right now working on it. Or is he just working the books? Hard to say…

  18. democratista says:

    A bit of news…especially for the Dylan fans. I watched this ceremony last year and it was terrific. This should be as well.


    WASHINGTON: Musical legend Bob Dylan, novelist Toni Morrison and former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright are among 13 people who will be awarded the country’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, by President Barack Obama next week, the White House said.

    The presentations will be made at the White House on May 29.

    Also chosen to receive the award were former senator and astronaut John Glenn, retired US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, Israeli President Shimon Peres and Jan Karski, an officer in the Polish underground who carried the first eye-witness accounts of the Nazi Holocaust to the outside world.

    The award also will be given to John Doar, a key figure in the Justice Department during the civil rights era; William Foege, who helped spread smallpox immunizations around the world; Gordon Hirabayashi, who fought Japanese-American World War Two internment; civil rights campaigner Dolores Huerta; Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low; and former University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt.

    Peres will not attend the ceremony and will receive his medal at a separate event, the White House said.

  19. kstreet607 says:

    President Obama Honors Medal of Freedom Recipients

    May 29 at 3:25 PM – C-SPAN (35 min)

  20. Borat says:

    this is ffin funny

    Please Bear With Us

    By Lawrence Sinclair

    May 29, 2012

    Due to some of our writer’s computers crashing, along with our having to obtain larger storage capacity for files we have gotten behind in our planned site design changes and publication of pending stories. Please bear with us as we are working hard to get these issues resolved and plan to have updated articles

    More crashes? or have they told you to fuck off again……….my god florence you run (and are working) a ffin joke of a website,is FARTon Persons Computer running DOS?

    • Dennis says:

      I have read some of Persons stuff. Her system obviously runs on DAS (as in Das Rheingold). Fart uses the KY operating system. It’s smooth but sort of sticky. Guess the suckers (all three of them) need to send more money. BTW, is the PayPal button still working?

  21. Borat says:

    Dennis the Paypail button has never failed on Florences coloring book page for idiots.

  22. Borat says:

    Was talking to this guy from another website, he claims they are sending letters about Florences false disability claims and not reporting vast amounts of income over his life while collecting welfare. may prove to be interesting

    • Dennis says:

      Hey, you’re forgetting that he is the world’s longest survivor of a brain tumor (normal life span being 2 years at the most). After 10 years of suffering, he finally got a miracle cure. Now you are making it sound BOGUS. Oh ye of little faith…

  23. gilligan25 says:

    FatBoy gets a mention here:

    in a story about boring conspiracy theories.

    I do love George Will calling the Donald a “bloviating ignoramous.” In Larrd’s case, we can skip over “bloviating” and go right to “ignoramous.”

    • Dennis says:

      OK, the article makes a very brief mention of Fat Boy (and then treats him as a joke), but you know what this means in Lardo’s World: Vindication!!!!!! See folks, I made it to The Atlantic web site. The mainstream press is taking notice (OK, they have noticed that I am a lying bag of horse droppings – but they have noticed me)!!!!!!! So hit the PayPal button NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • gilligan25 says:

        Tubbo doesn’t even get a full paragraph–and he’s lumped in with the rest of the lunatics. I expect he’s fired off an email to the author by now, all pretentious, fuming and threatening, as is his nature as a narcissist.

        But I do love the bloviating ignoramous–I expect Orly to subpoena The Donald to one of her many cases by day’s end.

  24. Borat says:

    Florence tell the truth ! you and your 3 muskateers are welfare scammers…….ohhhh go to walmart spend to much , buy KFC spend to much …DING internet cut off.

    Computer Crashes LMFAO

  25. Borat says:

    Florence …..JT just emailed me from the park LMFAO he saw you wadling around waving your hands in the air yelling on your cell phone……..who the fuck do you think you are?

    I guess your WORKING now and such……..fucking mental patient

    • Dennis says:

      Parsons probably called him up and told him that he had a dangling participle. Well, how dare she get so personal…

  26. gilligan25 says:

    Borat, I just bet one of his adireoring fans didn’t send him the money as promised. I know Thorton would make sure her money was to FatSi on time, so it must’ve been someone whose retirement/Social Security check was late.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Oh, the typos in the last post…..

      Here’s the best column I’ve read on the Trump-Romney birfer controversy. It’s by John Ralston of the Las Vegas Sun. It starts this way:

      Donald Trump is not important; he just thinks he is.

      Trump is a small man who has big thoughts about himself, a vulgar attentionophile who cares not what damage he causes or whom he might hurt so long as he is in the spotlight. His loud, full-throated (is there any other way for The Donald?) embrace of birtherism is hardly surprising considering truth or consequences have never mattered much to the man George Will accurately described last weekend as a “bloviating ignoramus.”

      But, alas, Will got it wrong — or, to be precise, he captured the mere essence of Trump (he’s a buffoon) but failed to properly describe the sheer ugliness of what the reckless, solipsistic clown is wreaking by continuing to espouse his belief that President Barack Obama is not a native-born American.

      It’s one thing to boast about how smart and successful and rich he is — Trump does that every day. But to try to tap into the worst instincts of some folks in the GOP base — and, I fear, too many Democrats and independents, too — with his hardly veiled racism consigns Trump to a category of unconscionable scoundrels and power-hungry demagogues who must be denounced, scorned and vilified.

      And then Ralston gets really mean.

      It’s a great column.

      • Dennis says:

        As the saying goes: “If he’s so rich then why isn’t he smart?”

        • gilligan25 says:

          He’s dumber than a box of rocks (I wonder if Larrdo was ranting on the phone because The Donald is getting all the publicity and he’s not getting any), but he does have an income–that dreadful show, selling his name (and his wife hawks fake diamonds on QVC).

          I will note that Donald kept his mouth shut while his show was on the air, but now he’s back opening up his yap and showing the world how incredibly stupid he is. I wonder how much money he’s given to World Nut Daily, Corsi, Orly, etc.? I bet Larrd regrets not becoming a birfer and making up some shit about Obama telling him he’s from Kenya–but there’s still time.

          • Dennis says:

            Gee Gilligan, thanks for giving Fats a new handle for his sorry ass tale. Yep, just before he suggested scoring some drugs Obama said something about his plans to be the first Kenyan elected to the White House. Just wait till that computer is back up and running….

  27. Dennis says:

    Odd. Ilse the She Wolf of the SS appears to have no problems posting her crap on Lardo’s site. New piece about the corruption of Nancy Pelosi, the enforcer for the Obama dictatorship. Yep, the two of them are using every evil trick in the book to get…well actually with the GOP in control of the House nobody is getting anywhere and I haven’t a clue where Persons and her pack of nutters get the idea that there is any sort of high-handed control (outside of maybe the bonehead of a House speaker – and he appears to control nothing more than his golf swing) anywhere in sight. But I’m a life long Democrat, so what do I know.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Where is Ilse the She Wolf getting her ideas? Lets see….a combo of Faux News, Free Republic, Goofy’s place and other idiot blahgs, of course.

      • Dennis says:

        Maybe. I sometimes suspect that she just looks up Lardo’s butt like a two-bit Tennessee seer staring at goat entrails.

        • gilligan25 says:

          Well, she’s a mouth breather (probably a drooler, too),so looking up Larrd’s distended butt would be a good place for her to spend her time. And after all, Larrd hasn’t milked her bank accounts dry yet.

          • Dennis says:

            All of Parsons postings are just a swamp of drool. I was just wondering, did she quit her job as a teacher or was she fired?

  28. kstreet607 says:

    Good morning everyone. I’ve been MIA because in the past week I started getting the worse pain in my left knee. The pain is debilitating and painful as heck. Sometimes it comes in both knees. Bottom line, I couldn’t get an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon until June 12th. I’ve been taking arthritis strength Tylenol…but apparently it’s like popping candy with no effect at all…so I stopped taking that. I purchased a topical ointment specifically for arthritis and I could have saved my money!

    Anyway, this much pain makes me irritable and cranky. I’ll be 66 in about a week or so and I’m feeling every bit like 66. LOL!

    Anyway, I’m going to try to enjoy this day, in spite of the pain. You guys enjoy your day as well.

  29. gilligan25 says:

    Oh, kstreet….joint pain can be so debilitating and yeah, OTC drugs have about the same effect of popping a handful of M & Ms. Given I’ve got almost two years on you, been there, done that, have the heating pad within reach at all times.

    I’m glad you’re going to the ortho. I am sorry you have to wait so long for an appointment. I hope the doc can find out what’s causing this and give you something to ease the pain.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Thanks Gilligan, for your kind words and your understanding of this awfully painful situation. It seems to me like it’s never going away. But I know when I see the physician he will hopefully give me a cortisone shot which will last for months (as it does with my spine.)

      Thanks again, Gilli. TTYL

  30. Dennis says:

    OK, as part of my public service duties for today, let me spare one and all from trolling through Fat Boy’s Garden of Errors:
    1. Ilse drools out a half-baked post against Planned Parenthood while promoting the bogus claim that Planned Parenthood is engaged in sex-selection abortion (note to Persons: They don’t do that and the videotape in question was edited to be extremely misleading – gee, what a surprise).
    2. The kid reporter from Chicago discovers that people at the Bilderberg Conference don’t have much use for Ron Paul. Big deal. He doesn’t like them either. The only news story would be if you found someone there who loved the little lawn gnome. Just hope you’re not the one paying the tab for your stupid little vacation.
    3. Lardo goes down on Gov. Rick Scott twice a day. He must since he is spending time sucking up big to the gov. Gives his approval to Scott;s efforts to throw ex-cons (among many others) off the voter roll. LardBrain must be happy to have yet one more excuse to not to waddle in November to the poll.
    4. FartBrain is also totally convinced that the recent arrest of former employee Robert Braddock is a total vindication of his increasingly incoherent tale. Braddock has been arrested for totally unrelated charges. No connections whatsoever. No rational relationship to LardButt whatsoever. So obviously it proves Fat Boy right and means he is telling the truth. BTW, the real reason why he “recovered” from his ten year old brain tumor is because doctors discovered that he didn’t really have a brain. Just a lump of fecal matter between the ears.

    So I suggest that Kstreet should just take it easy today and not bother wasting time in Lardo’s World.

    • kstreet607 says:

      BTW, the real reason why he “recovered” from his ten year old brain tumor is because doctors discovered that he didn’t really have a brain. Just a lump of fecal matter between the ears.

      That made me laugh, Dennis! Love it!

      Dennis you are great! I hate going over there. Thank you for the update.

    • gilligan25 says:


      Thanks for going there so we don’t have to.

      Bilderburgers? It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I like them with lettuce, tomato, a little red onion, sometimes I like them with carmelized onions, sometimes I like them with garlicy mushrooms and swiss…a kaiser roll or a brioche roll, thanks a bunch. (Otherwise, it’s just the province of nutballs and wingnuts–but we’re talking FatBoy, aren’t we?)

      And Larrd’s obsession with Rick Scott is a bit bizarro, more of a man crush than anything else.

      • Dennis says:

        You and Kstreet should just kick back, have some nice bilderburgers with cheese and forget that LardBrain even exists.

        • gilligan25 says:

          Dennis LOLOLOL!! My hubby just invited me out for dinner. We may go to our favorite burger joint (local, not a chain) or Chinese or a seafood place….I’ll let him pick this time.

  31. Meesh says:

    First of all many (((((HUGS)))) to our KStreet, some topical preps works for some and not for others, capsicum (hot peppers) yet for others it’s ice (cold) not heat…. hope you get some relief soon, and pffft you’re still in your sixties, perhaps you are feeling MUCH older than what you are. You are still young sweetie, just feeling out of sorts, yes, knee pain has to be the worse… I feel for you! Now do you want to laugh?

    Did anybody re-post this garbage? If so forgive me 🙄 I am editing out phone numbers out and also IP’s And…who on earth is Cesspool Bill? Have I been sleeping, I cannot recall a “Bill”within our midst…

    2012 Organized Attacks On Individuals Not New-Part One

    May 31, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    It Only Started To Matter When It Was Directed At Friends of Journalist

    Friday May 25, 2012, Glenn Beck’s web site published an interesting and telling article titled Meet Soros-Funded Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Whose ‘Job’ Is Terrorizing Bloggers Into Silence . It was brought to our attention by a reader who themselves were the victim of almost identical attacks during 2008 and 2009 because they believed allegations made about Barack Obama by Larry Sinclair. This individual who is a professional, a mother and a democrat saw emails, and Internet postings sent to her employer, civic groups she supported and her children’s schools with some of the nastiest and blatantly dishonest claims made about her. These attacks were publicized on a web site that Sinclair News – LS News Group refuses to even publish their name, instead we refer to them as the ‘cesspool.’ Yet these individuals boast about how they are supposedly fine upstanding, law abiding members of society while at the very same time engaging in activities that they know to be criminal.

    When reading The Blaze article we finally found someone who was capable of putting into words what so many have tried to do for more than four years, in order to help people understand just what has and continues to take place today. A dear friend of this web site says ‘unless someone has followed the story from the beginning, it is almost impossible to get them to understand just what has taken place in the way of false information, unlawful acts, and the attacks meant to destroy individuals and their lives.”

    Be prepared to enter an alternate universe, bizarre beyond any stretch of what you thought possible. And then keep reading, because this may be one of the most important exposés published on The Blaze to date. It will explain in frightening detail what it means to speak the truth at the expense of losing all you hold dear. And will reveal how easy it has been for one convicted domestic terrorist — backed by George Soros and Barbara Streisand alike — to use the U.S. legal system, as well as less desirable channels, to silence those who have dared tell the story of one Brett Kimberlin, a.k.a. the “Speedway Bomber.”

    What the Blaze talks about is the use of Caller-ID spoofing software by individuals who make calls which appear to be coming from a specific location while they originate from someplace completely different. The Blaze article deals with a Los Angeles County Assistant District Attorney and Blogger who was targeted by a well funded and organized individual(s).

    Los Angeles County Assistant District Attorney Patrick Frey who blogs under the moniker “Patterico,” started writing about Kimberlin in October of 2010 after the late conservative pundit Andrew Breitbart noted the hypocrisy of Kimberlin’s business partner, Brad Friedman, in scorning the “tactics” of James O’Keefe when he went undercover to expose ACORN voter fraud. Shortly thereafter, Frey received an email from Kimberlin threatening to sue if he did not retract his story. Since the Speedway Bomber was unable to prove why any of Frey’s entries were untrue, he decided to escalate the situation to unthinkable heights.

    According to the account, Kimberlin proceeded to call Frey’s secretaries, telling them that the assistant district attorney was a “racist, a homophobe, and a stalker” and that he would be filing a restraining order against him. (emphasis added by SN) The convicted perjurer subsequently filed a complaint with state bar association as well, a move that was heavily publicized by Kimberlin-accomplice and Democratic consultant Neal Raushauser


    The case of Mr. Frey seems went a bit further according to the Blaze report:

    As it turns out, a favorite tactic of the Speedway Bomber, according to those who have felt his wrath, is to stalk his “rivals,” particularly their wives, children and parents and post personal information about them, including their home address, online. He allegedly follows the move on occasion with blog posts detailing how he fears for their lives.

    While difficult to imagine, the situation gets worse.

    The SWAT Team at your door

    While the evidence is thus far only circumstantial, Frey believes that based on key elements and the Kimberlin disciples involved, it is more than likely that the Speedway Bomber was behind yet another unspeakable attack — this one far worse than those that preceded it.

    Essentially, a yet-to-be identified man (but one who sounds much like a Kimberlin associate, according to Frey) placed a call to law enforcement on the early morning hours of July 1, 2011, to announce that he had just shot his wife. The man then proceeded to give the operator Frey’s home address. Of course, the call was intended to make it look like Frey had just confessed to murdering his wife at his home. Just after midnight, a SWAT team descended on Frey’s doorstep, screaming at the top of their lungs for the attorney to place his hands behind his head. They arrested him and dragged him to the patrol car while simultaneously dragging his wife out of bed.

    “I could have been killed,” Frey told The Blaze in an interview as he recalled the disturbing story. He explained that he was only “99% in shock” because a similar incident had happened to someone else just one week prior, and likely for similar reasons.

    If you think the above statement from The Blaze article is scary, what you don’t get from The Blaze is what has taken place against people who don’t necessarily know people like Beck or Malkin; or who are not considered important enough by those in the media or Law Enforcement to give a damn about what has been done to them and their families. Since the publication of The Blaze article it has been reported another individual has become the latest victim of “Swatting,” this time it was Red State Editor, CNN Contributor and Radio Talk Show Host Erick Erickson.

    SWATting the Ericksons
    Posted by Erick Erickson (Diary) Sunday, May 27th at 8:42PM EDT
    SWATTING: Bogus Call Sends Police to Erick Erickson’s House. He reports here. Really, if the go… Glenn Reynolds| Instapundit Sunday, May 27
    Posted on | May 27, 2012

    It is rewarding to see sites such as, Red State and The Other McCain start to report on the organized and well funded Internet attacks meant to destroy people for telling the truth, yet it would be even more rewarding it they did not pick and choose who did or did not deserve to be victims of this criminal activity; and yes more than 95% of what these people do is a crime. Long before Sarah Palin became the target of personal attacks and hacking; long before Glenn Beck became the target of left-wing attacks; long before wealthy Mitt Romney supporters became the targets of the Obama campaign, there were many regular Americans who because they dared question the Media and Barack Obama, had their lives turned upside down by people who claimed they were defending Barack Obama from out right lies.

    These acts are not new in 2012, in fact they have been taking place for the last four plus years and they are done by organized groups which have associations with Daily Kos, DemocraticUnderground, The Huffington Post, Politico and even the 2008 Obama for America campaign. They not only involve Caller-ID spoofing but organized hacking of email and web site hosting accounts; sending threatening emails through the Obama for America website to Government officials State and Federal, using other peoples email addresses as being the sender; and yes calling peoples family members, employers, teachers, schools, civic groups etc… and telling how a certain person is a racist, anti-Semite, and even accusing them of being pedophiles. The Blaze said it best with the following:

    How immutable are our First Amendment rights? Would they remain so even under the most dire conditions? There are about half a dozen bloggers who, at this very moment in time, are finding out just that, after having been subject to: death threats, blackmail, extortion, numerous frivolous lawsuits, cyber-attacks of email and social networking accounts and become the target of smear campaigns that have led to their firing until ultimately discovering that others who came before them, have turned up dead.

    In 2012 ( though limited to those individuals who are connected or who are viewed as being on the forefront of conservative views), some are reporting on these types of activities. Sadly however, it seems the reporting of such activities will be limited to attacks made against those who are connected or friends of those doing the reporting. Perhaps The Blaze or Red State or The Other McCain might consider speaking with the Philly Doctor who was targeted by bloggers who openly boasted about how they were going to destroy the good Doctor. Or how the Dr’s children and co-workers were bombarded with emails and phone calls making outrageous claims and threats? It seems no one has the desire to report on the everyday average American citizen who is victimized by these Internet terrorist attacks. Sinclair News however does have that desire and this is just part one of a multi-part expose on the subject.

    Perhaps Red State’s Erickson might take the time to meet in person with an Atlanta area woman who was a victim in 2008 of the very people Politico’s Ben Smith and’s Dave Weigel used as sources for their 2008 hit pieces. This woman had her medical records and condition published all over the Internet with vicious and disgusting statements posted making fun of her medical condition. If Mr. Erickson wants to speak with this woman we will be more than happy to provide him contact information.

    This is not make-believe, Sinclair News has an archive file of these attacks from 2008 to date. We have identified and known the identity of some of these individuals since 2008. We have every disgusting comment they have posted, every photo-shopped image they have published, every post which targeted individuals, photo’s of caller ID’s showing calls made by these individuals. In addition we have Police report numbers of complaints against them as well as there own Internet postings bragging about their illegal accessing of peoples private insurance information; credit history; medical records; even logging onto State DMV records using other peoples names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers. In addition to our continued collecting and archiving documentation of these criminal acts every now and then one of these cyber criminals decides he/she needs a little attention so they make stupid phone calls leaving even more stupid voice messages.

    Allow us to show you one example of the fraud which continues to take place today directed at anyone who is determined to speak the truth:

    Transcript of voice message left May 26, 2012 from Canadian Sinclair News- LS News Group identifies as Cesspool Bill from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    From XXXXXXxxx received today (May 26, 2012) at 1:26 PM, Hi, this message is for Lawrence, ah Larry Sinclair. My name is Ted, I work for a government agency. Um what I would like to know, is uh we, we’re looking into um your disability, um claim, Larry. And ah we’re wondering as a group looking at this um if, if you have the ability to, you’re working. So why are you claiming you, you’re disabled, unless the disability is mental. That information is confidential of course that we don’t have access to. um but you’re obviously working, so ah we’re going to move forward on this and um you obviously have my number on your call display so you can return that at any time. But um, it ah, America is in in a sad theory now Larry and you seem to be part of it, so we’ll talk to you later. Bye for now.

    You can listen to the actual message by clicking on the audio player below:

    On May 26, 2012 at 1:37 PM ET Larry received another call from 306-280-6075 only this time answered the call and recorded it after having already listened to the above voice message left just 11 minutes earlier. That call is transcribed below as well as the audio of the call in its entirety.

    Larry: Good Afternoon, LS News Group.

    Caller: Hello?

    Larry: Yes?

    Caller: Who am I speaking with, please?

    Larry: I’m sorry, who are you calling for?

    Caller: Pardon me?

    Larry: Who are you calling for?

    Caller: I’m calling for Shane’s News.

    Larry: I’m sorry?

    Caller: We’re investigating um…Larry Sinclair in regards to his potential fraudulent disability claim.

    Larry: Okay and you are who? And who are you with?

    Caller: I’m Shane.

    Larry: Okay, and you say you’re investigating you say where, who are we and who are you with?

    Caller: I’m with a team of investigators that are looking into …am I speaking to Larry?

    Larry: Sir? Continue-you are working with a team? First you leave a message saying that you’re working with a government agency. So either you’re lying now, or you were lying on your first voice message.

    Caller: Nope, it’s a team. And we-

    Larry: No, no. You said that you worked for a government agency.

    Caller: Yes. That’s correct.

    Larry: You work for a government agency in what country? Because you’re calling from Saskatchewan Canada.

    Caller: That might show up as that, yes.

    Larry: Okay, so you’re Canadian-so you’re Canadian and you’re calling and you’re leaving threatening and harassing messages, you’re claiming that you work for a government agency that is investigating the disability of Mr. Sinclair?

    Caller: We’re asking why are you working.

    Larry: Okay. First of all, you have not said who “we” are. Who are “we”?

    Caller: (laughs)

    Larry: Because your name listed–

    Caller: Larry, are you working or not?

    Larry: Sir, there is no one working as far as making a living…

    Caller: Are you working or not?

    Larry: Nope. Not at all, sir. And who are you? Who are you, Mister? Who are you? Do not call here asking questions unless you have the balls to identify who YOU are. Because you cannot DO that.

    Caller: It appears you’re working.

    Larry: Well, I don’t care what it appears to you. Who the hell are you?

    Caller: It doesn’t matter who I am.

    Larry: No, it does matter, no; it does matter, because YOU are one of these same idiots that had filed multiple, knowingly and intentionally false fraud reports with government agencies. That constitutes a felony under the United States Criminal Code. And I am recording your conversation at this moment, and I can assure you, sir, that you will be reported.

    Caller: That’s great!

    Larry: I will not play these games with you or any of your little group from the cesspool in 2012. I will go after you, and anything and everything that can possibly hurt you if you continue to threaten, harass, and fraudulently misrepresent yourself as a government employee. Do you understand that?

    Caller: Larry.

    Larry: Do you understand that?

    Caller: Are you working, Larry?

    Larry: Do you understand that?

    Caller: Are you working, Larry?

    Larry: No, I am not working. Now. Why

    Caller: Why are you running a website and a news-and

    Larry: I’m sorry, AGAIN. Again,

    Caller: You’re not working?

    Larry: Again, sir-

    Caller: Are you working?

    Larry: Sir, again, sir, rather than you continue to ask questions, identify yourself. Why are you so afraid to identify yourself, who you truly are, if you are doing what you claim you’re doing on a legal basis? Get some balls, boy! Don’t call and harass and make claims that you’ll never back up in a million years.

    Caller: No one’s harassing you, Larry.

    Larry: Yes you are.

    Caller: I’m just asking questions.

    Larry: No. You are calling me. You are fraudulently and feloniously claiming that you are a government employee, working for a government agency that is investigating my disability status. That is what I have you on voicemail as saying. That is a lie. That is fraud. That is harassment. Now, what part of that don’t you understand? Now, are you going to get some nuts about yourself and be a man, and identify yourself, or am I going to terminate this call, and start recording every time you call this number? I guess that was your answer, you hung up.

    The sounds of a phone left off the hook screeches as ‘Cesspool Bill’ hangs up the phone.

    You can listen to the actual audio of the call by clicking on the audio player below:

    The caller who Sinclair News has monitored for more than 4 years now enjoys making fraudulent claims by phone and sending fraudulent emails. SN identifies him as Cesspool Bill because he always used the name ‘Bill’ every time he posted comments. It is important to note these people stay camped on web sites and below demonstrates Bill’s obsession with Sinclair News and its staff.

    Visitor Analysis & System Spec

    Search Referral: — larry sinclair #1

    Host Name:

    IE 9.0

    IP Address:
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Cesspool Bill

    Operating System:

    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


    Returning Visits:


    Visit Length:
    Multiple visits spread over more than one day

    What you don’t get from The Blaze, Red State or The Other McCain reports are how these very individuals criminally use official computer systems to access peoples insurance records, medical records, Drivers License and License plate information without having any official reason for doing so and then publishing or sending the information to their associates for publication on the internet. Most of the time the information is edited to fit the posters intent to harass and defame…

    You don’t get how these people are assisted and in some instances already associated with web sites like the Daily Kos-Democratic Underground and Firedog Lake.

    You don’t get how a 68 year old woman was the target of a group of internet bloggers who took a photograph of her obtained from an email account they hacked into and placed a sex ad on the internet with her picture, address, and name and phone number.

    The man in the above voice message and call is but one of a group of individuals who continue to engaged in fraudulent acts by filing false fraud reports with federal agencies (which clearly state “Knowingly providing false statements to ….. Is a felony punishable by …..?) But it doesn’t stop them from making knowingly false statements.

    Sinclair News will in Part Two of this series expose the screen names and identities of some of those who have engaged in the filing of knowingly false reports; who hacked into accounts and/or are associated with and had knowledge of the criminal hacking at the time it was being committed; and more. We will also publish archived internet postings from these individuals admitting their criminal activities and boasting of their attacks on individuals and their children.

    Make no mistake about about it, some of these very individuals who are engaging in this Internet terrorist attacks are in fact Attorneys, Law Enforcement Officers, Government employees, Journalist employed by the very mainstream media outlets entrusted to report the news in a truthful and unbiased manner. They are Federal, State, County and Municiple employee’s, they are University faculty and they are students. These people are your Doctor’s and care provider’s who take an oath to cause no harm while hiding behind a screen name inflicting as much pain and destruction as they can get away with. Over this series of reports Exposing the Frauds you will see what The Blaze, Red State nor any of the media-Right or Left- bother to report or bring out into the disenfectnat known as Sun-light.

    We are going to bring you some of the disgusting photos these people have published attacking people while claiming they have the right to do so, but while seeking help from Public Citizens Litigation Group lawyer Paul A. Levy to keep their true identities secret.

    Other related articles which set the ground work for this series can been read

    Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012, Part I of III

    Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012 Part II of III

    Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012 Part III of III

    Now I love this part below…

    from Canadian Sinclair News- LS News Group identifies as Cesspool Bill from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    It’s as if he’s FOX News, with international correspondents , it’s A LAME CANUCK- TARD…

    Do NOT refer to my country when referring to your Snews site FatASS! But you know what? The crapshoot you posted, and not within view, only if you’re a TARD …it generated the $$$$ money that you were after eh?….. Badda-Bing! 😯

    CPAC Chicago Media Credentials Confirmed
    By Lawrence Sinclair
    June 1, 2012

    Sinclair News is proud to announce our intent to cover CPAC Chicago and live stream from the event on June 8, 2012. Thank you for registering to cover CPAC Chicago. We have received your application and are pleased to confirm your CPAC Chicago Media Credentials.

  32. Meesh says:

    This garbage posted above is FILLED with a pack of lies…(tear it apart). I kind of wondered why (at first) he kept this post somewhat undercover…. Same old grifter. What urks me, is the lame-brains who follow him, they pay the bucks and fall for this, and the expression bull-shit is WAY too mild.

    Now for the names that are posted on the CRAZY YouTube – the crazy “connecting the dots” chart, to me this is definitely violations. I only reposted the video because it is on FatAss’ lame website and ALSO on YouTube so you can see it ====? Report it.

    • gilligan25 says:


      FatBoy sounds agitated–I wonder if someone else cut him off from the money tree? I mean Doc Ila Peterson was the one who illegally obtained the death certificates for him and supplied him with a ton of moola, the fool. And we know Thorton Parson$ is his new Sugar Mama. He’s cycling through his abuse cycle is is going off the deep end again. I hope he doesn’t make the Obamas a target because I doubt if the USSS will put up with his shit and he could end up in jail or the looney bin again–as usual, he’s trying to play the victim card, and doing it badly. God knows no one should threaten his adult welfare, especially because he’s working and fully capable to working, the leech.

      But who in hell is Bill? I mean I know Barnacle Bill the Sailor:

      But a Bill here? Nope. I think he’s in active psychosis again.

    • Dennis says:

      Canadian Sinclair? What did you folks ever do to deserve this?

  33. kstreet607 says:

    Good morning everyone. Meesh, thanks for the update. Gilligan, hope all is going well with you, my friend. Dennis, et al, thanks…just thanks.

    • Dennis says:

      Thank you Kstreet for putting with me. Goodness, I don’t even count for Larry’s rage the way you do! Gee, it makes me feel small. However, I am not a black woman with a fully functioning brain. No wonder you scare the crap out of that asshole.

  34. Dennis says:

    Meesh and Gilligan,
    Yep, you can’t teach an old grifter new tricks. LardAss is off his meds and back on the crazy train. Same old, same old. First, bogus claims that his computer has crashed (this has to be the 50th time or something) followed by weird updates that he can’t do updates. Then a series of long-winded hysterical attacks against his perceived enemies (Kstreet, you lucky dog, you are still making the list). Eventually he will turn on his own supporters (Fart Persons and a couple of other dopes) while dropping dark hints of a fatal resolve. Finally, its back to WV for a tic-tac suicide attempt. They can start prepping the rubber room right now.

    So what happened? Sounds as if Karl Rove refused to put any Super PAC money into that crappy web site.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Karl Rove or Breitbart or….it’s too bad Larrdo didn’t add a line about Obama telling him, “you remind me of my birthplace in Kenya” or “Malcolm X/Frank Marshall Davis is my real father.” The birfers would open up their bank accounts to him and he wouldn’t be living in a trailer park.

      BTW, we’re coming up on a full moon. Just sayin’

      • Dennis says:

        There you go again. Now LardAss has a new “detail” to add to his story. Oh gee, thanks. Yes, I remember how Obama said that fateful night: “Fat ass, you remind me of my birthplace in Kenya. All rancid and snake ridden.” I see it now!

  35. kstreet607 says:

    Somebody tell me why this batshit crazy woman is requesting to follow me on Twitter? She’s so…”last year”! just like LardAss! (ROFL):

    Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. @DrOrlyTaitzEsq requested to follow you (@NubianBlogger).

    DrOrlyTaitzEsq Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.

    To defend the rights and freedoms that exist for all citizens in the United States
    Mission Viejo, CA

    • gilligan25 says:

      Someone at Fogbow also got a shoutout from Orly. She’s runing for US Senate against Feinstein, ya know, so she may be doing this to everyone in the world or something.

      She also has a couple cases coming up-one’s in Mississippi. This should be good. Mississippeans don’t cotton much to aliens (and I mean this in the “space creature” sense), especially in their courtrooms. I wish the court case was close enough for us to go–it’s going to be a laff riot. IIRC, she’s subpoenaed 90 jillion people for the hearing, none properly, but she expects them to show anyway.

      • gilligan25 says:

        Oooopsie! Orly sent out the subpoenae in an Indiana birfer case.Nothing’s been scheduled in the Magnolia state yet.

        • kstreet607 says:

          Oooopsie! Orly sent out the subpoenae in an Indiana birfer case.Nothing’s been scheduled in the Magnolia state yet.

          The beyotch is certified nuts! LOL!

      • kstreet607 says:

        Ok, that makes more sense…she’s doing blanket requests to gin up support. I thought for a minute that she and LardAss were trying to entrap me or something! LOL Thanks Gili…

    • Dennis says:

      Good grief, you are just one popular lady. All I ever get are robocalls from Mitt Romney. Wait a minute. I did get one call from a nutter super PAC who wanted me to cough up dough in the fight against Obamacare. But you get attention from all of the prize nutters.

      • kstreet607 says:

        LOL Dennis. No, I’ll take Gilligan’s explanation: she’s running for office and trying to shore up support, regardless of political affiliation.

  36. kstreet607 says:

    Regarding LardAss…I’ve been recycling some of the stuff on SW. I notice the up-tick in viewers on that website, so I decided to give them an eyeful, every few days….

  37. gilligan25 says:

    This Supremes tune is dedicated to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker:

    Oopsie….and coming a mere two days before the recall election, too….

  38. Dennis says:

    Hot news flash:
    LardBrain is now a foreign correspondent as he “writes” a new posting about how Obama has failed to get a corruption conviction against Hosni Mubarak!!!! I am not making this crap up. Turd Boy seems to think that Obama removed Mubarak from power (must have missed that news story – I thought it was all of those really pissed off Egyptians and the Egyptian army) and I seem to have the impression that Mubarak was actually sentenced to life in prison and for some reason, it would appear that neither the US nor Obama have had all that much real influence over an extremely massive uprising. But in Lardo’s World it is all about Obama (which in his feverish brain makes it all about himself). What a dumb ass. No wonder he ain’t getting any money from the usual wing nutter cash cows.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Oh, seriously? He’s delusional, truly out-of-touch-with-reality delusional. Mubarak was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, so what’s FatBoy bitching about? You mean he’s encouraging the US to interfere in another country’s court system? Larrdo Sinklair, a pantsload of bullshit.

      • Dennis says:

        Oh heck, the dingbat also has a rambling error-filled piece accusing Al Sharpton of revoking bond for George Zimmerman. Coming soon the historian LardAss will explain how John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln in self-defense.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Dennis, the guy is definitely off his meds!

      • Dennis says:

        As I said previously, alert WV. Before the end of summer we may have another death by tic-tac scam coming up.

  39. gilligan25 says:

    I dedicate this Supremes tune to Gov. Scott Walker R-Wisconsin:

    Whoops! And coming two days before the recall election, too:

  40. gilligan25 says:


    Two of my posts (well, okay, one”s a rewrite of the first) have been swallowed into cyberspace.

    They’re all about Wisco Guv Scott Walker and his love child….

    • kstreet607 says:

      Gilligan, I don’t see anything hanging in the “comment” section of this site’s “dashboard”.

    • Dennis says:

      Strangely enough, a link to this story at another site also went poof. I would assume that this is just a problem with the connecting web site but it is an interesting coincidence.

  41. gilligan25 says:

    Okay, here’s the link to the Scott Walker love child story:

    I wonder what he said–the story claims he said “it’s not my child,” but there’s my fave: “she got herself pregnant.” It’s amazing how many virgin births there are out there.

    He told her to get an abortion (not that he’d help pay for it), this from someone attending the very Catholic Marquette University.

    And the recall election is on Tuesday. I wonder if Walker will comment by then….

  42. gilligan25 says:


    Then they all went poof! I think that happened because the posts have links but I didn’t expect them to vanish….

    • gilligan25 says:

      I looked at the story and it says “wrong Scott Walker.” Well, not so fast.

      I worked in this area for a very long time.

      1. The case number Milwaukee Journal Sentinel refers to in the “wrong” Scott Walker” case is not correct for a paternity action. The middle two numbers of the wrong Walker case are FA. This refers to a divorce or legal separation action. The case with the Guv Walker is referring to a paternity action. The middle two letters of that case would be PA for paternity.

      2. The story says that the woman got pregnant in 1988 when Walker was running for student body president of Marquette. That means the baby would be born in 1988 or 1989. It takes a while to establish paternity, especially at that time. If Walker fought it, the case could’ve taken a year or two. DNA test results took months and was very expensive. Not all records from that time are listed in the Wisconsin Circuit Court data base. It says so right on the first page of WCCA.

      3. Paternity records from that time period were sealed and were not listed in WCCA.

      4. Unless there was some recent activity, the case filed would be archived in some warehouse and would take a couple weeks (or more) to get that file over to the Clerk of Courts office. It would not be done immediately becauses some reporter wants the file.

      5. Walker and the woman in question can deny all they want. Until they release that case file, no one is going to know the results of the paternity test.

      I could go on and on, but I’m more than a little suspicious of the claims that it was the “wrong” Scott Walker. Or I could be wrong.

  43. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, Chuck Norris is working the phones for Scott Walker. Gee, what a surprise. Guess ol’Chuck is moving past his repeated need to make one of the most reactionary forces ever to tote a badge (the true story of the Texas Rangers in the 20th Century ain’t pretty) look good.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Hell, Chuck Norris is 71 or 72. His face is probably relying on plastic surgery scars and botox for structure.

      And no surprise he’s backing Walker. In the last election, he was a big supporter of Huckabee.

  44. Dennis says:

    OK, the Lardo World update (a special service to spare the innocent from exposure):
    Fart Person drones on and on about the recall election and how the Left (that is a majority of the voters in Wisconsin) are up to no good because (drum roll please) they are working hard to find every vote they can against Scott Walker. Yes, those commie bastards are using democracy. The horror, the horror (note to Parsons: this is a reference to a story by Joseph Conrad – I thought I better explain this since you keep making some odd mistakes in your grammar and I am beginning to think you may have been teaching gym or something like that instead of English).

    Yes sir, all of those union folks and Lefties and anyone else to the left of Miz Parsons (which is a mighty long list and would include some surprising names) better quit that democratic process stuff or else….

  45. gilligan25 says:

    Dennis, Parsons is anotherFaux News junkie. Apparently the new GOP meme is that the left is going to steal the election due to voter fraud (and to cover their asses if Walker loses, grounds for a recount, grounds for lawsuits), without any proof, of course. They seem to be upset that there’s already a huge voter turnout for early voting, and in areas that are strong Dem areas at that. I mean they’ve tried every voter supression trick in the book (except the Florida model, but who can top them) so far and I figure there’ll be more bullshit tomorrow.

    You can bet the poll watchers will be out in force, ditto for monitors,and I read that there’ll also be plenty of law enforcement around, too. You can also bet there will be GOP intimidation of voters in Dem areas.

    Parsons didn’t happen to mention the John Doe probe into Walker’s county exec office, did she? No? So far, about a half a dozen arrests–including one guy who stole money from a veterans organization to fund vacations with his companion–and at least a dozen members of his county exec staff getting immunity to compel testimony after they took the 5th during the John Doe probe….and that Walker just transferred $100k into his legal defense fund…it’s going to get very interesting, especially if Walker has received his target letter (no one will confirm this) from the feds, as is the buzz.

  46. kstreet607 says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Dennis and Gilligan, you always give us some very useful info about what’s happening in Larrdville. Thanks for that. 🙂

  47. Dennis says:

    In other words, folks are trying to exercise their right to a democratic process and Walker et al are trying real hard to derail it by any means possible. Same old, same old. Meanwhile, a solid wing nutter like Parsons is so busy promoting half-truths, half-baked falsehoods and outright lies and deceptions that she can’t even tell what’s what anymore because her brains long ago oozed out her ears.

    Which is why LardAss depends upon the PayPal button. God only knows that his “supporters” can’t write their own name to a check.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Given that Walker has spent over $21 mil (plus more from the super pacs) to hang onto his seat says a lot–and the race has tightened considerably. Wisconsinites are damn sick of being barraged by ads, calls, you name it, but they’ll only have a few months respite before the presidential campaign.

      And yeah, Parsons is channeling the head of the GOP, the guy with no chin and the funny name–Reince Priebus–is from Wisco. He’s the one throwing out the illegal voting claim, with no proof. No doubt he’s talking about Milwaukee and Madison, two Dem strongholds. If Walker can’t come close in the those two counties, he’s lost the race. There aren’t enough votes in the rest of the counties to overcome a big lead by Barrett in Milwaukee and Madison.

      But will the GOP try to intimidate voters, try to surpress the vote? Of course.

  48. kstreet607 says:

    Good morning all. It will be very interesting watching the WI election unfold.

    Gilligan, it just dawned on me that WI is your home state. There’s talk of families and friends not talking to each other over the campaigns, Barrett calls it a “civil war” between the parties. This is going to be volatile, either way it goes. I guarantee that both sides will cry foul if the other side wins. Foul=”voter fraud”.

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