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Has Larry Sinclair Abandoned His Lie About Barack Obama?

on March 20, 2012

I personally think his handlers have told him to put it on the back burner for now.

I also agree with LTL when he said:

That’s what I was wondering, Dennis. I figure someone else is footing the bills over there, but certainly not to the point where they are paying salaries. But on the other hand maybe they ARE paying salaries. Maybe that’s why Legion added his no account nephew “Shanon – not -Shannon” as a “contributer.”

I’ll bet some right wing fat cat weirdos are footing the bills ’till just the right time to bring Legion forward with one last “I blew Obama who killed Donald Young” production. They hope by then they will have rehabilitated his image enough that everyone won’t say “Phew” at the mention of his name.

Whatever the case is, I believe that Larry Sinclair has become irrelevant to a majority of his ex-supporters, many internet radio hosts, and a lot of our own Regulators.

After his faux suicide attempt, Sinclair has become a “has been”.

So the question that begs to be asked is…why are we still talking about the creep?

For me, it’s a matter of keeping a record of all his public faux pas, threats and outright craziness for all to see whenever he decides to come out from behind the shadows.

What’s your reason?


168 responses to “Has Larry Sinclair Abandoned His Lie About Barack Obama?

  1. Dennis says:

    By any normal standards, SinkLiar should have crawled back under his rock about 4 years ago. But so far this whole century has been anything but normal. Not only is he still hanging around the distant outer layers of reality, but he (and more so who ever is footing his bill) will try to make a come back (no matter how looney the tale). Besides, watching this freak show is the closest thing I currently have to a hobby (can’t stand stamp collecting).

  2. kstreet67 says:

    Besides, watching this freak show is the closest thing I currently have to a hobby (can’t stand stamp collecting).

    Good answer Dennis! LOL

  3. LongTimeLurker says:

    I agree with Dennis in this regard. Legion is one of the best sideshows amongst a variety of goofy sideshows surrounding the current presidential term, as well as the upcoming presidential election.

    I think I like to tend to keep up with Legion’s antics for the same reason I like to watch Zombie and Vampire movies.

  4. Dennis says:

    Call me sick but just took a quick roll through LardoLand. Ever noticed how many of Parsons’ headlines have to do with food (e.g Eyes on the Fries)? A list of beach related businesses where you just mention the name “Sinclair” and you get a “discount” (is this besides the usual blow ‘n go)? There’s some person called “Dr. Gayle” shamelessly promoting various quack (but available for purchase) remedies? My oh my. Are they competing with The Huffington Post or The Weekly World News? Either way, they lose.

  5. borat says:

    Fuck heads website is by FAR one of the worst I have EVER seen.

    no focus,disorganized, scamming for money all over the place…… well its fitting because its just like SinLiar

  6. kstreet67 says:

    Helloooo anybody here?

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      I’m here kstreet. I was tied up all yesterday (not literally :))

      I don’t know where folks are, but I sure hope we keep on going thru the election. I’m getting emails from WND every day announcing what Sheriff Arpaio and other Obama bashers are doing to sabotage Obama’s re-election. And I do not doubt for one moment that eventually a final effort will be made to make something out of Legion’s allegations. Won’t we feel stupid if we have gone virtually defunct by then?

      So I hope ALL Regulators continue to contribute until after the election. It’s not that far away.

  7. LongTimeLurker says:

    Today’s Joke

    “How are you doing?” said a young guy bumping into his friend at the bar.

    “I was fine…until last night.”

    “Why? What happened?”

    “My girlfriend and I were talking about how many people we had slept with.”

    “Oh, what did she say?”

    “She said she could count the number of guys she’s slept with on one hand.”

    “That’s good, surely?”

    “Yeah, I was relieved…but then I saw she was holding a calculator.”


  8. borat says:

    SIN-Liar has a really nice Hacked stats counter its 5.4 mill now , I saw it increase 1500 hits in 2 mins..

    Nice try FAT ASS

  9. Dennis says:

    Larry’s ranking from Alexa:
    This site is claimed, but not certified. Click to open menu

    Founded by Lawrence (Larry) W. Sinclair (from what started four years ago as allegations against then Senator Barack Obama on January 17, 2008) LS News Group is a 24-hour news site providing original reporting from an experienced team of reporters, thoug
    Statistics Summary for

    There are 601,193 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than Relative to the overall population of internet users, the site’s users tend to be between the ages of 55 and 65, and they tend to be users earning between $60,000 and $100,000 who have more children. The site is based in the US. The fraction of visits to referred by search engines is roughly 3%, and visitors to the site view an average of 1.1 unique pages per day. Show Less
    Alexa Traffic Rank Reputation
    Global 601,194
    Global Rank

    Flag No data
    Rank in US

    Sites Linking In

    Should also be noted that his stats are a total starting from 2008. His recent monthly rankings are pretty low.

  10. borat says:

    Sorry Dennis I should have clarified,

    3 weeks ago his stat counter was only at 4.3 mill , and your correct that was from 2008.

    • kstreet67 says:

      Sinclair sees himself as a “Master Manipulator”.

      Hence his delusions of grandeur from the onset of the video in 2008 to “bringing Obama to his knees” to his attempts to prevent Obama from winning the Democratic nomination to his press conference to his faux suicide and finally seeing himself as a future media mogul with that piece of junk LSN.

      I may have missed a few. You guys can fill in the parts I missed. (This oughta be fun.)

    • Dennis says:

      That’s OK because these counter systems are often confusing. BTW, his stats for the past three months (as they became a “news site”) are virtually running flat. He actually got lots of readers last year during most of his crazy periods. His “serious” period is a bust.

  11. democratista says:

    Thank God…I can comment. Sorry K…I was having trouble logging in. I have no idea why.

    So here are my thoughts…not to be contrary, but I disagree with the idea that Lardy has any handlers or will become any kind of distraction during this election. I think he just moves on to the next thing that can make him some money and not jeopardize his federal assistance and that’s what he’s done. I really don’t believe there is any conspiracy. I’m just not into conspiracy on the right or left.

    • kstreet67 says:

      You might be right, Demo…but I have to ask myself…who’s bank rolling his “site” and who’s paid for his trip to CPAC including hotel fees?

      One could tell that Lardass got some sort of infusion of cash when he first started his “new media ’empire’.”

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      Hey democratista!

      It’s refreshing to know that not everyone thinks like me. But there’s one sure way to find out who’s right – stick around and see.

      Personally I’m real big on right wing conspiracies – from Lincoln’s assassination to the recent efforts to pass voter suppression legislation.

      • Dennis says:

        Sometimes I think that all of life is a vast conspiracy. But with Lardo’s site…Clearly a strange pack of folks seem to be at work trying to steer the site into some form of wing nutter “news” site in the hopes of making money either through ads or (more likely) money via SuperPac operators. They have LardButt on meds and using him as a tent pole while re-tooling nonstop (though the results ain’t exactly cool).

        But when I went through the Alexa ratings yesterday for the site, guess what? The highest rating were for the period when LardBrain was ranting and raving like a total loon. The “news” stuff of the past three months was totally flat lining.

        So they may need to bring back the total freak. They are losing it otherwise.

        • LongTimeLurker says:

          That’s why I think Legion’s handlers are just treading water right now, waiting for the right moment for Legion’s last “I blew Obama while he murdered Donald Young” lurch.

          Democratista thinks he’s simply moved on to the next thing. But from what you tell us about the stats, it looks like Legion’s news ain’t what’s next.

      • kstreet67 says:

        Personally I’m real big on right wing conspiracies – from Lincoln’s assassination to the recent efforts to pass voter suppression legislation.

        Looks like you and I are the conspiracy theorists, LTL. I’m in agreement with all of the above…

  12. democratista says:

    Now….furthermore….did y’all see the heckler yesterday at the President’s speech in Ohio? My heart skipped a beat for a minute when I heard what he said to the heckler. Imagine it’s Lardy. Of course, it wasn’t. I doubt he could even get into any Presidential speech, but I can imagine his fantasies that it was him. Just listen to what the Pres said:

    • kstreet67 says:

      Wow! You’re right Demo…I’m certain Larry has imagined himself in that exchange and just might write about it, telling people it was him! He loves to insert himself in news about Obama.

  13. Dennis says:

    Just dawned on me that Mr. Newsman extraordinaire lives practically next door to the site of the hottest (though most horrible) story of the year and there has been virtually no peep (and certainly not from LardButt). Like what’s the give? Is he gathering his notes while pounding out copy? Or just is he just pounding, if you know what I mean.

    BTW, more I learn about the Stand Your Ground Law I am starting to realize that they just legalized murder down in Florida. Gee, what another swell “gift” from the damn Bush family.

  14. LongTimeLurker says:

    I hope none of us has reached this stage in life.

    Today’s Joke

    An elderly widow and widower were dating for about five years. The man finally decided to ask her to marry. She immediately said “yes”.

    The next morning when he awoke, he couldn’t remember what her answer was! He thought “Was she happy? I think so, wait, no, she looked at me funny…”

    After about an hour of trying to remember to no avail, he got on the telephone and gave her a call. Embarrassed, he admitted that he didn’t remember her answer to the marriage proposal.

    “Oh”, she said, “I’m so glad you called. I remembered saying ‘yes’ to someone, but I couldn’t remember who it was.”


  15. kstreet67 says:

    Good morning. Happy Sunday to everyone…

    For all you cat lovers (I’m one)…this one’s for you.

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      Now see, that video really messes with my mind. I do not like cats. I don’t hate them and wouldn’t try to harm one. (I simply wasn’t thinking that time as a kid when i tried to drop one off my garage roof and he ran up my arm and my face and escaped.) But I definitely don’t LIKE them. Big cats are a different story.

      Then why does that video make me feel warm and fuzzy? I just don’t understand myself sometimes.

  16. LongTimeLurker says:

    Sometimes I feel kinda self conscious and embarrassed wondering what Canadians must think of America. W T F ?????

  17. kstreet67 says:

    Good morning to whomever is out there…

  18. LongTimeLurker says:

    Kinda curious as to where everyone is hiding – and why – especially when there is so much in the news to talk about – Trayvon Martin developments, Supreme Court arguments on Health Care, Afghanistan murders, presidential election, etc.

    I am also surprised that kstreet and Dennis are the only ones who have commented on the Trayvon Martin tragedy – especially when even Legion’s Nasty News has a lot to say about it. I guess you are all just being honest. You simply don’t give that much of a damn. And that’s precisely why these kinds of things keep happening.

    • kstreet607 says:

      I guess you are all just being honest. You simply don’t give that much of a damn.

      That’s just it, LTL…your GUESS is that our Regs just don’t give a damn. But you can’t conclude what you said is a fact. Folks stopped posting here long before the Trayvon Martin case exploded. Now as to the reason…I have no clue and cannot begin to figure it out.

  19. Dennis says:

    To be honest, I think some folks are still having problems adjusting to the new site (especially not helped by the way WordPress has lately been routinely changing various functions).

    As for the Trayvon Martin case, it is just possible that some folks are still having the “Are they f**king serious” response. For example, the new claim that Martin may have attempted to take the gun away from Zimmerman (hence attempting to shift the blame to the victim). Of course, when you see some unknown idiot jumping out of a SUV and running at you with a gun, I suspect that most of us might be hitting the panic button and just might do something like attempting to disarm the jackass. Now there are those who might even be tempted to pull out their own piece and blow that mother away which ironically enough would have been fine under the laws of Florida. The whole state is a free fire zone.

  20. Dennis says:

    Zimmerman told police teen punched him before fatal shooting

    Am I missing something, or has no one bothered just yet to produce a coroner’s report on Martin or to describe what sort of condition Zimmerman was in that night (little things like a basic toxicology report as well as any bruises or anything). In the news stories, Zimmerman was vague interviewed by the police and then told to go home. It certainly sounds as if he was not appearing either noticeably bruised or injured. On the other hand, the crime scene being described seems to suggest that Martin may have actually been shot in the back of his head while on the ground.

  21. kstreet67 says:

    Good morning Borat, Dennis and LTL. Good morning Ghosts of the original Regulator.

  22. Dennis says:

    From the magical land of the nutters:

    ATLAH preacher urges Christians to cover Sheriff Joe Arpaio in prayer over birther investigation
    March 26, 2012 By God Discussion Reporter 43 Comments

    Manning on ArpaioMaricopa County, AZ, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is saving America from hell and Christians need to pray for him, according to Dr. James David Manning of ATLAH Media Network. Manning is the preacher who previously proclaimed that Oprah Winfrey is the anti-Christ. Winfrey, President Barack Obama and Dr. Jeremiah Wright orchestrated “the Trinity of Hell,” according to Manning.

    Ah, Sheriff Joe and his Cold Case of Beer Posse is in fine company…

  23. borat says:

    Good day K Street 🙂

  24. kstreet67 says:

    Good morning all…

    Did anyone see Lawrence O’Donnell last night? Wow, it was absolutely explosive! O’Donnell and New York Times writer, Charles Blow literally eviscerate alleged George Zimmerman “friend” Joe Oliver. I found it mesmerizing and even a bit shocking… (Pt.1) (Pt. 2)

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      I saw it too, kstreet.

      What a disgusting clown, that Joe Oliver. He’s obviously nothing more than a sicko, down on his luck opportunist who sees a chance to inject his name into a national story in a way that he hopes will inure to his benefit. He has simply calculated that he has more to win from his idiocy than he has to lose.

      After last night, I don’t know why any T.V. network would give him more coverage. Nevertheless, there he was today, on the Thomas Roberts show (on MSNBC, once again) talking his same nonsense.

  25. democratista says:

    Hi Everyone…

    LTL…it’s a little bit of a stretch to say that not writing here means you don’t care about Trayvon Martin. Isn’t it? I think of this as a place MOSTLY though not entirely to vent about the fatty tuna (love that name).

    There are a few things that hit me in the gut about the Trayvon Martin case. My son (and actually I) walk around in baggy pants and hoodies and I think it’s disguisting that anyone (you Geraldo) consider that suspicious. No…it’s walking around like that while being Black. This is one of the things that I said to people when I got the “Obama’s not really Black” argument. Not now…but when he was anonymous….if he was walking around in some White neighborhood, would he have been viewed as Black (ie, suspicious)? The answer is I can definitely see it. Even though he has more class and intelligence than the general population, IMHO, he would have been seen as some potential law breaker. And that’s what happened to Trayvon. I don’t buy that George Zimmerman was under threat. Trayvon was on top of him? Oh really…he could have rolled over on the kid. Look at the difference in size. No way in a one on one fist fight that Trayvon was going to over power him. I don’t buy it.

    And I want to say that Trayvon’s parents have been amazing…and I’ll say particularly his mother who has been a woman of grace and dignity. Protest, but be peaceful. The resemblance between his mother and Trayvon is unmistakable. I don’t get the impression that he didn’t have a sense of right and wrong. My own son had some behaviour problems in high school (suspensions), but he is basically a good, caring person. I feel as a mother that this is a huge loss.

    (stepping off my soapbox now)….

    • kstreet607 says:

      Demo thanks for your response. All I can say is YOU ARE ON POINT! You “get it”. 🙂

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      I know you weren’t commenting just because I bitched a little bit, but your expressions of understanding, as a parent are, nevertheless, comforting.

      Speaking of parents, I have to say kudos to Trayvon’s Mom and Dad. Did they rise to the occasion or what! They sure did rally ’round their boy! In a superbly dignified manner they embodied the universal love any responsible parent would have for their child as well as the pain and outrage any parent would feel under these circumstances. And they made use of the most modern of technologies to cry out for justice.

      If the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree, Trayvon’s death was quite a loss. Except that Mom and Dad have made sure it won’t be in vain.

  26. democratista says:

    LTL…no…I had been gathering my thoughts on Trayvon for quite a while. Part of me feels like I can’t get it the way KStreet can. I don’t have to have that (shudder) talk with my son about the extra special care he has to take in being aware of his surroundings. I just cannot imagine the fear.

  27. Dennis says:

    I have noticed that some of the usual right wing blow hards are finally crawling out from under their rocks and attempting to argue in favor of Zimmerman. Too bad Martin’s school records mostly suggest a teenager going through some form of development crisis. Between his parents divorce, his father’s girlfriend etc. I have no doubt that there were some heightened family issues going on here. However, the actual point of the investigation is about him being shot to death by Zimmerman (who, by the way, obviously has a ton of personal development issues going as well – heck, he actually has an arrest record for violence). Add to this Zimmerman’s own account of what happened which is packed with irrational actions on Zimmerman’s part (for example, when the police tell you not to pursue someone, that doesn’t mean to pull over, jump out of the car, and give chase – also BTW, even in his own account Zimmerman is clearly the main aggressive agent – sure, he obviously didn’t know how to handle either himself or the situation but he was acting in an overt aggressive manner – heck, if I had been in Martin’s situation I would have kicked the jerk in his nuts).

    Zimmerman’s own story stinks twenty different ways (it would be near impossible to prove or disprove, but I personally don’t believe for a moment that he was reaching for his “cell phone” when Martin supposedly jumped him – unless his carrier is Smith & Wesson). And by the way, if Zimmerman supposedly got a broken nose from this “fight,” isn’t it odd that the paramedics who examined him on site didn’t seem to have noticed. Weird. My experience with EMT suggests that they are often pretty good at noticing these things.

    So no matter what, the issue isn’t about Martin. It’s about the shooter. The rest is just bullshit.

  28. Meesh says:

    LTL siad:
    Kinda curious as to where everyone is hiding – and why – especially when there is so much in the news to talk about – Trayvon Martin developments, Supreme Court arguments on Health Care, Afghanistan murders, presidential election, etc.

    I was not hiding, unfortunately – my computer went on the fritz, my monitor died, life happens LTL, it’s not all about individuals .People get sick, and “stuff” breaks. I can now view, for me here in Canada as much as I have grasped within all of this, it’s unfortunate – however I cannot comment about it, it’s not my place.

    Thanks KStreet (with me) you are never alone.I love what you do!
    PS I abhor the POS!

    • Dennis says:

      Please feel free to tell us yanks that we’re crazy. Basically, you would be right. I’m a yank. I think I am going crazy. All started back in 2001 when we were hijacked to Bizarro Earth….

      • Meesh says:


        No one’s in Canada political season is done within a few months, that’s it, it’s done. Is it right? Not sure I think it’s within 6 weeks when CRAP flies, here… However the longevity to elect the highest rank in the world (in my opinion) gets muddied… I respect your system, however I am Conservative within my views, I think. I KNOW President Barak Obama is the man who can do the job. So much crap, flies in that that muddies the waters. This cost lots right? Nuff said. These current issues (unfortunate) should not have any effect for 2012 for the highest position in the world. It’s your vote that determines a worldwide outcome.

  29. Meesh says:

    . Basically, you would be right. I’m a yank. I think I am going crazy. All started back in 2001 when we were hijacked to Bizarro "

    A yank, going crazy? No, don’t feel this way Dennis or anyone here. Within any USA political discourse, you and many posters that I have the opportunity to “read” about, I am learning, by reading, I have no idea, please educate me, all of you, I may not comment, but I do love to read your views. Never despair please continue and voice your thoughts, I am absorbing reasonable thoughts from my Regulators. My Yanky friends who I embrass! Admittedly I had absolutely had no clue, until 2008 when FA entered my life (shudder) at that point USA politics took an interest, I took a close look as I still do. Thanks guys! Sidebar or a touché how much do you guys know about “my” country?

    With love a canuck friend.

    • Dennis says:

      Unfortunately, most folks down here know very little about Canada. Heck, I didn’t really come to know about the Plains of Abraham until I started reading those mystery novels by Louise Penny.

  30. kstreet67 says:

    ::::Waving @ Meesh::::

  31. kstreet67 says:

    What the hell is wrong with the video below…of Zimmerman entering the police station for the first time after the murder of Trayvon Martin?

    Hint…no broken nose, no bloodied head…no grass stained jacket. Not to mention the casualness of the officers toward Zimmerman as well as Zimmerman’s extraordinary composure over just shooting a 17 yr. old kid.

    • Dennis says:

      OK, his face is showing no signs of bruising, swelling, not even the normal black eyes you would get from a broken nose. In fact, he looks pretty much untouched. Looks a good shape too. Took off a lot of weight, seems pumped up, in fighting trim. Oh gee, are we going somewhere with this?

      • kstreet67 says:

        Oh gee, are we going somewhere with this?

        To trial I hope!

        • Dennis says:

          Well, Zimmerman seems to be passing on word that he is looking forward to his day in court. Of course he would actually have to appear in court and he seems to be pretty much a no show to everything else. BTW, how many more proxies is he sending out to do his spin?

  32. kstreet67 says:

    Good morning Fellow Regs…Happy Friday…

  33. Meesh says:

    Howdy KStreet and all!

    I have been looking through the LS SNOOZE…. I will not reprint what the top knotch gossip-reporter had to report…keep in mind this, FA takes numerous pills that “he” takes,we also saw them om many videos that ‘he’ placed on video sitting on his nightstand , he told the world about it…. first of all I must point out what he had to REPRORT here

    Forklift Accident Kills Former US Postal Service Employee in Savannah
    March 28, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    No, I am not posting this here, however here’s the link

    FatAss made 3 updates so far….

    I do enjoy the comments.

    Here goes…

    Michelle S. · 8 hours ago
    Dear Mr. “News Reporter”. As a writer, it is your responsibility to write the article so that the readers understand your point. If all of the readers took your point as bashing Mrs. Cobb, then you sir are a terrible reporter. You didn’t get your point across, or you are backtracking now. I’ve never heard of you, so I assume you are either new at this or your stories are so often bogus that no one takes you seriously. If Stephen King didn’t get the point across in his books, he’d be a nobody too. You get to choose the focus of your story, and you did so by bashing Mrs. Cobb. Now you are attempting to take it back, but are doing a terrible job at that. . Why would you choose to point out that she was on Xanex (whether she was or wasn’t)? By stating that in your article, you are implying that the accident was her fault. I pray someone doesn’t write a story like this after you die in a terrible accident so that your family can read something like this while the death is so new and they are grieving for the loss of an amazing lady. Shame on you.

    and this…

    concerned citizen · 9 hours ago
    Obviously your source is aware of your reputaion and is as irreponsible as you. The so called “close family friend” that gave you the information is no more than a spitefull and vindictive person who more than likely was turned down for a job based on their own issues. They jumped @ the opportunity to use you to slander the name of a women via the internet. It is my hope that you are held accountable for your irresponsible behavior and that the family seeks compensation for damages. Mrs Cobb worked on the job for seven years and was promoted to full time a year ago. Is it not against the law to publish such information as is in your article ? Will be praying for god’s healing to the hearts of all Dianne’s family and friends. This publication should be shut down and Mr. Sinclair should be ashamed of himself.

    Jessica · 1 day ago
    To think that this “news outlet” would attempt to sensationalize the story of an amazing woman losing her life in a terrible accident is unprofessional, hurtful, and downright DISGUSTING. You obviously know absolutely nothing about the Cobb family, because if you did, your conscience would never allow you to post such hurtful and slanderous statements. Mrs. Cobb is the most wonderful woman I have ever had the privilege of knowing, and this loss is going to affect thousands of people for many years. Mrs. Cobb never met a stranger, and spread happiness everywhere she went. You have no respect for her family, and the process of grieving they are trying to work through. Stop being a bully & posting comments from anonymous sources. There is no truth to what you have editorialized. PRINT THE NEWS, NOT HURTFUL, HERE-SAY BULL. You make me sick. Have some respect. If I were as horrible a person as you, I would have some very choice words for you… Grow up & learn how to be a compassionate human being.

    Lady with a Brain · 1 day ago
    Great job “Sinclair News”. It’s disgusting and irresponsible to post fiction as fact, to try to sensationalize a tragedy, and exploit innocent, wonderful people (who you don’t know) in order to atttract attention to you website. This is the first and last time I will read or post anything on your gossip blog & I hope everyone else joins me in never visiting this site again!I fully expect you to only post this and not my previous replies (or perhaps none at all); however, I do not care. It just proves my point.

    Now POS got rid of many comments, how convenient… someone had the audacity to place Ben Smith article… anyway I can no longer see this. FatAss reporting/regurgitating?
    Place FatAss once again, it’s FAIL! Once again I do not see what he wrote within his defense….. 3 links total BS.

  34. kstreet67 says:

    To whomever is interested…for your edification:

  35. borat says:

    WOW is Fat ASS ever a shitty “Reproter” even with his LWA and Asters degree

  36. Meesh says:


    I just meant I did not want to spread what he had to say about the woman who was killed…his words, gossipy imo.. just a link to his article that’s all. It’s ok if you placed a link at SW or even wrote about it, I felt that you would be able to tackle it, in a better way then what I could… Don’t remove it.

    Now here’s the Ben Smith comment… LOL

    Family friend · 2 days ago
    Hey guys, after my blood began to boil and I posted my previous comment, I decided to see what I could find out about the “reporter” of this story, Mr. Sinclair. The good reader is advised to visit the following website, and although those of us who know and care about the Cobb family may be infuriated by this story, we can read the information on this link, and consider the source!!!…

    Hello Mr. Sinclair… I dare you to post this!

    this one too hahahahaha

    Amanda · 2 days ago
    Excuse my grammar but i’m pissed andI will be the first to say that this website is full of shit and should not throw things out in the the virtual world so quick without even knowing the exact situation!! And I also know that there is a privacy act that prohibits certain information thrown out into the public… SO hopefully this story is removed off of this lame ass website!!!!!

    What FatAss did though, he removed all of his comments as moderator…. he had many comments in there a few days ago, that somehow went *POOF*. Below the article it says 42 comments however you can only read 18 comments WTF.

    Oh here I found one from the POS. SCOOP POOP.. talking in a third person, what a nutcase he is… 🙄

    19 hours ago Larry Sinclair
    @Concerned Citizen: Perhaps you are aware of Mr. Sinclair’s reputation of breaking numerous news stories before any of the mainstream media even knew it was coming. As for Mr. Sinclair’s reputation, unlike most, Mr. Sinclair does not run from nor hide any part of his past, present or future.

    Now as to your assumptions allow us to respond: First, no the individual who provided the information has never applied for nor been turned down for any position by the ILA or any other employer at the Port. Second: No one has “slandered” anyone in the article. The fact that Mrs. Cobb was in the position she was while taking a medically prescribed medication which is claimed to have issues of safety is newsworthy and is something officials should be aware of in investigating the accident. It is not “slander” when you report the truth.

    Lastly: No one at Sinclair News and certainly not Mr. Sinclair did anything in reporting this story that would or should be cause for those who have taken the information in it as somehow being an attack on Mrs. Cobb. As for your the family “seeking compensation for damages,” we can only wonder what damages you feel anyone has suffered due to a factual report concerning a death taking place in a dangerous work environment?

    If you look here—-> you will see all Administrator’s comments and you can also tell who is LSAdministrator… within each comment you can see Larry Sinclair.
    What can I say, he’s an *idiot*.

    • kstreet67 says:

      Meesh you are an excellent researcher. Thanks for the above info. I blocked my last post on SW until I heard from you. I’m more clear on what you were saying, now.

  37. Dennis says:

    Lardo has been found wanting as a news reporter? He even gets testy and deletes critical comments? What a surprise. Now the real question: Why was he even doing this story? OK, his stupid “news” site is sort of a cross between The Weekly Weird News and the collected ramblings of Parsons, but still, this so called news report doesn’t even make sense within the alleged “political” reporting of the site. I realize that LardBrain and his so-called assistants are just jerking off every day while making stuff up as they go along but still…they are putting the “less” into “pointless.”

    BTW, how are the subscriptions going for this site?

  38. kstreet67 says:

    BTW, how are the subscriptions going for this site?

    NOT good, Dennis. I’m beginning to think this might be a waste of time. However, keeping the site up is not a problem. I take a “wait and see” position regarding this site.

    • Dennis says:

      Actually, I am talking about LardBrain’s site. As I seem to recall, he was (at the beginning) trying to sell subscriptions at wildly inflated levels. Over here, I suspect the biggest problem is that SinkLiar just isn’t too inspiring at the moment. God forgive me for saying this, but we need the wild and deranged Lardo of old.

  39. kstreet67 says:

    God forgive me for saying this, but we need the wild and deranged Lardo of old.


  40. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, in the Martin case I am wondering how long it will take the “real” news reporters to start asking some basic questions. For example, it would appear that Zimmerman didn’t actually live in this community he was “patrolling.” Further, there are now the first stories from people who do live there about the heavy-handed tactics used by Zimmerman (who was previously fired from his job as a rent-a-bouncer for being too violent). I hate to break the news to people, but there is a big difference between community patrolling and hired-goons and these guys (Zimmerman and whoever else was working with him) are sounding an awful lot like the latter.

    Likewise, since the management company that ran this gated community knew about Zimmerman and his “patrols,” even telling residents to call Zimmerman when they couldn’t reach the police, how much were they paying these guys (upfront or under the table)? After all, Zimmerman previously made his living doing stuff like this and I think it is reasonable to assume that he was doing his “community” service for a fee.

  41. kstreet67 says:

    I hate to break the news to people, but there is a big difference between community patrolling and hired-goons and these guys (Zimmerman and whoever else was working with him) are sounding an awful lot like the latter.

    I agree Dennis.

    Now the latest news coming from the case is that although Zimmerman told pplice that he was the one screaming for help. To audio forensic specialist say that it was NOT Zimmerman. Zimmerman and his family are presenting a narrative that Trayvon would have told had he lived. In other words, Zimmerman is projecting everything he did to the kid.

    I thinks it’s despicable and it reminds me of FatAss and his evil machinations!

    • Dennis says:

      Just read the report on the voice analysis. Usually when the technique IDs a speaker, there is just enough room for a defense lawyer to cast doubt (even if that room is a mere 2 to 5%). But the approach is considered near perfect at proving who is not the speaker. So the two different tests basically tells us that it was not Zimmerman’s voice. This confirms the eyewitnesses who claim that the yelling/crying stopped immediately with the gun shot. Of course, this means that Zimmerman’s defense team will have yet more bozos to haul out in front of the news cameras with some crap story that his voice must have been different because of his equally mysterious broken nose (the broken nose that some how slipped passed trained observers during the whole evening – BTW, any bets that the sob went out the next morning and hired someone to break his nose?).

  42. Dennis says:


    “Perhaps you are aware of Mr. Sinclair’s reputation of breaking numerous news stories before any of the mainstream media even knew it was coming.”

    What stories were these? What is Lardo smoking these days? Even his one claim to breaking news (Cain’s departure from the GOP race) appeared at a time when news reporters already had a betting pool going on as to when Mr. Pizzaman would have to drop out. And even then, LardBrain had the dates and everything else hopelessly screwed up.

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      Come on now, Dennis. Let’s be fair.

      You forgot to mention his scoop about the guy who blew Obama while Obama smoked crack and plotted the murder of one Donald Young.

      • Dennis says:

        Oh yeah, almost forgot. Wasn’t this the same guy who was a cell phone buddy of Donald Young? Also the same guy who didn’t get arrested at the National Press Club? I think it might even be the same fella who didn’t fake his suicide in WV and then didn’t get tossed into the looney bin for observation? Gee, what was that fine young man’s name? El Blimpo?

  43. Dennis says:

    George Zimmerman, Son of a Retired Judge, Has 3 Closed Arrests

    It isn’t clear if Robert Zimmerman had been a judge in Florida or not. He appears to have previously been a magistrate with the court system in Virgina. Oddly enough, these details are important to pursue because it actually would explain some of the crap going on (especially the way little George got a deal in court that allowed him to get out of charges involving assault on a police officer).

    • kstreet67 says:

      It isn’t clear if Robert Zimmerman had been a judge in Florida or not. He appears to have previously been a magistrate with the court system in Virginia.

      Dennis, as you mentioned, his father is a retired magistrate in Virginia. From what I understand, a Magistrate does NOT need a law degree like a Judge. Is that true?

      • “From what I understand, a Magistrate does NOT need a law degree like a Judge. Is that true?”

        That is true, but most Magistrates do.

        • Dennis says:

          As a rule, magistrates will normally be an attorney, often will have some form of judge experience, and depending upon the staffing and management of a court, they will often be performing most of the daily functions of the judge. For example, in the part of Ohio I live in, the county probate court (and it is a pretty big county) has one judge and numerous magistrates who actually do most of the work in the court. I have been through probate several times and I have never even seen the judge – only the magistrates.

      • Dennis says:

        See reply I posted below. As an overwhelming rule of thumb, they will be lawyers. Of course LardBrain may want to turn his lwa degree into such a position…..

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      You’d better believe that explains some of the crap going on – probably more than Trayvon’s race when it came to overruling the initial decision to charge Zimmerman. Why else would the State’s Attorney drive more than 50 miles that first night to tell the cops to release Zimmerman (certainly not just because Zimmerman is “White”.)

      That’s why if the new Special Prosecutor makes no mention of Zimmerman’s father’s influence it will discredit anything and everything else she says, IMO. In fact, you’d better believe Zimmerman’s father is STILL pulling strings as best he can, to save his own son. (Dads will be dads.) That’s one of the reasons the Special Prosecutor STILL has not brought formal charges.

      • Dennis says:

        It also explains why a guy who appears to be a major waste like Zimmerman is somehow moving in a very well thought out direction toward his public presentation and legal defense (he is obviously already building the ground work for a self-defense plea). He doesn’t appear to be smart enough to work this way – but dad sure can.

  44. LongTimeLurker says:

    Testes – one, two, three; testes – one, two, three

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      testes – one two three

      • kstreet67 says:

        LTL, naughty naughty boy! ::::patting my ruler on my hand as I stare at you sitting at your desk in 6th grade::::


        Back then teachers were allowed to give a slap or two on the hand with a ruler….

        • LongTimeLurker says:

          I was hoping you would recognize me and free me, if you could, from this other sudden new unexplained personification that’s kept me from appearing for the last several days.

        • LongTimeLurker says:

          “LTL, naughty naughty boy!”

          Great insight, kstreet. That’s exactly how I have perceived myself most of my life – keeps me young. 🙂

  45. LongTimeLurker says:

    testes one two three

  46. LongTimeLurker says:

    Okay, here’s my take on what happened to Trayvon.

    George Zimmerman grew up watching his dad, Robert, exercise enormous power as a Magistrate. George wasn’t as smart as his dad and/or lacked the self control and self discipline to become a lawyer. He also had an inferiority complex as a result of his being perceived to be Hispanic even though his mother is Hispanic and his father is non-Hispanic Jewish. So George Zimmerman was a guy with a chip on his shoulder who wanted to be important and powerful. That’s one of the reasons he obtained a concealed weapon permit and became a “cop in his own mind”. His own decision to target Trayvon was fueled mostly by Trayvon’s race. I keep reading where NBC abridged the 911 tapes to make it sound like Trayvon volunteered “He looks Black” when, in fact, Zimmerman only said that in response to the dispatcher’s question – all for the purpose of making Zimmerman SOUND as if he focused on Trayvon’s race. But abridged tape or not, I still heard Zimmerman say “Fucking coons” under his breath on the same tape. So that seals it for me that Zimmerman was motivated largely by hate.

    But the cops are a different story. As I said in a previous post, I think they were about to routinely charge Zimmerman regardless of anybody’s race until his father intervened. So the decision to release Zimmerman wasn’t based on Trayvon’s race. It was based on Zimmerman’s relationship.

    Ironically, if the cops had charged Zimmerman there would never have been a story -despite the killing. It was Zimmerman’s RELEASE that caused all the furor. And that was the result of a father with influence in the Sanford Florida judicial institution doing what came naturally to protect his son. But since Trayvon was Black and his killer was motivated largely by that fact alone, the whole Sanford Florida police department (and maybe even the whole Sanford Florida judicial system) now appears to be institutionally racist.

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      Typo correction where I said:

      “I keep reading where NBC abridged the 911 tapes to make it sound like Trayvon volunteered “He looks Black” ” should say “to make it sound like ZIMMERMAN volunteered etc.”

    • Dennis says:

      I say you have pretty much summed it up. It also explains why there is such a large and extremely active pro-Zimmerman spin effort behind the scene. By any standard police viewpoint (excluding a force that is so racist they would be willing to look the other way), the case is open and shut and the only major issue would be: Charge him with murder or with manslaughter? Either way, they would had detained Zimmerman until the next day at which point a assistant DA would make the call on charges etc. etc. Instead, a state prosecutor pops up at the station immediately, probably had a “chat” with the chief of police, and suddenly Zimmerman is out free and clear.

      In some respects, pulling back from the race issue may be essential. The actual points of the case itself is what needs to be viewed. And in virtually all of the core most essential points, Zimmerman is pretty much guilty of provoking an incident and killing an unarmed man who no good reason whatsoever.

      BTW, the new claim that the enhanced video may show a wound to the back of Zimmerman’s head is interesting only in that if there was such a wound, then the more detailed police report should say so. If it doesn’t, then there most likely wasn’t there. Likewise, it doesn’t in any way necessarily justify his pulling the trigger.

      • LongTimeLurker says:

        I believe Zimmerman pulled his gun on Trayvon up close. Faced with the choice of either fighting Zimmerman or trying to run from bullets fired at close range, Trayvon opted to go for the gun, fight for his life, and scream bloody murder (literally) for help. Who knows which one was up or down at any particular point in the tussle. It was Trayvon screaming for help whether he was up OR down because Trayvon knew the other guy had a serious advantage (the gun) and he knew if someone didn’t help him real quick he would be dead.

        If I were Trayvon’s parents I would be absolutely heartbroken, indescribably furious, but proud as hell of my son who went down fighting. What a brave seventeen year old!

        • LongTimeLurker says:

          And you’d better believe those blood curdling screams from Trayvon weren’t generated by a mere fight with a weirdo fat guy. Those screams sounded the fear of something far worse than punches.

        • Dennis says:

          In Zimmerman’s bullshit story, he claims that while confronting Martin he (Zimmerman) reached for his cell phone and that Martin attacked him. Since he was already standing there with a 9mm on his waistband, I doubt A. That Zimmerman was reaching for anything except his gun (accounts from one of his previous arrests strongly suggests a behavior pattern with Zimmerman) B. Who in their right mind (after being stalked and then chased down by a seemingly deranged nut job) is going to wait and see what this armed idiot is reaching for?

          To be honest, Martin’s biggest mistake that night was not kicking Zimmerman hard in the nuts right off.

          • LongTimeLurker says:

            You know, I have never done that to another guy in my life. Not that some bastards haven’t deserved it. But I always considered it “a low blow” so to speak – like cheating. On the other hand, my own brother often grabbed or otherwise went for my nuts when we fought.

            But I get the feeling you’ve “come to grips with it” and maybe even become somewhat of a master of the technique. 🙂

  47. LongTimeLurker says:

    Second typo correction:

    “other scrrenname ” should say “LongTimeLurker”.

    WordPress keeps messing with me.

  48. LongTimeLurker says:

    Third typo correction:

    “that other screenname” should say “LongTimeLurker”.

    WordPress keeps messing with me.

    (If it doesn’t work this time I give up.)

  49. LongTimeLurker says:

    Don’t know what the problem is, so I’m outta here!

  50. kstreet67 says:

    LTL, I can’t adjust that, YOU have to. I had to learn the hard way when “Sheila Bryant” and “Kstreet607” appeared. Right underneath the comment box allows you to put your username in (if it’s incorrect.) If nothing is there, it will automatically revert to your email name. SO…ON THE SECOND LINE PLEASE TYPE IN ‘LTL’.

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      Hi Kstreet. Yeah I did all that in order to make it work last night. But today it went back to “the previous screename” no matter what I did. I don’t understand what happened. Up until yesterday I could just post w/o any extra to do. But starting yesterday it would not allow me to post unless I “logged in” first. So I “logged in” and monkeyed with it for a while to get it to work last nite. That’s when “LongtimeLurker” started to appear in red. But today nothing seems to work.

      It seems people should be able to just post w/o all the logging in fanfare like we used to do.

      • kstreet607 says:

        I agree that the login process sucks. However, it’s not me, it’s WP. Again, type your LTL name on the second line under comment box…it should stay. Mine did after my initial confusion.

      • LongTimeLurker says:

        Kstreet, I know you changed some things to enable us to edit. But I still can’t edit. Maybe others can, but I can’t. And I think Dennis said he isn’t able to edit either. So what’s the purpose of having to log in first in order to post if that still doesn’t enable us to edit our posts regardless of the log in?

        • LongTimeLurker says:

          Well what do you know? Surprise surprise! I didn’t do anything different but there I am again.

          Kstreet, did YOU just now do something to make it work again?

        • kstreet67 says:

          No one can edit so I put everything back to where it was.

          • LongTimeLurker says:

            Sorry to put you to any unnecessary trouble KStreet. I never thought or meant to imply that you were in any way to blame for my own fumblings and I hope you didn’t infer anything to the contrary.

            (I always seize any opportunity to use “imply” and “infer” in the same sentence.) 🙂

            • kstreet67 says:

              No problem LTL. Another thing that I ran into accidentally while scrolling down the page to make a comment:

              I noticed that your Gravatar is the other screen name…I believe if you change it “Long Time Lurker”, your problems will subside.

    • Meesh says:


      I have amended all previous screen-names for clarification and security sake…. These WP issues are not only with KStreet sites… But it definitely is a WP issue. It seems within the last couple of weeks, I have personally encountered much of the same on some other WP sites.
      It certainly has nothing to do with KStreet…sorry for the hassle. I have amended about 8 comments, did I miss any? Please let me know by email if I missed any. The previous screen name went *POOF* I believe this also happened with Dennis as well, I will go and find that comment too….
      LTL. Sorry for the inconvenience, nice to see you again.Do you have any good news yet? You are in my thoughts.

      • kstreet67 says:

        Thank you Meesh. You’re more familiar with WP than I am. Thanks for being there.

      • LongTimeLurker says:

        Hey Meesheemey!

        How did you do that? How can you change another person’s user name after the person has already posted? You mysterious girl, you! To me you are something of a magical fairy like character with powers far beyond those of mortal men (or women). It’s fun knowing you.

        No good news yet. But thanks for thinking about me.

  51. Dennis says:

    Comment made today by Mitt’s wife, Ann Romney: Asked about criticism that Romney is “too stiff,” Ann Romney laughed and replied, “I guess we better unzip him and let the real Mitt Romney out because he is not!”

    Thank God Herman Cain isn’t still in the race! Otherwise this could really get out of control. OTOH, Newt is ready to show and tell…

  52. kstreet67 says:

    Good morning everyone. The Trayvon Martin case has really caught my attention. I even have a separate page entitled: “Trayvon Martin” on TFC.

    However, I can imagine how frustrating this must be for the parents and Attorney Crump, et al.

    It looks like we may not see an indictment until the Grand Jury convenes on April 10th…and even then, there’s no guarantee of an indictment.

    This entire fiasco shows me how the city of Sanford, FL had a total lack of disregard for minority victims. This case was just status quo to them. They had no idea it would get this big.

    To just let a guy go after killing some one (stand your ground or no stand your ground) without collecting evidence is just plain nuts. The state attorney general, who recused himself from the case is denying that he told police to let him go.

    If you saw Lawrence O’Donnell last night, he showed the audience a snippet from that interview with Zimmerman’s father. He said something quite odd: When asked had he spoken to the police at all about this case he said: I haven’t spoken to the police chief nor the attorney general.

    O’Donnell found it odd that he would mention those two guys, both of whom have essentially stepped away from the case.

    • Dennis says:

      Yep, Judge Zimmerman is covering his butt. It is now being confirmed that the state attorney general went in that night and had a private chat with the chief of police. Probably just catching up on the NCAA games or something. Afterwards, the chief decided that George could go home. Doesn’t sound funny to me, but you know how some folks will try to make a mountain out of mole hill. Good thing Judge Zimmerman is an honest kind of guy who is all so happy to set the record straight (especially after the way his son was maimed, crippled, and savagely beaten – why poor George could hardly get the strength to pull the trigger he was so dazed and all).

      In reality, this is starting to sound like every bad story you hear about a small southern town.

      • kstreet607 says:

        Many have likened it to “To Kill A Mockingbird”. I see it more like “A time to kill”. (Snark)

        • Does KStreet have insight or what?

          Chris Jansing on MSNBC just now announced a showing of “To Kill A Mockingbird” this coming Saturday at 8 P.M. on USA channel. And President Obama is supposed to be giving the introduction.

          KStreet, do you have a “mole” in the White House? Or is that great minds just think alike?

          • kstreet607 says:

            LOL! Not at all LTL. In the early days of the massive publicity about Trayvon Martin, commentators likened the information known about his shooting and surrounding circumstances to “To Kill A Mockingbird.” I read the book when I was 14…loved it.

  53. LongTimeLurker says:

    “I believe if you change it “Long Time Lurker”, your problems will subside.”

    Hi Kstreet:

    I did that so many times but it kept reverting. I was going crazy. But I was glad Meesheemey changed that other name.

    • Meesh says:


      I have done away with the links to your gravatar that you had posted with, it’s not necessary to add a website when you post here, right KStree? . Well. unless, you want to be “Brad Pitt” “Michael; Jordan” you can get an avatar as my Audrey Hepburn…. Do you have a website to promote?Myself I have a link, nothing special, no I do not look like Audrey, (brown eyes maybe) she’s deceased but a remarkable woman that I have admired. It’s my musical link that I have. As for that other screename it will no longer will exist ( I tried) just do away with it OK?

      in posting here or an WP websites are mot required. IMOHO, it’s a security issue if you are asked for a website … just don’t go there, the other screename will never be divulged. My promise.

  54. Thanks, Meesheemey. You have very good brown eyes.

    Who is Al?

    • What happened Meesheemey? Why did you remove your post about Al? I looked for the link to his site that you put in your post last night so I could check that presidential poll feature at the site (which I really like). But surprise, surprise – your post went poof and I had to go find Al’s site in my computer’s history.

      Why did you remove your post? Was the site supposed to be a secret? Were you offended that I didn’t comment on it immediately? Don’t be offended. I LIKE the site. And Al seems to be a very nice person.

      • Meesh says:

        I removed the comment because I hadn’t checked with Al – prior to posting the link to his website. I feel it’s common courtesy to let him know that I was linking his site. No, certainly it’s not a private site…. nor popular and yes, he is a very nice guy. He is fair and objective within his political views by keeping an open mind. I figured you had ventured over when you asked who Al was. I did not see the need to keeping his website posted, as I said, simply because I did not tell him prior, is all. I doubt if he would care, no it’s definitely not a wing-nut site. Currently he’s only posting about his “future” novel nothing much about politics, WE are only friends. I feel there’s nothing much he sees going on within the Republicans…. Zzzzzzzzzzz (My opinion/observation, not his). Peace out, you have the link? Enjoy.

        A little background about Al and The Regulator, he was attacked fiercely by many in 2010… at first he came in wondering why we chose to attack SickLiar…No he wasn’t a tard, he fights for the underdog, that’s Al. At the time he felt SickLiar was being unjustly attacked by us. Well, I started introducing him to what FatAss was all about by providing links to SW …sure the Regulator, appeared to unjustly attack the POS. But thanks to KStreet’s SinclairWatch I redirected him to KStreet He read what she had posted – he examined the site thoroughly …we at The Regulator became credible. Let’s crank back, Al told me back in the early months of 2008 he followed Sinclair, but he was exposed by Ma Barker …FatAss then posted exactly where he was posting from. He decided not to post there.In 2010 Al saw that FatAss was running for Congress and felt badly for him, running as an Independent that’s how he found us.The POS posted many “Whine and cheesy” posts om his FaceBook… Today, Al knows exactly what POS is all about, and yes he is a good friend. A keeper.

        • Geesh Meesheemey, you’re full of surprises. I just now noticed your response – nearly two days after you posted it. (I could have sworn I looked for a response from you last night and earlier today, but didn’t see one.) Anyway I’m telling you all this so you won’t think I’m being deliberately difficult to reach.

          But right now I’m working on something that has to go out tomorrow morning so I can’t give your post the attention it deserves right now. But I’ll read your post again tomorrow and respond then. You put a lot of stuff in there and my brain is already pretty full.

          (I generally click on TR2 and other sites as a diversion periodically while I’m at my computer working on other stuff.)

        • Hi Meesheemey,

          No I hadn’t ventured to Al’s site when I asked who he was. I had just clicked on your red “Meesh” and it took me to “Al & Meesh vodpod.” And believe it or not, I thought you deleted your post not because you had published his site link w/o his permission but because he had not given you permission to say he is a “moderate Republican.” (He doesn’t say that, himself, at his site.)

          As for Al being attacked at the Regulator in 2010, I was around at that time but I don’t remember Al or any attacks on him. Was he going by some other name then? It’s kinda hard to see how someone could be unjustly attacked for claiming to have blown Obama while he smoked crack and plotted Donald Young’s murder. Did Al believe that at first? Did he think others were wrong for doubting that? Why did Al feel bad for Legion when he ran for congress? Personally, I wanted to put my foot up Legion’s ass when he ran for congress.

          Finally, I’m not familiar with all the on-line jargon – so what are “whine and cheesy posts”.

          I delayed responding because I wanted to watch my words and try not to offend you. I admire your loyalty to your friends. I was impressed and touched by your story of standing by your girl friend who suffers from a serious medical condition. Al is a very lucky guy to be able to count you among his friends.

          And I pity the fool who counts you among his/her enemies.

  55. YankeeClipper says:

    Hi Kids!

    I needed a rest from Lardy, been posting other places about issues…

    Lardy screams about Dave Weigel and how big an Obot he is; started his attacks back when Weigel was writing for Reason Magazine, a Libertarian publication. I tried posting this info about Weigel on Lard’s old blog but, he always deleted the reference from the rest of my post. I may send him this:

    Today I honor Slate tradition, admit who I voted for in the GOP primary, and explain why. A couple of my friends were told — truthfully — that I was leaning towards a vote for Gingrich. I ended up changing my mind in the voting booth.

    And now I go back to being a registered Republican in D.C :

  56. Dennis says:

    Just wasted a couple of minutes passing through Lardo’s site. Dang if it ain’t boring. Mostly it’s a collection of increasingly trivial blog pieces by that nitwit Parsons, news pieces about the wing nutter blog sphere written solely for the wing nutter blog sphere, occasional pieces of guess work about Rick Santorium, and stupid ads for beach front entertainment operators down in Florida. As Churchill might have noted: Never have so many written so little for so few.

    • kstreet67 says:

      Dennis it’s one of the most boring, cluttered online rags I’ve ever seen. In fact, one can tell what goes on in Sinclair’s mind simply based on the layout and content of the “site”.

      A rambling, discombobulated wreck!

  57. kstreet67 says:

    Here’s a post from TFC that I wanted to share….

  58. Dennis says:

    What’s kind of odd is that various presidents have complained about supreme court decisions since almost the beginning of time. It sort of comes with the job. Oh wait, I forgot. Obama’s is different because….well, because.

  59. Today’s Joke

    After tucking their three-year-old son in bed one night, his parents heard sobbing coming from his room. Rushing back in, they found him crying hysterically. He managed to tell them that he had swallowed a penny and he was sure he was going to die. No amount of talking helped. His father, in an attempt to calm him down, palmed a penny from his pocket and pretended to pull it from his ear. the little boy was delighted.

    In a flash, he snatched it from his father’s hand, swallowed it, then cheerfully demanded, “Do it again, Dad!”

  60. (This came several days ago but I didn’t post it cuz I was feeling sour.)

    Today’s Joke

    A blonde was sitting on the train reading the newspaper. “The headline shouted, “12 Brazillian Soldiers Killed.” She shook her head at the sad news, then she turned to the stranger sitting next to her and asked, “How many is a Brazillian?”

  61. borat says:

    Man does Florence SINliars website look like a 3 year old made it or what?


  62. kstreet67 says:

    LTL, this one’s for you!

    Sexy First Lady

    • Yeah I saw that, KStreet.

      Damn! That’s all I can say!

      Oh, to hell with it, I’ll say more. Look at those hips. Look at those shoulders. Look at those slightly bowed legs and those powerful thighs. Look at that crotch area!!!. Damn, my girl DESERVES a President! She really does! I LOVE Michelle Obama. (And I’ll bet under the right circumstances, when Barack is no longer POTUS, and if I got to talk to her alone and look into her eyes, I could steal her away from him.)

      • kstreet67 says:

        LOL LTL! Dream on!

        • I think you have an idea how my mind works in that regard. But such dreaming can be inspirational and constructive.

          For example, the very notion that the right words with the right timing to someone you barely know can cause them to wrap their limbs around you has always been a major motivation for learning as many words as possible so as to maximize the available subject matter of the conversations that might lead to that end (pun intended).

          So, you see? There’s method to my madness. 🙂

  63. kstreet67 says:

    Yay! I learned how to embed graphics!!!!

  64. This one came a while back too. I’m thinking about blondes today because I’m still kinda turned on by that Blonde Dental Hygienist who cleaned my teeth yesterday. She was a little too skinny for my tastes but she made up for it with her perkiness and her smartness and her mile a minute chatter. She managed to tell me she has sons in their twenties and she’s no longer marred and she’s “ready to do something wild and free spirited without over-thinking everything.” (I knew I had worked out the previous evening and didn’t shower, so I figured my pheromones were at work.) She kept suggesting that I get my next cleaning in 4 months instead of 6 that are covered by my insurance. She went on and on. Lot’s of attention, lots of touching my arms.

    I guess when you’re hot you’re hot.

    Today’s Joke

    A blonde woman was speeding down the road in her little red sports car and was pulled over by a woman police officer who was also blonde. The blonde cop asked to see her driver’s license.

    She dug throught her handbag and was getting progressively more agitated. “What does it look like?” she finally asked. The policewoman replied, “It’s square and it has your picture on it.”

    The driver finally found a square mirror in her purse, looked at it, and handed it to the policewoman. “Here it is,” she said. The blonde officer looked at the mirror, then handed it back saying, “OK, you can go. I didn’t realize you were a cop.”

  65. Dennis says:

    Just when it couldn’t get any nuttier:
    Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Lawyer Cites ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ As Defense

    As that philosopher once said: “Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

  66. Dennis says:

    Student? Nah. I never taught at a medical school and she sounds like a doctor type to me. Once out, she can probably;y get a job with the TSA.

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