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Parisi Defamation Suit Dismissed – OPEN THREAD

on February 29, 2012

No SFB, this doesn’t mean that you were exonerated of being a liar in any way, shape or form.

It simply means the Judge did the same to Parisi that the Three Bloggers’ Judge did to you…nothing more, nothing less.


144 responses to “Parisi Defamation Suit Dismissed – OPEN THREAD

  1. Dennis says:

    Oh poop! To be honest, Parisi’s case had a major flaw (he really couldn’t explain how Lardo’s stupid crap actually caused his own company to loose out on $5 million dollars in business – a pretty dubious claim and in the previous hearing the judge was obviously focused on rather or not they could back it up). The inability to show damage is a drawback. Unfortunately, LardAss will indeed start bellowing that this somehow “proves” his bullshit. In the real world, Parisi lost this case. But in LardBrains bizzaro world, he won it due to his brilliant lwa skills and honest pretty face. So I guess it is back to the battlements as the king of the trash heap gets back his groove and starts lying and scamming some more.

    • gilligan25 says:

      That, and he was flirting with the judge at the hearing.

      I’m so glad the legal torture went this long….

      Does anyone have a link to the memorandum outside of Fatso’s website?

  2. LongTimeLurker says:

    Today’s Joke

    A new receptionist started work in a psychiatrist’s office, but at the end of her first day he felt he had to have a quietword with her.

    “Your general approach is fine,” he said, “but try saying ‘We’re very busy’ rather than ‘It’s a madhouse.'”

  3. Glix says:

    I’m sure Parisi is glad to have it over with. He was never going to get his money from the fat welfare cheat anyway.

    • Dennis says:

      True. Rense on the other hand seems to have some loot stashed away at his compound. Oh well. The lawsuit path is a tricky one. Of course, it is always possible that Poop-for-Brains will now go overboard with his new booklet and get sued yet again….

  4. LongTimeLurker says:

    Tomorrow at 3 p.m. Eastern, Sheriff Joe will hope to shock us.

  5. LongTimeLurker says:

    And here’s one “birther” who has decided to cut the b.s. and just come right out with it.

  6. gilligan25 says:

    Some birfers have made the 14th amendment argument. At least this guy is open about their reasons.

    And I can’t wait for Sheriff Joe’s birfer presser. I’d bet that Orly will be front and center. I’m sure the birfers are hoping Sheriff Joe issues an arrest warrant for the prez and deports him back to Kenya or something.

    And there’s a federal judge from Montana who got caught sending out a racist joke email.

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      Racist clowns like this who run our courts every single day – under the radar and with society’s imprimatur – while imposing their personal prejudices, constitute far more of an impediment to justice in America than the likes of Andrew Breitbart ever could.
      BTW, I do not believe Breitbart died of “natural” causes. I believe his death is connected to whatever gave rise to that insane outburst of his that was caught on video a few days ago – probably drugs of some sort. People don’t die at age 43 of “natural causes”.

  7. YankeeClipper says:

    09:22 AM EST
    Reports: Andrew Breitbart Dead, Age 43

    Conservative gadfly Andrew Breitbart passed away overnight in Los Angeles of natural causes, according to a post on his Big Government website. Breitbart was 43.

    Link to Breitbart’s page:

    • Dennis says:

      Don’t tell me, he died from a conniption fit. Or did all of that hot air finally backed up too far?

    • democratista says:

      YC…you beat me to it. I just got a CNN e-mail. I won’t comment on my feelings because that would just be wrong….

      • YankeeClipper says:

        “Reporters” at the Noise Group must still be sleeping; no news about Breitbart’s passing. Like you demo, I will keep my thoughts and feelings about his death to myself. My Grandfather always told me, “if you can’t say something nice about someone, say nothing at all.”

        • LongTimeLurker says:

          ““Reporters” at the Noise Group must still be sleeping; no news about Breitbart’s passing.”

          That’s because Legion is probably still working overtime trying to figure out how to spin the dismissal of Parisi v. Sinclair into proof positive that he’s been telling the truth all along.

  8. LongTimeLurker says:

    Racist clowns like this who run our courts every single day – under the radar and with society’s imprimatur – while imposing their personal prejudices, constitute far more of an impediment to justice in America than the likes of Andrew Breitbart ever could.

    BTW, I do not believe Breitbart died of “natural” causes. I believe his death is connected to whatever gave rise to that insane outburst of his that was caught on video a few days ago – probably drugs of some sort. People don’t die at age 43 of “natural causes”.

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      Sorry ’bout that.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      Yeah, the wingers are saying he was poisoned by liberals. There’s a report he collapsed in public while walking down the street. Obama will probably be shown to be personally responsible.

      • Dennis says:

        Yes, witnesses spotted Obama with a blow gun and needles coated in some exotic poison from his Kenyan homeland.

        Thought I would get that in here before the nutters came up with it.

    • Dennis says:

      You’re kind of jumping the gun there my friend…but I would really like to see an autopsy done on this fruitcake.

      • LongTimeLurker says:

        You’re right about me jumping the gun.

        But OTOH don’t you think they were kind of fast to say his death was “natural” too?

        • Glix says:

          Here’s my theory: God smote him for being an as*hole.

          • LongTimeLurker says:

            You know, I try to be cognizant and wary of that penalty, my damn self.

          • LongTimeLurker says:

            And, BTW, that sounds like something a Black person would say. But you said you are “white bread” if recall correctly. I don’t doubt that you are telling me the truth, but it’s interesting to find out at this stage in my life that I’m fallible. 🙂

  9. LongTimeLurker says:

    Today’s Joke

    A young woman went to see a fortune teller who told her: “You will be broke and unhappy till you are fifty.”

    “What happens when I’m fifty?” asked the young woman.

    “Nothing,” said the fortune teller. “But you’ll be used to it by then.”

  10. YankeeClipper says:

    11:26 AM EST ∞Twitter

    Shirley Sherrod: My Prayers Go Out To Brietbart’s Family

    Shirley Sherrod, who was a primary target of Andrew Breitbart’s criticism, released the following statement on the conservative media icon’s death:

    “The news of Mr. Breitbart’s death came as a surprise to me when I was informed of it this morning. My prayers go out to Mr. Breitbart’s family as they cope through this very difficult time.”

  11. Hi Kool Kids ,Sinclair is still the attention whore he has always been.Here is his post on Breitbart tv.on the death of Andrew Breitbart

    LarrySinclair61 56p · 40 minutes ago
    I simply cannot help but to think about a conversation I had with Andrew in DC on Feb 9, 2012 along with his best friend from his college days and Andrew saying wait til they see what comes March 1st. I know in my heart Andrew clearly did not mean his own passing. Andrew would want people to carry on in his dedication to exposing the main stream media and I intend to do just that.

    I feel truly honored that Andrew felt comfortable enough to introduce me his friend and ask me to tell his friend the Obama story.

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      Hey man (that’s short for mandinkawarrior)! 🙂

      Good to see you. Don’t be a stranger. We ain’t gonna have another Obama running for President any time soon. So, personally, I’m all for getting my fair share of the views. (Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want)

      Your post must have come in out of order – maybe it was in moderation until kstreet was able to take it out, because I just now discovered it.

      But, yes I remember Legion bragging about Breitbart telling him Legion was either the biggest liar that ever lived or the looniest toon that ever played.

      As far as Legion knowing in advance about something that was going to happen March 1, he can jump in a lake. Looks like the beginning of another conspiracy theory.

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      “I feel truly honored that Andrew felt comfortable enough to introduce me his friend and ask me to tell his friend the Obama story.”
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      Isn’t that kind of an odd choice of words if “the Obama story” is true? Wouldn’t a person normally say something like “what happened with Obama” if the story were true.

    • JackBlack says:

      Many of us thought Sinclair was connected to the slimy Breitbart. I’m glad Lardy confirmed their “friendship”.

  12. LongTimeLurker says:

    BTW, anybody seen kstreet lately? Our Lady has been MIA the last few days. I know she’s nowhere near 43 but Breitbart has me a little spooked up in here.

  13. LongTimeLurker says:

    meesheemey said
    February 26, 2012 4:02 pm
    It’s me….not some monster,,,,,sorry KStreet, posting here is next to impossible…..sigh. What gives with that?
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    So have you gotten your face back? Please don’t give up on posting. What’s going on? If we don’t hear from you soon I’m going to pester you with emails.

  14. gilligan25 says:

    Breitbart dead at 43? That’s a shocker. He was far too young…,

    According to this article, he and his wife had four young children. Those poor babies, growing up without a father. I hope they’ll always remember their father’s love.

    He also had a history of heart problems.

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      In the hours immediately following Senator Ted Kennedy’s death, Breitbart called Kennedy a “villain”, a “duplicitous bastard”, a “prick” and “a special pile of human excrement.”

      I fear sorry for his kids too. Any reasonable person with a heart would understand the pain being felt by the loved ones of the suddenly deceased. Unfortunately Brietbart, himself, was not one of those reasonable persons with a heart.

      • Dennis says:

        Yes, Breitbart was a complete jerk. OTOH, Gilligan is generally right and each passing lessens us all. But in the case of this bum, hey let’s be honest and say:

        • gilligan25 says:

          My daughter’s father died when she was very young, so she knows what it’s like to grow up with one deceased parent. It was incredibly difficult. His children range from four to 12. Each of the children will have difficulties handling this and I feel so sorry for them.

  15. JackBlack says:

    LTL, I did not recall the vile statements by Mr. Breitbart. Such a shame that his surviving family will have to live with that kind of a legacy.

    As for the Parisi suit, I’m sorry that the case was dismissed. I applaud Parisi for having the courage to stand up to lying fat ass regardless.

  16. LongTimeLurker says:

    I just now posted something that went into moderation. I’ll see if this goes into moderation too.

  17. Dennis says:

    March 1, 2012 4:35 PM
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio suggests Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, announced Thursday that his six-month investigation had found that “probable cause exists indicating that forgery and fraud may have been committed” in the release of President Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

    CBS News:

    Yep, he’s going for broke and will soon be dragged into Orly’s “office” for some oral consultation. Strange, his “investigation” is nothing more than a mindless recycling of Jerome Corsi’s crap (with Corsi at his side) and I can’t wait to see ol’Joe trying to raid a state office in Hawaii. BTW, I noticed that he is leaving some wiggle room in his presentation just in case reality suddenly pops up.

    • gilligan25 says:

      I wonder if Orly was there….I doubt if she’d miss an event that was covered by news cameras.

      • Dennis says:

        Doesn’t appear so, but who knows. BTW, since ol’Joe was taking “donations” for his posse to conduct an extensive investigation and since their investigation obviously consisted of nothing more than buying a few copies of Corsi’s book and since Joe doesn’t seem to feel the need to let anyone know how much he collected in “donations” and since there is an obvious lack of anything actually resembling an investigation…Gee, where did the money go? Pizzas for the boys or what?

        Of course the nutters are too stupid to ever bring up such an obvious question. They just shell out the money and get no results except the usual crap designed to stoke them up for the rest round of “donations.” What a racket!!!!!

  18. kstreet607 says:

    Sorry for not being around. I have a nasty case of the flu. Lesson learned: At my age…get flu shots every year!

    I’ll be back when I’m feeling better.

    Carry on guys….

  19. Hi Guy’s,
    Dropped by to say hello, I was wondering what’s been going on. I see that FattyTuna is still alive and well and full of pigshit…I was trying to find his website and it looks as though it has been taken down. I thought he would be all over the Breitbart conspiracy BS. Hope all is well…

    • Glix says:

      ((((Meemers!)))) Long time, no see.

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      Hey Meemers:

      All I remember about you is your avatar and the fact that you predated me. Good to see you back. Stick around, we’re having fun up in here with the election coming up. This ain’t gonna happen again anytime soon. So we may as well make a party out of it while we can. (and tell our grand kids about it.)

  20. Dennis says:

    The Guardian report on Joe’s press conference: Forgery most foul! Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s birth certificate revelations
    World news
    US news blog

    US news blog

    Blog home

    Forgery most foul! Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s birth certificate revelations

    Arizona sheriff’s six-month investigation ends with Arpaio vowing to find whoever ‘forged’ Barack Obama’s birth certificate

    Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate Arpaio
    President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate is displayed with indications of what was said to be computer-generated forgery. Photograph: Joshua Lott/REUTERS

    It’s hard work being a conspiracy theorist. Just look at Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the self-styled tough guy of American policing, who has released the preliminary results of his “birther” investigation into whether Barack Obama is a true American.

  21. badpoet says:

    Larry gets referenced in a Wonkette article today about Breitbart –

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      Yeah, Legion will try to play this for all it’s worth in hopes of getting another chance to tell his “story”.

    • JackBlack says:

      BP, I thought along the same lines as the author of the piece you note. The video tapes in question, are probably the ones where Lardy shares his “story”.

  22. YankeeClipper says:

    March 2, 2012 10:37 am

    And WND suspects Breitbart was assassinated:

    Ditto for the 20 some odd wing nuts posting over at the Noise Group.

    In his article, Lard Butt announces Breitbart was his inspiration for creation of the Noise Group AND his source alleging Wm Ayers was a baby-sitter for the Obama kids. A story allegedly “killed” by Ben Smith at Politico.

    And here’s a link to a list of people “killed” by Obama. Notice the article about Christopher Hugger, an alleged former lover of the Fat One who died in a hotel room. Hargrove was allegedly killed because he was so jealous of Obama’s fling with Lardy he planned to “tell-all”

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      And here I thought Obama was such a nice guy – big smile, singing soul songs, family man, bop in his walk and all.

      Now I know if you fuck with him he will KILL your sorry ass.

      He definitely gets my vote now.

    • Dennis says:

      The Obama death list is a recycled bs list from 2008. Over at is an extensive debunking of the list: Oddly enough, most of the names cannot even be located. One of the names is some guy who seems to have been killed by both Bill Clinton and Obama in different years. Better get the cold case posse on this one, oh yeah.

      I am not surprised that Sinkliar had a lover who was found murdered. I am extremely surprised to find that he had a lover, period. This guy supposedly had cell phone photos of Lardo and Obama? Wow. I thought that the first publicly available cell phone camera system didn’t come along until 2002/2003? This guy must have been quite inventive….

  23. Hi Kool Kids,

    I left yesterday and didn’t get a chance to see if you had got my post.

    Check this out,I don’t know if you guys have seen this.Leave it to Sinclair to try to make himself relevant in any way he can.

    Although it is reported that Breitbart was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, when Lawrence Sinclair called the hospital, they denied that anyone by that name had been admitted within the previous 72 hours.

    • Dennis says:

      Considering Breitbart’s complete disregard for facts, truth, and his total lack of even basic integrity and common decency, I suspect he had some old footage of ’60s radical types with some black guy and he was going to claim it is Obama. Or maybe he re-cut some footage to get Obama into the story. Or maybe he was just half drunk and doing a public jerk off at Cpac. For all I know, he may still have been a bit woozy from a long night of hot passion with his new friend LardButt.

    • gilligan25 says:

      infowars huh? So FatBoy has thrown his lot in with Alex Jones and has tossed Rense to the curb…and has the idiot never heard of HIPAA–the hospital won’t release ANY information without the consent of the patient or the patient’s family. Period.

  24. YankeeClipper says:

    Obama Calls Georgetown Law Student Who Testified At Contraception Hearing

    President Obama called Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student who testified at a House contraception hearing. Rush Limbaugh recently had harsh words for Fluke, calling her a “slut.”

    Fluke told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that Obama “encouraged me and supported me and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of American women.”

    Obama also told Fluke that she should tell her parents that “they should be proud.”

    • gilligan25 says:

      A boycott of Limbaugh’s adertisers has started and one has already pulled out. But are people surprised that the Bloated One is acting like a bigot and a pig? I’m not. He is what he is.

      • Dennis says:

        Nice to know that those petitions I have been signing today might actually work. BTW, Rush is in the process of either committing libel or getting real close to it. Guess it could all be win-win. She sues his fat butt off and his insurance company is stuck paying big bucks that will cover the cost of her law school.

        You think Rush is a bigot and a pig? Gilligan, why do you always have to find the nice things about a person. Rush has some negative traits too….

  25. LongTimeLurker says:

    Sandra Fluke (the Georgetown U. student who has spoken out on women’s right to contraception free of government coercion and was called a “slut” by Rush Limbaugh) was on the Andrea Mitchell show on MSNBC. She had just hung up the phone after receiving some reassuring words from the POTUS and she got a little choked up talking about it.

    I have to hand it to her for her fortitude and grace. But for matter I really have to hand it to women in general for your fortitude and grace. It’s what seems to get you through life. In general, you are not as big and strong physically as men. But you still know how to get respect and even scare guys with something else you all seem to have going. I see it up at the gym all the time. And you can have kids too. You have the ability to reproduce.

    To me personally, you are mind blowing – ALL of you!!

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      And all of your little secrets …. all the personal stuff you all have going on.

    • Dennis says:

      I think it is time for Rush to hang it up, leave the air, and devote his remaining years as a consultant to the Log Cabin Republicans.

      • YankeeClipper says:

        BTW, I picked up the rumor(?) that Clear Channel, owners of Limbaugh and hundreds of radio stations, is primarily owned by some outfit known as Bain. I can’t recall where I heard of that company…

  26. Dennis says:

    I’m sure that it is too much to hope for (and who knows what will be officially released by the ME), but rumors are starting to appear that Breitbart was a heavy cocaine user and had a habit of mixing coke with drinks. So far, it is just rumors (mostly a few posters who claim to know but that and $3.50 will barely get you a cup of cheap coffee at Starbucks). If only this guy would rate coverage from TMZ…..

  27. YankeeClipper says:

    I’m sharing a comment from another site:


    Reading Fluke’s testimony, it might surprise people to realize: a) She never admits to being sexually active (although at 30, I hope so). b) The only two cases she mentions where women need the pill to prevent pregnancy are a married student and rape victim, all others are for medical reasons.

    How we got from a 30 year-old post-grad editor of her law journal to be a coed slut who can’t afford all the birth control because of all the sex she’s having, I have no idea. Her testimony doesn’t state if she’s married, single, gay, straight, in a long term relationship, or a 30 year-old virgin.

    • Dennis says:

      So many petitions, so little time. Rush has already lost some advertisers. Time to take the fat bum down. Just go online and sing away, my friends. Without his ads he is doomed.

  28. LongTimeLurker says:

    Latest Noise about Breitbart:

    Breitbart Autopsy Completed: Medical Examiner “Final Cause of Death Deferred”
    March 2, 2012 By Lawrence Sinclair

    Medical Examiner “Final Cause of Death Deferred”

    At 7:11 PM Eastern Time Craig Harvey from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiners office returned our call seeking information on the Autopsy of Andrew Breitbart. According to Harvey:

    “We have completed the autopsy examination, the final cause of death has been deferred. We have ordered additional toxicology and Microscopic test and we expect to have those completed and the cause of death determined in four to six weeks.”

    According to sources who wish to remain anonymous who are in the Los Angeles area say preliminary results from the LA County Coroner indicate “massive heart attack.”

    It should be noted that many media outlets chose to report Andrew’s death to be from “natural causes,” despite having nothing to base the reports on. We have taken a lot of flack over our report yesterday that Breitbart was NOT treated at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center’s Emergency Room as was reported but was pronounced dead on arrival and the body held for the Los Angeles Coroners office to pick up. While it is true that Paramedics did attempt to revive Breitbart in route to UCLA Medical center the hospital doctors did not. Reports that “Doctors at UCLA Medical Center ER attempted to revive Breitbart but where unsuccessful,” were false and we believed based on Andrew Breitbart’s own determination to report the TRUTH we were correct in reporting it. We are aware of the legal and business matters that Breitbart’s employees, business partners and family must deal with due to Andrews death. We do not believe that Andrew would approve of the very people saying they are going to continue his mission, putting out untrue reports which have only created the very effect they claim they were trying to avoid.

    Since our report yesterday Andrew Breitbart “Wait Til They See What Happens March 1st,” we see the comments that people are making wanting to believe that Andrew was the victim of murder or even make such outlandish claims that the Obama people somehow had Andrew killed. These comments are completely lacking in any reality and while we would hope that people would refrain from making these comments, Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak is partly responsible for publishing statements about the events surrounding Andrews death which we discovered to have been less than truthful. There would be no reason that we could think of for why anyone would claim UCLA ER Doctors attempted to revive Andrew when the Hospital did no such thing according to the Hospital and the Medical Examiners office.

    The Los Angeles County Coroners office decision to have toxicology and microscopic test performed before stating a cause of death is the proper thing to do in this case. In the mean time we will continue to follow the case and bring you any information that we obtain which is news worthy.

    All of us here at Sinclair-News and LS News Group send the Breitbart family our heart felt sympathy.

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    • LongTimeLurker says:

      And I wonder what’s his angle on disavowing the notion of Obama’s involvement. Surely if Obama would have Donald Young killed he would have Andrew Breitbart killed, too, if Breitbart had any goods on him.

    • gilligan25 says:

      What a douche–he calls him “Andrew” like he’s a close personal friend, when all Breitbart would do is sneer at the FatSlob.

    • Dennis says:

      What is most interesting about Breitbart is that the ME has sent out for more toxicology study. Normally, this is pretty straight forward. The report on a cousin of mine was able to tell us just about how much coffee and smoke he had just before his “suicide”. Further study is often needed when they find traces of more “unusual” substances (certain drugs etc.). Then the ME really has to dot every i and cross every t before saying anything.

  29. YankeeClipper says:

    Boycott Rush!

    Send a message to Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers: Tell them it’s time to stop supporting his anti-woman hate speech.

  30. LongTimeLurker says:

    How about all that tornado devastation. 30 something people dead (so far). And to think so many of them thought they were doing everything right and had things under control. It’s enough to tempt me to take up cigars again.

  31. YankeeClipper says:

    Maybe we should start calling it Romneycare:

    Romney Urged Obama To Embrace Individual Mandate In 2009

    SAHIL KAPUR MARCH 2, 2012, 7:30 PM 13362 80
    In July 2009, Mitt Romney called on President Obama to require Americans to buy insurance as part of his health care plan, using “tax penalties” as a backstop — in other words, the individual mandate that Republicans virulently oppose.

    In a USA Today op-ed that has since been removed but remains available on, Romney urged Obama to look to his Massachusetts health care plan that contained the same policy, and touted it as effective.

    “First, we established incentives for those who were uninsured to buy insurance,” Romney wrote. “Using tax penalties, as we did, or tax credits, as others have proposed, encourages ‘free riders’ to take responsibility for themselves rather than pass their medical costs on to others.”

    Obama opposed that approach in his 2008 campaign, and was not on board with it at the time of Romney’s op-ed, but eventually adopted it in the sweeping bill that became law March 2010. Republican voters strongly decry the mandate as egregious federal overreach, and Romney has vowed to repeal the entire law if elected President.

    (emphasis added by YC)

    Full article:

  32. gilligan25 says:

    Limbaugh semi-apologizes:

    Maybe this will mitigate damages.

    • Dennis says:

      Nobody was “…discussing personal sexual recreational activities before members of Congress.” This was Limbaugh’s warped and extremely insulting feverish presentation. Of course he is (as always) invoking the dubious claim that this was humor. Nonsense. It was outright libel and defamation for cheap self-serving political points.

      So flush Rush.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      Rush Limbaugh Apologizes To Sandra Fluke

      After days of criticism from the left and Democrats — and the loss of several advertisers — Rush Limbaugh has apologized to the Georgetown law student he called “a slut” on his show last week. In a statement posted to his website, Limbaugh says he “did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke.”

      “My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir,” Limbaugh says in the statement. “I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.”

      Limbaugh goes on to criticize the the plan to expand insurance coverage of contraception, and ding President Obama. Limbaugh says, “for over 20 years, I have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a day, five days a week. In this instance, I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation.”

      Read the rest of the statement here.

      UPDATE: Early indications suggest Democrats and Limbaugh’s critics are not going to accept Limbaugh’s apology.

  33. gilligan25 says:

    Birfsrs are seriously nuts:

    Skip to comments.
    Letter To Georgia Officials from SERIOUSLY Hacked Off Citizen re. Obozo Eligibility!
    Personal anon ^ | 3/3/2012 | Anon3/3

    Posted on Saturday, March 03, 2012 1:54:10 PM by Dick Bachert

    March 3, 2012 Attn: Governor Deal, SOS Brian Kemp, State Atty. Gen. Sam Olens

    Re: Ballot fraud and criminal cover-up

    Dear sirs,

    The facts are now in, having been uncovered and disclosed by AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio at his March 1 press conference, and they speak to criminal activity I have been warning you about since before any of you took office. I am but one man in a State of millions but this man will not stop until justice prevails. Your minions, Judges Michael Malihi and Cynthia Wright have now done your bidding and paved the way for the Criminal in Chief to, once again, be fraudulently and illegally placed on the GA ballot. This constitutes aiding and abetting. This constitutes misprision of felony. This constitutes treason. There is no legal cover for your actions or lack thereof.

    What more are you waiting for? A knock at your door by the authorities who must remove you from your seats of power? A full blown civil action where We the People converge, en masse, at the Gold Dome? What the hell are you waiting for?

    I’m certain the recent announcement of all the Federal money pouring into this State just after the Malihi/Kemp ruling is no coincidence and many of us who watched this sequence of events unfold understand full well that this represents the selling out, by you, of this great State to the DC crowd. Best get your cut of it now and run as fast as you can to a sanctuary country because you are ultimately responsible for this nightmare. No more games or back room deals will be tolerated.

    You know what must be done but continue to refuse to do it. Doing the right thing may spare the lot of you some extremely unpleasant time being incarcerated. Then again, you really don’t have a choice now, do you? You’ve made your bed and are comfortably sleeping with the enemy of the State. That comfort level is about to change as the anger continues to well up in those who know what you’ve done.

    Obama, or whoever the hell he is, is being protected in the State of GA by you and you alone. The rest of us are now just watching and waiting for the shoe to drop and by default it must drop on you, the criminal conspirators who continue this charade by subverting our GA law at every turn for indefensible reasons. There were no tough decisions to make, the law is clear or at least was until this triumvirate started changing it on the fly. Keep in mind that when the three of you consciously decided to discard your Oath of Office and change our laws for political or monetary gain, you relieved the Citizenry of our responsibility to do the same.

    Myself and everyone who else who are now aware of your complicity wonder how you plan on seeking cover for this. You can’t. The buck stops with the three of you. It’s your problem, not ours (misprision). We’ll do what what’s right and let the chips fall where they may but know this.., when we identify ALL the players, and we will, the price for your continued criminal acquiescence will be steep.

    Duty, honor and courage are actual words with meaning. I can define them just like I can define natural born Citizen. You know, that silly little Constitutional requirement for a Presidential candidate to be allowed on our ballot.

    May God have mercy on your pathetic souls. That is, if you were born with one.

    Any reason why I shouldn’t post this on my web site? Oops, already have.

    Anyone so inclined can re-print this using their own names and send it to the players involved.



    Atty. Gn.: Sam Olens has no other contact info. So use his fax.


    (404) 657-8733

    TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Government; News/Current Events
    KEYWORDS: accomplice; aidingandabetting; arpio; birthcertificate; collaboration; collusion; complicity; conspiracy; election; hushup; naturalborncitizen; obama; obamao; partnership; partnersincrime; whitewash
    This came to me as an email. The author indicated that any who wished to do so could use it as a template for their own missive to these officials. Going further, if your state officials have also caved on this vital topic, let them know that, thanks to Sheriff Joe and his Posse, this ain’t going away this time.

    1 posted on Saturday, March 03, 2012 1:54:19 PM by Dick Bachert

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | View Replies]

  34. LongTimeLurker says:

    Today’s Joke

    Billy-Bob and Bubba were sitting in the back of a trailer, drinking a beer and talking about life.

    Billy-Bob said: “If I snuck over to your house while you were out fishing and had sex with your wife, and she got pregnant, would that make us kin?”

    Bubba scratched his head for a bit and said: “I don’t think so…but it sure would make us even.”


  35. Dennis says:

    If I got this straight, supposedly the hot video Breitbart was getting ready to unload shows Obama hob nobbing with Weatherman Underground folks while at Harvard. Let see, Obama was at Harvard 1988-1991. The Weatherman Underground was pretty much kaputs before Nixon left office. Yep, sounds like another hot scoop to me. Maybe next will be Obama shaking hands with Mao and Bigfoot.

  36. YankeeClipper says:

    A Laridian is unhappy with the Fat One and Lardy responds to…

    Sort by: Date Rating Last Activity
    SELLOUT · 11 hours ago


    Reply1 reply · active 6 hours ago
    LarrySinclair61 · 6 hours ago

    What is it about the TRUTH being reported without adding to it or taking away from it a “Sellout?” You or anyone else who wishes to go out and accuse Obama of being behind Andrews death without even the slightest piece of anything to back it up does nothing but disrespect who and what Andrew was. No one is “backing BHO…” but we are reporting the FACTS as they currently are. These tapes that everyone is trying to say got Andrew killed are not anything worthy of murder. You have clearly crossed the line accusing me or anyone at SinclairNews of being a “sellout.”

    • Dennis says:

      Nonsense. I hear that the tapes clearly proves that Obama is from outer space. In the tapes he is leaving the mothership with his pal Bat Boy. He is clearly holding a book entitled “To Serve Man.” Be afraid, very afraid. BTW, the more I am hearing about Breitbart’s personal life, the more I have to wonder about the booze and the coke. He sounds as if he was getting more weird and paranoid. Of course, he normally was any way so it is a close call.

  37. Dennis says:

    Oh dear, the master of the looney bin also doesn’t buy Rush’s apology:
    Ron Paul: Limbaugh Isn’t Really Sorry

    I think it is time for Clear Channel to consider new ways to attract the white male age 60+ listener. Like maybe some sleepy time music programs or something….

  38. kstreet607 says:

    :::waving @ everyone::: Hi friends.

    Slowly getting my strength back (yippeeee!)

    Decided to update TFC and drop by here to say hi…and to let u all know I’m on the road to recovery. 🙂

    In the mean time….carry on, my friends.

  39. kstreet607 says:

    Sinclair: What is it about the TRUTH being reported without adding to it or taking away from it a “Sellout?” You or anyone else who wishes to go out and accuse Obama of being behind Andrews death without even the slightest piece of anything to back it up does nothing but disrespect who and what Andrew was.

    You know what comes to my mind? That Sinclair was in awe of Breitbart and has self-appointed Breitbart a saint!

    Does this mean that it’s ok to make up lies about the president having sex in a limo with you and when that doesn’t fly, add some story about a dead guy and suggest that Obama got rid of him so no one would find out that Obama is gay? Does this mean that you did not give a shit about Donald Young but you have already beatified Breitbart and you tell people not to disrespect who Andrew was? WTF? What did you have to back up your story SFB? Nothing. I guess I’ll be busy dissecting this bullshit that you wrote in response to an ex-fan of yours.

  40. crazymi says:

    Took a bit of hunting to find you but wanted to say hi.

    Life has been keeping me busy, it’s like I have 3 jobs now and no time for the nonsensical-nutcase Sickliar.

    Hope all are well. Hugs.

  41. M.I.Crazy says:

    Weird flip of the name there, but it’s me.

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      BTW, what do you think will be the official cause of death for Breitbart?

        • LongTimeLurker says:

          That’s more like the true cause of death. I kinda think the “official” COD will be heart attack (which, of course, probably wouldn’t have happened w/o the crack.)

          • Dennis says:

            Crack? Nah. This guy was probably mainlining, using the coke to stay up and the booze to counter the hyper effect of the coke and then needing more coke to snap out of the booze etc. etc. Sooner or later, the heart goes bingo.

        • LongTimeLurker says:

          Glad you’re feeling better, BTW.

          I’m always wondering what I’m gonna catch up at the gym (I’m hardly ever around children anymore), so I make a point of not touching my nostrils, my eyes, and definitely not my mouth. And I suppose people who are healthy enough to go to the gym tend not to have the flu.

          But yours sounded rough. Glad you’re over it.

        • Dennis says:

          Could be. It would explain some of his erratic behavior.

  42. LongTimeLurker says:

    Hey M.I.!!!

    I wondered where you were but thought you were just lurking for a while. Good to see you – a man with skills!

  43. Dennis says:

    Amusing piece from the Guardian:
    Comment is free
    Cif America

    Rush Limbaugh, you elite liberal feminist!

  44. gilligan25 says:

    Hey, guys! I went to the cardiologist late last week and we scheduled my bypass for this week. I wanted to be in recovery before it gets hot as hell down here.

    It’s not an emergency (like our good friend who passed out on the treadmill and woke up with four stents), but it’s getting there, and I really don’t want to wait for a heart attack. Am I scared? You betcha. This is, after all, the year everything I touched medically turned to shit. According to the doc, I should be in the hospital for 4-7 days, depending on how fast I recover. People who’ve had a bypass tell me that I’ll feel a lot better after the surgery, but it’s getting through the surgery that makes me nervous as hell. I don’t like all this doctoring.

    Excuse me while I hum a few choruses of “I Will Survive….”

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      Stay strong, gilligan. And don’t let anyone see you sweat.

      Try to remember that lots of people have had bypasses. Look at Bill Clinton, for example. You should be thankful bypasses are becoming so routine – practice makes perfect.

      Please let us know when you go in. We can say prayers or cross our fingers for you.

      • YankeeClipper says:

        Hang tough, Gilli! You will be in my thoughts! My Dad had quadruple by-pass surgery when he was 72; he’ll be 86 on the 27th of this month.

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      And BTW, I think it’s just too cool that you are channeling Gloria Gaynor right about now.

      But that’s our gilligan. 🙂

    • LongTimeLurker says:

      And remember there are a whole bunch of us out here and there who feel this way about you.

      • Meesh says:

        Beautiful song LTL…. all the best to our Gilli, this Canadian’s prayers are channeled to you and others here too. Be strong, my friend!

        • Meesh says:

          Meemers, mandinkawarrior (Istill love that avatar, it rocks!) Of course my MI CRAZY …so nice to see you guys!

          This one is for Gilli….

    • kstreet607 says:

      Gilligan, you are one of the strongest women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I have no doubt that you will come through this with flying colors. Please email me the hospital info before you go in. Thanks. Love you girl!

    • Dennis says:

      Good luck and best wishes. They swear that this operations are safe and easy. Of course doctors claim lots of things. All of our thoughts are with you.

  45. YankeeClipper says:

    12:01 PM EST
    AOL Suspends Advertising On Rush Limbaugh’s Show

    Monday, AOL announced it would suspend advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Radio show. AOL is the latest in a growing number of advertisers who have pulled their ads from his show over comments Limbaugh made about Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who testified in support of the administration’s contraception coverage rule. Limbaugh called her a “slut” and a “prostitute.”

    AOL’s statement is on its Facebook page:

    At AOL one of our core values is that we act with integrity. We have monitored the unfolding events and have determined that Mr. Limbaugh’s comments are not in line with our values. As a result we have made the decision to suspend advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Radio show.

    Limbaugh issued an apology Saturday. Appearing on The View Monday morning, Fluke said of Limbaugh’s apology: “I don’t think that a statement like this…changes anything.”

    • Dennis says:

      This is the big one. Most of his other advertisers are actually secondary level (kind of companies that you see on late night TV between the public service ads and sermonette).

  46. YankeeClipper says:

    Arpaio’s ‘Volunteer’ Investigator Profits From Birther Probe

    By his own account, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation into the president’s birth certificate is far from over. But already, the supposedly volunteer investigator leading the sheriff’s probe is raking in a profit from it.

    Michael Zullo, the investigator who took center stage at Arpaio’s news conference last week, has already co-authored an e-book about his investigation and is selling it for $9.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    The book gives Zullo a financial motive to continue stoking the flames of a conspiracy theory that has been debunked numerous times by an array of independent investigations


    • Dennis says:

      Gee, what a surprise. Now about those “donations” that ol’Joe was collecting for this investigation…..

  47. LongTimeLurker says:

    I think Limbaugh’s most recent stain on the GOP will be permanent. I felt embarrassed for men generally when I first heard what he had said. My initial reaction was to somehow apologize, myself, to women and to reassure them of my respect. I even posted something about them being “mind blowing”. It was awkward because I felt awkward – standing around when some jerk disrespected my friends like that.

    It’s still bugging me – maybe even more than before – a delayed reaction kind of thing. Did he think we would all just laugh along with Limbaugh?

  48. Dennis says:

    Oh my goodness, we made him do it…
    “Limbaugh Blames the Left for Calling Sandra Fluke a ‘Slut'”

    I guess that crazy Bill Ayers must have pulled a gun on him and forced Rush to sound like a crazed pig in heat. How much more bs is this fatso allowed to push out there before they yank the plug on his show? Of course, he has a contact till 2016 so I assume that Clear Channel is stuck with lots of pay-or-play issues, but still, this jackass is a walking liability.

  49. Dennis says:

    Rush Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke Comments Were ‘Uncalled For,’ A ‘Shame’ Advertisers Left (AUDIO)

    What is most interesting is the last paragraph of this post:
    But even as he took those two words back, Limbaugh made more controversial comments. Among other things, he speculated that Fluke had “intentionally target[ed]” Georgetown to get the school to provide contraception, and said that she had provided “inexpert testimony” to Congress which consisted of “vague examples based on unnamed friends.”

    So basically (and despite the deep dodo he has stuck himself into) the idiot hasn’t really bothered to either read the text or listen to the tape of Fluke’s testimony. I am not exactly surprised, but just how lazy is this slob?

  50. YankeeClipper says:

    AllState Insurance dropped advertising as of today; radio stations are beginning to cancel too. ClearChannel stations cannot drop him however, part of the contract between a radio station and ClearChannel mandates broadcasting Limbarf.

    • Dennis says:

      Another big one out the door. At this rate Rush will be lucky to get some of the ads fielded by the New Hampshire Herald.

  51. YankeeClipper says:

    Ummm, where will the virginity tests be administered?

    SC County GOP: If You’ve Had Pre-Marital Sex, You Can’t Be A Republican

    JILLIAN RAYFIELD MARCH 5, 2012, 2:04 PM 40330 509
    Before you can join the Laurens County Republican Party in South Carolina and get on the primary ballot, they ask that you pledge that you’ve never ever had pre-marital sex — and that you will never ever look at porn again.

    Last Tuesday, the LCGOP unanimously adopted a resolution that would ask all candidates who want to get on the primary ballot to sign a pledge with 28 principles, because the party “does not want to associate with candidates who do not act and speak in a manner that is consistent with the SC Republican Party Platform.”

    Full article:

    • Dennis says:

      So like, uh, where are they getting their candidates? I don’t really care but I can’t help but wonder what kind of dismal, boring, lonely folks they are hoping to field for elections.

  52. LongTimeLurker says:

    Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!

    No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! – a thousand times NO!!!

    I used to excuse America’s past mistakes by pointing to its ideals. “Innocent until proven guilty” and “right to trial by a jury of one’s peers” are what made America America. Once upon a time if we couldn’t provide that, we would allow the guilty to go free. It was what made America America. It made me feel special – like an American. I’m not sure I feel that way anymore. It’s kinda scary, really.

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