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Sinclair posts his dense Defense:

Larry Sinclair off to JailTomorrow in my article When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts I will take you on a walk through my life from the summer of 1999 through the filing of the false report by the alleged victim in 2001 along with photos of all parties, and including the efforts by the alleged victim and her family to file previous knowingly false reports with Police just days before the Colorado report was filed…  Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge.” 

Larry Sinclair April 1st 2014

Dennis imagesWell it’s been two weeks since announcing his upcoming chilling revealing post, he’s finally got it done (I think)… it’s obvious that Lardo the lwayer has been hard at work cracking the case (of vodka) while formatting and reformatting a legal defense that  proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he knows the fastest route from Florida to Mexico. The first new post is back to selling his crappy original “book” (while also pitching the film rights?). Couple of funny things about this hot offer for the book.

The pitch is really unclear about what he is really wanting to sell since copyright for the book and film rights are two different things. Besides, if someone were stupid enough to buy the book’s copyright, then they would have the film rights, period. As for just buying the film rights, why bother?

Virtually everything in the book the big dumbass has already pumped into numerous so-called “news” sites through interviews and news stories written by other people. Every thin detail of his tale is covered in a wide and, because of it being forced out there as news stories, in a public manner that allows a filmmaker the ability to go right around him and the book. Nobody needs his stinkin’ film rights. Why buy the cow when you can get the foul sour milk for free?

One last point of irony about the film rights. As an event that he has worked hard at turning into a news item, he has little grounds for defending the film rights to his “book.” But, if he were to announce that it is all a WORK OF FICTION, he would be able to better defend his control over the film rights. Just a bit of FYI.

Then the post goes into another attack of former DA Jones and his “factually” false filings while providing absolutely no support for anything (and BTW Fatso, you did NOT win that lawsuit; the other guy basically blew it in the primarily hearing because he didn’t provide any support evidence – might want to take note of that “problem”). Then he rants a bit about the Delaware case claiming that it was dismissed for lack of evidence (no you idiot, it was dismissed because you paid the victim back his money). Without further ado  see the first post below:  

Rights to Controversial 2009 Book on Obama

Can Be Yours”  -  April 15, 2014 By ASS-ministrator

“In June 2009 the book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? was published and released. In September 2009 the Amazon Kindle version of the book was released and in January 2010 the Paperback version of the book was released. Despite the intentional and deliberately published false claims that the author Larry Sinclair had failed two polygraph tests (in 2011 video filed in a $30 Million Defamation suit Parisi et al v Sinclair et al showed the world that Sinclair according to the computer had in fact passed the polygraph despite Ed I. Gelb’s biased report stating it showed deception) and despite having to defend against a $30 million defamation suit brought in the US District Court in the District of Columbia (Sinclair prevailed in said suit) the book is still available through limited outlets and still peeks the interest of many who have yet to become aware of the book.

Almost 5 years later the Amazon Kindle version still consistently ranks in the Kindle paid categories. :roll:

Today it is announced that the complete and exclusive publication, distribution, and any and all future film or television rights to the book can belong to you. Despite Sinclair’s repeatedly prevailing over every possible effort to discredit him or attack him for the past 6 plus years, he was recently hit with yet another long attempted effort to sideline him when he was arrested on March 20, 2014 at his home in Holly Hill, Florida on a Colorado warrant which Sinclair had repeatedly been told was going to be dismissed. The Real Story On 13 Year Old Colorado Warrant A former Deputy District Attorney by the name of Stephen A. Jones (Jones is reported to have engaged in the online attacks of Sinclair and working with those responsible for the anti-Sinclair websites since late 2008 when the Colorado matter was turned into a political football) who was the subject of a Colorado Opens Record Act and Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act request dated December 1, 2012 and faxed to the Pueblo County District Attorneys Office on December 3, 2012, retaliated against Sinclair for filing the FOIA requests by filing before Pueblo District Court Judge Jill Mattoon on December 11, 2012 a knowingly factually false motion seeking to have the 2001 Colorado Warrant reissued with a “nationwide extradition” jurisdiction. Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones Takes Parting Shot Sinclair contrary to the many internet posted claims has not run from the Colorado matter but in fact had been working from the moment he became aware of the matter to have it dismissed. According to information obtained from Colorado officials, Gus Sandstrom, District Attorney at the time the warrant was obtained had agreed to reduce the bond amount to $5000 early on but that information was never forwarded to Sinclair or anyone else. In 2004 Sinclair himself filed a motion with the Pueblo District Court seeking to have the warrant dismissed. At that time the Pueblo County District Attorney’s Office was provided with irrefutable evidence showing the alleged victim Carmen Segura had in fact given out right false statements to Police and investigators from the start on Feb 15, 2001. Since the March 20, 2014 arrest Sinclair has posted the $15,000 bond and few to Colorado on March 23, 2014 and appeared before a District Court Judge on March 24, 2014. Sinclair will return to Colorado on April 28, 2014 either with retained counsel or to inform the Judge that despite his best efforts he has been unable to retain private counsel as of that date. In June 2008 Sinclair at the hands of internet warriors who hide behind screen names and anonymous proxy servers was arrested in Washington, DC on a non-exsistant fugitive from justice warrant out of Delaware. Sinclair spent 10 days sitting in the Metro DC jail before being taken to Delaware where he was released on the promise to appear in court. At that time Delaware AG Beau Biden had knowingly sought a sealed Grand Jury indictment on a charge accusing Sinclair of theft despite having full knowledge no theft had ever occurred. Sinclair prevailed in that case when he refused to accept a plea agreement offering him a misdemeanor and one year probation and instead insisted it proceed to trial which was scheduled for 9-11-2008. Three days into the 2008 Democratic Convention the Delaware matter was dismissed for “lack of evidence” but not before Sinclair and his supporters had to cough up more than $15,000 in attorney fees and travel expenses. Now more than 6 years later Sinclair is facing yet another false accusation lodged in 2001 and kept alive by politics and he will defend against these as he has always vowed to do. In an effort to raise the money needed to pay Attorney retainer and fees Sinclair is offering up the complete Copyright and all exclusive rights of publication, distribution, etc for sale. The buyer can choose to take it out of publication; pitch it as a future film or TV movie or put it into widespread distribution or whatever he/she chooses to do with it. The asking price for the Copyright on this book is $20,000.00 Interested buyers email for more information and/or to arrange to purchase these rights.

_border DENNIS THE MENACE 1Then there’s the second post, the magical one that is suppose to explain why he is innocent in the Colorado case. It’s long and winding and really a dumb ass piece in which he inadvertently confirms that he was spending time driving all over America drug running. Lots of bull crud talk about how everybody at some dive bar loved and respected him for his manly qualities. Seemed to have been spending his time hanging around lots of two-bit low-life criminal types (all of whom were really great folks who would give you the stolen shirt off their back if they were not so busy with the drug dealing and the human trafficking, you know). What is his “defense?” Damn if I know. There is no defense. Actually, it sounds as if the DA has missed some charges. The whole thing makes no blasted sense. First he belly aches about how those horrible online stalkers make him sound like a no good dirty dog and then he waxes nostalgic about his life as a scum sucking no good dirty dog. Not only does this nitwit need a lawyer but he needs a lawyer who can tell him to shut his pie hole before they throw the book at him.

(UPDATE: “Page Not Found The page you requested could not be found. – See more at:”

I assume that once the vodka ran out Sinclair realized that he was writing a confession, not a defense. Guess he was having trouble remembering which was which from his lwa school days. z60s6As suspected, since posted, this post can no longer be viewed in its entirety , that’s okay we have saved it below for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome Turd Brain! animated_arrow_red


“When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts” April 15, 2014  By Lawrence Sinclair

It's always about the money Larry SinclairIt is sad, but a simple fact of our society today is that when there is a political benefit for someone or a group, politics has a way of turning basic facts into fiction and fiction into facts. That is exactly what has happened in the matter of a 2001 arrest warrant issued in Pueblo Colorado against me. Since making the allegations against ten candidate Barack Obama in January 2008 politics has turned the facts of this matter into fiction and politically motivated fiction into what they want to be facts. Almost four years to the day these so called “law abiding citizens” who have engaged in hacking; internet threats, intimidation and filing of false reports (in order to keep their names from being released under the Colorado Open Records Act) so they could obtain official records without being identified, simply for the purpose of editing and distorting them, former Pueblo Colorado Deputy District Attorney Stephen A. Jones did what many have been doing since 2008, he filed a factually false Motion before Pueblo District Court Judge Jill Mattoon (a former Pueblo Deputy DA herself) in order to make a Colorado only warrant a nationwide one. See Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones Takes Parting Shot – and The Real Story On 13 Year Old Colorado WarrantBecause the so called facts as presented by those who have tried to use this matter to misrepresent me and others, have been posted on countless internet sites and even jumped on the misrepresentation bandwagon in 2008, I have decided to take readers on a journey starting in the spring of 1999 and ending with the filing of an affidavit for an arrest warrant in May 2001.The journey begins when I rented a duplex located at 1320 1/2 E. 4th Street in Pueblo, Colorado from one Darrell Chapman. Shortly after renting this residence I had the unfinished basement carpeted, drywalled and electrical installed as a bedroom for my best friend and room-mate Ramon Caraveo (that’s Ramon with his nephew left) Ramon & I met in the fall of 1998. My neighbors at 1320 E 4th St were a group of guys who lived and worked in Pueblo (most of whom were not in the US legally) and we got along very well. This house at one time was one unit and while the ground levels had been separated, the two were still connected by way of an opening in the basement which had simply been blocked off with a sheet of plywood. As time passed one of the guys living next door, Juan Gutierriz (or Munoz, or Gonzales or Martinez which ever he chose to use at the moment) had issues and was looking for another place to stay, we (me & Ramon) had already gotten to know him and I told Ramon that if he wanted we could let Juan move in and he could share the basement with Ramon. Juan moved in with Ramon & I.Ramon was a truly loyal friend and he was someone you could trust with your life. You will see what I mean as we get to Feb 2000. Ramon’s family used to tease us by saying that if I were a woman Ramon would have the perfect wife. We enjoyed the same music, we both loved boxing though we may not have agreed oo who was the better boxer, we enjoyed going to a Pueblo night club called Jalapeno’s and we enjoyed the fights that would break out inside the club and outside after closing. One night while at Jalapeno’s one guy tried to get in Ramon’s face over the girl he was with and I stepped in letting the idiot know he would have to go through me if he wanted to get to Ramon. Funny how everyone in the bar that night couldn’t wait til closing to jump the guy because he backed down from my challenge. Make no mistake folks, Jalapeno’s was the Mexican bar to be at and it was all about the macho machismo every night. I was known as the only garvocho or gringo to ever go in there on a regular basis and the fact that I was an openly gay or Joto gringo wasn’t lost on many. But I had the respect of most every regular that ever frequented Jalapeno’s.Shortly after Ramon and I first met I was introduced to his mother who used the name MaryLu Domingez after having been on the run from Arizona authorities after a car accident revealed she was hauling large amounts of marijuana and cocaine. It was not secret to any of Ramon’s family what his mother did for a living. His mother made the hard decision to let Ramon grow up with his father and Aunt (his fathers sister) Maria Alvarez in the small farming community in southern Colorado off Colorado 159 south of San Luis and just a couple of miles north of the Colorado/New Mexico line. Ramon was sheltered and when he went off to Pueblo to go to USC, his Aunt and Grandparents had done little to prepare him for what he needed to know to simply establish phone service and electric service. Ramon was quickly used by his cousins after he moved to Pueblo and because of those cousins Ramon was sued and had a judgment entered against him for having broken a lease that both he and his cousin were named on. Though the cousin and Aunt both refused to pay the cousins share, it was me who got the judgment removed and settled with the apartment complex to clear Ramon’s name. In early 1999 Ramon’s mother asked if would drive something out to her nephew in Greensboro, NC and she would pay me $4000.00 plus expenses. That was my introduction into the smuggling business and I learned real fast that $4000 was chump change for what I had been asked to do. See MaryLu was doing a brisk business in bring marijuana up to Colorado where she would get $4-500.00 per pound, but that was nothing compared to the $1600-$2000 per pound I could get for it in SC.In May 1999 MaryLu was having problems with her suppliers in Mexico because she had not paid them a whole lot of money that she owed them. In fact MaryLu had come to Pueblo and stayed with Ramon and I at the E. 4th St house in April 1999 and asked me to go with her to a customers house down the street from me who owed in excess of $50,000 but had claimed the merchandise was confiscated in a Police raid that resulted in the arrest of one son.”


Professor DennisBefore we are hit by the impending deluge of horse manure, one quick note. Turd Brain keeps using the phrase “factually false.” Odd choice of phrase. In legal terms, the phrase factually false is used in regards to: “Sham pleading means an obviously frivolous or absurd pleading that is made only for purposes of vexation or delay. It is a written pleading that is factually false, not made in good faith, and that may be struck. It is entered for the mere purpose of delay and of a matter which the pleader knows to be false.”

In other words, it is a defense tactic used solely for the purpose of jerking everybody around. It would not be used (now or ever) by a DA in filing charges (especially since charges are based on evidence, not pleads or accusations). Instead, it would be used by the person who has been charged as part of their attempt to deflect issues, confuse points, and generally stall the case for as long as possible. So I guess that Fat Boy is once again revealing his hand by accusing the other side of doing what he is actually doing. Obviously, we have already seen his “defense.” They better warm up the cell. It is going to be a long stay this time.

Now for the rating of these two fine posts….

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein



What do we have to say?

April-Fool-8Leave it to Larry Sinclair, of all days, he chose April Fools Day, to post an excruciatingly long exposé filled with much insignificant Garbage…where he boldly announced:

Well its time to let the facts speak for themselves and let the chips fall where they may.” 

For your amusement, the actual post  can be viewed on “our” site–> press here to view it in this comment  (if you really want to visit Sinclair’s dreadful site (press here to view his post )  Fair warning, it’s clear as mud.

Once again, Sinclair  has escalated to one of attacking the innocent and developing bizarre conspiracy theories that make those of the tinfoil hat / black helicopter ilk seem downright sane.  His latest target are bloggers and Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones and his staff who were merely conducting business as usual.

Sinclair states:

“I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge.”

So, this will not be the end of these rants and threats. Sinclair demands names, he states:

“Too bad all those who claim to be law abiding citizens looking out for the little guy couldn’t publish under their real names when they publish outright garbage and lies on the internet attacking someone else.”

Here’s his demands—>

The specific information requested pursuant to the CORA and CCJRA is as follows: The names, addresses. email addresses and phone numbers of any and all individuals who the Pueblo County District Attorney Office has communicated with from January 2008 thru December 3. 2012 pertaining to Pueblo Colorado District Court Case Number 01CR727 who are not alleged witnesses or aHeged victims in the case and who has contacted the Pueblo District Attorney for the purpose of requesting the DA move to seek nationwide extradition for political purposes.” 

I also agree with Dennis, “it really doesn’t make a lick of sense and sounds like a desperate criminal having an emotional breakdown or something. All I know is that everything bad ever said about him is “factually false.” So there.”

Without further ado, let’s see what some of our fellow Regulators have to say.


I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at: further ado, here’s what some of our Regulators weighed in with:

First I’ll begin with WTPL?  “Where’s The Proof Larry?” well-thought conclusion:animated119

4a1a88c89c4ef2cebbee6cbcd2479698“I saw Sean Penn recently deliver these lines in the movie Fair Game:

“The responsibility of a country is not in the hands of a privileged few. We are strong, and we are free from tyranny as long as each one of us remembers his or her duty as a citizen.

Whether it’s to report a pothole at the top of your street or lies in a State of the Union address, speak out! Ask those questions. Demand that truth. Democracy is not a free ride, man. I’m here to tell you. But, this is where we live. And if we do our job, this is where our children will live. God bless America.”

I’m sure there are many more and maybe better examples of those kinds of words. Those words just happened to pop into my head this morning. Sicliar, you’re the decrepit “pot hole”, career con man we’re doing our civic duty to report about. When you go after fine FBI agents like Brenda Born or Robert Henly and slag them on the internet with false claims, or when you go after Deputy DA’s Susan Dwyer or Stephen Jones wrongfully, or when you throw feces on Colorado prison guards, or when you go after members of the Secret Service as you did, or when you threaten pro bono civil rights attorneys like Paul Levy: “Paul Allen Levy will DIE before SUNDAY” or when you go after Obama’s dying grandmother or go after his young kids as you did or when you’ve threatened or gone after bloggers on this site, you attack me.

Professional protocol prevents these classy people in law enforcement from getting down in the internet mud and defending their reputations. Your attacks of them are unfair, factually false and hurtful to them. But because those people protect my family, my friends and our society based upon the rule and enforcement of law from unconscionable scumbag felons like you, I think we’re completely justified in exposing what a dishonest, heartless and harmful piece of shit you are, always have been and always will be. I see the garbage you posted about Stephen Jones and it just elevates my resolve to keep after you until you’re sentenced to prison for a long, long time.” district_Colorado_seal_v4_150x151 And now it’s Dennis’ turn…

dennis_cartoon_wallpapers“OK Fat Boy. Though you are busy trying to cook up a vast conspiracy involving a former DA who has been out of office since January of 2013 and several bloggers, some of whom are largely off line these days, let me explain a couple of “facts” to you. “My Teachable Moments”:

A. It just doesn’t matter. You were an accused felon who skipped. The minute you ran, your ass belonged to the DA. Previously, the DA was a guy named Bill Thiebaut who employed “…an innovative social intervention strategy that is intended to aggressively discourage criminality. ” So you were pretty much safe as long as you stayed out of Colorado.

The new DA is Jeff Chostner, a hard lined ex-military guy who sounds very different and who is “…of the opinion that the only way to fight crime in Pueblo is for the District Attorney to prosecute a higher number of criminals.” He now owns your ass.

B. You go on and on about this Jones guy (out of office since 2013). You whine about this or that from 2001, 2008, 2011, 2012. It just doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that they just yanked your ass in. That is what you have to deal with, you idiot.

Notice what Chostner already told your bogus mama: “why didn’t Larry turn himself in and take care of this?” And remember, this is the same guy who won his election by swearing that he couldn’t drive down the main streets of Pueblo because of all of the crime that was going on (he actually said this in a debate). So imagine what will happen when he gets a long hard look at you? Jones and bloggers are not your worry. Chostner is the guy you need to be concerned about. He owns you.


BTW, I suspect the warrant came up while the new DA and his new staff were going through a pile of outstanding warrants and since they are getting tough, gee guess what. It probably happened in late 2013 only because they were sorting in alphabetical order. It just wasn’t your day. But that is how it goes when you have an arrest warrant hovering over your head for over a decade. So now I can’t wait to tear into whatever pathetic excuse for a “defense” you are cooking up. BTW, you do know that your case will not be tried online?!Why are you not dealing with an attorney, asswipe?”

graphics-yo-yo-588543defender_Larry Sinclair


Sinclair’s Lie No. 8,175,462,464

“Where’s the proof, Larry?”

4a1a88c89c4ef2cebbee6cbcd2479698.jpg WTPL avatarWe’ve lost count of all of Larry’s lies and deceptions,

but I call pure bullshit on that Grand Rapids story.


roflbot-4vsR I caught the following  on Larry’s “The Larry Sinclair” Facebook page, dated March 22nd,2014:

(to see screenshot press thumbnail)






“Tomas Ojeda says:“in 2004  Larry Sinclair was within a hundred yards of Barack Obama… Grand Rapids Michigan. he had a bullhorn and was asking Barack where he was in November of 1999-in Chicago? ”

Larry Sinclair replies:

“Tomas Ojeda correction 2008 not 2004. lol”

Larry then adds this:

“Tomas Ojeda that was the same day Deputy DA Corsey specifically instructed me “do not waste your money and time coming to Colorado it is being dismissed.”

Yes, Larry corrected the timing alleging it happened during the 2008 campaign when Obama was campaigning in Grand Rapids. But it’s just another lie.

Larry may have or may not have been in Grand Rapids in 2008.

I’m not taking issue with that.

I’m taking issue with what he claimed that Deputy DA Corsey told him about dismissing the case back then. Barack Obama was campaigning in Grand Rapids, MI speaking on the Economy on October 2, 2008.

 This happened just after Obama was elected THE FOLLOWING MONTH

(from the court docket):


11/04/2008 Motn Motion (by lws)
11/04/2008 Letr Letter (by lws)
11/04/2008 Acta Appl For Ct Appointed Cnsl DEF/Sinclair, Larry Wayne


From the above docket, in November 2008, Larry applied for a public defender to represent him and my previous copy of the docket in early 2009, with Judge Jill Suzanne Mattoon presiding, shows that a public defender (BAR: 900002) was appointed as the primary attorney back then.

Larry went to a lot of trouble on November 4th 2008 to defend himself in this case which totally contradicts his BS claim that ‘Deputy DA Corsey specifically instructed me “do not waste your money and time coming to Colorado it is being dismissed.’ prior to October 2, 2008, claimed to have been stated on the very same day that he was in Grand Rapids.

Why bother to get a public defender, write a letter to the court and make a motion to the court in November 2008 if the DA has already told you by October 2nd, 2008 not to bother because he’s dismissing the case? To make a motion to dismiss? I think not. In part, because the last entry by Larry prior to the above was a motion to dismiss dated in August 3, 2004:


Larry’s affidavit in support of motion to dismiss the warrant for his arrest:look


“I Larry Wayne Sinclair do under penalty of perjury state in the following of Motion to dismiss for arrest of Defendant and for such, states as follows:”LookAnimated

Larry published the Motion and Affidavit on his own website in June 2008. Everybody saw it.

The DA didn’t need a motion to dismiss from Larry because Larry’s 2004 motion to dismiss was already there (and had already been declined by the judge).

And the Judge has the ability to get the case dismissed without Larry’s assistance if he so chooses. But even if you don’t buy that, and think Larry needed to make a second motion to dismiss, Larry certainly didn’t need to apply for a public defender if the case was being dismissed.

Why bother with having to get a public defender when you’ve already claimed the DA told you on October 2nd 2008 he was going to dismiss the case?

That doesn’t add up. More BS.

And if you don’t believe any of that rationale, why the heck did the CO court renew the warrant in 2008:

10/10/2008 Wrrc Warrant Recall
10/10/2008 Waff Warrant Upon Affidavit DEF/

Sinclair, Larry Wayne eight days after Obama was in Grand Rapids?

Still don’t believe me?


06/18/08: Press Statement of Larry Sinclair (transcripts)

“I have a pending motion to dismiss this warrant which I am waiting to have calendared by the Colorado Court.”

and he said it again (so there’s no mistake):

06/18/08: National Press Conference with Larry Sinclair

“I also have an active Colorado only warrant for alleged theft and forgery. I am not ignoring this warrant but am addressing it with the court in Colorado as well as with the district attorney’s office. I have a pending motion to dismiss this warrant which I waiting to have calendared by the Colorado court.”

He lied then as well to the media because that “pending motion” he was “waiting to have calendared” had been sitting in the court case docket for nearly (4) four years, calendared August 3, 2004! And the court renewed it’s warrant afterwards to affirm it’s longstanding answer – as it’s done again recently.

The blunt truth, based soundly on the facts in this docket, is that Larry (et al aliases) Lari, Ashaiti, Avila, Larye, La Rye, Vizcarra, Adams, Larri, Silvis, Mohammed, Gahanan, Fatha, Vizcuaua, Vizgua, Lawrence, Wayne, Larry, Sinclair/Sinclaire is still, always was and always will be a lying sack of shit con man.sinclair-fraud He belongs behind bars where all habitual felony offenders belong.

This has nothing to do with any bloggers. They didn’t get charged with this crime nor the long list of crimes by Sinclair that have preceded or followed it.

And they didn’t constantly lie about what has gone on with this case. All the bloggers have done is shine a bright light on this cockroach and what he’s really up to – to help protect the public from him.

Meanwhile, this con man is out collecting money for charities? Just wow.

Hopefully, justice will finally be done in this court and provide some solace to all of the people Larry has hurt.colorado courts logo

Submitted by: WTPL?

“Where’s The Proof Larry?”

March 28, 2014


TJTaygee’s – Forget the Alamo, Remember Colorado!

bog_cary.jpg TJ Carey Grant avatarjustification for a long wait…

To those of you, who  have experienced personal harm due to interactions with Liar-Larr, I feel I must apologize, as well as find it necessary (quite happily so) to congratulate you.


Your adherence to the pursuit of observing Liar-Larr to his ultimate demise was well-warranted…as was my mere follow-along in amusement.


I never got involved in watching the train wreck, that is Liar-Larr, out of a need for seeing him achieve his comeuppance.  I watched because his ever-dissolving credibility (while he briefly had any at all) was fun to observe.  And, of course, I occasionally became annoyed with what I perceived to be easily disproven untruths – over which I occasionally went into internet battles with the Liar-Larr, never with any intent further than lampooning him for his nonsense.


But you, some of you, were at the very least threatened and most definitely harassed by the Liar-Liar-Larr, most often for simply investigating his claims and pointing-out inaccuracies and what were in many cases easily prove-able lies.


Getting back to the apology – I have for some time come to the conclusion that Liar-Larr is no longer worth the effort.  I would peruse The Regulator (and later The RegulatorToo) and Liar-Larr’s “news” blog for the occasional humor of it.  More and more rarely, for sense of camaraderie (which I still feel).  But, given the numerous failures of Liar-Larr to make any impact at all, his dwindling (and now non-existent) relevance to any political operation, and not least of all the total lack of the second book – long after it could have even a smidgen of relevance – I was not seeing the real point in paying that much attention any further.


But, Liar-Larr’s own actions have caught up with him legally, and he is seeing real consequences for those actions. I was wrong.  It has been worth the wait.  And for my error, I do sincerely apologize.


I also congratulate those of you that did experience harm.  Whether or not for his actions against you, he has met a measure of long-overdue justice.  Even if nothing comes of the current warrant (and I hesitate to make yet another prediction, outspoken or not), he has been called to task for his own transgressions, and I hope and believe you find some reward in this latest news.


Rejoice that I was wrong.  Rejoice that Liar-Larr was and is a failure.


And hell, why not – hope that Liar-Larr is truly brought to justice.


Remember Colorado!




Off to Colorado?

speech-bubble-bye-smiley-emoticon‘Go Directly to Jail,do not pass Go & do not collect $200…’


C’est la vie, adiós and good riddance!


Thanks to Dennis and LongTimeLurker whose comments alerted me (via email) that something was up… seems the nefarious Larry Sinclair is brewing something, but what is it? Is this just Another one of his scamming games?

Regardless of what it is, Larry Sinclair’s ulterior motive has always been about *MONEY* and playing the martyr by dragging others into *his* personal problems of *his* troubled past. 

The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That’s the day we truly grow up.” John C. Maxwell


Sinclair announced  in a post, on his website, Facebook (below):


The Real Story


“On 13 Year Old Colorado Warrant”

smiley popcorn 4341

March 22, 2014 By

Games - Go to Jail“Maybe now this matter can be put to rest once and for all and all those who injected themselves into this can be exposed

For those who know anything about me and the circumstances surrounding my 2008 public allegations against then candidate Barack Obama; or who have read my first book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? then you will know that many people have for the past 6 years published a host of different stories about a 13 year old Colorado warrant for my arrest. You will find many of those reports claiming I was arrested and posted bond and then went on the run for the past 13 years even though there is not a letter of truth to such claims. You will know that a group of individuals vowed to pressure Colorado officials and the District Attorney (3 different ones) to changed the warrant from a Colorado only warrant to a nationwide warrant so they can make sure

“his faggot ass is rotting in a Colorado prison cell for the rest of his life.”

I do not and have not ever tried to run or hide from anything I have done in life and I won’t start now, nor have I ever ran from defending myself.

On Thursday March 20, 2014 while preparing to travel to South Carolina to participate in a Walk for Water I discovered the passenger side of my car had been keyed. I called the Holly Hill Police Department to file a vandalism report. While filing that report the HH Police Officer (who conducted himself in the most dignified and professional manner possible) informed me that the Colorado warrant (which he knew was a Colorado Only warrant just a month ago) had been entered into the NCIC system approximately two weeks ago as a nationwide warrant saying Colorado would extradite. Those who have knowledge of the above know that I have dealt directly with Colorado officials for years trying to address this issue and was repeatedly told by the District Attorney’s office

“do not waste your money or time coming to Colorado because I am dismissing this case,”

but individuals who have spent the last 6 years of their life devoted to stalking and harassing Colorado Law Enforcement over this matter have continued to do just that. Despite Colorado authorities telling my mother, myself and other officials they do not know who, how or when this warrant was changed, it was and I was taken into custody on Thursday March 20, 2014.

At 1:00AM today Saturday March 22, 2014 I posted a $15,000.00 bond and was released. Though Florida officials have not been provided a copy of the warrant nor have they been provided any information as to the next scheduled Court date, I will be traveling to Colorado in the very near future to appear in court on the date and time provided to the Holly Hill PD on March 20, 2014.

While this prevented me from participating in the charity walk today, I can still report that I did raise $1300.00 for the event and will be mailing in the contributions I was intending to take in person today.

For those of you who do not know anything about this let me explain something about me. I have never in my life ever attempted to avoid taking responsibility for my own actions. In fact if you have read my book you would know that I have never made a single court take a matter to trial where I was guilty of what I was accused of. The first time I have ever refused to plead guilty to a charge was in June 2008 in the State of Delaware where I was accused of theft by VP Joe Biden’s son Delaware AG Beau Biden that both Biden and I knew was not true. It was only after I refused to accept a plea that Delaware dismissed the charges which they knew where not supported by any evidence, despite the Delaware News Journal publishing completely false reports claiming the court file contained statements that simply did not exist. Just as I have stated to Colorado officials from the day I was made aware of this matter, I am not guilty and I will not plea the case under any circumstances. While Colorado has for 13 years repeatedly refused to extradite me on this warrant I will not make the people of the State of Colorado pay to have me appear in a Colorado Court. That is why I posted the bond and am paying my own transportation to Court and back home until the next court date.

In addition, while I have no choice at the present time but to seek the appointment of a Public Defender, I will do everything possible to secure the means to hire a private attorney to defend me against the politically motivated prosecution in this case.

Part of this public court file in this case contains a long Motion to Dismiss the warrant with supporting evidence which has been sitting in this court file since 2003 or 2004. For those internet stalkers publishers of outright lies, I stand today and am publishing this for the world to see that I am exactly what I have always been, one who will stand and fight when falsely accused and one who will stand and accept responsibility for my actions when guilty of the crime.

I want to sincerely thank all of those remarkable people who responded and mobilized so quickly when I posted on Face Book Thursday morning that I was being arrested. Your support and kind words mean the world to me and my family. While there are still many unanswered questions concerning the events of the past 2 days, I will seek those answers from the Court in a few days.”


 To me, this doesn’t pass the “sniff-test” or it does, once again the con-artist is doing what he knows best, and why now? As LongTimeLurker expressed on 2014/03/22 at 8:01 pm:

1353b22d1346754dc92ded026881c3e6 LTL LongTimeLurker “Looks like Colorado really wants him this time. Legion is talking defiant for now. But he knows if he returns to Colorado he’s going back to jail. So what to do? Try to turn this into a money making scheme like his “Walk for Water” scam (where he coincidentally had collected just about enough for the “Walk For Water” to enable him to post the 10% of the $15000 bond to allow him to walk back home for now)? Or make a dash for the border? As we used to say here “Bring out the popcorn!”

Hmmm sounds odd, what a coincidence!- Will it work? But you know what?

“There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute” - P.T.Barnum –

Now there’s also  this to point out, Sinclair states (above):

I will do everything possible to secure the means to hire a private attorney to defend me against the politically motivated prosecution in this case.”

Politically motivated? :::eyeroll::: Oh is this how he’ll try to defend himself?

Hey Douche, you’re a fugitive who never served your time, hopefully this 13 year case, can prove to be just another lucky “13″ for you. WooHoo!  

Below, I found what the lying piece of excrement had to say in 2008, seems he was the one who expressed the “double-dare” to call in the authorities…


PUZZLE SINCLAIRPUEBLO CASE – posted by Larry Sinclair – April 2008





And now Dennis’ turn to weigh in…”Teachable Moments”

Proffesor_dennis“The spin machine is in full operation: “It was only after I refused to accept a plea that Delaware dismissed the charges which they knew where not supported by any evidence, despite the Delaware News Journal publishing completely false reports….” 

I seem to recall that the charge only got dropped because the little jerk paid back the stolen money to the motel clerk.  I know that Fatso is a lying bag of crap who thinks that everybody else is stupid, but does he also assume that we all have short memories?

He keyed his own car?  Maybe, maybe not.  Could be a love letter from his neighbors.  He sounds like a real popular guy down there. 

Meanwhile: “I have no choice at the present time but to seek the appointment of a Public Defender, I will do everything possible to secure the means to hire a private attorney….” 

Fund raising time!  Though he is himself such a eagle legal, he may want some “back up” this time.  I hear that there is a lawyer in California who not only could take his case, but she also can fix his teeth and sell him a house.

“… individuals who have spent the last 6 years of their life devoted to stalking and harassing Colorado Law Enforcement over this matter….”  Yep, it’s a vast conspiracy.  Unfortunately, a lot of folks who would love to see him back behind bars have pretty much forgotten about the stupid jerk as he took his long slide into con artist obscurity.  So I kind of doubt that any one has been bothering the authorities out there.

So why has this happened?  Two possibilities:

  A.  The legalization of marijuana.  You see, a lot of police departments have always banked on easy arrest of pot heads.  Real stoners are usually too mellow to much resist and they often have plenty of joints to pass around and gee, it was a pretty much no fuss no muss set up for the cops.  The minute it went legal, arrest rates took a huge hit.  They have to recoup somewhere and cracking down on fugitives in flight is one way of doing it. 

B.  There is always the possibility of a different investigation in which a name from the past has surfaced.  Maybe some of the boys in blue would kind of like it if Lardo had his fat butt back home in the pokey because they have some questions they would like to ask him about something he thought everybody had forgotten about.

Is this what we’ve been hoping for?

Sinclair jail 2csgqcz_jail

Or else, is it this…


usr_200511113158_Scam Alert


Let’s see how this saga unravels.

Enjoy your day! Make it matter.

Thanks for looking in!




A lip smacking Merry Christmas y’all!


FatAss,want a little cheese with that Whine?

A day early for  National Whiners Day which is celebrated on the 26th of December…the whining :::eye-rolling:::lip smacking:::poster boy doesn’t miss a beat.

ASS-ministrator  announced that Below is a Christmas message from Founder of Sinclair Snooze News  to “all” its viewers.::::Looks around:::: Pssst Gather around kids, I guess that’s us…

Sheesh can’t he keep that big yap shut? Anyways,  have a Merry Christmas!Smiley31-1.gif~c100

xmas border



New Open Post

Okay I’ve been around investigating,working really hard…


Now that I’m awake errr here….

Are You Guys Ready for Christmas?

10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Christmas!



imagesDecember 14, 1900

Quantum Theory of modern physics is born!

Turn the volume up and

Enjoy this symphony!

Lyrics after the jump, maybe FatAss can learn a thing or two – okay The theory of Evolution comes next :)

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Thanksgivukkah w/Dennis & Company

DENNIS THE MENACE 1I am sure that at any moment there will be a near drunken post by Ilse at the Snooze site on Thanksgiving and its wing nutter meaning and why Obama is selling it out blah blah blah…

So let me take a moment to wish us all a merry and fun Thanksgiving.


1fa2de470acd257599fa2bb11bec5dc2Dennis, great video! Sorry, but I had to add this too, it’s a Thanksgiving tradition, Douche sings….To all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving or I should say Thanksgivukkah! You guys all rock!

Margaret wade

Psssst WTF was that ^^?!

Hi Dennis, a “drunken post by Ilse” you say? Nope, look below…in from Stinkville… do you think this is another suicide by TicTacs scam-fest?  When I read it, I kept hearing, that old familiar tune:

Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks ♫ ♪ Goodbye to you, My trusted friend We’ve known each other since we were nine or ten…♫ ♪ Together we’ve climbed hills and trees Learned of love and A-B-C’s Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees….We had joy We had fun We had seasons in the sun; But the hills that we climbed Were just seasons out of time…♬ ♪ 

Talk about déjà vu, read on and judge for yourselves!

What I Am Thankful for

November 28, 2013  By

Larry Sinclair - white thanksgivingOn this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for all who have played a part in my life, whether as friend or foe each of you have had an impact on who I have become. I am thankful for being blessed with a life that even with the many mistakes and dumb choices made in it, I would not change a thing if I could because those mistakes and choices have played a big part in who I have become. I am thankful for a family who despite its differences at times, it’s still a family. I am thankful that I have lived such a crazy and wondrous life and that I am still living it. From the repealing down a cliff into freezing water in the dark in Big Bend National Park in a Vision Quest to running six miles to end it; from harnessing a team of mules everyday for six months on a wagon train to my time spent in prison for making some stupid choices and decisions, I am thankful for every bit of it.

I am thankful for some of the nuttiest friends and foes anyone could ever have around them. From The Greek Girls (and boys) to the owners of Stubbs B&B, from Mya & Pat,  Zane Thuzar & Zahni Thuzar who in a way are like my own kids if I were to have any; from Sandi Arenge LoBue who if you ever knew our history you would understand why I look at Sandi as if she were my own family; Carol Boyd who even though I irritate the heck out of her she still loves me. Ace ShortMoney and Will who will forever be solid in my heart; to Jean-Claude Morin and the hearts of those at Volusia International Bible Fellowship;Donate2_paypal_Sinlair news Miss sugabaker Carole Sue who can always make me laugh; to the sincere and honest Foster Friess who I will always admire and respect. Then of course there is Mary Harper who I am certain I pushed to the point of wanting to kill me several times in my teen years who today looks back with A SMILE on those VQ days. There are so many, many more that I could spend all day listing so please don’t feel you are any less important to me because you are not, I am truly thankful for each and everyone of you. I am Thankful for every success, ever failure, every mistake and dumb choice. I am Thankful for having this crazy life indeed.


Larry-150x150” My star is almost ready to shine bright. Hope you get what I am saying. Just a little longer. itsy bitsy longer.”

- Larry Sinclair  04/16/2008



Something New – Open Thread

We needed a new post…. here’s a open thread.

torontosunlogo_180x117Friday, November 22, 2013 04:34 PM EST

Separated_640_421_s_c1_c_t_0_0Holy shnikes!

It’s a Rob Ford movie that can never be made but the trailer has already been watched by half a million people. Ford’s ongoing crack cocaine scandal has led to lots of jokes but now Toronto video editor Tristan Gough has taken it to the next level. Gough cut a movie trailer about Ford’s life starring late comedian Chris Farley as the mayor of Canada’s largest city. He posted it on YouTube Thursday and by Friday afternoon it already has been watched more than 500,000 times.

The trailer relies largely on scenes from Farley’s 1995 movie, Tommy Boy. “The story of controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is brought to life in a new biopic starring the late Chris Farley,” reads the video’s description. “The film details his battles with alcohol, drugs, and the city he was elected to run. So sit back and enjoy this rip-roaring comedy that critics are calling ‘Hilarious and entertaining!’ ” Other casting suggested in the trailer includes Brian Dennehy as Doug Ford, Rob Lowe as Alexander “Sandro” Lisi and Robert De Niro as Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

Many comedians have pointed out Ford’s resemblance to Farley since he made worldwide headlines after admitting to smoking crack in a “drunken stupor.” Stephen Colbert dubbed Ford the “Chris Farley tribute mayor.”

After Saturday Night Live parodied Ford last week, Farley’s brother Kevin Farley weighed in on the mayor. “I think it’s safe to say that my brother would have crushed playing the Rob Ford guy on SNL,” Farley tweeted.


World Toilet Day – November 19th

A few days ago, Dennis said:

“Did you know that on Jan. 17, 1861, the flush toilet was patented by Thomas Crapper. I think this pretty much sets the tone for Lardo’s upcoming anniversary.

True, Dennis  but by that time we may not have managed to flush that turd down…Did you know a single gram  of feces can contain 10 million viruses, one million bacteria, 1,000 parasite cysts and 100 worm eggs. Feces not disposed of properly can be carried on people’s shoes, hands and clothes and contaminate water, food and cutlery.plumber_plunging_toilet_splash_hg_clr

It is estimated that people living in areas with poor sanitation ingest 10 grams  of fecal matter every day. Salmonella and cholera, among many others, are considered water-related diseases because they travel from host to host in water that people use to drink or bathe in. A dirty toilet will look disgusting, smell bad, and be a breeding ground for dangerous germs. If you want to make sure your toilet is thoroughly clean, and free from all of that nasty debris that lurks, there’s only one solution….

YOU MUST FLUSH!  Flushing rinses the bowl and gets rid of the CRAP… but first you’ll need a plunger to help unblock that HUGE clog. Get ready for an arm workout. Plunge rapidly over the hole at least 12  times. By doing this, you’ll hopefully start to dislodge the clog by forcing the water around it to move rapidly. If there’s still no  movement, try pouring additional water to the bowl and plunge again. Once you think you’ve worked through the clog, give your toilet a flush.

So thanks to WORLD TOILET DAY <—- no joke, which is tomorrow , this year’s slogan is animated_arrow_red

“We can’t wait to improve sanitation”

Larry sinclair on the run

Larry sinclair

We have a new open post…as KStreet often says “Carry On”




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